You're not Fired, you're reassigned, Murphy!

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You're not Fired, you're reassigned, Murphy!
Date of Cutscene: 14 April 2020
Location: NYPD Precinct, New York City
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Karrin Murphy

The door to her Capotain's office closes, but the voices can still be heard inside.

"Murphy, that's the last straw. You're being transferred"

"To what you..."

"One more word and I'll have your badge and gun. Two choices, Murphy. Either transfer to Bloodhaven or resign"

There's the thump of a fist meeting a wall or the door. "I'll sign, damn it. I'll sign" Murphy snaps. "Yeah you'll sign and you'll be out of my fucking hair, Murphy. You're nothing but trouble"

"And you're nothing but a jumped up beat cop who got a promotion, Haskins. You're nothing but a dick with an ego the size of Queens. I'm glad to be out of here" Karrin says as a final F.U. to her soon to be former colleagues.

Naturally, Murph's going from NYC to Bloodhaven. Or, into somewhere she can make a difference. Hell, she lives in Sunnydale, so....she's glad. There's the sound of chattering outside her Captain's office.

"Did you man I wanted to...good on you, girl. Gonna miss you"

Those are the snatches of chatter Murph hears as she turns, and stares down her former boss's door. Well then. Karrin just got shunted to Jersey. Fine. Hold her doilys and watch/this/ long, NYPD. hello, BHPD...