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|Song=Shake It Off-Taylor Swift
|Song=Shake It Off-Taylor Swift
|Profile=A child of Zeus and an archeologist named Helena Sandsmark, Cassie is a very strong-willed and powerful young woman. Trained by the Amazons of Themyscira, she is a force for the greater good and hopes to help all who need it.
|Profile=A child of Zeus and an archeologist named Helena Sandsmark, Cassie is a very strong-willed and powerful young woman. Trained by the Amazons of Themyscira, she is a force for the greater good and hopes to help all who need it.
===Current Player Approved: July 29, 2019===
===Current Player Approved: Not Applicable===
|Description=<span style="color:#4040bf">'''Description'''</span>
|Description=<span style="color:#4040bf">'''Description'''</span>

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Cassie Sandsmark (Scenesys ID: 976)
We do this to help people, right? Save lives. So even if we die saving one -- it's worth the trade-off. Right?
Full Name: Cassandra "Cassie" Sandsmark
Gender: Female
Species: Demi-goddess
Theme: DC (FC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: USA
Residence: NYU Dormitories, Greenwich Village, NYC
Education: High school diploma
Status: Dropped
Groups: Young Justice, Titans
Other Information
Apparent Age: 21 Actual Age: 21
Date of Birth 1 May 2006 Actor: Chole Grace Moretz
Height: 160cm (5'3") Weight: 56kg (123lbs)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: Shake It Off-Taylor Swift


A child of Zeus and an archeologist named Helena Sandsmark, Cassie is a very strong-willed and powerful young woman. Trained by the Amazons of Themyscira, she is a force for the greater good and hopes to help all who need it.

Current Player Approved: Not Applicable



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A cheerful and spritely young woman in no more than her late teen years, her appearance combines a petite stature with a more mature and substantial physique. Even at only a few inches over five feet, she's curvy and athletic, no frail thing by far. A flowing mane of golden blonde hair frames her face, a rather lovely sort of visage set off by soft blue eyes above high cheekbones, a straight, well-proportioned nose and full bowed lips. In some sense, her appearance hovers at the verge of youthfulness and maturity, with the softness of the former meeting the determination of the latter and both wrestling in her expressions, which can range from full-on 'adorable' to strong-willed and severe.

Her manner of dress is simple and rather typical for a girl her age, casual and comfortable over stylish. A tight black cutoff tee with a stylized golden 'W' across the front clings to her unmistakable curves while revealing well-toned arms and baring enough of her midriff that one can see her abs outlined on her flat stomach. Faded blue jeans hang beneath her slim waist on hourglass-worthy hips, and hug to proportionately long legs. Add to that a few accessories: white sneakers and distinctive star-shaped red earrings. She tends toward a backpack as well, and a belt with some sort of pouch on one side, the one oddity as teen fashion goes.


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Born in California to Helena Sandsmark, Cassandra 'Cassie' Sandsmark's childhood was filled with adventure and wonder. Her mother was and still is an archeologist, and lived traveling the world on what at least Cassie saw as incredible adventures (as opposed to the serious scientific outings they really were). From a young age Cassie got to see all sorts of places, from excavating pyramids in Egypt to ruins in Greece or the Qin catacombs in China. It was always something, and it was always exciting. Her father was never in the picture, but her mother simply brushed off most mention of him, and frankly, it was enough at the time. Cassie was happy to work along side her mom, happy to travel on wild adventures all around the world.

However, the excitement of these parts of her life often led to disappointment and displeasure with the monotony of the more mundane portions. While Helena routinely brought her daughter to the museum where she worked, and made arrangements when she could for Cassie to accompany her on digs, the extended travel for her expeditions often meant boarding schools for her daughter. The stifling, controlled environment contrasted harshly with her otherwise exciting life, and she was a frequent troublemaker and delinquent, having to change schools several times. These long periods alone (and her increasing age) also only served to highlight her father's absence. It didn't matter when everything was just the two of them, but now the long periods of time left totally alone left Cassie wondering why there wasn't anyone else there to look out for her. Her mother would try and make up for it when they worked digs on vacation breaks, but the bad behavior seemed to follow along now, as Cassie displayed a propensity for stealing artifacts rather than digging them up!

The solution to all of this would come with the arrival of a woman applying to work for her mother museum... quite surprisingly, the recently revealed to the world at large Themysciran Princess Diana, known to most (and certainly to Cassie, one of her greatest fans) as Wonder Woman!

The Princess, a living expert on many of the antiquities Helena studied, planned to offer a lecture series at the museum, and Cassie's mother helped her settle in, housing her briefly while she found her own place, in exchange for the occasional bit of babysitting. Cassie was immediately head over heels, but was less interested in being babysat as in trying to 'assist' Diana in the myriad troubles that she became involved in. Of course, Cassie's assistance often ended up putting her where Wonder Woman needed to save her, but she displayed a certain ingenuity... along with a willingness to 'borrow' some of the Princess' magical artifacts to 'help' fight at her side. Surprisingly, Wonder Woman encouraged her, at least to a degree, knowing there was surely something special in the girl's future.

In the course of her misadventures at Wonder Woman's side, Cassie and her mother were summoned to Olympus to testify before the Gods on behalf of the Amazons, though amidst their stay, Cassie snuck away to rather boldly bother Zeus, asking him to grant what was in her heart, a desire to wield the powers the items had given her in the past for real. Oddly enough, the King of the Olympian Gods granted this request, as she discovered quickly upon their return to Earth. Though with his appreciation for the trouble of unruly children, Zeus had also granted her mother the ability to withhold those powers by a simple touch. Still, Cassandra was now truly a heroine in her right, worthy of the title of Wonder Girl.

She began training properly with the Amazons on Themiscrya and fought at Diana's side in defense of those in need. Often enough, this was mortals, but she often saw herself involved in the divine plots and intrigues that surrounded her mentor and her family. Ares took immediate interest in Cassandra, granting her a version of the lasso Diana used, albeit of a more violent bent. He showed her an odd degree of fondness, and spoke vaguely, prophetically of her future. Eventually, she would go far as joining in a squabble amongst the Olympian Gods themselves, rescuing Hermes from the realm and clutches of Hades. Granted a boon by Athena, she demanded to know her father's identity, and learned, as she had began to suspect due to his behavior and through study of many of her mothers own materials, that it was none other than Zeus himself.

Since the revelation and cured of that one lingering, painful doubt of her childhood, Cassandra has began to more fully grow into her own role as a hero, rather than just a hero-worshipping girl turned sidekick. Maturing into a young woman worthy of her adoptive Amazon sisters in every way, trained in war at their side, and more confident than ever, she has finally decided to strike out on her own. She'll be attending university in NYC, just far enough away that her mother won't be right over her shoulder to stop her every time she wants to fight a city-destroying monster. Parents!


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Once a curious, clever, bold, but also awkward, gangly, and trouble-making girl left isolated by her absentee father and busy working mother, Cassie has flourished in her new heroic identity. She had always idolized heroes and hoped, knew that she was meant for more, and the revelation that she was actually right has uplifted her in a truly transformative way. Although never lacking for confidence, her spirit has become something inexhaustible now, fueled by the spark of the divine and her own big heart. And in that heart she truly is a hero, a good, kindhearted person who cares for others far more than herself, selflessly heedless of danger in the way that once saw her fighting alongside her idol before she even possessed those powers. Still, she is young and more than a bit reckless, undisciplined, and potentially tempermental, especially when it comes to her albeit often righteous anger - anger that can lead to devastating outpourings of violence against those she believes deserve it most.


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Divine Birthright
As the daughter of Zeus, a proper demigoddess, Cassie is the inheritor of tremendous power, and her given abilities are truly only a baseline. While she has yet to truly come to understand her powers fully, let alone accept and command them, she has the potential to surpass her mentors and join - or battle - the Gods themselves.

Cassie can is able to fly at supersonic speeds and potentially beyond, keeping pace with her fellow Amazons. She's not able to breathe outside the atmosphere, although her stamina and physical resilience might allow her to survive a short time in the vacuum - though this is not something she's tested.

Super Durability
Cassie can withstand a lot of damage from both physical and even magical attacks, most notably enduring the blows of entities of similar (massive) strength, explosions, being thrown through buildings, and so on. She can survive and function in environments that would kill humans, such as at extremes of heat or cold, exposure to radiation or vaccuum, and so on. In the event that she is injured, which can happen courtesy of her weakness to strong puncture wounds or through truly overwhelming force, her body will heal far faster then normal, fueled by her divine energies.

Super Reflexes
Cassie has insanely fast reflexes which allow her to process things faster than normal and react appropriately. Because of this she is capable of deflecting bullets with her bracelets or even catching them without a problem.

Super Senses
All of Cassie's senses are heightened allowing her to see farther than the average human or even smaller things then the human eye can perceive, Hear things from much further away up to several miles, Her senses of smell and taste are both accented allowing her to pick up on things others can't and of course her sense of touch is enhanced allowing her to feel things that most wouldn't notice.

Super Speed
Cassie can move at supersonic speeds. She can move fast enough to not register in the normal peripheral range of humans and seemingly vanish and disappear at will.

Super Stamina
Cassie is essentially tireless by human standards, able to carry out normal activities over days without rest or endure prolonged battles with similar beings. In this latter case she is not without her limits and can potentially be 'worn down' by a foe of similar power, although even this is largely a factor of her inexperience and lack of full connection with her powers. She can perform other feats of supernatural endurance, such as holding her breath for extended (though not indefinite) periods.

Super Strength

Owing to her part-Olympian flesh and bone, which is about one and a half times as dense as similar human tissue, and the divine energies that infuse her, Cassie possesses extraordinary strength. At a baseline, she is able to lift 100 tons (about the weight of a modern airliner), although her upper limit is potentially far beyond this boundary.


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Cassie has traveled with her mother to the far corners of the world basically since she was old enough to walk. Although a rather amateur (if not totally clueless) archeologist herself, with none of her mother's advanced education, she nevertheless has a fairly large degree of worldy experience and diversely multicultural street-smarts for a woman of her age. She's also at least somewhat accustomed to the more adventurous sides of the career, the occasional brushes with difficult customs agents, rival explorers, and so on, and takes to such shenanigans far more than her mother would like. Indeed, sometimes her desire to 'assist' has been so great that she's taken to stealing items from closed sites, rival collectors, and even museums, and has picked up some basic skills to that effect.

She does know how to fight a bit. She's been training for 3 years. Still, she is a far way from a master. In many ways she is still a novice and typically uses her powers more to get through fights. She has some knowledge of a few weapons, including the sword, shield, and bow.

Primary Combat:
-- Hand to Hand: Cassie primarily trained with hand to hand combat during her 3 years on Themyscira.

Secondary Combat:
-- Lasso: Cassie's second focus was on that of the lasso usage and how to properly wield it and operate it in combative situations.

Third Combat:
-- Melee: Cassie's final bit of training focus was spent on the basics of Sword and Shield. This is easily her most untrained skill in combat, but she is far more trained than the average person.

The Amazons were not pleased with Cassie's 3-year training cycle. They want her to focus more on it for a long period of time and urge the young woman to practice as much as she possibly can, if she wishes to be truly effective on the battlefield.

Part of her training with the Amazons was how to lead when needed.

Cassie studied directly with the Amazonian's lead combat instructor on the tactics of battle and how to manage armed forces on the battlefield. These classes were a considerable part of her daily routine for the 3 full years she spent on the island of Themyscira.

But even after 3 years, the knowledge she has gained has not been field-tested and she has never lead her own group of warriors. Cassie has knowledge, but she lacks experience up to this point.


Another product of her travels, Cassie speaks a variety of exotic languages... or well, at least a little of each of them. Enough to order dinner and curse people out, probably.


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After her empowerment, Cassie was sent to Themyscira to train with the Amazons and learn about the Gods in the way her mothers books couldn't quite convey. Although an outsider to the group rather than one raised among it, Cassie's spirit and determination did eventually earn their acknowledgment, and she developed a sense of kinship with the warrior women. Artemis handled much of her training, and her harsh lessons may account for the girl's relatively quick pickup. All in all, though she may never be as close as some, Cassie has come to think of Queen Hippolyta, Princess Diana, Artemis, and the rest of the Amazons as family, along with Donna Troy and other honorary members like herself. Collectively, they represented the most amazing people she knew, and she would come to depend on them for support throughout her life.

Cassie possesses a suit of Amazon Battle Armor that she can use for truly dangerous encounters, worn in full or in part. Of typically Greco-Roman style, it primarily consists of a body-formed breastplate, a skirt of weighted leather strips, as well as shin and shoulder guards and other intermediate pieces, and a helmet. Like most Amazon items, the craftsmanship involved makes it far more durable than the mortal human equivalents. It is not as near-indestructibly robust as her armbands, but provides a broader range of cover that can protect her from stray or glancing blows in a hectic battle.

Fashioned in a like fashion to those worn by Princess Diana, using the same Amazon crafting techniques and magic, these forearm-encasing steel armbands are nearly indestructible. They can be used to deflect blows in close combat, with her supernatural reflexes to deflect bullets, or be used to shield off and absorb more powerful energy attacks than even her body would be able to endure.

It's unclear if she could use them in a more offensive fashion as Wonder Woman has, although as with most of her powers, it is likely only a lack of experience and control that prevents her from using them to their fullest extent.

Lasso of Lightning
Given to her by her half-brother Ares, the Lasso of Lightning is a looped length of magically-empowered and impossible to break rope that, due to its origin, is tied to and empowered by the user's anger. It can of course be used to immobilize foes, magically constricting and binding them, although this is the less... dramatic of its powers. When Cassie becomes angered, the lasso becomes imbued with Zeus' lightning, which can be discharged at range or, perhaps far less pleasantly, be used to electrocute someone already ensnared.

Cassie was granted three weapons from the Themyscirans for the training that she was deemed worthy of. For 3 years she trained with these weapons as fallbacks to her primary use of Hand-to-Hand combat.

Weapon 1: "Stormcloud" - Longsword.
Cassie's longsword is a single handed weapon with the handle wrapped in leather and a silver handguard. Etched into the handguard are two lightning bolts that are striking outward toward either edges on the sword.

Weapon 2: "Hawkcall" - Shortbow
Cassie's shortbow is a natural recurve crafted out of white polished wood. The tips of either end take the shape of the heads of a Hawk and the bowstring that pulls the bow back is a shimmering mixture of gold and silver strands.

Shield: "Stormguard" - Round Shield
Cassie's shield is a deep dark grey with a shimmer of gold hidden beneath the darkness. Around its circulars the shield gleams in silver and there are what appears to be the tidal waves of a furious ocean upon the surface of the shield.

These weapons are of extremely high quality, they could shatter most weapons on Earth of the same style, due to the superior craftsmanship of the Amazons.


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Daddy issues, much? While she has since begin understanding who her family is and just how messed up it is, Cassie doesn't really KNOW her family aside from her mother. Three years is simply not enough time to get to know ALL the brothers and sisters that she has courtesy of her promiscuous father. Her place in the Olympian Pantheon ultimately makes her a potential target or bystander in schemes of divine scale. On the other hand, her mother (despite the power given over her and her years of misbehaving) still means everything in the world to her, and Cassie would be crushed to see her at risk or harmed. And then there's the whole mess of adoptive Amazon family she's only just starting to know, with their own crazy politics, squabbling, and the occasional international incident. So yeah, family right?

If Momma Ain't Happy
A blessing bestowed on Cassie's Mother (And a curse to her!) Her mom can remove Cassie's powers for a while with a simple touch. That simple touch will leave her completely human for about 12 hours.


Cassie's generally immense durability has no impact on piercing attacks, particularly those of the arrows or bladed weapons preferred by her own people... and numerous wannabe ninjas around the world. An unfortunate development of the modern world is that projectiles of sufficiently high velocity and caliber can also achieve this effect, puncturing her otherwise impermeable semi-divine flesh. Although such attacks do no more injury than they would otherwise, the simple fact is that they *do harm*, allowing foes to fight and harm her as though she were mortal.


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