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Vulcan (Scenesys ID: 1332)
Full Name: Miguel Devante
Gender: Male
Species: Metahumn
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Adventurer
Citizenship: American
Residence: Nomadic
Education: Encyclopedae Vulcanis
Status: Dropped
Other Information
Apparent Age: 25 Actual Age: 25
Date of Birth 5 Feb 2006 Actor: Juan Garcia Postigo
Height: 170 cm (5'7") Weight: 93 kg (205 lb)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Theme Song: I Will Play You a Rhapshody


The latest in a long line of warriors tasked to fight against the incursion of White Martians onto the Earth by use of a combination of Pyrokinesis and high technology. He is a hero with a hot-temper.

Current Player Approved: Character Available for Application



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Some people say he looks like Simon Bolivar, with his young but handsome face, roman features, latin skin and deep soul piercing eyes. Miguel doesn't see it. For starters, he is Mexican with a slight bit of Columbian, and second, since when was he some kind of revolutionary or politician? He has a muscled physique but its more like a diver's build though as he grows older, he is growing into a thicker and harder frame.

He is wearing a black shirt that clings tightly to his abs and a pair of tight but worn bluejeans. He has well worn leather shoes which are still cared for and slowly meticulously cleaned. He wears white sox.


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He has been told his parents were killed in a crash. He has never been able to get many details and the state has kept things vague. As he grew up, he bounced from foster home to foster home. He was taken hostage by a giant green super criminal who turned out to be a shape shifting white alien. Confused? He sure was, but a guy with a giant flaming sword rescued him when he was taken hostage and killed the guy. Like burned him to a crisp. As he stared there in shocked horror, he begins to explain all about this ancient legacy and things associated with it. At first, Miguel doesnt care about it much except the words "Adoption" and THIS interests him a great deal. But then, before he could be trained at all, the 'dead' martian turned out not to be so dead after all and began to escape, but before Vulcan could kill it, it killed him. Vulcan manages to wound it enough so that when he died, and the mantle transferred to Miguel, Miguel's first act was to kill the creature. Immediately, the security protocols of the Forge of Vulcan began to activate, and demanded his confirmation. At the time, he couldn't cite one of the principals of Fire, and so the ship began to self destruct. Pandora, an android on the ship that had served Vulcan, sensed the mantle in Miguel and worked to get him off the ship.

Later, at the funeral, a number of villains that Vulcan had fought showed up and attacked Miguel. But an old ally of Vulcan, Barney Blake, showed up and helped fight off the attackers. Miguel pulled through, barely but he had a lot to learn.


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Miguel is basically honorable, kind and decent with a guilt complex where he has an impossible legacy to live up to and a hole in his heart where is parents should be. He has his own version of machismo but that primarily manifests in not backing down when he wants to impress someone rather than for his own sake. He will pay back a slight but be intelligent about how he does it but above all his word is his bond.


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The Mantle (via a metagene virus) has given him the ability of Pyrokinsis. He saw his predecesor perform some amazing feats with the ability, and the encycolepdia speaks of many others, but in his case he can really only generate heat equivalent to a welding torch from any part of his body at "touch" range extending out at about 6-7 inches. If he uses his sword, he can direct this in a blast up to a hundred yards away.


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Ad Hoc Knowledge:
The Encyclopedae Vulcanis contains a huge amount of knowledge, and he has been a voracious consumer of its troves, and still only scratches the surface of it. He has the equivalent of a few bachelors in academics and minor technical certifications, but has been a self taught expert. He has had a chance to apply some of it, and is a bright, energetic and disciplined mind but without an externally guided component it means that his knowledge on any given subject could be incredibly in depth or only the surface.

Order of Battle:

He has had a few years now to get used to his powers and his equipment. He is good at fighting, good at using his sword, and good at fulfilling his mission of defending the Earth from White Martians. This is an agregate skill at 'being the Son of Vulcan' which is not to say that he is great at melee, Martian hunting, teleportation etc. He dropped out of school when he aquired the armor and has been devling into the encyclopedia.


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Encyclopedae Vulcanis:
This is a biometa mechanical computer associated with the mantle that contains the sum knowledge and experience of the Sons of Vulcan. Its primary purpose involves fighting the White Martians so it has useful data on battle, tactics, uses for his suit and power as well as broad data on humanity but as Miguel explores it he realizes it has vast data on other potential topics for humanity's history as well. Some days it seems to be a sort of thousands year old log and other times it contains knowledge and experience directly from a user's perspective. He doesn't know how much it has and can do but is slowly learning more over time.

Monomolecular Blade:
He has a sword that can cut through most materials. It can't cut through magic items or 'uber' materials such as vibranium, Uru or Adamantium. Just about anything else is fair game though. It is also transluscent making it harder for someone such as a sniper to hit.

Vulcan Armor:

He has body armor that can protect him from assault rifles and medium range energy weapons. It is actually slightly better at energy weapons since it is 'used' to dealing with needing to protect at a slightly higher technology base than current earth. The gauntlets of the suit can generate forcefields that can protect him from blows up to the strength of a white or green martian as well as even more powerful energy attacks. The armor also allows him to dimensionally teleport to anywhere on Earth with a minute of build up.


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While Miguel has a rather impressive set of tools and abilities, most of them require the right tools to work at their optimal peak performance. He has pyrokinisis, but without his sword it is at a very limited range and short of 'produce fire' he is certainly no Magneto or even Iceman in terms of variation of what he can do with it.

Hollow Heart:
Miguel has lost a lot, and while he can feel quite passionately about many things, he has a sense of disconnection to everything and every one. This tends to manifest itself between missions where he can't let the black and white of a good vs evil argument dicate his actions, when he is alone with nothing but his own thoughts and the lack of any kind of an anchor that he has in his life that he feels he can count on. He can make ties, and those ties can seem deep but at the root level they are shallow indeed.


The Sons of Vulcan is an unbroken line of heroes that goes back thousands of years, and while 'minor' in that they are fairly low key in the grand scheme of things, they have traditions and legacies he tries to live up to that he sometimes just fails at it. In many ways, he is a double orphan having lost both his parents and his mentor. He is a metaphorical 'Robin' trying to replace a 'Dark Knight' who was only around him for a few days. He has done an admirable job, but there are still major elements of the tools he had that have to recovered, restored or compensated for.


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