Wesker's Contemplation (Albert Wesker)

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Wesker's Contemplation (Albert Wesker)
Date of Cutscene: 24 October 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Albert Wesker

Having secured the Viral Bacterial gene scanner, Wesker is making sure it is not damaged or has tracking bugs in it in the Faraday cage. And for a moment he things back to the exchange with Batman. And with it the thoughts to the video he saw that was the cause of the Outbreak.


Security cameras show two figures in Commando suits with SMGs moving through a metallic clean complex. He looks up at a Camera that follows them through his Gas mask and asks.

"You Sure we disabled all security Cameras?"

Wesker knew that their attempt had triggered a third level emergency back up.

The Second man moving down the corridor says, "yes we disabled all security and the secondary back ups."

The two round a corner as it cuts to the inside as a man with Blonde hand is closing a container full of purple and green vials. "There all the G-Virus and T-virus is ready for safe transport." The Sound of the door opening and a voice tells him.

"Doctor we've come for the G-Virus and T-Virus."

Turning around The Man in the lab coat sees them pointing the SMGs at him as he says, "What are... you're not Umbrella." and reflexively goes for a gun. One of the Agents opens fire filling the Man in the lab coat's right body and arm full of bullet wounds.

The Other man who held Fire stops him, "Stop, you might hit the samples."

The pair come over to Retrieve the Case and then one commando says, "A sample is loose, Let's make sure he can't make any more."

And taking hold of an injector places the viral sample into the injector and then injects the Wounded man with his own creation. At which point they leave.

A woman with blonde hair comes in calling out in shock and horror at her husband's injuries, "Oh William I'm getting something to treat that injury, stay right here." and she runs off.

Moments Later The wounded man Jerks up as he roars out his arms and body growing in a surge tearing through his outfit. Right arm horrible mutated as he stands up and follows the commandos.

Shots from other cameras show the sewers, as the commandos are brutally attacked by the former scientist. The Former Scientist rips open the case after killing the commandos and begins to feast, eating the purple vials containing he Gvirus, stepping on and breaking the vials with the green Virus, as it lumbers off, searching for something roaring out in rage and pain.

The Camera zooms in showing Sewer Rats beginning to eat and devour the green Virus...


Wesker narrows his eyes as he continues the work on the VBG Scanner swearing and fuming silently at the rank amateurs that they sent in their place.