ValHela: The Return of Valhalla

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ValHela: The Return of Valhalla
Date of Cutscene: 08 December 2018
Location: Niflheim
Synopsis: Hela has been given dominion over Valhalla provided she could rebuild it, by Thor, who also agreed to let her have dominion over the Valkyrior should she convince him to accept her willingly. In return Hela recognizes Thor's claim to the throne of Asgard rather than fight him for it. Recreating Valhalla was the first move in these accords on her part.
Cast of Characters: Hela

After breaking free from her father's banishment and imprisoning spell, Hela had finally ventured free where she wills. In looking for Asgard, she found the construction of New Asgard, and learned that she has brothers: Thor and Loki.

Thor in particular, took claim of the throne of Asgard following the death of Odin. Something that normally wouldn't sit very well with Hela, but circumstances were dire for the people of Asgard. Some feuds were best left aside, and some concessions were to be made, should the Asgardian people not come to complete ruin and arrangements were to be reached.

So it was that she gained permission to reform Valhalla and enlist the Valkyrior to retrieve the lost souls of the worthy.

Standing in the icy, misty realm of Nifleheim, of which she was the undisputed Queen, Hela picks a spot across from her palace. "There," she remarks to Leah, her Handmaiden, "let it be known that none of Niflheim's denizens are to come near, this will now be only for the worthy..."

With Asgard destroyed at Malekith's hands, so was Valhalla destroyed, because proud Odin would situate it there. But with Odin no more, and Hela reaching an accord with Thor, she's now wielding her mastery of her realm as a section becomes clear of all mists. Temperature raises, a shiny sun forms that somehow only lights up that cleared up section. Then the meadow, the trees, the golden halls all rise and form out of nothingness. The home of the Einherjar, the most frequent destination of the Valkyries, it all comes back in all its glory, safe and secluded from the icy mist of the rest of the Niflheim.

Hela takes a deep breath, masking any and all perceived exhaustion, as she moves to take a walk in the renewed Valhalla. When all holds to inspection, she renews her call to the Valkyrior.

One step complete, three more to go...