Tidepool: Behind the Scenes

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Tidepool: Behind the Scenes
Date of Cutscene: 16 January 2018
Location: Madripoor
Synopsis: Summary needed

OOC: This is a cutscene that follows log: https://www.unitedheroesmush.com/scene/scene.php?id=3655
DarkSky is the handle of Skye Johnson, Karl is an LMD operated by Arnim Zola aka The Benefactor, and Miles Lydon is the head of the Rising Tide.
Cast of Characters: Arnim Zola, Quake

Miles Lydon slipped into St. Molly's bar in Madripoor and spotting his contact, the man was given a nod before Miles hit the bar for a whiskey and soda. His contact appeared at his shoulder, a dark sinned young man who called himself Karl, he had his own drink hand as he joins Miles at the bar.

Miles didn't know what to make of Karl, he dressed like he was trying so hard to be cool but he seemed off and didn't quite talk right for someone his age. If Miles was going to guess, he'd say Karl was somewhere on the high-functioning end of the spectrum, but that didn't matter the guy had good ideas and he spoke for the Benefactor.

Miles looked over at Karl and gave him a warm nod of greeting and held up his glass. "It's done, DarkSky got the files you wanted." He slid a flashdrive over to Karl, who took it and put it in his pocket.

"Good. And did you gave her the phone," Karl said, it was worded like a question but it wasn't.

"Jeez, you guys are monitoring it already? You really don't trust her."

"She hasn't left the safehouse and none of the audio suggests she's in contact with anyone, but, it's not DarkSky I don't trust, it's Fury."

Miles frowned, looking over at Karl with a questioning expression, "Fury? She burned him, how bad could he be?"

"Did she?" Karl asks. "The man is clever and ruthless," Karl almost sounds admiring. "If not for some philosophical differences he might be our ally, but alas, it's not to be. So, if you say your DarkSky has returned, fair enough, but I do not doubt Fury has accounted for such an eventuality."

"So, what are you saying?"

"I am saying, you are playing a much deeper game than you're used to, Miles," Karl said calmly as he patted Miles' shoulder.

"What's the next move?" Miles asks.

"Keep playing the game. The Rising Tide, is doing well. The Benefactor approves of your upcoming operations."

Miles glanced at Karl and grinned, "Glad he approves, but he promised-"

Karl snorted cutting Miles off, he dug a crisp slip of paper from the inside pocket of his coat and slid it over to Miles. "The Benefactor keeps his promises, you'll find sufficient bits in this wallet to fund your upcoming operations and continue to live in the style you've become accustomed."

Miles, lips quirked into a frown as he took a drink. "As long as we can run our ops, that's what matters."

Karl looked over with a blank expression, "Of course," he says before turning back to his drink.