Zingium (Gorilla City)

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Flag Zingium (Gorilla City).png
  • Official Name: Kingdom of Zingium
  • Capital City: Zanj (1°18'S 29°47'E)
  • Places of Interest: Derkein and Zanj
  • Major Languages: Zengī
  • Demonym: Zengī
  • Government: One-party state under a military dictatorship
Map Zingium.png
    • King: [Gorilla Grodd|Grodd]]
    • Prime Minister: Kamau
  • Area: 54 km²
  • Population: 3,886
    • Density: 71.96 km²
  • Monetary Unit: Zengī shilling
  • Major Resources: Vibranium, uranium, coal, diamonds, aeronautics, and aircraft manufacture.
  • National Defence: Zengī Army and Zengī Air Force
  • International Relations: Zingium has refused all invitations from the international community, preferring to remain independent; their one ally is Wakanda.
  • Domestic Metahumans: Grodd and Kid
Map Wakanda and Zingium.jpg
  • History: Zingium, located in equatorial Africa between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the East African Federation, is home to a race of superintelligent gorillas with a highly advanced civilisation. The population of Zingium gained their advanced intelligence when a meteor crashed into nearby Wakanda, leaving behind an immense deposit of the rare ore called vibranium. Believing that humans cannot be trusted, the zengī chose to maintain their existence in secret.

    The zengī have learned how to utilise one hundred percent of their mental and physical potential, which includes some degree of telepathic ability. They have developed technology that far surpasses the accomplishments of human society. Their country is a marvel of engineering and architectural achievement. The zengī have devised a holographic camouflage, which renders the country invisible to physical and electronic detection.

    The zengī are larger and stronger than ordinary gorillas, and are primarily peaceful, although they are capable of an armed response to violent provocation. Zingium is free from crime and want, although it has frequently been plagued by by the machinations of Grodd, who recently deposed the benevolent King Solovar.