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A Mark 7 Production
Date of Scene: 06 July 2023
Location: Basement, Avengers Mansion
Synopsis: Tony pings Babs and Skye to help him with his thing.
Cast of Characters: Iron Man, Quake, Oracle

Iron Man has posed:
There are a handful of souls that Tony Stark would reach out to when looking for advice. It's a very short list, perhaps three names on it. None of those names are Barbara Gordon nor Skye Johnson. No to find them one has to go to another list entirely, a list of people he might trust to be a set of eyes to peer at sensitive data and give their advice and a hand if needs be...

Though Pepper's advice and vouching also helps. Less a slam against them and more a tweak at Tony's paranoia, he doesn't like people touching his stuff...

Which becomes apparent when the two young women are shown into the basement of the mansion where Tony had created a makeshift impromptu lab where he kept all of the equipment and data in storage. Though a makeshift Tony Stark laboratory is an impressive laboratory all the same. It's an immense mess of robotics and technology, with holographic displays and a myriad of high tech equipment... all mixed with delivery bags and empty pizza boxes as the place had seen many a long night.

Right now likely soon to be adding to the garbage was a large black bag of 'Smart Food' that Tony was munching on as he tried to remain in the background... but was also peeking over their shoulders.
Quake has posed:
Skye was pretty certain what she was called in to do. Being that Pepper had mentioned something to her, and with her companion, Barbara, it was certain. Tony didn't often get down to business as a matter of fact, preferring to show the world one thing - that is a 'devil may care' attitude. But this? He was concerned. Well, for him he was concerned.

Without bringing her laptop to bear (yet), Skye was going over the main bits of info that had been gathered. "You know, Babs has a very good, secure network. It may be useful to see what we can dredge out that way too?"

Skye doesn't like people touching her things either. On that level, she and Tony were copacetic.

"Have you gotten anywhere on your own?" That may be a start.
Oracle has posed:
She was a little late to the party but she was there nonetheless. Barbara joined the gathering, a Monster energy drink in hand and entered the little room after some help guided her there. "Thanks, JARVIS."

Then she focused on the two people present. "Tony. Skye." She had her own laptop with her in a bag slung cross-body but for now she wasn't breaking anything out. Instead she settled into the seat set up by his computer and considered the information on the screen.

"Seeing JARVIS is back up and running. Did you find anything in the code or just all seemed well with the world? Because we know he was circumvented and the suit was activated then taking for a joyride. I also have been data crunching information on those names you gave me."

She glanced to Tony. "And I have surveillance setup in that restaurant."
Iron Man has posed:

The black bag of popcorn creaks and crackles a little as Tony leans against the edge of a table where several cardboard boxes remain untended to, the STARK INDUSTRIES logo on the side very prominent even though whatever was contained within them is long gone and deployed. He looks up.

"I've gotten plenty of places, but without too much concrete information. I've got suspicions and suspects. Four possible operatives who seemed to get their orders from someone remotely that had been in some hoity toity restaurant."
A nod is given to Babs, "She had a look at that data first. But what I want is you guys to dig and come to me with what you find, check my math, see if I fudged a decimal."

His hand digs into the bag as he lowers his eyes to look into its depths, gaze narrowing as he tries to find more delicious bits of popcorn. "Nothing was in the code, what I found at most was a hitch in storage that displayed the presence of something that likely executed then terminated and ate itself." He raises the bag and shakes it a little, then heaves a small sigh.

"I am despondent." At the lack of popcorn perhaps. Or the situation. Either/or.
Quake has posed:
There was the Tony she had learned to love and hate in equal measures. But behind his joking demeanour, was something more serious.

"What I don't get is, I can see the AI trying to see how far they could get in this theft. In theory. But it wouldn't it be simpler to run a series of diagnostics to weed out the ways that wouldn't work. And to hone in the one that would best? This seems to be off. What if the real thing they are looking for isn't how far they would get, but instead, how we thought, and what ways do we use the computers, or our brains."

Skye circles that thought while she finds the way to understand, or pinpoints what exactly bothers her about it.
Oracle has posed:
"But if they just wanted data, why would they use the suit to create chaos in traffic?"

Barbara was sort of playing devil's advocate there. But then she pulled out her laptop and opened it up, firing it to life as she balanced it on her knees. Then she hooked a cable from it to Tony's computer setup so that she could manipulate screens and data herself instead of sharing a screen with Skye.

A glance was given to Tony at his despondent comment and she had to giggle when she realized it was over the popcorn. "I'm sure you can get more. Probably have a drone delivery in minutes if you wanted to." Because she had no doubt he had the power to do that.

She looked back to her screen, using the touchpad to open a few more boxes on her screen as she read through the code displayed. "And if they wanted to create chaos, why only activate one suit? Or was this a test run for something else in the future. But they would know you'd realize what happened and be looking into it." A little tilt of her head then a glance at the pair of them over her glasses.

"Could it be they wanted you to have to shut things down for a time? To give them better access to something else?"
Iron Man has posed:
"Well," Tony offers, "We don't know for sure it's an AI. Or the layer at which it is functioning at. Could be a tool someone is using at various points. Could be something fire and forget."

Stark steps to the side and motions to the imagery they have of the different operatives in that restaurant all sitting at the same place. "Could be just a series of auto execute commands to fake the interaction level needed. We have nothing concrete. But..."

Tony steps back, tossing the bag into the nearby waste bin that's already over-flowing with Chinese food containers. "I'm going to do what I said, go hands off, you guys come to me with what you find. No judgment here."

Stark then slaps his hands together, trying to divest himself of some of the cheddar dust, then rubbing fingertips together as it's clear he's not going to get clear anytime soon. "I have a few theories. I'm curious what you guys will come up with. Just take your time, track things down, use my stuff. So long as it's like, in this room. My other stuff no touchy."

He pushes off and away from the table. "You guys need anything? Something to eat? Drink? Consume conspicuous quantities of?"
Quake has posed:
"That's what I was thinking.. the times. What Tony does. Who he pulls in. Who doesn't he pull in. It didn't want to pull all the bells and whistles to get that. Just enough to get his attention.. ActuallY, what other crimes were perpetrated, or about when the Mk 7 was lost?"

Skye took her notes off of Babs, and booted up her laptop.

"If the theft was a decoy for the real thing - what was it?Huh? Uh.." It took her a while to return to mother earth, so to speak, addressing Tony.. "uhhh, coffee. Couple of chocolate bars. If you're feeling like it, pizza?"
Oracle has posed:
"Definitely pizza. And I'm a carnivore so meat lovers. Oh and a margherita. THe pizza, not the drink," she added since they sounded pretty similar. "Then some water and I should be good."

Though now she was following that mindset of what was it maybe distracting from, like a magician doing sleight of hand. If the suit drew attention, what might they be doing otherwise. Which would require a search of criminal databases. Easy enough, she already had backdoors there.

"Is there anything else that JARVIS specifically monitors that would've left an open door while you were resetting? Do you have a backup AI that I can look at code for that might've taken over?" In case it has a hole to exploit and they were too busy looking the wrong direction.
Iron Man has posed:
"There's AVINA, she's online as well. Jarvis?"

"As you say, sir. I shall place an order to the nearby bistro and have some suitable snacks acquired as well as a pizza for the next meal time."

A nod is given as Tony starts to back away toward the door that leads out of the basement laboratory and into the large vehicle-sized hallway for the base under the mansion. He turns around and walks backwards for a time, "If you need anything else just raise your voice and yell at JARVIS. Try not to spend all my money. I'll want itemized receipts!" He points at them...

Then turns around and heads to the door with a slight skip to his step. "Just kidding, get what you want. I'll be back in a few hours. Try not to miss me too much."