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Nadia Pym (Scenesys ID: 7733)
I thought "This is who I want to be when I grow up!" A woman who's a super scientist but doesn't stay locked in a lab all day, she has adventures!
Full Name: Nadia Pym
Gender: Female
Species: Metahuman
Theme: Marvel (FC)
Occupation: Scientist & Adventurer
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: New York
Education: The Red Room's Science Class (Roughly equivalent to advanced college level study)
Status: Approved
Groups: GIRL, Titans
Other Information
Apparent Age: 19 Actual Age: 19
Date of Birth 2 February 2012 Actor:
Height: 155 cm (5'1") Weight: 45 kg (99 lb)
Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song:


Nadia was born into the Red Room, a secretive school for spies that uses brainwashing and other brutal methods to train children into covert operatives. When they discovered she had a genius level intellect that might rival her scientist parents they transferred her to a subdivision called the Science Class. There she worked on research intended to equip Red Room agents working against superheroes, aliens and other advanced threats until she finally worked out an escape plan. By genetically engineering her own body to accept a Pym particle infusion she was able to shrink in size and make a daring escape to America. All the while hunted by Red Room operatives. Finally free she vowed to use her intellect and her training to leave the world a better place than she found it.

Current Player Approved: April 09, 2023



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Nadia is a young caucasian woman with freckles and layered brown hair that reaches down to her jaw. She's short and has a dancers build and usually wears an eclectic selection of brightly coloured clothing, cheap jewelry and a crystal pendant necklace. Her everyday clothing of choice includes sensible work boots, ripped blue jeans, a black t-shirt and a jacket with an insect winged logo on the back. When in costume as The Wasp she wears a set of black and red armour with insect-styled wings, wrist mounted blasters and a helmet which covers most of her face.


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Growing up Nadia never knew her parents, her mother's death was faked as part of her capture by agents of The Red Room while she was pregnant and died shortly after giving birth to Nadia. While her father had no idea she even existed, let alone that she had been born and so had no opportunity to contact her. As a child in the care of The Red Room she was intended to become a covert agent and her very early years were filled with the harsh training intended to produce a perfect spy. It was during this training that her captors started to suspect she was hiding something from them. And indeed she was. Nadia had always tried her best to hide her intelligence from her captors, somehow instinctively knowing it wasn't safe. Unfortunately the Red Room are masters of manipulation and no matter how smart a young child might be there was only so long she could keep her secret.

Her captors quickly decided she would serve the organization best as part of a special training program called The Science Class. A collection of the best and brightest who, rather than acting as field agents, were to create all the weapons, tools and gadgets needed for assassins and spies in a world filled with super heroes, gods and aliens.

Nadia excelled in the Science Class, although it was a lonely life with few friends and harsh demands, and she quickly proved herself the brightest recruit the Science Class had ever known. So when it became apparent that Nadia might even equal the intelligence of her parents her tutors set her a task, she was to figure out how to replicate the abilities that Pym Particles grant using a sample they had obtained on the black market. To motivate Nadia they told her about her father, who was both a scientist and a superhero, and hinted that if she could replicate his experiments then she would be rewarded. Failure was of course never an option.

Nadia was indeed motivated, although not in the way her captors had hoped. She practically devoured every scrap of information about her parents and about her fathers research. But not for the sake of the Science Class, instead she swore she would replicate the experiment on herself. Then she would escape, travel to America and finally get to meet her father in person.

Remarkably not only did her experiment to infuse herself with Pym Particles succeed without any major side effects but she managed to sneak her way out of the Science Class with a significant portion of their research material. After her immediate escape she smuggled her way across Russian and eventually onto a plane bound for America, all the while evading the agents sent to recover her. When the plane finally landed she did the only thing she could think of to ensure her safety. Trade the information she had about Red Room activities in exchange for the right to 'defect' and an expediated immigration process.


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Nadia is a bright, bubbly and compassionate young woman. She's determined to try and change the world for the better, both as a hero and with her science work. She doesn't like hurting people, doing everything she can to resolve situations peacefully before resorting to violence, but isn't afraid to put herself in danger to protect other people. However she draws the line at killing sentient beings (including machines and other lifeforms that are unusual by Earth standards) and refuses to do that no matter what the cost. Whenever possible she tries to help those who have made mistakes or done bad things for good reasons to reform.

Although she is very meticulous with her research when it comes to day to day life or even while acting as a superhero she does not tend to plan ahead much. Relying instead on her incredible intellect and instincts to come up with solutions on the fly. This is partly as a result of her training, spies often have to react to rapidly changing situations, and because she's young and supremely confident in her own abilities. Regardless of the reason her impetuous nature can sometimes lead her into trouble that could have been easily avoided with a little planning. Her confidence and compassion also makes it hard for her to ask for help, after all if she can't figure out a solution then why worry other people with something they probably won't be able to help with.


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Size Changing:
Thanks to a process which biochemically infused her body with Pym Particles Nadia is able to shrink or grow in size at will. The shrinking process compacts her mass by shortening the spaces between molecules, allowing her to retain the same level of strength as her normal size but dramatically improving her durability. While shrinking does not directly improve her strength it does concentrate the force she can apply into a much smaller area so that it appears as if she has a mild form of super strength (although only for striking force and not when moving objects). In practical terms when shrunk to insect size Nadia is about as hard to damage as if she was made of tungsten and her attacks hit as if she had roughly a tons worth of super strength.

She can safely shrink to microscopic sizes in almost an instant and, for short durations, can even shrink herself to a subatomic size (although this is extremely dangerous without suitable technology to help her return to regular size).

Nadia is also able to use Pym Particles to grow in size, although she has had much less practice with this aspect of her abilities, by borrowing mass from the quantum realm. Currently she can grow to roughly fifteen feet in height without putting herself under too much strain. At this height she can lift roughly ten tons and withstand similar levels of force thanks to the enhanced mass of her giant form.

Super Genius:

Nadia is naturally gifted with an exceptional intellect. By age eight she was working on college level material and had taught herself multiple languages. By age fifteen she has performed complex genetic engineering upon herself and was able to complete theoretical physics work on Pym particles that would baffle most scientists using only stolen fragments of research and very limited equipment. All while evading detection by trained master spies.


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Nadia is a classically trained ballerina and has a very high level of physical fitness. While not superhuman she's at an exceptional level of physical fitness for a girl of her age & build.

The Red Room primarily teaches spies. And so from an early age Nadia was taught all of the skills she would need to be a useful asset. She can tail someone or tell if she's being followed, move silently while avoiding cameras, pick locks and send/receive coded messages. While she did not complete the program she still has a similar grasp of espionage techniques to a newly agent trained by an organization like the CIA.

Martial Arts:
Although Nadia was moved onto a specialist science training program at a young age she still went through the basic training that all Red Room pupils undergo. This includes the Red Rooms specially blended fighting style which takes elements of Krav Maga and Systema but also incorporates moves from Sambo, Jiujitsu and Muay Thai. While she hasn't spent as much time as a student from the main branch she's still a very competent martial artist for a girl her age.

One of the key skills for a spy is the ability to speak multiple languages. As an excellent student with very demanding teachers Nadia naturally acquired an aptitude with languages. She is conversationally fluent in several languages (Russian, Mandarin Chinese & English).


As a student of the Red Rooms Science Class Nadia has a very broad and very advanced education in several scientific fields. She's capable of performing cutting edge work in the fields of biochemistry & genetics and physics. She's especially gifted at theoretical physics, which is her main passion, and has done a lot of work with Pym particles and other exotic particles and energy states.

Nadia also has an interest in robotics and engineering. And has studied these fields to a level which is sufficient to build, maintain, use and upgrade her equipment. While her natural intelligence makes her a very respectable student for her age in these fields she hasn't devoted as much of her time to advancing these areas.


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Crystal Pendant:
In preparation for her escape from the Science Class Nadia used Pym particles to create a secret lab, accessible only by those able to drastically shrink in size, disguised as a simple necklace. While her secret lab may look like a fairytale castle carved out of pink crystal inside it's a fully equipped laboratory with it's own power supply, food stores and an extensive research library that contains copies of material acquired (usually illegally) by the Red Room from famous scientists all over the world. The entire pendant has a diamond coating that makes it incredibly hard to damage by conventional means and contains a variety of advanced anti-surveillance gear of her own design. Due to the shrinking process time subjectively seems to pass quicker inside the lab. Which can be a benefit if Nadia is working to a deadline, but it does make it very easy to get disconnected from reality when she's focused on a project.

Pym Particles:
Nadia carries a supply of Pym Particles suspended in specially made capsules to allow her to shrink or enlarge other people or objects. The shrinking/growth process used by the capsules is only temporary in nature and is far less efficient than the size change process she uses to change her own size. As it does not allow the subject to retain their usual strength or mass while shrunken in size nor do they increase in strength when growing in size (although they do increase in mass).

Using the capsules she can reduce an object/person to 1/64th of it's original size. Alternatively she can grow an object/person in size to eight times it's original size. In both cases the change in size lasts around five minutes unless another doze of Pym Particles is applied. Typically the capsules are fired from launchers in her suit although in an emergency they can be thrown as capsules or fitted into otherwise harmless disc shaped throwing weapons.

Wasp Suit:

Nadia has a suit of armour specially designed to work with (and in some cases enhance) her size changing abilities. Her suit is armoured enough to resist handgun bullets without impeding her movement. The suit includes a backpack with retractable bio-synthetic wings capable of sixty mile per hour flight with exceptional maneuverability. As well as a pair of wrist mounted energy projectors that can cut through steel. She can also seal her suit for use in hazardous environments (for example under water) using an internal air supply that will last an hour but which will automatically refill itself when not in use. The helmet also contains a variety of sensors that provide information about the local area and communications gear.

In addition to the inbuilt features her costume also has pouches containing a first aid kit, emergency rations and a variety of useful science and engineering tools all shrunk using Pym Particles. She also carries a supply of beacons for use when shrinking to microscopic sizes, allowing her to mark a location for a safe return to normal size.


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Conditional Visa:
As part of the deal Nadia made to receive US citizenship she has to provide useful intelligence about Red Room activities to any US Government approved agency that needs it. If she breaks the terms of this agreement she could find herself in serious trouble. At best this could involve expensive legal trouble and at worst she could find herself being considered a foreign agent and deported or imprisoned.

While Nadia has escaped the Red Room for now there will always be people who mistrust her because of her unwilling association with the group. Members of SHIELD or other intelligence agencies may treat her with suspicion and no matter how earnest her attempts to help might be her suggestions and heroic actions could ignored or written off as ploys of the Red Room.

Out of Touch:
Having spent most of her life in a secret training facility cut off from the world Nadia doesn't have the best understanding of the world. She might be unaware of information which could be considered to be common knowledge for a girl her age, especially in regard to popular culture and social interactions. This can make social situations awkward or may lead to her unintentionally causing offense or creating misunderstandings.

Pym Particles:
Nadia has been permanently infused on a genetic level with Pym particles. As such anything which interferes with how Pym particles work, such as weapons designed specifically to agitate them, will be especially dangerous to her. If someone knows what to look for they can also specifically scan for Pym particles to find her, providing they have access to sufficiently advanced scientific equipment.

Science Class:
The Science Class, a subdivision of the Red Room dealing with advanced technology, was not happy that Nadia left or that she stole large amounts of their (already stolen) research material from them. Her intelligence make Nadia a prime target for re-recruitment and those behind the Science Class would like nothing more than to capture or blackmail her into rejoining them. Failing that they would rather kill her than risk possible exposure and, so long as the Red Room or Science Class exists, Nadia and the people around her are at risk of attack from covert agents.

System Strain:

While Nadia has a lot of experience with shrinking her size she still struggles to maintain a larger than normal form for extended periods. Growing to a giant size puts a lot of strain on her body and can leave her very drained for several days if she maintains the size for more than ten minutes. Shrinking is much less demanding on her system but has the added risk that if she shrinks down too much without her suit she might not be able to get back to normal safely and could remain trapped forever.


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World hunger is your B**** December 16th, 2023 Nadia gets to meet Wonder Girl in the Titans Gym. Cassie turns out to secretly know stuff about science. Shhhh don't tell anyone! Somehow she avoids being recruited for GIRL. Probably because she's already on the path to wearing a fedora and telling people things belong in a museum.
This place is popular. December 12th, 2023 Girls night out for various faces.
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A Titans (And Friends) Thanksgiving November 23rd, 2023 Kara hosts a Thanksgiving dinner! No one gets food poisoning.
Calling cards. November 14th, 2023 Felicia Hardy breaks into GIRL HQ as part of a security consulting job set up by Nadia Pym. Did our feline felon escape? Who can say! ... Okay yes, yes she did.
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A cure for.... Dracula November 12th, 2023 Vampirella heads to GIRL for some help with an unusual problem. Nadia Pym provisionally takes on a job to cure Dracula himself. What could possibly go wrong!
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I don't even like tea! July 27th, 2023 Skye follows a suspicious former secret agent. It turns out to be a size changing superheroine.
A zombie apocalypse or two. That kind of thing. July 7th, 2023 Ms America Chavez stops round to Nadia's super secret lab for a check up. It turns out the world probably would have ended a bunch of times if dimension hopping wasn't so hard. The world can breathe a sigh of relief! Even if Nadia will be adding more things to her stuff that needs urgent investigation list.
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What Is This May 18th, 2023 It's Titans Recruitment day! ...Whether or not it was a joke to start with, Crush and Nadia show up, provide their profiles. And thankfully Tim showed up so Gar doesn't have to try and do the serious work of reading them.
Do they still stamp things May 13th, 2023 Nadia Pym approaches Kate Kane and asks her for money. Lots of money. To set up a super science lab and change the world. Kate doesn't turn the idea down but intends to look over the paperwork when she's not hungover. Also some coffee is drunk.
I don't think I'm like Baba Yaga! May 11th, 2023 Nadia runs into Willow while handing out GIRL fliers. They talk about magic, science and math. Nadia makes a recruitment pitch and Willow says something shocking about science.
What the future holds. May 8th, 2023 Nadia & Harper build a communications device to catch the attention of Kara. Who probably could have been reached via cellphone. But why let common sense get in the way of SCIENCE? Nadia makes another GIRL recruitment pitch. Harper is an expert on the Smurfs.
Red Room revelations April 29th, 2023 Nadia introduces her first potential GIRL recruits to each other and shows off her super secret necklace lab! Secrets are shared. They have icecream. And go on a rambling tour around a lot of science labs.
Bluebird and Wasp take on Rocky the Gotham Kaiju April 13th, 2023 While looking to meet possible GIRL members Nadia gets attacked by the Red Room. They unleash animals grown in size with Pym particles and catch the attention of Bluebird. Who swoops in to save the day before more than damage to a poor civilians car can take place!
The GIRLs of science. April 10th, 2023 Nadia Pym catches Gwen Stacy after work to talk about potential science team ups! A plan is hatched. A scheme unfurls. And a friendship is hopefully made!
The pain train January 25th, 2020 Karrin is out walking a dog when she runs into a teenage mad scientist, her friend Buffy and a walking drug lab named Jane.
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Hot Dog Interrupted September 15th, 2019 When the craving for hot dogs meets a crashed flying saucer Language Warnings abound.
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A day at the museum. September 6th, 2019 9094/ Power Girl and Nadia Pym chat about dinosaurs and cloning.
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The Meeting is aFoot August 9th, 2019 In which Darcy tries to get Frank in on a possible JTTF something, only to once again say the wrong thing the wrong way at the wrong time in front of the NYPD Captain. Or This is why Darcy is sometimes the worst person for these sorts of things.
Nets don't work July 26th, 2019 Kid Arachnid and Nadia stop a trio mercenaries from a not entirely well planned scheme.
Offer on the Table July 24th, 2019 Nadia gets encouragement to join the Foot, and turns it down flat.
Sort of enjoying a sea view July 19th, 2019 Piper and Nadia chat about the environment, money making schemes and food culture until something goes very wrong at P3 and Piper has to dash off to fix it.
Undercurrents: Street Rules July 12th, 2019 Nadia and Shredder's minions interrupt a drive-by shooting between MD12 and K Crew gang members.
Work Trip July 5th, 2019 Nadia and Spider-Man stop a crime! Batman disappears with the evidence.
Intelligence gathering June 27th, 2019 Chris Redfield goes under cover to keep tabs on former teenage spy Nadia Pym. She gets spooked and sneaks away.
On the nature of good and evil. June 19th, 2019 Fiona Glenanne and Nadia Pym have a bit of a chat about slowing down in space and morality.
A pym particle pitch June 9th, 2019 Nadia fills Janet in on where she's been and who she's talked to.
Dragon Bar Brawl May 31st, 2019 A bar was demolished, Arnold the Hun gets to spend a night in jail, and another Coin has wound up in hands that the Foot don't want them in.
A Sneaky Snack React May 25th, 2019 Summary needed
Everyone loves Pizza May 15th, 2019 Summary needed
Wasp on Wasp April 25th, 2019 Janet finally meets Nadia Pym
Put a Ring On It April 24th, 2019 Nadia, Rift, and Gwen foil THE RINGER. It was more impressive than it sounds.
See the sights of Gotham and, if you're lucky, survive them. April 18th, 2019 A sightseeing trip through Gotham takes a very unexpected turn.


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