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|Education=College (Science, no degree)
|Education=College (Science, no degree)
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Tigra (Scenesys ID: 274)
Full Name: Greer Grant-Nelson
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Adventurer, Finder of Sunny Spots
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: New York City
Education: College (Science, no degree)
Status: Dropped
Groups: Avengers
Other Information
Apparent Age: 20 Actual Age: 20
Date of Birth 30 April 2005 Actor: Phoebe Tonkin
Height: 178 cm (5'10") Weight: 82 kg (180 lb)
Hair Color: Auburn/Red Eye Color: Green
Theme Song: "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor (Come on, I had to!)


Once just an ordinary woman with enhanced abilities thanks to a special suit, circumstances led to Greer Grant-Nelson truly becoming the cat she only played at being previously. Details are lacking, along with a general awareness of who she'd been, but Tigra remains behind, an amalgam of woman and beast that exists to protect those who need it, and battle those who would do others harm.



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Sleek. Strong. Feminine. Feline. Tigra is all this and more, evident with but one glance her way. A couple inches shy of six feet tall, it's clear she's touched by a wilder side, most evident in the striking image of what some may simply refer to as a were-tiger. Rather than the usual skin, she's covered in a layer of fur, orange with a bit of a lighter, creamier color beginning from her chin down the front, plus the inner areas of both arms and legs. Along with that, black stripes consistent with what one would expect to see on any tiger, right down to the tail. Yes, she's got one of those as well, and it behaves just as it ought to.

Her face is mostly human, hair a darker shade of orange than the rest of her, closer to red than not. It falls as it will to shoulders and the middle of her back, some curls here, bangs there, frequently on the edge of well-kept and untamed. Features easily shift between soft and playful to something more predatory and primal, dependent on her moods. She has a small nose, her mouth (which does have sharper fangs) is proportionate to the rest of her face, there's a strong chin, and green eyes reveal slitted pupils. Pointed ears may be noted as well, when not hidden by her hair.

When it comes to the rest of her, the athletic strength of the tiger is represented well in her more human form. Preferring convenience over anything else, she wears no more than a black half-bodice and shorts, both fitting snugly with a faint sheen to them. The top, which ends above the midriff, features a pair of straps over the shoulders and a few more in back to keep it in place, providing modesty for her ample bosom, a small amount of cleavage seen. Set in the fabric between her breasts is a silver cat's head amulet. The shorts are designed so they don't get in the way of her tail, cut low while ending a few inches down her thighs. Adorning the waistband, front and back, is a set of claws. She goes barefoot, showing off claws that tip each finger and toe. Meow.


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The Early Years: Greer Grant. Lived an average life. Good grades in school. Active in sports and Science Club. Parents, Gregson and Janet. A stable home. A supportive environment. A content life.

College, a Marriage, a Loss: University of Chicago. Greer fell in love with Bill Nelson, rookie policeman. Dropped out of school at his urging after they wed. Nelson shot and killed in the line of duty, leaving her alone. Severe depression and grief. Difficulty finding a job she was interested in.

Dr. Tumolo: Greer crossed paths with Dr. Joanne Tumolo, former Physics professor of hers. Hired as a lab assistant. Restarted work toward Bachelor of Science degree. Learned Tumolo worked on a secret project. Meant to help women reach their highest potential. Intent, have Greer be the first to test it. Not the first.

The Problem: Rich man. Malcolm Donalbain. Owned a chain of health clubs. Funded Tumolo's research when money was short. Wanted his own pick to be first, Shirlee Bryant. In spite of this, Greer convinced Tumolo to test her as well in private. Greer developed enhanced mental and physical abilities.

The Cat, Part 1: Donalbain's true motives came out. Wanted to control women through use of their enhanced abilities and Cat costumes he could control them through. Took control of Bryant when she wore a collar that removed her will. Bryant died after a fall during testing. Donalbain sought to cover it up through trying to destroy Tumolo's lab and work. Greer took an extra Cat costume, defeated Donalbain. All seemed well.

The Cat, Part 2: Greer acted as The Cat, fighting crime in Chicago. Protected the people. She then learned Tumolo was not dead but rather in recovery. Found her as Hydra tried to kidnap her. She fended them off, but was hit by a blast of alpha radiation that left her certain to die. What to do?

Rebirth as Tigra: Tumolo revealed herself as one of the Cat People, an ancient race of humanoid felines. Tumolo gained Greer's permission to perform a ritual. It would tie her to the Cat People forever. A soul, bonded to Greer's through magic and science. A change. Greer became Tigra. A life saved. A new life begun. Now, both tiger and woman, human and animal.

The Conflict: Tigra played at private detective in Chicago and beyond, assisting in the hero community. Problems arose. The Tigra soul was still different from Greer's, not fully combined. A clash of sides followed. The human, the civilized, vs. the animal, the untamed. Then, wild mood swings. A danger to others. Control questionable. How to handle?

The Resolution: Research led Tigra to the Cat People. The Balkatar, their champion, was summoned. Tigra was brought to Land Within, a pocket dimension in Hell, home of the Cat People. Yet, it was like a paradise to them. Help was sought. Complications followed. A faction wished her to kill for them. She refused. Finally, the two souls merged to become one. Better control came with it, plus a tail! Still possible to fall prey to the cat side, but much less danger present. Comfort exists in who and what she is. Now, a fresh start in New York City.


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In the most basic sense, Tigra is a good person, cat, or whatever others see her as. She's driven to do right and help those in need. This is basic right vs. wrong, but it goes back to values taught to her by her parents. She's a smart one, and she'd have already earned a science degree if not for the severe life changes she's undergone. Quick to pick up on new things, she also stays up to date on current events, pop culture, and the newest trends.

Tigra can certainly be enigmatic and live up to the catty nature of the feline, however. She wed at a young age and already became a widower, which at times makes her hesitant to go much past teasing and flirting with others who catch her eye, but it could also be a way of looking for attention. In addition to this, the fact her soul is now bonded with one of the Cat People means she's essentially one of them herself. The feline side shows in what are probably unsurprising ways, ranging from mood swings to interest in someone one moment, disinterest the next, and being quite impulsive and instinctive. It often leaves her hard to predict, but she certainly enjoys living life to the fullest.

Above all else, Tigra is a being with a purpose, namely in the form of helping others like a proper heroine along with maintaining a healthy balance between her two sides. It just happens to be that she can sometimes be easily distracted by just about anything or anyone if the time is right (or perhaps wrong). She's unafraid to let others know what she thinks and often expects the same in return, and she will go to bat for anyone who's earned her trust and loyalty. Generally positive, most people are taken as good and decent at face value unless and until they do something to ruin it.


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Tigra is agile and graceful enough to exhibit total control over her body when in motion, also able to balance along narrow paths the average human would struggle with or climb things others could not. Reaction times are also swift enough to make her a formidable foe in a fight and she can go longer than most before tiring.

Essentially being one of the Cat People now, Tigra is gifted with the ability to communicate with other felines. This shows up mostly in combinations of body language and vocalizations. She may even use these forms of communication on people to varying degrees of success.

Tigra possesses sharp, retractable claws on each finger and toe, capable of cutting through a variety of materials short of solid steel. They're great for climbing and clinging to various surfaces as well. In addition, she has a few fangs that are especially good for tearing into enemies should she have need of it.

Though she is not invulnerable, Tigra is capable of taking more punishment than the normal person before showing signs of injury, along with healing much more quickly. Broken bones mend in days, while lesser injuries like cuts and scrapes may as well not even matter for the speed in which they heal. This enhanced healing does not extend to any lost limbs or vital organs that can't withstand normal complications, though she does naturally fend off the average flu, virus and so on.

Tigra can lift as much as five tons, somewhat more than that if the adrenaline is pumping in a major way. This also means her punches and strikes carry more behind them than it would appear. Outrunning a world-class sprinter is a cinch for her, and she can even reach a typical highway speed limit for short bursts if need be. In addition, she is able to jump a good dozen vertical feet from a standing position, along with three to four dozen horizontally with a running start.

Roughly on par with an actual feline's, even better in ways, Tigra's capable of seeing quite well at night, reading changes in others from scent alone, and can also see well beyond the distance a normal human could without visual aids. Having a cat's eyes also affords her a wider range of vision than normal. These senses make her a naturally gifted tracker and fit for any role that would benefit from such things. This may include guard duty or infiltration, for example. A drawback to this comes in being more susceptible to things that would affect the senses, such as loud noises, pheromones, etc.

While there are definite limits, Tigra can do very basic things with her tail, such as grabbing a door handle or wrapping around a beam to hold her weight, though that would become uncomfortable quickly. Beyond this, it merely behaves on its own, as a feline's tail often does.


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While untrained formally, Tigra's skills in close combat come naturally due to her physiology, quickness, and reactions. Her style is best described as "controlled fury," at least when she's in control of herself. Hack and slash is the name of the game, staying a step ahead of someone else whenever possible. However, someone well-trained and good with tactics stands a better chance of outwitting her or luring her into leaving an opening to exploit.

Tigra learned a thing or two from Bill Nelson prior to his passing, then focused much of her time in trying to follow in his footsteps. As a private detective, paired with her feline abilities, she's grown into no less than perfectly capable at her job when it comes to investigating a crime scene, tracking a suspect, and things of that nature.

Showing an interest in it in school and taking courses toward a degree at one point, Tigra felt an affinity toward the natural sciences, including physics, chemistry, and biology. Going forward, how much of that knowledge factors in remains to be seen, but she has at least an intermediate to advanced understanding of these subjects as far as a typical college education is concerned. She could make a decent assistant depending on the circumstances.

Tigra understands how to be quiet, and she even has soft pads on her feet to aid in this if she's really trying to sneak around without being noticed. In part, this is a natural gift. It can also be improved further through instruction from those better at it than she is.

It's not something anyone really does by choice, but there are select abilities that make someone more likely to get through rough patches in life. Knowing how to build a fire, defend or fortify an area, and things of that nature are good, but they aren't quite in the scope of Tigra's knowledge yet. Primarily, it's in being good at hunting, killing, and eating what she catches, if she's forced to go that route. Being part cat now, she's willing and able to do it.

Much like stealth, this comes mainly from the natural abilities Tigra possesses. Having enhanced senses that go well beyond normal human ranges means she can spot, hear, and otherwise sense things most cannot. When it comes to hunting, this is invaluable.


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This is the only way Tigra knows that will allow her to "be" human again, though it tends to take a specific reason for her to use it. Through a touch and clear focus, within seconds she can go between forms while maintaining a comparable appearance sans all feline characteristics. This comes with a complication. If she is parted from the amulet, she cannot turn human at all. If she's human and it happens, after a day she will begin to turn back to her feline form, taking an extra day or two before it's complete. Whenever the amulet is in her possession, her control over the change is absolute.

Along with her ties to Dr. Tumolo, Tigra is essentially one of the Cat People herself. Just as they have the Balkatar as their champion, the "Tigra" is an identity that has gone from one member of the Cat People to another. Exactly how that may be affected now that she's the Tigra remains to be seen, but there is no question about her connection to them. There may be a time she must call upon them for aid, or they could require her assistance again. It's uncharted territory now.

At this point, Dr. Joanne Tumolo is someone with an obviously close and vital connection to Tigra, having saved her life in the process of turning her into what she is now. She could be sought out for advice or other basic needs, and she has ties to the Cat People by way of being one herself.

Far from rich, Tigra does have enough from her time as a private detective to live comfortably, and there is a pension she receives following Bill Nelson's death. It isn't much, but something is better than nothing.


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One look at Tigra is proof enough to understand she's abnormal. This will undoubtedly lead to both good and bad experiences for her. Even though she has the ability to give off the image of looking like anyone else, she seems reluctant to do it unless absolutely necessary.

Basically, Tigra is no longer the woman she used to be. She is both woman and feline, with all the pros and cons attached to it. There are times where it's difficult to tell which side is more in control, especially when she's driven by feline instinct and impulse. It could take creative efforts to get her to focus on whatever's more important, but she's just as prone to placing more interest in finding a sunny spot to nap as she is to deal with the bad guy of the moment. Needless to say, this holds the potential for added distractions when they're least wanted.

Whether or not it's part of her feline nature, Tigra may say or do things that can be taken as inappropriate by others, though some could be receptive to her attention. Speaking of attention, that's normally the reason for it. Whether or not she has true feelings toward someone that causes her to be drawn to them, it's most often an attempt to seek some sort of indulgence. No telling how long it might last.

In the event Tigra uses the magical amulet she possesses to turn human, she loses the feline abilities that come with the Tigra form itself. This means no senses, no claws, no tail, and especially no feline appearance. She'd still be considered in peak physical shape for any human, even stronger and faster, but only about on the level of a top professional athlete or Olympian.

Tigra can be like a sudden Nor'easter, calm one minute, raging the next. It's not so much an anger issue as it is an "Ooh, shiny!" sort of thing where something will suddenly capture her attention, be it a thought, object, or person, and she's off doing something else. It can make her difficult to rely on at times, but it's only a problem when her focus drifts. Or, more likely, she just has a "cat" moment.

While she doesn't really know anything about it yet, magic is the primary reason Tigra is what she is. She knows enough about using her amulet to go human or return to her feline form, but that's it so far. She absolutely believes in magic as a real thing, but it remains to be seen whether or not she can actually learn more about it or if her abilities begin and end with the amulet. Perhaps not a specific Weakness or anything else in particular, but there is the potential for it to be manipulated.

While heightened senses are frequently a benefit, they also have the very real potential to be a hindrance. A strong sense of smell can be manipulated, just the same as sharp hearing can. Interfere with her senses by using various attacks that affect her by odor, sound, light, or even pheromones, and she may be left unable to contribute to dealing with a problem.

No matter who or what she is now, there's no forgetting that Tigra's first husband was killed, leaving her a widow. The love of her life was taken away from her and there's always the possibility those nightmares will resurface at any time, which could leave her despondent and sullen until she's able to get past it again. It could also have the side effect of preventing her from getting too close to anyone else beyond flirting, out of fear she could love and lose someone a second time. Just because she's been through all of the grief doesn't mean it will ever fully end, but there's always the chance she'll meet someone that will put all of that behind her.


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