Transformers: Awakening

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Transformers: Awakening
Date of Cutscene: 19 June 2019
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Megatron

Megatron has been free now for weeks. It took some time to renew some connections and resources. The old had to be abandoned, he was becoming traceable and trackable. There were those able to find him. Even if the meetings were productive or at least informative. Something had to change.

The first thing to go was his previous network identity as the entity known as Norton Agamemnon. He created a drone AI and set it loose on the net with enough history and information on his previous patterns of operation to lead anyone searching for it... 'him' on a wild goose chase. He designed it to be mobile, singular, and elusive. Norton contained a tiny bit of his personality and so he left the drone AI with the same, though he did not instill in it a strong survival instinct... but he left his wrath. Anyone cornering it will find themselves paying a price. Megatron also put in a deeply buried self-destruct back door, lest it get too far out of control and become a problem later. It was quickly off, hiding itself into the darker corners of the internet like a rat scurrying on board a vast ship full of stores of food to raid.

Next up, he needed to create a few more new identities. This time he had the advantage of mobility. Able to form new holomatter avatar forms took up more resource and space than he normally would have liked but it was necessary. Maintaining one for longer periods also held its drawbacks with power consumption. Fortunately the humans have built a society that is now thriving on the wasteful expenditures of vast amounts of energy. Converting the most readily available form of electricity was easy and only a matter of finding an unguarded transmission tower of which there were plenty throughout the countryside. It is fortunate that the humans have yet to discover a means of transporting energy over distances through subspace tunneling. Instead they are forced to use non-superconductive wires stretched for miles over land. There were even cables buried underground and in the oceans. Of course Megatron alone couldn't tap into them enough to supply more than just his own personal needs. But it was enough.

The new identities were created through infiltration. Physical hard-copy records were easily placed in small towns. Digital records were even easier to get into place. Creating them were a simple matter of copying partial information from other real individuals and making sure there were no conflicts to discover. Megatron created far more than he needed just in case, and spread the information points he accessed through many random locations in order not to leave a pattern that could be traced. The new holomatter avatars he designed were also sufficiently realistic and would serve him well. One was an arms dealer with a history of some run-ins with the law. The other was that of a courier for a real company that was sloppy about keeping track of its assets. Both identities allowed him to gain passports, money, and other necessities.

The next step was more difficult. Weather and spy satellites were abundant, but most of them were designed to operate within the human visual spectrum as well as infra-red. Radio-frequency scanning was available also, but advanced detailed high resolution scanning was simply not available. There were a -few- more advanced satellites and orbital installations that had more advanced technologies but they were guarded and in some cases manned. No, he needed to get something of his own into orbit. However, the pesky humans monitored everything larger than a scraplet egg floating in orbit. That was not going to be an easy task.

As it worked out, Earthlings, not necessarily human ones, went into orbit quite frequently. It was only a matter of firing his drone to stick onto one as it leapt through the atmosphere heading into orbit. It would detach and look like just that much more space junk breaking off as it sped away. It had to be small, and it was limited. It would be VERY slow to scan enough of the planet surface to get the information he needed. Along with the information easily gathered from the internet and then with the probe slowly the data came in and soon he made several findings. Some of them surprising.

1. [Information redacted OOCly] ICly: The information was either garbled or the probe too limited. Some data gets through. There are Cybertronians on Earth.

2. [Information redacted OOCly] ICly: The information was either garbled or the probe too limited. Some data gets through. This planet has yet to be uncovered potentials that need further exploration.

3. The humans had vast supplies of energy at their disposal. The inefficiency and waste was enormous but their ability to tap into the various resources is quite astounding.

4. There are many meta-humans capable of outputting vast quantities of energy that could potentially be tapped and converted into a more usable form. Again, this is surprising. He had previously though their numbers were far smaller, but there they were in battles, flying casually, or openly using their abilities for all to see.

5. There were a small handful of Cybertronian life forms on earth. They were widely scattered. Those that moved about would be difficult to track down. Those that did not were laying low and were difficult to lock onto well enough to get more than a regional location. Alt-mode transformation made this even more difficult, as it was intended to.

6. There is a Cybertronian craft located in a ravine in the Atlantic ocean. It's mass may be enough to make it either the Nemesis or the Ark. The ark was a Vanguard-class Deep Space Interceptor, and the Nemesis was a Worldburner-class Capital Ship and both were of comparable size if you take into account that they both took damage during the battle. The ocean depth makes its personal inspection problematic. Further it is within the boundaries of one or more of the Atlantean kingdoms, though in an out of the way location for them, and it may be too risky at this juncture to take a closer look alone.

7. Mount St. Hillary recently had a minor eruption resulting in a large landslide that uncovered a significant outcropping of Cybertronian alloy. If its mass was still largely buried within the mountain's side it too could be either ship. There was no way to get a visual, the outcropping it was under prevented that. Authorities have restricted travel in the area due to the noxious gasses being released by the volcano, as well as the high risk of further landslides.

Conclusion: There are Cybertronians on earth. It is time a signal was sent out to see who answers. The Mount St. Hillary location will be the first one to be inspected. There were Decepticons and Autobots on both ships. Others like Megatron himself were scattered in the fall through the atmosphere. There may be more buried in stasis lock yet to be uncovered. A few locations show promise.

((OOC> Players whose characters are already awoken and are able to travel around Earth ICly feel free to leave a comment here about when you would likely be available for a scene for meeting up with Megatron.))