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2021's Logs

Title Date Scene Summary
Following Orders January 31st, 2021 Gretel and Willow bond some more. Gretel is going to introduce Willow to a new teacher. (OOC: Supergirl was not present at this scene. She was used for emitting purposes only.)
The Cure: Message of Hope January 31st, 2021 Various mutants and heroes show up at starlight clinic to hear Dr Brightman's message of an antidote. Xmen stop an attempted assassination.
Home sweet home. January 31st, 2021 Buffy eases back into her old routines with help from Thomas.
Just Another Morning In The Park January 31st, 2021 Impromptu Flute Concert In The Park!
Monk meets monkey at the Garden. January 30th, 2021 Austin get's slapped, Xiang get's kissed, Tina tries to be a warrior.
The Cure: Uncertain Waters January 30th, 2021 Poseidon and Shannon finally catch up after nearly a year. He finds out about the events in Bushwick, and about Athena's return. Cookies, cocoa, wisdom, and good company are shared.
Random Ocean Beach January 30th, 2021 There is much admiration for the sea.
Music For The Soul January 29th, 2021 Xiang and Shannon meet again, this time in Apple Park. Music is shared, languages learned, and spirits lightened.
Protesting the Cure January 28th, 2021 Summary needed. Incomplete Scene.
And the thunder rolls.... January 28th, 2021 Ted and Shannon talk things out, and find they have more in common than they thought.
Far From Home January 28th, 2021 Shannon meets Xiang Zhao in Bushwick. Music, meditation, shelter, and life are discussed.
No Waffles for Ms. Summers! January 28th, 2021 Buffy retreats to her favorite hunting grounds as she adjusts to returning to her original body.
The New Normal January 27th, 2021 Jay and Andrea talk about their future and the cure, then Shannon comes by to talk boy stuff.
Home Turf Advantage January 27th, 2021 Jax and Shannon trash-talk each other's home teams, and agree that in a world where the Patriots can beat the Bills, anything is possible.
The Cure: Moment Interruptus January 26th, 2021 Shannon and Ted enjoy a quiet moment, only to have Megan interrupt. The Cure and other matters are discussed.
Wings for lunch January 26th, 2021 Warren is in the kitchen making lunch, Shannon joins for a bit of conversation
Look what the cat dragged in January 26th, 2021 Buffy drops by Harry's to talk, and bring belated X-mas gifts
The Cure: Raising Spirits in Mutant Town January 26th, 2021 A number of Xmen and Popstars bring a message of hope to a shaken mutant community.
The Cure: The Situation January 26th, 2021 Megan updates Jean and Scott on Dr Brightman and Beast's current state.
Who's Who: The Bodyswap January 26th, 2021 Buffy is returned to her proper body. Tiffany gets a dusting.
Honey...it's a girl. January 24th, 2021 Summary needed
Fast Learner January 24th, 2021 Shannon gets a chance to be the teacher for a change.
Demons And Aliens January 23rd, 2021 Summary needed
The Cure: The Missing Link January 23rd, 2021 Thor swats pesky bugs. Megan chases down papers.
When parallel lines intersect January 23rd, 2021 Austin
Who's Who: The Summoning January 23rd, 2021 The Scoobies track down the Red Order, defeating another summoned demon. But not without consequences.
Whatever you do. Don't mess with the hat. January 23rd, 2021 Thugs crash, Remy and Riana Bo Staff, Nick dodges, and Hulk Smash
Is this The End January 22nd, 2021 Summary needed
Planning another Heist January 22nd, 2021 Catwoman unveils her plan to Ivory to break into the Cat Lady's mansion.
A Brief Interlude January 22nd, 2021 Alison and Warren discuss autographs and fame and fashion.
Who's Who: The Good, the Bad and the Buffy January 22nd, 2021 Buffy bumps into Spike again, while still body swapped. For once they don't exchange blows.
Interrogating a Traitor January 21st, 2021 The dastartdly Twitch captures June! Will Slipstream be able to rescue her in time?
Assembling January 21st, 2021 Sam and Athena cross paths in the library. Discussion of philosophy and aerial combat.
The Cure: Just A Walk In The Woods January 21st, 2021 Shannon catches up with Athena about recent events, including the goddess joining the Avengers. Cocoa, cookies, and wisdom are shared.
Happy Freaky Birthday January 20th, 2021 Nolan encounters a body swapped Buffy. Thomas and Nolan have a confrontation.
Spirit & Opportunity January 20th, 2021 some people have unkroken spirtis and see opportunities everywhere.
A day out. January 19th, 2021 Summary needed
Foot to the Face January 19th, 2021 Tyler interrupts June as she tries to get info on the Foot. He shows his mettle as he captures the traitor who has evaded the family for so long.
=A Bird's Night Off January 19th, 2021 Tim and Phoebe begin to plan a trip. There is nerdery. Narf.
Two Cats meet. January 19th, 2021 Achak made a new friend
Archangels in a church January 19th, 2021 Warren makes a humanitarian trip out to Cloak and Dagger, but only catches Dagger
The Cure: The Antidote January 18th, 2021 Various heroes team up to stop the Reavers from assassinating Dr Brightman and his family. Meanwhile, Beast steaks through a forest.
Danger Room Tiger January 17th, 2021 Summary needed
New Tricks for Old Cats! January 17th, 2021 Megan and Jax do some training in the Danger Room
The Cure: On The Warpath January 17th, 2021 Warpath and Shannon discuss current events, family and matters of the heart. The two agree on the proper placement of prickly plants in pugilistic persons that have plagued mutants lately.
The Cure: Powerless January 17th, 2021 A depowered Megan recuperates with Conner's help.
Which dreamed it January 16th, 2021 Summary needed
Beginnings at the Gala's End January 16th, 2021 Tony and Pepper take a ride home in the limo together after she ends up his accidental date to a gala. They end up discussing theories of actually dating and then theory turns into fact.
Mutant Town Street Rat January 15th, 2021 Zeke meets Shannon and Jeremy in Bushwick
Who's Who: Battleplan January 15th, 2021 The Scoobies meet to discuss a new looming threat.
A chimp raiding the food court. January 15th, 2021 Chimp and Falcon strike up a friendship.
A New Slayer in Town January 14th, 2021 Buffy considers things with Faith back in town and has a heart to heart with Thomas about her recent behavior.
The Cure: Ex-Mutants January 14th, 2021 Some students and Xmen chatter in the kitchen about current events.
Lunch Time Socializing. January 14th, 2021 Tyler and Ivory meet and discuss various subjects
Checking on lil sis January 14th, 2021 Moods are lightened, and goals set.
Warren Worthington, GC January 13th, 2021 Warren and Jeremy have a session in Warren's office at Xavier's
The (Cat)Gorilla in the room January 13th, 2021 Beast gets a kick in the rump over his self-depreciating guilt regarding his past involvement in the mutant cure.
Magical Friendships January 13th, 2021 A new friend comes into Willow's life. OOC: Supergirl was emitting for Tala, both characters included on log for tracking but Supergirl was not present in this scene.
Belated Christmas In The Trenches (Or: Blunt Cacti Sideways) January 12th, 2021 Belated Christmas cheer turns out to be perfectly timed. Discussion between Jax and Shannon regarding the ideal purpose for blunt cacti ensues.
Guilty Pleasures January 12th, 2021 Skye and Natasha meet for lunch and discuss the goings-on that need attention.
Eggs ala Warren January 12th, 2021 Breakfast with the students turns into a impromptu call with the Avengers.
Who's Who: Slayer vs Slaypire January 12th, 2021 A still body swapped Buffy runs into Faith. Loaded words are exchanged.
Cure By Chocolate January 11th, 2021 Chocolate cures all, and heals more. Feelings about current events are aired, with surprising results.
Bucket List: Harry's Hideaway January 11th, 2021 Sazzerock! Juke Box Hero! Kung Fu Fighting!
The Cure: Recon on DAMT hq January 11th, 2021 Jean investigates DAMT hq
Socializing at Salem Center January 11th, 2021 Sam Wilson runs into the recently de-winged Nightingale
Dinner Served At New Hope January 11th, 2021 A day after the attack in Mutant Town, a trio of persons show up at a Mutant friendly shelter to help out.
Hunting HYDRA January 10th, 2021 Summary needed
So, I now have an action figure January 10th, 2021 Drake and Hunori talk about the mutant town attack and eat chili dogs.
The Cure: Aftermath, part 1 January 10th, 2021 After having been hit with a Cure dart, Shannon finds it difficult to cope with being 'normal' again. Thankfully, there are friends to lean on, and hope is restored.
Capture the flag... Danger Room style. January 9th, 2021 The X-men take on the Avengers in Capture the flag.
Jet Lag, Time Lag January 9th, 2021 Summary needed
Who's Who: The Prophecy January 9th, 2021 Buffy leaves the Blue Lady following a disturbing vision. Thomas brings her back.
Pizza Break January 9th, 2021 Drake and Kara chat over pizza.
Obstacle Course From Hell January 8th, 2021 Warpath put them through their paces in an obstacle course that would give ninja warriors trouble.
Invitation Only January 8th, 2021 Tyler and Andrea go to an essential oils party. Vampires are invited as well. Bad things happen.
Belated Christmas Presents January 8th, 2021 Sam and Shannon talk about life, recent events, and future plans. A late Christmas gift is given. The bonds of family, adopted or otherwise, hold strong.
Who's that lurking in the Blue Lady! January 8th, 2021 Buffy encounters Cheetah at the club and touched base with Harry after.
Digging Up The Past: A Meeting with Santan January 7th, 2021 Summary needed
My keeper, brother. January 7th, 2021 Thomas comes to Harry asking for help with Buffy.
Frightful Fracas! January 7th, 2021 Frightfulness, Times Four! And also a fifth one. Bad Guys Cheat At Math.
Meetings at the Cafe January 7th, 2021 Tyler and Andrea meet a Hunori at a cafe.
Snow time like the Present! January 6th, 2021 Megan meets Piotr in the backyard snow. They discuss his sister.
Things Cost Money January 6th, 2021 Drama! Suspense! Corporate Espionage!
The Mutant Cure: Staring Into The Fire January 6th, 2021 Sandy and Hank butt heads over the mutant cure and who's fault it is.
Who's Who: Ghosts and Vampires January 6th, 2021 A Red Order member shows up at the Blue Lady and stirs up trouble.
No Rest for the Wicked Cool January 5th, 2021 So an Elf, a Redhead, and a Canuk walk into a Wolf's den...
To Steal or Not to Steal January 5th, 2021 CatLady strikes again! Fortunately team Bat is on the case! Meanwhile, Catwoman and Spike take advantage of the confusion..
The Cure: Assault on Mutant Town! January 4th, 2021 The Xmen intercept an attack on mutant protestors by DAMT.
Just a Quick Errand January 4th, 2021 Tyler and Andrea encounter a mutant who has had a bomb strapped to him, and they must act quickly to keep it from becoming a very tragic story.
Scientific Progress Goes 'MWOOP!' January 3rd, 2021 Intrigue! Fashion! The Naaaaaaaail Gun!
A Christmas Angel January 3rd, 2021 Buffy meets Angel and gives him a late Christmas present.
Prelude to Thunder January 2nd, 2021 Sam Wilson and Bruce Banner welcome Thor back to the mansion.
The morning after the big NYE Party January 2nd, 2021 Andrea and Jay wakes up to news about their hit single.
New Years Explosion January 1st, 2021 Ringing in the New Year with music and explosives
Game Night Prep. January 1st, 2021 Megan helps Remy set up for a game night and makes him hyper cafinated cocoa...
Title Date Scene Summary
Pizza and a movie: Part duex. February 28th, 2021 Willow and Austin stay in, eat pizza and flirt.
A Meeting in the Forest February 28th, 2021 A pleasant meeting. Food and conversation are shared. Talk of tea, languages, a creepy wall, and ghosts.
Rooftop Rain February 28th, 2021 A pair of bats in the belfrey on a night of freezing rain in Gotham.
Revisiting February 28th, 2021 Jeremy is called into the office. Alexis paints his fingernails. It will never come off.
Just Dropping By! (Again!) February 28th, 2021 Buffy and Willow discuss life over coffee and cookies.
The Cure: Infiltration! February 27th, 2021 The Xmen rescue the mutant prisoners from DAMT headquarters and ensure that no more twisted experiments will ever be performed there again.
Asking for Help Sucks February 27th, 2021 Faith needs a favor and goes looking for Willow. Buffy arrives and instead discussion of a new butt-kicking opportunity happens. Faith is her usual 'friendly' self.
Rangers Lead the Way February 27th, 2021 Alexander gives a small class on how to deal with the wounded in a combat situation.
Tea and Swords February 27th, 2021 A magical teapot summons Kurt, Dani, Jamie, Shannon and Remy to the kitchen. Yes, it's the magical teapot and not the fact that there is food there.
An awkward dinner at the Summers' house February 27th, 2021 Spike and Buffy catch up over an unexpected family dinner.
Return of the Carr February 27th, 2021 Alexis Carr returns to the Mansion from time away, and gets a low-down on the happenings since she's been away. Jeremy is not emoting, Shannon makes grilled cheese, and Logan makes an appearance. Alexis is mildly confused and dismayed.
Night out in New York February 27th, 2021 Catchup and snacks!
A lazy evening in the library! February 27th, 2021 Megs checks up on Jer and tries to get him to open up. Jer is not pleased.
End of the week coffee February 26th, 2021 A few of the X-Men get together for breakfast and talk classes.
Social at the Fred's February 26th, 2021 Just an impromptu meet and greet at the local diner
Beer, fishing, ice February 26th, 2021 Betsy stops by the lake where Logan is fishing. They catch up and have some laughs.
Kitchen time February 25th, 2021 Warpath and Shannon tend to kitchen work together. Sam and Remy join in for conversation. Ted returns from tending to family matters, and all is well.
DC and the Case of Multiple Subtexts February 25th, 2021 Detective Chimp, the World's Greatest Detective, walks into X-Factor Investigations and consults with the World's most diversely skilled mutant Detective on the matter of a wayward mutant runaway who may have got mixed up in with the wrong crowds. A brief discussion that could lead to saving a kid from making the worst decisions of his life...
It's Not Delivery February 25th, 2021 Plans are made for a weekend Ikea-bash while musing over the merits of the red pill versus the blue pill.
Meeting Austin February 25th, 2021 Buffy meets Willows new friend and potential boyfriend?
WandaStream (Get it February 25th, 2021 Drake and Wanda talk about vintage sneakers and get chili dogs.
Two warriors talking about life with a beer February 25th, 2021 Scott and Logan talk about life, Victor and fashion trends.
a godly safety inspection February 24th, 2021 Chatting on the North Shore.
Even D List Heroes need to eat February 24th, 2021 Drake and Shannon bump into each other at lunch, then run into Jamie Madrox and all his 'siblings'. Weirdness.
Catching up on Business with Warren February 24th, 2021 Waren, Jean and Logan stop over to visit Andrea and catch up on news. Warren and Andrea are going to work on revitalizing a school and park by throwing money at it.
Picking up some stuff! February 23rd, 2021 Buffy introduces Willow to Zombie Girl. Chocolate is eaten.
Later, Still In The Woods February 22nd, 2021 Friendship and wards. There was tea.
Lunchtime... February 22nd, 2021 Poor Shannon gets food after being teased.
It came from the Deep February 22nd, 2021 Power Girl and Captain Marvel save a supertanker from becoming an environmental catastrophe, then go get coffee.
Meeting in a Pine Forest February 20th, 2021 A chance encounter where Vitali and Xiang Zhao meet Hela, and food is shared with conversation.
Biking Break February 20th, 2021 Xiang is almost run over by a bike.
Once the dust had settled.. February 19th, 2021 Megan and Vitali chat in the junkyard..
Happy Birthday, Andrea! February 17th, 2021 Andrea & Jay on a well earned vacation. Happy Birthday, Andrea!
In the heart of Winter February 16th, 2021 In the dark of winter, we think of what matters to us. Bucky meets up with Shannon, Piotr and Sam outside of the Club Evolution. Lilli makes new friends and earns a treat.
Somewhere in Newton, New York. February 16th, 2021 Alexander does his job so awesomely, Skye and Nat are super impressed.
Any More Family Moments February 16th, 2021 Supergirl hears a familiar voice and drops in to say hi
Drinks with a friend. February 15th, 2021 Thomas and Willow share some drinks, talk, and Thomas sets Willow up on a blind date...
An Odd Little Coffee.. February 15th, 2021 Willow meets Austin, and they a good time over coffee and biscotti.
Conversations on Rooftops February 14th, 2021 A nice quiet moment in an alley. Rare for New York.
Oh just one more thing. February 14th, 2021 Phobos has a final interview with Natasha before graduation.
Happy Birthday Thomas! February 14th, 2021 The Scoobies celebrate Valentines and Thomas' birthday!
Green Trouble in Little Gotham February 12th, 2021 Summary needed
Skating in a Winter Wonderland February 12th, 2021 Buffy and Thomas go skating in the park.
Snark Industries February 12th, 2021 Jennifer Walters and Spider-Man bump into each other and have a confusing conversation.
Music In The Rec Room February 11th, 2021 Ted and Shannon share a quiet moment in the rec room, with a little bit of music and silliness.
Log 12723 February 10th, 2021 Summary Needed
The Cure: Search and Rescue February 10th, 2021 The Xmen locate and infiltrate DAMT headquarters. Afamiliar adversary rises from the shadows..
Danger Room for two February 10th, 2021 Warpath teaches Ted and Shannon a history lesson in the Danger Room, using... bunnies?
The Cure: Shady Dealings February 10th, 2021 Badder than old King Kong and meaner than a junkyard dog, DAMT and the Reavers are at it again in a junkyard not far from Salem Center. Intrepid heroes step in to help out. What becomes of the father and the son, our heroes, and the Reavers? Stay tuned for more!
The Rocket Boots' Red Glare February 9th, 2021 Yoga! Galaga! Possible Chili Mac!
SuPURR Bowl Sunday February 8th, 2021 Jax and Shannon enjoy a Super Bowl watch party in the rec room. Ted joins in. Talk of cars abounds, and are plans being hatched...?
Full Metal Phobos February 8th, 2021 Alexander shows he is super awesome and Nat is a jerk to him.
Going Bananas! February 7th, 2021 Shannon breaks the news to Ted about receiving Dr. Brightman's antidote to the
Flight Delay February 7th, 2021 It's one last call for alcohol for Freddie Bowen as Frank Castle is on his scent
Renovations February 6th, 2021 Summary needed
The Cure: On The Mend February 6th, 2021 Shannon shares the good news of Dr. Brightman's antidote with Poseidon, as well as earthly ambrosia (chocolate), and more pleasant news.
An Appointment with Robin February 6th, 2021 Superboy brings Pixie to the tower to get some advice from Red Robin
Bringing Dawn Home February 6th, 2021 Spike brings Dawn back to Bludhaven. The usual awkwardness is had.
The Cure: Healing Broken Lives February 6th, 2021 Logan visits the clinic to get his groove back.
Words of Sense and Comfort February 5th, 2021 Zhao and Shannon have a chat. Words make sense. Zhao's spirit and heart are eased in the end.
Post Chaotic Cooldown.. February 5th, 2021 Megan touches base with Betsy about starting up more training.
Rainbow Warriors February 4th, 2021 Summary needed.
Friendly Skies February 4th, 2021 Thor and Power Girl meet, where the former asks the latter out on a date. Surprisingly, things go positively.
Whose shot is it now, anyways February 3rd, 2021 And good company, conversation, and nachos were enjoyed by all.
The problem with magic.. February 2nd, 2021 Megan and Poseidon meet in Apple Park. After Shannon vouches for Megan not being evil (even if she IS a motormouth sometimes!), Poseidon finds himself with a new student in the magical arts.
Language Arts February 2nd, 2021 Ted and Shannon enjoy some quiet time in the library, making plans for pleasant times ahead. THrowback Thursday, anyone?
Lethal Protection February 2nd, 2021 When Xiang is heckled in Mutant town, some ninjas come to his aid, though they seem to have very extreme measures.
A Thief is a Thief by any other name.. February 2nd, 2021 Four 'thieves' meet to discuss how to tackle the Cat Lady.
Mystery at the Mess February 1st, 2021 Nat and Skye catch up a little.
Sunday Night At Play February 1st, 2021 Food, friendship, and games are shared. A good time was had by all.
Title Date Scene Summary
Sometimes Bad Guys Win, and Sometimes Good Guys Get Help March 31st, 2021 An unusual fight comes to the roof of the Embassy, Diana joins the fray, Zhao is injured, friendships are solidified and a gift is given.
Are we doing this or not March 31st, 2021 Andrea surprises Jay by showing him their dream home, to get away from the city, and to make something truly theirs.
Catching up on little things March 31st, 2021 Buffy visits Angel to catch up and give a warning.
Bifrost 6: Headin' Home March 31st, 2021 The Avengers gather the materials and fight through some angry alien piratical miners to get home.
But I Thought You Said March 31st, 2021 Power Girl learns it wasn't Thor who asked her out to dinner. This may be the start of a friendship though!
Busted Hawkster March 31st, 2021 Captain America, Shannon and Skye drop by to see Hawkeye in medbay, but all he cares about is cookies.
One plus one equals.. three March 31st, 2021 Willow and Henri have words.
After the Show March 30th, 2021 Emma catches one of Zatanna's shows. Makes an offer she can't refuse.
Czech Mate March 30th, 2021 Clint, Skye, and Nat lead the strike against the AIM hive and capture Taskmaster.
Another Meeting With Mercy March 30th, 2021 Chatting with a friend newly returned to town, and meeting John Connor.
In The Gloaming.... March 30th, 2021 A cookout by the lake to give Old Man Winter the one-fingered salute is held. Recent events discussed, fitness challenges issued, and common ground is found at long last. A good time is had by all.
Meeting the Newbie! March 30th, 2021 Megan gets spooked by Gray and a baby rat. Jeremy walks in on them talking about him. Awkward.
Catching up on old times. March 30th, 2021 Faith runs into Buffy at her security job. They talk Slayer business.
Chasing Pavements 2.0 March 30th, 2021 Gray gets welcomed to the school as a guest. He's terrified. Probably for good reason.
After Healing... Topless March 29th, 2021 Food, tea, and pleasant conversation about monsters.
Hellequin, Vitali, and Xiang.. oh my! March 29th, 2021 Giles learning about the boys. Willow might be on to the real puzzle of Hellequin.
First night in a new home March 29th, 2021 Zhao returns to their shared room, wounds are discovered, then healed by Vitali
Boxed on a rooftop! March 29th, 2021 Hawkeye has a lil' problem, Shannon finds that she can do more than heal, like saving the day.
Chasing Pavements March 29th, 2021 The New Mutants track Gray down to make him an offer. The ball is in his court.
Morning shadows March 29th, 2021 Jeremy tries his hand at art and talks to Pete, Storm and Alexis. He lets them know that he's chasing down a new mutant who's lost on the streets.
So.. this is your new home! March 28th, 2021 Willow introduces Xiang and Vitali to their new home.
The Cursed Shield March 28th, 2021 A shield is stolen. A curse is released. Bad things happen.
Abracadiknapped March 28th, 2021 Blackout learns that Zatanna has real magic.
Meeting The Hellequin March 28th, 2021 Xiang meets some demons. And the Hellequin.
A little Scooby Meeting March 28th, 2021 The Scoobies have a meeting and catch up on recent events.
Old fashioned workout. March 28th, 2021 Jimmy and Shannon getting a catch up.
Lexhub: A consultation with a Witch March 27th, 2021 Summary needed
The Wonders of Farming March 27th, 2021 Summary needed
Danger Room Session March 27th, 2021 Scott gives the team and students a Danger Room session of hide and seek with Logan and a mystery bad guy from the hairy Canadian's past.
Hi, I'm a Burglar! March 27th, 2021 Alexander and Natasha catch up on some of the goings on lately.
Rocks and Roll March 27th, 2021 Faith teaches Spider-Man about vampires.
Behind The 8 Ball March 27th, 2021 A pool game turns into a pillow fight with sticks, with talk of studying, cooking, and sharing one's joys and passions with others had by all.
Saturday Teatime March 27th, 2021 Tea and cookies turns into talk of ghosts, faith, and team-building. Plans for a ghost-hunt to St. Margaret's in Bushwick are suggested. Facility-approved trouble, maybe?
Dootin' down the Club March 27th, 2021 Jeremy brings Rosie on her first outing since coming to the school -- Club Evolution. They talk, they listen to music, they make a connection and then Jeremy dances while Rosie questions existence after being Baptized in the club.
Grounded March 26th, 2021 Summary needed
More toys for the Slayer March 26th, 2021 Buffy introduces Thomas to Giles and they spar a bit in the training room.
It's the Final Countdown March 26th, 2021 Natasha is going to space. Whether she likes it or not. She talks to Alexander about the upcoming trip.
A new kind of Evil March 26th, 2021 Dani, Willow and Kurt meet the Hellequin, where true devotion is shown
After Meeting The Hellequin March 26th, 2021 Some chit chat about Hellequin after the fact.
Tracking down one who can't be tracked March 26th, 2021 Jeremy has been tracking an anomoly in the Mutant Town security for weeks and finally caught up with a runaway. He made him an offer and got turned down. Trust is hard to find on the streets.
Peace Talks (Part 2) March 25th, 2021 After agreeing to speak to The Phoenix, Scott and Logan come face to face with the cosmic entity on the Astral Plane.
A Meeting at the Embassy March 25th, 2021 A discussion of recent happenings, of reasons and of helping friends.
Where oh where has my WillowWitch gone March 25th, 2021 Alexander talks to Willow about her ghost problem.
Life Is For Living March 25th, 2021 Kurt has his stitches removed. He and Shannon talk about life, new students, and mentors. Plans to return to the circus via the Danger Room are made.
Searching for Treasure March 25th, 2021 Buffy checks out a new antique store and acquires some new toys.
Surf and Sun times March 25th, 2021 Megan runs into Poseidon again on a stormy sea, and the lessons in magic begin.
Peace Talks March 25th, 2021 On Xavier's suggestion, Jean treks to the Wild North to begin a summit with the Phoenix and the two minds she relies on most. The men in question are understandably concerned about their grey matter being reduced to ash. Jean assures them it'll probably be okay.
Mulch House Stakeout March 24th, 2021 Phoebe and Batman stake out an old apartment building. But it's a trap!
Bifrost 5: SPAAAACE! March 24th, 2021 The Avengers reach Asgard's grave and begin the search for Bor's Shield.
Gargoylin' the Foyer March 24th, 2021 Rosie is settling in, got a flying lesson, and will someday, maybe stop addressing Shannon as Miss Shannon. No one bangs a u-ie in this case.
Promised Meetings March 23rd, 2021 Just a chat in a graveyard among friends. Kurt owed Xiang tea. Now why Xiang and Tala hang in graveyards at 3am? That's a tale for another time.
A Wonderful Day March 23rd, 2021 Clark and Diana meet for coffee, and discuss going out on a...*gulp* date!
Flies caught in his web March 23rd, 2021 Jeremy fixes a computer while pretending to fix himself.
SHIELD mission - Aftershocks March 23rd, 2021 Skye and Clint talk about her special ability and its aftershocks.
A discerning customer March 23rd, 2021 Watching the Watcher and doing business
AIM Takedown March 22nd, 2021 AIM training facility is taken down. Unfortunately, the teacher isn't there so the hunt continues.

Quake Brings the House Down.

Memories Can Bring Issues March 22nd, 2021 Things happen, Willow comes, an invitation is offered. And accepted.
Look Who's Back!! March 22nd, 2021 Giles is welcomed back.. with the usual problems.
Last minute patrol March 22nd, 2021 Buffy encounters Phobos again and asks much needed questions. A new alliance is formed.
A much needed vacation getaway. March 22nd, 2021 Buffy and Thomas enjoy a Bed and Breakfast. A surprise question(!) is popped.
Cars need crushing March 22nd, 2021 Was it all a hoax?
Sunday Tunes March 21st, 2021 It starts off with some pretty Sunday music, Remy's wallet is stolen, there's musing on the nature of good and evil and DNA, and then Remy's wallet is stolen again. Jack is a cuddly pooch.
Rec the Rep Already March 21st, 2021 When Rosie McGowan hides from feeling crisises regarding the second time she's launched a Xavier's instructor into a natural feature in a week, she poorly chooses the RecRoom. Shannon and Jeremy try to help, and Sam has to come in to clean up a broken glass and a broken Rosie.
Brand New Day March 21st, 2021 A lot of questions are raised. And Henri and Nick share a pew during mass.
That's New March 20th, 2021 The safehouse needed a stove!
Explorer Xiang Finds Magic in Sunnydale March 20th, 2021 There was rain, shelter, much chatting. Some things making for thinking. Then gifts! Who doesn't like gifts?
Second Thoughts March 20th, 2021 Follow up to scene 12209, Clint returns after awhile to ask for clarification on Elle's offer, and he is asked to make a serious promise for more proof.
Talk of Clowns, Ghosts and Dreams March 20th, 2021 Buffy catches up with Nick over scones and coffee. a Talk of Killer clowns and Fear gods is had.
Dimensional screwups March 19th, 2021 Summary needed
Green Meets Blue March 19th, 2021 Summary needed
What is in a name March 19th, 2021 Skye is able to learn one of the secrets about Agent Aaron and confronts him with it.
After Dark Shenanigans March 19th, 2021 Willow and Buffy stumble upon a 'Hell Clown' intent on destroying all that is evil or supernatural..Including Willow!
A drink and a chat. March 19th, 2021 And more look for little Joey
Bifrost 4: Enter the Burnout March 18th, 2021 Thor does not know how to haggle, but something of this Lord of Stars preys on the Thunderer's thoughts!
It's All In The Reps March 18th, 2021 Idle chatter while polishing the guns.
Of sim card, arrowheads and data March 17th, 2021 Agents of SHIELD talking about plans
Music In The Woods March 17th, 2021 There was music in the woods and some interesting conversation.
Brother's catch up March 17th, 2021 And the brothers plan their futures
Bifrost 3: Everyone remember where we parked. March 17th, 2021 The Avengers head to Knowhere. Yay!
Cookies 'n Chat March 17th, 2021 Ted asks Shannon about some of her past adventures. The two talk about life, adventures, their gifts, and the wisdom of seeking out help when it's needed.
Maybe Possibly Could Ya March 17th, 2021 Everyone has secrets. The only thing that gets confirmed is Willow scryes the location of Faith's target!
New Student: Rosie McGowan March 16th, 2021 Rosie's second day at Xavier's.
BRADDOCK March 16th, 2021 Thor shows up to get Psylocke's aid in attuning the Bifrost for the trip on the morrow!
Just Another Day in... the Woods March 16th, 2021 Willow brings Buffy to meet Vitali and ends up meeting Xiang Zhao as well, breakfast and tea is shared and conversation is had
Hanging out at the Club. March 16th, 2021 Megan bumps into Kory at Club Evo.
Digital Costume March 16th, 2021 Jeremy fixes a computer - and talks what he does.
A Hunt in the Woods March 15th, 2021 A chance meeting at Vitali's camp in the woods turns into an unexpected offer and friendship
Gravity Blues March 15th, 2021 Sam is dispatched to find a mutant in the Deep South who may be in a world of danger. And then gets knocked into a tree being the good guy.
Something I've been Meaning to Tell You.. March 15th, 2021 Skye and Nat discuss IcedLotus... and Alexander Aaron. Mostly Alexander Aaron.
A Princess and a God's son Reunite March 15th, 2021 Diana and Phobos share a snack of fries in a diner and have a chat to catch up with each other.
The Gravity of the Situation March 15th, 2021 Ororo Munroe (Storm) and Sam Guthrie (Cannonball) show up to get a young mutant out of a bad situation; there's flears, hogs and dogs. It's not good.
Wanted: Dead Or Alive Part 2 March 15th, 2021 Clint makes a deal to Jeremy. Jeremy delivers and leaves behind a receipt. Surely Tony can front the bill.
Wanted: Dead or Alive March 15th, 2021 Shield has come knocking on the door for Jeremy.
Meet the Pare-- oh. March 14th, 2021 Phoebe meets Batman's alter ego. It does not go smoothly.
An important Question. March 14th, 2021 She said yes.
A lesson in Greek Mythology March 14th, 2021 Buffy and Thomas get a primer on Greek gods from Princess Diana
Plausible Deniability March 13th, 2021 Summary needed
An Unpleasant Interview March 13th, 2021 Star-Lord interviews Koriand'r to determine if the bounty on her head is warranted. After deciding it's for a wrong reason, instead he offers a coffee date.
Nerd Alert March 13th, 2021 Jean-Paul Valley and Willow cross paths at a mini-con and manage to avoid witch-burning.
Time for Tea with Alexis and Remy March 13th, 2021 Always with the magic teapot. Alexis Carr sits down to afternoon tea while Remy LeBeau shows up for breakfast. They have a nice conversation regarding homelessness, survival, and kneecapping people who bother you.
Weaponing up March 13th, 2021 Planning for a potentially suicidal mission, Hawkeye looks for all kinds of weapons. Willow will craft something special.
A new case March 12th, 2021 A bit of behind the scene look into superhero and secret id
Point A to Point.. Wait. What March 12th, 2021 There was talk of dreams and of magic. There will be magicked arrows and future testing. Guinea Pig Clint?
Perhaps a Demo March 11th, 2021 An attempted infiltration of the Themysciran Embassy is thwarted.
Study Hall March 11th, 2021 Jeremy and Indira chat about the future, both short term and long term. Capes are dumb.
Pinkeye for the Hawkguy March 11th, 2021 Jennifer Walters shows Hawkeye various alternate costume options for a new PS6 game, including some Player Created Content that Clint adores from He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Mentioned.
A Musical Interude with Alexis and Megan March 11th, 2021 A beginning music lesson with Alexis and Megan
The proverbial return March 11th, 2021 Skye and Clint reunites after a few months apart.
Another friendly Vampire... March 11th, 2021 Buffy bumps into Morrigan, both on their way to visit Harry.
Last Minute Clean-up! March 11th, 2021 Buffy gets to know Alex a bit better.
A Chance Encounter in the Woods March 10th, 2021 Shannon happens across an injured Vitali who happens to be in snow leopard form at the time. Healing is given and received.
An Important Question II: Italy March 10th, 2021 Sam asks a very important question, procedes to drink with old Italian people.
Padawan Meets Master March 10th, 2021 Willow meets Tala, who agrees to become her teacher of the magical arts. A match made in Hell.
Batman reaches out to Oracle March 10th, 2021 Batman fills Red Robin and Batgirl on a curious apartment complex
Monkey business March 9th, 2021 Summary needed
Above My Paygrade March 9th, 2021 Jean and Xavier speak on matters of regret, the burden of power, and the importance of those around them. Plans are made to research the Phoenix Force and to place an overdue and very long distance call.
A Welfare Check March 9th, 2021 The fuzzy blue elf gets woken up by Dani for a welfare check, then gets some stitches in his shoulder courtesy of Shannon's skills.
The American Dream March 9th, 2021 A family can travel to the other side of the world, but the grass isn't always greener on the other side.
Watchtower Meetings March 9th, 2021 The Justice League gets together to talk about current events and opportunities.
Lexspawn March 8th, 2021 Summary needed
Catching up with a Cat March 8th, 2021 Selina and Spike reminisce about their lives as they deal with personal issues.
Strolling in the Park in Spring.. March 8th, 2021 Megan and Conner hang out at the park and discuss superheroics and school.
No Deal March 8th, 2021 Batman investigates a suspicious building, and finds a rather unusual stash.
A Meeting in the Rec Room March 8th, 2021 A meeting in the rec room that turned into a warning and an exploration
Fizzy Drinks March 8th, 2021 Storm and Cap take a walk and decide to get to know each other better
An Angel and an Amazon Walk Into A Coffee Shop.... March 8th, 2021 An Amazon and an angel have their coffee klatch rather rudely interrupted by would-be thugs shaking down the baristas for some cash. The thugs seriously re-think their life choices.
Not my Strong Suit March 8th, 2021 Phoebe rescues a project bike from certain doom, and Tim rescues the same project bike from Phoebe.
Leaving Sunnydale March 7th, 2021 Willow and Alexander have a discussion about people and relationships, Buffy and Thomas show up as well and share their thoughts.
Day Trips March 7th, 2021 Jean and Andrea head out to scout some future home sites and run into Remy and Riana.
Overseas Complications March 6th, 2021 First assignments never go smoothly. Alexander learns this first hand.
Stopping for dinner March 6th, 2021 Just a little dinner and talk. A chance to be normal.
My Kingdom for another pair of Long Johns March 6th, 2021 A traffic accident at 150 feet.
The Cure: Cocoa and Chill March 5th, 2021 Shannon and Kurt talk about the recent rescue mission at DAMT headquarters. Talk turns to cooking and tastes of home, with plans in the offing for everyone who wants to share some special dishes.
Blizzard vs Dinner Party March 5th, 2021 Nat and Alexander talk about the past during a winter storm.
Hunting Things...after Dancing March 5th, 2021 Alexander visits the Bronze and meets some of the Scoobies.
Still Alive March 5th, 2021 Andrea comes home and has decided it's time for a new house in the country.
A Spring Moonlit Gala March 5th, 2021 An innocent party conceals ulterior motives, but not all guests are fooled!
Who's Who: Sealing the Rift March 5th, 2021 The evil portal is sealed and ghouls are cleared out of the old site of dark rituals..
Definitely not letting Nature decide March 5th, 2021 Logan waits at Jean's bedside until she wakes up. They have a conversation on morality.
Tracking down Henry in the woods March 5th, 2021 Scott goes out in search of Hank who has been running around in a mutated, feral state.
Bifrost 2: The Shield of Bor March 5th, 2021 Thor tells Drake and Wanda about what he's working on.
LexHub: Meltdown March 4th, 2021 The industrial site building the engineering section of the LexHub space station has an industrial accident with dozens of injuries. Superman, She-Hulk, and Scarlet Witch arrive on the scene to support relief efforts... and confront the man in the green armor defending LexCorp property.
Last flight to Dallas March 4th, 2021 Supergirl takes Austin's number and promises to call him... about the Titans.
Just another night in Hell's Kitchen March 4th, 2021 What happens when you take a questionable deal in the kitchen? Captain Vincent Xydias is about to find out.
sailing just like a mortal March 4th, 2021 Pseidon and Rave meet again, talking about various things on the sea and planning something.
Want some Pie March 4th, 2021 Bruce and Clark meet and discuss the future.
One Coin, Two Sides March 3rd, 2021 Summary needed
The Big Starkbowski March 3rd, 2021 Tony and Pepper talk for a bit.
A Very Important Question: Shipping out to Boston March 3rd, 2021 Sam takes Andrea for emotional support to ask a very important question in Boston.
Blue mixed with Green makes... March 3rd, 2021 A misdirected search for a bounty takes Gigas to Earth, into traffic, and a very savage welcome from a certain Jade Giant.
Confucius Say Campus Camping Is Confuzzling March 3rd, 2021 Kurt and Shannon bring the matter of two unplanned guests camping nearly on the school's doorstep to Scott's attention.
The Hangout Nights March 3rd, 2021 Barbara and Phoebe have a girl's night in
I Would Have Words With Thee March 3rd, 2021 Bifrost 1: Thor visits Tony and tells him of his plans!
Interview with a Fairy! March 2nd, 2021 Summary needed
A quick Riding Lession! March 2nd, 2021 Dani gives Megan some pointers in riding horses.
Book It March 2nd, 2021 A brief passing by of friends in the library.
Welcome to Emotiontown March 2nd, 2021 Jean and Logan have a much needed chat by the lake. They share the guilded Cage!
Just another day Again March 2nd, 2021 Tony and Pepper reach an accord in regards to the nature of their work day! It's progress!
Twin Chat March 1st, 2021 After a nice chat, the twins are invited out to pizza with Drake and Steve.
The Balance of Duty and Kindness March 1st, 2021 Kurt visits Shannon, looking for information about Xiang Zhao, and finds out more than he counted on. Plans are made to meet with Jean and Scott regarding the matter. Plans for learning to cook some foods from Kurt's homeland are also made.
Happy news March 1st, 2021 Sam breaks the news to Jay and Andrea that he is going to propose to Alexis. Andrea now has ideas and Jay is going to have a long night.
... further results
Title Date Scene Summary
Brawl in the Midwest April 30th, 2021 Summary needed
The price for being the good guy. April 30th, 2021 Summary needed
Seeking lost friends April 30th, 2021 Summary needed. Incomplete Scene.
In a Dilapitated Church April 30th, 2021 Kurt Wagner meets Lucifer Morningstar and a debate of Faith ensues. They're then briefly joined by Tandy who may or may not be amused.
Sharing Tea in the Breakroom April 30th, 2021 Tea is shared in the breakroom. Beginnings are discussed, and an invitation extended.
After the chaos April 30th, 2021 Buffy takes Wil and Angel to a club to celebrate Willow's new job
So this one time...at Club Lux... April 30th, 2021 Two mutants walk into a bar....and one even saves a lady in distress!
Tea Break April 30th, 2021 An afternoon of ithe coffee, tea and realizing potentials
Chamomile and Cookies April 30th, 2021 The Trouble Twins (R), Megan and Shannon, catch up about recent events and life in general, over chamomile tea and orange almond pillow cookies. Good times!
In the Belt April 29th, 2021 An 'abandoned' freakshow of a ship comes into Sol and Star-lord tries to claim it... only to run into a blast from the past as he gets interrupted by Lar... and Gigas drops in. Somehow, love does not prevail.
Into the Badlands: Ode to Those We Left Behind April 29th, 2021 Altered mutants battle the X-Men over the teenaged mutant. Scott's temples got smacked together, it all ends in a stalemate.
Storm Chasing Pt. 2 April 29th, 2021 Warren and Ororo finish their date, and make plans for future trips.
Our Monsters April 29th, 2021 Scott and Warren get a long talking to from Jean regarding battling inner demons and the importance of sticking together.
Strange Days April 28th, 2021 Ororo came upon an odd phenomenon at the NYC library and stayed for to listen to the Devil's Advocate
Something Good. Something Bad. A Little Bit Of Both April 28th, 2021 Time for the party to stop and time to get to work!
Stakeout at Metropolis Park April 28th, 2021 John Connor and Cameron Phillips talk about the basement wall.
Hey do we all look alike April 28th, 2021 And the wrong talking animal is found.
Job Interviews! A Wreck-oning. April 28th, 2021 Tim and Phoebe encounter a bad egg at WayneTech. Phoebe gets a job offer. Tim's D&D books are in danger.
Give me grace, or failing that a sedative April 28th, 2021 Worthington got his bandages off. There were steel feathers and angst. People grew.
Dress to Impress... April 28th, 2021 Rosie and Jeremy discuss Prom.
How Wonderful to meet you. April 28th, 2021 Drake meets up with Cassie and gets ripped on by his favorite barista.
Broken Wings... April 28th, 2021 Warren wakes up and has some visitors. Ends up a bit embarrassed.
Ulik, rhymes with Droolik. April 28th, 2021 The Avengers confer about what to do with the oncoming incursion. And something about cheesecake.
Dinner and a Movie April 27th, 2021 Liansong and Yaozu have dinner and talk about medical thigns.
lunch April 27th, 2021 Friends made?
Agents was Filmed on Location April 27th, 2021 SHIELD agents gather to watch an internal documentary about their profession.
Gotham is a Walk in the Park April 27th, 2021 Wandering alone in the dark, you can come across the darndest people...
Oceanic Dangers April 27th, 2021 Vitali is saved from hypothermia by Zhao and ends up saving Zhao from the water later. Conversation is exchanged.
Spring in the air April 27th, 2021 A little pool fight!
Into the Batlands: Martyrs (2) April 27th, 2021 It's a Riot!! Critical members of the X-Men cause and stop a riot in it's tracks.
Hey kids. Take a seat. April 27th, 2021 Batman breaks the news to the Titans they aren't sidekicks but they still got mentors to help them improve. It went over really well. Like a brick to the head.
Just another night.. April 27th, 2021 Buffy meets Deadpool. Weirdness ensues.
Catching up about things that matter. April 27th, 2021 Buffy catches up with Willow.
The brave and the lucky... April 27th, 2021 A disguised Sinister interrupts Jubilee in a hero moment, with interesting outcomes. Poor Putty is going to have extra eyeballs on him.
High Pressure April 26th, 2021 Summary needed
Welcome to X-Corps Willow Rosenberg April 26th, 2021 A date is made
Curious Meetings in the Sea April 26th, 2021 Aquaman meets an orca and a rogue.
Storm chasing April 26th, 2021 Warren takes Ororo out on a yacht for their date. Relationships are discussed.
Now It's Dark April 26th, 2021 Blackout meets Cloak and Dagger. They talk powers and physics.
Stay April 25th, 2021 Summary needed
Alternate Instructor Flight School April 25th, 2021 Some of those drops sparkle
Meeting with a Coyote April 25th, 2021 Mercy finds a trap in the woods, the hard way. Xiang Zhao comes to investigate and provides rescue services.
The Notorious VIP April 25th, 2021 Two men and a woman hang out in the VIP section of Club Lux. The conversation is heavy and soon the three part ways.
Somewhere over the woods of New York State.... April 25th, 2021 A random encounter has some surprising consequences, under the cover of darkness. Secrets, my pretty. Secrets.
Playing games and plotting fun..or something. April 25th, 2021 Megan plays pool and learns more about Jeremy
Derpy Doggo Does A Dumb April 25th, 2021 The aftermath of the derpy doggo's adventure at the vet is peaceful. The pair both, admittedly, have a soft spot for hard-luck cases. Despite his penchant for tasting footwear, Jack has a forever home.
Dreams Are Not Always Pleasant April 24th, 2021 Nightmares were had. Comforting followed.
A day in Mutant town April 24th, 2021 A date in mutant town ends with crispy aromatic duck and some absolutely terrible ties.
Almost drowned, but mostly dry April 24th, 2021 Rosie checks on Jeremy to find out if he's okay. She finds out he's not only okay, but he's put a lot of thought into his friendship with her and Gray. Why be conventional?
What do we do about the kids April 24th, 2021 Batman summons the Justice League to decide what to do with their sidekicks. It's time for some of them to get promoted.
A Chat With the Drowned April 24th, 2021 Rogue visits Jeremy to talk about saving lives and talking toasters.
Rogue's Unknown Return April 24th, 2021 Rogue returns to the mansion early in the morning and is 'caught' by a Gambit.
Rogue vs. Latoya the Talking Toaster April 24th, 2021 Beast runs into Rogue arguing with a fridge. And the toaster. All because she saved a life. One check-up down, a few more to go.
Dagger meets Iron Fist April 24th, 2021 Dagger meets Iron Fist and makes a new friend in the war on drugs.
War Room: April 23rd, 2029 April 24th, 2021 Scott holds an X-Men briefing on Deadpool and an interesting alien by the name of Mojo. Plans are made!
Did You Hear April 24th, 2021 Jean hears of the incident involving Jeremy and comes to the school after hours. Shannon catches her first to fill her in on what happened.
A Meeting of Immortals April 23rd, 2021 Two wolves meet in one den...
Dine and Dash in Gotham April 23rd, 2021 Phoebe is out with friends when crime strikes! Luckily, there's a bird keeping watch...
Chat Between Friends April 23rd, 2021 Logan and Rogue catch up on recent happenings in their lives over smokes and under stars.
At Death's Door April 23rd, 2021 Rorschach has a tip for the Punisher.
The Aftermath of a Wet Student Rescue April 23rd, 2021 After contending with the crisis of a student's near demise and Rogue's recussitation of the student, Alexis and Sam have a frank conversation about the future.
The Reckoning.. A monster approaches! April 23rd, 2021 Deadpool makes new friends in his standard way. It works out well for everyone except the fruit bar.
Futbol April 23rd, 2021 Grab it with our own hands
Drowning in the lake April 23rd, 2021 Jeremy falls into the lake and sinks like a rock. Rogue gives him CPR and takes a look into the mind of his trauma. Shannon and Alexis swoop in to help out.
Looking for a witch April 23rd, 2021 Austin comes looking for Willow, Buffy promises to pass on a message.
Diner Delights April 22nd, 2021 Summary needed
Of things going on April 22nd, 2021 Skye and Clint discuss ongoing events, future events and secrets
Gravity and Chaos April 22nd, 2021 After a mess is made in a science classroom, the noise attracts a variety of the grown ups. Science is had, because everything was written down. Deadpool was there. It got squirrelly with trying to hug Logan.
The talking to April 22nd, 2021 And that, as they say, is that.
Another awkward meeting April 22nd, 2021 Megan touches base with Sam about recent events
Strange Visitors April 22nd, 2021 Hela comes to visit and discuss Asgard's place in the world. To say they disagree is an understatement.
Basic Training April 21st, 2021 James and Shannon spent time throwing sharp things.
Titanic Team-up to Trounce Troublemakers! April 21st, 2021 A nice day in the park turns into a hoodie ninja attack
A quick snack April 21st, 2021 Is Sesame street in New York.
Hey, we need to talk.. April 21st, 2021 Megan tells Connor of her awkward encounter at the club.
Scoping the competition. April 21st, 2021 Thomas and Buffy are all domestic...
Scott and Warren spends an afternoon together April 21st, 2021 Scott and Warren have a man date to talk about life. Jean comes back and gets a car wash.
Widdershins pt. Deux April 21st, 2021 Ulik and his brothers show up and lay claim to about 50 square feet of land in Central Park. Promise to come back later.
The Open Door: The Neverending Night April 20th, 2021 A rare sighting of a solar eclipse is prelude to an army of vampires attacking the park, in search of something important..
Aftermath The Rescue April 20th, 2021 There was some chatting in the stables after the rescue.
An Awakening in an Unexpected Place April 20th, 2021 Yaozu wakes up in the unfamiliar location of the medical facility, attached to assorted machines. Liansong shares what happened and conversation is had.
Widdershins for Hot Dogs April 20th, 2021 A tribe of Kobalins attacks Central Park and are seen to by Juggernaut, Tala, and Wanda!
Thanks Where Thanks Is Due April 20th, 2021 Thanks is given where it is due, but is only accepted with some difficulty--and threats of Danger Room retaliation if reponsibility for hard work isn't accepted in kind!
Hey Sam, we gotta talk. April 20th, 2021 Andrea talks to Sam about some recent events at that went down at the club last night.
A few ruffled feathers April 20th, 2021 Megan talks to Andrea about a delicate problem she got herself into..
The Shield and the Box April 20th, 2021 The shield is finally found and brought to the Magic Box.
That other club.. April 20th, 2021 Buffy meets Lucifer and tries to figure out his angle.
A Late Night Song April 20th, 2021 Megan finally meets Roberto but awkward things happen.
Milk Cartons: Las Vatos Locos debe pagar! April 20th, 2021 Cloak and Dagger track down more missing children with the help of Spider-Man and the X-Men! The Los Vatos have been defeated.
Catching up like this is awkward April 19th, 2021 Drake and June talk in the hospital after his life saving heroics.
A Bit of Practice April 19th, 2021 Yaozu and Skye chat in the gymnasium. Song comes in to collect Yao due to a missed appointment. Yao collapses and medical mayhem ensues.
The Devil Drinks Whiskey April 19th, 2021 Tyler stops by Club Lux to find a piano-playing Lucifer, who then offers the kid a job.
Garage talk part 2 April 19th, 2021 No-one died so it worked out well!
Out Back X-House April 19th, 2021 Colossus has a cookout and people show up.
House shopping with Roberto April 19th, 2021 Roberto takes Andrea shopping for overpriced Penthouses, because he can.
The Shield: Hellboy gets briefed April 19th, 2021 Justice League Dark is heading to New Jersey.
Milk Cartons: Another piece falls into place. April 19th, 2021 Kurt brings Dani by to meet his girlfriend. It went pretty well.
A Knack for Trouble April 18th, 2021 Vitali gets himself in trouble in Chinatown, Xiang Zhao swoops in for a rescue. Trouble comes up on the way home but they make it safe and sound.
Club Lux Grand Re-Opening April 18th, 2021 Club Lux's grand re-opening goes off with a rousing success! Despite all the anti-heroes and villains within it's walls!
Following Up April 18th, 2021 Skye gets a few more answers, but not verification of her too-right theories.
A divine drink April 18th, 2021 Poseidon, as a thankyou gift for all the cocoa Shannon always brings him, gifts her with a bit of ambrosia and the usual talk.
The Devil's Dues April 18th, 2021 Sinister pays Club Lux a visit to speak business with Lucifer. They're joined by Andrea and Jay for a little bit.
Night Hunt, What do Monsters do April 18th, 2021 Some demons got diverted, and things were discussed.
The Not ex shows up at the current girlfriend's place April 17th, 2021 Buffy Summers and Spike have a chat.
Asking for feedback on her new single April 17th, 2021 Jay and Andrea talk about new music and new homes
A Dance With the Devil April 17th, 2021 Clint Barton visits Club Lux and literally deals with the Devil - in more ways than one.
A Personal Favor April 17th, 2021 Rogue joins Beast for a picnic by the lake and asks him for a personal favor
Peacemaking April 17th, 2021 Juggernaut makes a mess - and gets cussed out for it?!
The Cursed Shield - Batman brings in a big gun April 17th, 2021 Batman recruits Zatanna to investigate the origins of the magical shield he came into possession of.
The Second Rule of Fight Club April 17th, 2021 Jean (almost) steals some beers. Scott -does- bet on illegal cage fighting. Megan is mortified and they...kinda hire the Juggernaut???
Dead man Wade and the Librarian of Doom April 17th, 2021 Wade puts in some invention requests and does NOT freak out. Much. Beast survived a close encounter of the DP kind.
Welcome to the club! April 17th, 2021 Faith meets Buff at the Box to ask for help in finding a demon. *gasp!*
A Night in Paris April 16th, 2021 The fine city of Paris is visited by Dracula and Wanda ends up coming across him at a street cafe.
Chatting with Royalty April 16th, 2021 Power Girl and Thor's visit after the misunderstanding ends. It was a lovely meeting.
Taming each other April 16th, 2021 Where Witch and WitchHunter try to find a common ground
An Interrogation of Sorts April 16th, 2021 Jean and Megan interview the neighbors and find out more than what they bargained for.
Housecall...of sorts. April 16th, 2021 Jimmy and Jubilee had a nice talk while he fixed a broken book shelf for her.
Pillow Forts and Space Wizards April 16th, 2021 Grey and Indira find they have a historical connection, then plans are made to educate Rosie in the finest pop culture revolution mankind has invented. They will all be late to classes in the morning.
Catching up at Club Evo April 16th, 2021 Andrea practices a new single at the Club and meets up with several friends and a photographer.
An unbroken curse.. April 16th, 2021 Selina and Spike chat while she recovers
A Message and Returning Home April 15th, 2021 Zhao and Vitali return back to the apartment after spending the night in a cavern. Cookies and tea are shared with conversation.
So, you're old, right April 15th, 2021 Alex and Diana have a talk about girl cooties.
X-Corp: Meeting of two rich mutants April 15th, 2021 Roberto takes a visit to Andrea to catch up on current events.
A Meeting at the Church April 15th, 2021 Chinese food is brought and shared. Conversation is had amongst the trio.
Candygram. April 15th, 2021 Skye comes a calling on Alex and Natasha's safehouse.
Of Angels and Devils April 14th, 2021 Tyler Grant visits Club Lux, joined by an Andrea.
A Dark Knight Interrogation April 14th, 2021 Batman interrogates a Footsoldier with Sparrowhawk and Batgirl. Plans are made to flush them out.
Memorial April 14th, 2021 There is a gathering in New Asgard and a celebration had.
Sweet Dreams April 14th, 2021 Nat shoots Alex in the head.
Fire in the Mountain April 13th, 2021 Summary needed
Deadpool meets his biggest customer! April 13th, 2021 Summary needed
Post Mission Briefing April 13th, 2021 A misunderstanding occurs, amends are made, and conversation is had whilst an assessment is started.
Evening Swim April 13th, 2021 Probably better to not try to match big brother physicality wise. Shannon gets the blue lips trying to swim in early April, upstate New York.
Moon Fun April 13th, 2021 Peter and Koriand'r ambush a set of bounty hunters. Adam rejoins the Guardians after a hiatus and helps.
The Ultimate Enemy April 13th, 2021 Natasha calls in sick and Alex discovers she's human after all. (Occurs simultaneous with scene #12992 on 4/8/2021)
Hi, I'm a ninja attack. April 13th, 2021 Natasha buys a utility.
Where some explanations are provided April 13th, 2021 Buffy visits Henri, trying to get some information on the Hellequin
Monkey Mayhem! April 13th, 2021 Monkeys attack Coney Island! Can Tyler and Andrea stop them?
Green Thumb April 13th, 2021 Some of the X-gang hang out to discuss recent news and make battle plans over coffee and bagels.
Monday in Manhattan April 13th, 2021 A young mutant manifests and the X-Men (and Song) do what they do best.
So, I had an eventful day April 13th, 2021 Andrea and Jay are /still/ trying to find the perfect house. They talk about her meetup with the Juggs himself.
The 'Siblings' Catch Up April 12th, 2021 Kurt and Rogue have a chat over tea in Rogue's room.
Deadpools super-secret mission to re-enter the school! April 12th, 2021 Deadpool told Jean about his boring day, and wasn't yeeted!
Coffee and Popstars April 12th, 2021 Juggernaut pays a visit to the Coffee Bean and runs into Andrea. Nothing got destroyed and no one got punched.
Putting on the bandaids April 12th, 2021 Ted and Jeremy has a talk and put to rest old wounds that was opened by accident.
A Peaceful day in a Park April 11th, 2021 Vitali is working on a project (carving wooden buttons) whilst in the park and Giles happens across him. Conversation is had and English language tips are given.
A Meeting of Similar Minds... April 11th, 2021 Dracula, Loki and Lucifer end up meeting each other in a bar. They share a conversation and seem to enjoy each other's company.
Introducing Central Park April 11th, 2021 Xiang takes Vitali to the place he first arrived in New York.
This is the Rogue-test, warranty not applicable April 11th, 2021 Hank got some good readings of Rogue's force-application potential and Jeremy offered some insights and monetary assistance. A glorious mess was made.
Milk Cartons: The trail is still warm April 11th, 2021 Cloak and Dagger has returned to New York and Tandy catches up with Kurt.
Foyer Forays April 11th, 2021 Jeremy and Rosie talk about life for a bit, then meets up with Shannon a bit later.
Scoobies, a Hell clown, and a Giant Bug! April 11th, 2021 The Scoobies rescue kids kidnapped by preying Mantis Demons with help from Hellequin, whose secret is finally revealed!
Lucifer makes an offer to Andrea and Alice April 11th, 2021 Andrea goes dancing on a night out at Club Lux and bumps into Alice planning her birthday party. Lucifer suggests his club for the event.
Deadpools and Vroomsticks pt. 2 April 11th, 2021 Rogue visits Jean's office to find Jean and Summers. She then tells them about the recent Deadpool episode she had a small part in.
Roadtrip Part 4! April 10th, 2021 Wade and Rogue go out... DP gets Wadenapped..... again.
An Unexpected Meeting in Chinatown April 10th, 2021 Yaozu visits Chinatown and meets his shixiong (Xiang Zhao). They come across Skye and the conversation turns to tea.
The missing shield April 10th, 2021 Buffy discovers the location of the shield and learns of a new suspicious friend of Willow's.
Roadtrip... part 5! April 10th, 2021 Deadpool finds a new friend in the most unlikley place!
Back In Business (Or: How Not To Die On A Rooftop--The Aftermath) April 10th, 2021 Hawkeye pays a visit to Xavier's, to properly thank Shannon for her help a couple weeks prior. A new archer is born, and challenges issued. Potentially a job for Alice as well!
When it takes a thief.. April 10th, 2021 Gifts are exchanged, secrets shared.
Curiosity and the Coyote April 9th, 2021 Mercy goes to visit the Atlantean Embassy and meets Arthur there. The two share a pleasant conversation.
Knock knock. Who's there April 9th, 2021 Willow and Tala practice a spell of summoning.
Of updates and surprise April 9th, 2021 Skye and Clint discuss plans to take on the Hood
Deadpools and Vroomsticks April 9th, 2021 Deadpool tries to steal a car, and ends up getting offered a ride from a sudden Rogue.
Cold Cat April 8th, 2021 Summary needed
Healing of a Different Variety April 8th, 2021 Xiang Zhao is injured, Vitali is lacking in energy and unable to heal him. Shannon happens by and provides assistance. Conversation is shared amongst the trio.
Into the Badlands: Martyrs April 8th, 2021 Detective Moore has been kidnapped from her home; The X-Men rescue her from her kidnappers in a daring car chase!
Discovering The Coffee Bean April 8th, 2021 A friendly encounter at a cafe.
Workout Time April 8th, 2021 Three meet in the gym and some light conversation ensues.
Match Day April 8th, 2021 Cameron continues her emotional journey to understanding human nature.
A Quiet Nightcap April 8th, 2021 Emma treats herself to a nightcap, and discusses the finer points of education and reading materials while catching up with Rift.
Breakfast of Champions April 8th, 2021 Rogue makes breakfast and talks to Emma about not-so-secret camp plans. They're joined by an Alice and Jeremy for a spell.
Breaking out of the nest April 8th, 2021 Scott shows Warren the new house. They talk about the 'job' they were thrust into since they were kids and the responsibilities attached to it.
Fighting evil by Moonlight. She is the one name Sailer-Pool! April 7th, 2021 A clue appears!
Painting the Town Red (and White) April 7th, 2021 Emma and Jean venture out for an evening on the town to work on making their peace over food and alcohol, as adults often do.
Bifrost 7: A Gathering of Worthies April 7th, 2021 Thor comes to the mansion and gets advice!
Into the Badlands April 6th, 2021 The X-Men arrive to investigate a small town murder.
Itchy Brings Robes April 6th, 2021 A discovery is made. A mug is broken and a cut tended. A promise is made.
Alpha Group Briefing April 6th, 2021 Agent Reynard gives a briefing on the status of SHIELD's efforts against AIM.
Job interview... April 6th, 2021 The Titans take Austin's application...
I'm Back From Outer Space April 6th, 2021 Nat comes home from space to a nonchalant Alexander. Just kidding! She does come home though.
Wrong Turn April 6th, 2021 Wade Wilson is teleported to a battle in space! Goes as well as expected.
Bird on a Wire April 6th, 2021 Black Canary raids a gang hideout, and the amazing Dinah Lance runs into a friendly stranger named Bruce and arranges to go for lunch.
We interrupt your normal program... April 6th, 2021 Deadpool very politely interrupts a music class at Xavier's via a portal, pops an instructor's arm out of socket, and attends to Taco Tuesday with Megan Gwynn.
The internet's full of -WHAT- April 6th, 2021 Emma stops in to discuss Gray with Jeremy, and learns a little about herself. And gets a very handy stock tip. Networking! It's the best.
Danger Room Session April 5th, 2021 Scott runs a Danger Room session for the X-Men Core team for some light exercise. Kurt and Dani win a prize that could go terribly for everyone down the road.
Meeting The New Neighbors April 5th, 2021 Liansong and Yaozu meet Skye for the first time. Brief introductions are made.
Catching up with Hank April 5th, 2021 Sandy and Hank reconnect now that he is gaining his memories back. They are still very much in love.
A meeting of the big three April 5th, 2021 Batman speaks with Superman and Diana about a potential new recruit. He also shows some frustration in regards to ninjas.
Derpy Doggo Does His Duty April 5th, 2021 Derpy doggo does his duty decorating the new dojo
A Space Tour April 5th, 2021 Star-Lord gives Starfire a tour of the Milano, before taking her out to the sun of Sol for some sunbathing.
Always bet on black.. unless it is red. April 5th, 2021 Cleaned up the crime scene!
Meet the Parent.. April 5th, 2021 Thomas and Giles clear the air and maybe even begin a friendship.
Extraordinary Gentlemen April 5th, 2021 The Unveiling of the Superhero Exhibit commences!
Tony and Clint talk about heroics April 4th, 2021 Tony and Clint chat
Making friends in the world today! April 4th, 2021 A lesson in chaos.
Rude Awakenings and Beastly outcomes April 4th, 2021 He woke up, there were reunions and memory losses and Camp grounds were discussed. Also Nightcrawler's troublemagnet.
One frustrated roommate. April 4th, 2021 Gray and Jeremy have an intense talk, leaving Jeremy confused and concerned.
First night in the china shop. April 4th, 2021 Gray learns to avoid Wade, and Wade makes new friends!
The Morning After... April 3rd, 2021 A surprise is delivered to Vitali, from Willow, with interesting timing.
... further results
Title Date Scene Summary
A Quiet Day at Home... or is it May 31st, 2021 Bringing groceries home and a police chase breaks out
Another rooftop gathering May 31st, 2021 Kara and Cassie share a few minutes to catch up on recent events. Plus Lemonade!
Sometimes you're the bug. May 31st, 2021 After Phoebe takes armor-piercing rounds to the shoulder, she needs a place to rest in Bludhaven. Fortunately, she knows a place. Lucifer gets a better sense of what Phoebe is. Phoebe is surprised that Lucifer is capable of healing her.
Visiting the Tower May 31st, 2021 Peter stops by the Tower to find Starfire, and gets to using the rooftop pool when he doesn't find her. They end up doing an intelligence 'date'.
Ferdinand's Dilemma May 31st, 2021 A funny thing happened on the way to lunch.
Are you being served May 31st, 2021 Sinister befriends Giles, learns a bit about magic, discovers how dangerous magic can be...
Back to the Magic Box May 30th, 2021 After checking on Buffy, hijinx at the Magic Box. Sinister as Wessex is met, and kind of liked.
Earl Grey, Danish, and uncomfortable conversations. May 30th, 2021 Giles and Thomas have a second heart-to-heart
While the Bucky Dances May 30th, 2021 Natasha and Alex talk after the Stark party.
Hay there! May 30th, 2021 Good advice from Deadpool for Xavier's resident cat mutant.
The Open Door: Sealing the Rift May 29th, 2021 The supernatural hunters return to the vampire stronghold to learn about what led to the release of the vampire lords, while sealing a dangerous magical rift of epic proportions.
Late-Nite Workout May 29th, 2021 Strangers walk into the gym, and friends walk out.
Bedtime for Buffy. May 29th, 2021 visitors come and go, Thomas and buffy have a heart to heart.
A Beast drops in, therapy session or friendly visit May 29th, 2021 Bucky opens up more to Henry, promises are made on both ends.
Shadow Caster & Panther Research May 29th, 2021 Bandaging, dinner, and research.
Waking up in a hospital is never fun May 29th, 2021 Thomas picks up Buffy from the hospital. Liver is served for lunch!
The Jax is Back! May 29th, 2021 And the cat was dragged back in
Walk of Hope May 28th, 2021 What starts out as a peaceful fundraising event devolves into chaos as a girl loses control of her powers.
Hooked on a Feeling May 28th, 2021 Still buzzed, Bucky sets out to share in his good mood. Hydra has other ideas.
Now That's Just Plain Weird May 28th, 2021 Several SHIELD agents get together to discuss the Kellogg Case.
Just stopped by to say hello! May 28th, 2021 Buffy and Willow catch up on current issues.
LexMall Reopens May 27th, 2021 Summary needed
Happy Birthday, Stark! May 27th, 2021 Stark survives another year!
The Artifact May 27th, 2021 An artifact is bought. Then lunch is had.
Putting the New in the New York Public Library May 27th, 2021 The grand opening of the Tony Stark Historical Hall of Heroes in the New York Public Library goes off without a hitch. Monkey jokes ensue. Nothing goes boom.
You Know You Missed Me May 27th, 2021 Three amigos catch up!
Welcome to the rest of your life May 27th, 2021 Jeremy and Tony hammer out the details of an internship, and are visited by a Hulk!
The Ones Closest to Us... May 26th, 2021 Red Robin, Supergirl, and Sparrowhawk agree to help investigate a series of murders.
The Merc's housecall May 26th, 2021 Harry met with Willow to see if there was something 'magically' wrong with her as Deadpool seemed to think.
A routine d-oh, it's just a spaceship... May 26th, 2021 Star-Lord lands on Titan Tower looking for Starfire, and ends up making new friends. Also, Peter really needs to take Lar out for a party night.
A Yoga Interrorgation May 26th, 2021 Braddock and Brock go to a yoga session and a conversation breaks out.
Aftermath and Magic, For The Win May 26th, 2021 Giles uses a spell casting to heal Mercy's wrist.
Magic Box Training May 26th, 2021 Buffy and Spike make a bet, and the loser welches.
Practice, practice, practice May 26th, 2021 Shannon helps treat one of Hank's injuries and shows her wound dressing talents. Amazingly, manages to promote healing instead of taking it on.
Danger Room: Spyder Byte final assessment May 26th, 2021 Jeremy has his final Danger Room evaluation of his senior year. Warren upped the game and he got stabbed with a sword.
There has to be a joke in here, somewhere May 25th, 2021 That was just a weird little encounter!
Something Wicked This Way Comes...Prologue May 25th, 2021 The
The Hazy Days of Summer May 25th, 2021 Nat and Alex go to the market and learn about Fate.
The Birds of Chinatown May 25th, 2021 After literally running into Yaozu, Jessica made a new friend and sampled some Chinese cuisine.
Meetup at the Magic Box May 25th, 2021 In the end, Buffy and Giles are both stubborn arses, but at least things have been said!
Xavier School Prom May 25th, 2021 The prom for Xavier's School. Big wins, little wins, new friends, and old ones; a night to celebrate those that matter and the memories made. And dancing. Lots of that. Hank still remembers the Macarena.
X-Force: Looking for a lockdown May 25th, 2021 Jeremy shows Psylocke a potential headquarters that he found 'on the Internet'. They talk a bit about life as well as LeeRoy Jenkins.
Xavier Prom: Prepping May 25th, 2021 Jeremy and Shannon talk a bit before Prom during preparations.
Temptations and Sins May 24th, 2021 Rogue enjoys some spa treatment and learns a few things about Sinister /and/ herself.
Post Mall Conumdrums May 24th, 2021 Relaxing after cleanup at LexMall
Faith, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship May 24th, 2021 Spike gets a new drinking buddy.
Mall Madness Aftermath May 24th, 2021 The Titans retun to LexMall to help with Cleanup efforts.
Ted. I really need help. May 24th, 2021 Jeremy visits Ted to get help with a tie. They talk about the future as well.
Raiders of the Magic Box May 23rd, 2021 Spick nicks Giles' stuff. Willow helps.
An Afternoon Treat May 23rd, 2021 Pietro decides to visit Willow while on a run and stops by to pick up ice cream cones on the way.
Evening At The Magic Box May 23rd, 2021 Giles welcomes one guest, and Spike is there too
I Need a Drink May 23rd, 2021 Karen gets some sound advice from a stranger.
Establishing the Baseline May 23rd, 2021 Jeremy journeys to Rosie's room to find out what went on during her missing hours. Rosie admits, slightly, that she's having a bit of a personal crisis with existence. Prom is on Tuesday, and they still don't have a dress.
It's All Just a Walk in the Park. May 23rd, 2021 Alex finally makes his feelings known to Lorna. He's a dork, she's a moody b*tch, but they wouldn't have each other any other way.
Digging Up The Past: Salutations, Savio! May 23rd, 2021 Bucky temps for Door Dash. Really That's it. ^________^

He also visits Nick's father.

Digging Up The Past - Visit to the Studio May 22nd, 2021 Punisher swings by to give Nick some information on his father
Unfinished Business May 22nd, 2021 Spike returns some laundry, with all the usual drama.
Maybe he should just set up shop here. May 22nd, 2021 Harry Dresden, Wizard meet Wade Wilson, Merc with a Mouth. The two exhcanged a few almost niceties and moved on.
The Tanning Booth May 22nd, 2021 Hank scienced up a way to give Rogue a temporary workaround for her powers. The proof is in the guinea pigs - Kurt and Dani.
The Mutant Farm: Eyes in the Skye May 22nd, 2021 Skye and Clint are on the hunt, cornering the target
A Trial Run May 22nd, 2021 Supergirl and Boomer have a little training session with a surprise enemy!
A Return to Base May 21st, 2021 Summary needed
Temptation: Big Bada Boom May 21st, 2021 Willow's powers are growing. Tala notices and approves.
What will a fisherman catch May 21st, 2021 Poseidon was sitting on a dock, fishing. Yaozu comes along to fish as well. Lucifer passes through. Sinister wings by. An enjoyable conversation is had and fish is caught for dinner.4
A heartfelt return May 21st, 2021 Buffy and Thomas enjoy a heartfelt reunion after a long absence
Touching base with an old friend May 21st, 2021 Laura and Megan come to visit Andrea and catch up since graduation.
Rooftop Roundup May 21st, 2021 Just a random encounter between Batgirl and Blackout
The Mutant Farm: Shield interviews Lucas. May 21st, 2021 SHIELD comes to the mansion to interview Lucas. Skye almost gets detention.
Strangers Meeting in the Woods May 20th, 2021 The Scarlet Witch finds Yaozu in the woods and an unexpected visit comes out of it.
Oh, the Hammock District! May 20th, 2021 Cameron and John talk about hammocks after a hard day of landscaping.
Are you there dad, it's me, Alex May 20th, 2021 Alexander and Natasha speak with Ares about Hermes' transgressions as well as about their relationship.

(OOC Note: Ares was emitted for the scene, included his character number for history tracking)

Morning After May 20th, 2021 After patching up Spike, Buffy leaves with Chinese takeaway, then bumps into others who want a piece of her..Or something.
Knock Knock. Hey Rogue May 20th, 2021 Scott comes over to give Rogue some birthday love. He is terrible at it.
X-Corp May 20th, 2021 Plans Laid
I like chocolate. I really like chocolate. May 20th, 2021 If Psylocke only knew what the symbiote thinks... of chocolate!
Singer/Songwriter/Little sister May 19th, 2021 Summary needed
Setting up a set list for Prom May 19th, 2021 Jay and Andrea talk about the prom setlist, having kids and Jeeps
Another Day, another Charity May 19th, 2021 Saki meets Sandra at a blood drive during a charity for mutant health care
An Afternoon Check-In May 19th, 2021 Rogue visits Jeremy to play catch up...and apparently matchmaker.
Got Milk May 19th, 2021 Talk with Cloak and Dagger ended with a resolution
Wizard for Hire May 19th, 2021 Illyana came looking for the wizard to find something for her. Harry agreed to take the job. Easy yet professional conversation about the missing necklace.
A morning check-in May 18th, 2021 Rogue catches up with Rosie to talk some things out further and give the student some reassurance
Sloppy Joe Day! May 18th, 2021 Small chit chat about life recently.
After action Deadpool puzzle. May 18th, 2021 A nice talk, and no-one injured. Yes it happends.
In the middle of the night.. May 18th, 2021 Roberto finds Megan and gives her a ride home out of a thunderstorm.
Casualties May 18th, 2021 Shang-Chi brings some injured thugs to Sandy in the emergency room
A Friend's Concern May 18th, 2021 Rogue goes to Storm for more answers about recent events...and leaves with more questions!
Brother comes home. May 18th, 2021 Thomas brings Harry coffee and asks him to do a job...
Last Second Visit May 18th, 2021 Bucky swings by to give Nick an update, and asks for a referral
A Quizzical Affair May 18th, 2021 Rogue returns to question Sinister, and gets an offer she may not be able to refuse.
Hello, Exterminator May 18th, 2021 Some of the Defenders seek shelter from the rain. They didn't expect it to rain cats, dogs, and Symbiotes.
An Auspicious Day May 17th, 2021 Summary needed
A Check-In May 17th, 2021 Zhao stops by the Embassy to visit Diana and the pair talk about a variety of topics.
Dumplings in Chinatown May 17th, 2021 Lunch? Not when there are demons about. Dispatched. Now there's healing to be had.
I am not your caretaker! (part two). May 17th, 2021 Buffy mends Spike's reopened wounds and bickers with him. Chinese food is ordered and the usual awkwardness is had.
Bifrost: Enchantment May 17th, 2021 Thor recruits Hela
Akward meetings long overdue. May 17th, 2021 Flash makes a new friend.. Owen is not amused.
Where The Wild Things Grow May 17th, 2021 Groot meets Yaozu in the woods.
Missing: One Rosie May 17th, 2021 Rosie is found and returned to the Xavier Institute.
King of Hearts homecoming. May 17th, 2021 Remy and Riana catch up after a week apart.
It's just a LITTLE favor. May 17th, 2021 Skye agrees to help Bucky despite the risk because well... it's what friends do.
Late Spring Splash May 17th, 2021 A relaxing afternoon by the pool results in Lucas meeting Shannon and Ted. Jeremy is tasked with the care of a new furry little buddy. Welcome, Geronimo!
Milk Cartons: Rogue follows up with Dagger May 17th, 2021 Rogue drops by to talk to Tandy and have some girl time. Tandy unloads some emotions.
Talking about The New Mutants and the future of them May 17th, 2021 Scott and Dani talk about The New Mutants and her new role.
A Person of Interest: Condo Edition May 16th, 2021 Summary Needed
Karaoke at The Club May 16th, 2021 Kara, Owen, Andrea and Nevada enjoy a Karaoke number at club Evo
Boss Fight May 16th, 2021 Our Heroes won! Or did they? That stench will take months to get out.
Barry Allen is on the case! May 16th, 2021 Narry made a friend... To bad he is from the Monkey Kingdom.
Saving the kid and the day May 16th, 2021 Willow's providential magic rescue might help more than just a drowning kid
Chasing a lead May 16th, 2021 Harry tracks down a necklace, meets Felicia, gets attacked, and then surprised after that.
Into the Unknown May 16th, 2021 Andrea brings her twin to meet Lucifer while Phoebe inquires about recent possible super heroic events.
The Mutant Farm: Got some questions for you, Lucas May 16th, 2021 Lucas gives Jeremy some new information to pass on.
Someplace in Chinatown... May 16th, 2021 A healing training gets positive effects, plus forehead fan thwaps
Hard News May 16th, 2021 Alice tells Rogue that Magneto's in time.
It's Hip to Be Square May 16th, 2021 At long last, Victor and Raven finally meet! She gives him a job, and not a good one at all..
You Are Who You Spend Time With--Bloody Hell May 16th, 2021 Deadpool asks Betsy for a favor and Spike may consider mercenary work! Probably not but it came up in conversation.
Visiting Mr grumpy-pants at the Hospital May 16th, 2021 Buffy and Harry visit Constantine in the Hospital. Things get very weird..
The Grease Monkey May 16th, 2021 Rogue and Scott talk about the last few nights and get back on the same page.
Brood Invasion: Rumors May 15th, 2021 A Novan Listening post goes dark, and Star-Lord, Gigas and Silver Surfer converge to find out why. Turns out the Brood are involved and everyone agrees that turning the outpost into cosmic dust is a Very Good Idea
Does pineapple belong on pizza May 15th, 2021 Kara and Owen try to answer life's little questions.
Training for the next Ops May 15th, 2021 Red tape and training don't mix
A Quiet Friday Night May 15th, 2021 Hank comes to check up on Zhao and Vitali. Shannon shows up with food, and conversation is had.
A Sinister Gravity May 15th, 2021 Having run from Xavier's after the Little Pigs incident, Rosie McGowan's trail of destruction leads to More Sinister instruction for the young mutant.
Post Battle Recovery May 15th, 2021 Buffy tends to Spike's wounds, the usual awkwardness ensues.
The Mutant Farm: How lucky are you May 15th, 2021 Scott sits down with Lucas to have a quick touchbase. He brought Victor along for an 'assessment'. Time to sharpen the blade.
Bazzar Aftermath May 15th, 2021 Gray follows Rosie. Rosie is beginning to go into Crisis mode, insists Gray is not evil.
The Mutant Farm: The next level May 15th, 2021 Scott took things to the 'next level' and called in SHIELD to help clean up this Mutant Farm.
Midnight Mall Madness!! May 14th, 2021 A huge mall sale quickly turns deadly as a dubious figure turns a couple of scared mutant kids against shoppers.
A nice day in the park.. May 14th, 2021 Megan meets Conner for ice cream and a catch up.
Late Night Workout May 14th, 2021 Rogue takes her emotions out on a punching bag, and works her thoughts out with Kurt.
The Drunken Poet May 14th, 2021 Seong Hunori and Owen Mercer enjoy a food truck before the rugby match.
The Little Pigs May 14th, 2021 Ororo takes the students to the Salem Center for trinkets; and they all leave either angry or traumatized.
He missed that face. May 14th, 2021 Lorna and Alex reunite for pizza, beer, the latest news and just being together.
Trouble at Il Galletto May 14th, 2021 So three... four mutants and a Iron Fist walk into a bar...
It's time to fly. May 13th, 2021 Alex Summers leaves the mansion, a Rogue, and a Beast behind. Then Rogue and Beast have a 'come to terms' moment.
X-Corp Tour May 13th, 2021 She got the Job
Candygram May 13th, 2021 Logan, in a rare fit of niceness, visits Xiang and Vitali to make sure they're not messing stuff up.
Old Problems, New Solutions May 13th, 2021 Magneto visits Mutant town to ensure that Dr Brightman is 'behaving..'
What happens at fight club... May 13th, 2021 Bucky calls reaches out to an unusual choice for a little help, Iron Man saves the day.
Waking up is hard to do. May 13th, 2021 Alex wakes up still in a mood. He and Scott disagree and Rogue takes Alex's side. It doesn't end well.
The Light: Harnessing an Unstoppable Force May 12th, 2021 Juggernaut is recruited as a freelancer for the Lights interests
A Spyder's Web We Weave May 12th, 2021 Beast reaches out to Jeremy to save Havok's life. The 'old' Spyder Byte made an appearance. Gray and Jean assisted in the medbay.
Guilty Until Proven Innocent May 12th, 2021 Alex's 'arrest' likely isn't all it appears to be.
Do you believe in fairytales May 12th, 2021 Alex is having an existential crisis, did he cause one for Rogue or will she continue to hold on to the fairytale?
Desert world May 11th, 2021 Summary needed
Another Evening Awakening May 11th, 2021 Rogue comes to check on Vitali and Zhao and brings food for them. Some conversation is had.
Nuisance at the North Street Seaport May 11th, 2021 Stakeout Interruptus
The Slayer and the Hellequin are on the hunt May 11th, 2021 Buffy and Henri get to plan on investigating some strange events
Generation NeXt May 11th, 2021 Jeremy and Rosie vists Lucas to welcome the new kid.
Someone let Deadpool get to the Ethyl Alcohol. May 11th, 2021 Deadpool makes a new friend, though it took trashing a local bar to do so!
Readiness May 11th, 2021 Sam and Alexis sit by the lake and have a light talk
The Open Door: Phantom Train May 10th, 2021 The Scoobies and allies investigate a train disappearance and uncover a secret vampire cult..The battle is over but the war has just begun!
A pitstop at the graveyard.. May 10th, 2021 Some things never change.....
A Next Awakening May 10th, 2021 Vitali and Zhao wake up, at least for a little while. Food is had, and a bit of conversation, and then sleep comes to call again.
Surprise Gift May 10th, 2021 Cameron Phillips and John Connor take in a little culture.
Xavier's Dream continues: Welcome Prismatic May 10th, 2021 Cyclops gives a speech about family and team, then welcomes Alexis Carr to the X-Men.
Blame the Bunnies May 10th, 2021 Jeremy and Bobby visit a pretty much OK Rogue.
Defenders Assemble May 10th, 2021 Tandy and Peter talk about heroics and the team that is slowly coming together.
Deadpool, and Vampires who will bite it first, either way lets hope it doesn't suck. May 9th, 2021 DP killed a few Vamps, and made a new friend! His collection is growing, soon it will be almost as many as are in his freezer.
Drinks at the Hellfire Club May 9th, 2021 Loki and Drac talk about raspberries, and how they're not blue. A trip is going to occur.
Familiar Faces Among the crowds.. May 9th, 2021 Andrea Jackson makes an appearnce at Club Evolution as Kara Danvers and Owen Mercer look on.
Somebunny's in Trouble May 9th, 2021 Bunnies came. Bunnies found Basosa. Bunnies left. Bunnies! It must be bunnies!
Club Lux - Safety dance May 9th, 2021 Date night at Lux. Yep. 'Nuff said.
Dinner for... May 9th, 2021 Dinner and a few friends. Just a casual thing.
Making new friends, Lucas takes a visit to he Welness Office. May 9th, 2021 Lucas learns a lesson, and Deadpool has a target.
Titans, Reborn! May 9th, 2021 It's time to bring the Titans back together, starting with a little rooftop BBQ!
A Reunion's Aftermath May 9th, 2021 After a long sleep, Vitali wakes up and checks on Zhao. Zhao awakens very briefly. A bit of conversation is had with Shannon before sleep summons him back to it.
One tin soldier and a big Blue Meanie May 9th, 2021 Tin soldiers, Big Foot and breakthroughs. Bucky, Steve and Hank will fix it.
Meeting Miss Mustard May 9th, 2021 Reconnecting with the Titans, Dick Grayson comes to visit Koriand'r.
Barry meets the locals May 9th, 2021 The visit went well Flash made a new friend, and reunited with a older one.
A random hike in the woods.. May 9th, 2021 Megan and James go for a hike and meet an angry mama bear. Owen joins in on the fun.
Confrontation in the Woods May 8th, 2021 Fate brings Vitali and Zhao back together. Unexpected arrivals came upon the scene, bloodshed occurred, and then the sweet bliss of unconsciousness.
Keeping a promise May 8th, 2021 Alice impresses Hawkeye with her abilities and their potential
Milk Cartons: Something Strange has knocked on the door May 8th, 2021 Doctor Strange seeks out Cloak and Dagger.
Planning the Future May 8th, 2021 Betsy approaches Scott with a proposal to make X-Force a permanent thing. Tentative plans are made.
The Farm: Juggernaut brings the X-Men the intel. May 8th, 2021 Juggernaut brings intel to Scott and Jean. A war party is being put together.
The Farm: Call to Action May 7th, 2021 The X-Men fly to Ontario to remove a Mutant 'Farm' that has been attempting to kidnap superpowers for experiments. They found a new face amongst the rubble.
An Invitation Accepted May 7th, 2021 Yao stops in to visit at Skye's brownstone and meets Clint in the process.
Busted jaws May 7th, 2021 Rogue comes to visit an injured Scott in the medbay. They find Alex asleep next to him like an over protective puppy.
Phone Etiquette Not Applicable May 7th, 2021 Rogue drops off a busted cellphone and nav sat to Jeremy so the technophile can gather intel
Some Knights... May 7th, 2021 When a Beacon goes off in Gotham, Nightwing and Red Robin investigate. Bad guys pull an odd disappearing act.
Unusual Sightings: Sounds of the Motherland May 7th, 2021 Shannon seeks out Colossus' assistance in finding and helping Vitali.
Space Attack! May 6th, 2021 Svartalfar attack and the heroes repel them!
X-Force! First Mission! May 6th, 2021 X-Force's first mission was a success!
Shield Briefing May 6th, 2021 Reynard briefs the Alphas about current the state of matters.
Tech Brainstorm! May 6th, 2021 The Artisans of Asgard offer to share some of their knowledge.
Friends in High Places May 6th, 2021 The Diplomat makes a personal appearance at their latest endeavor. It all goes wrong when Cloak, Dagger, and Deadpool shows up on the scene. Deadpool makes contact, Sabertooth assists the Diplomat, the one and only Raven Darkholme, threats were thrown, a good portion of merchandise lost, and massive arrests for the goons at the docks. Heroes and villains are at a draw.
The First Asgardian Air Force! May 6th, 2021 The heroes sail with the first Asgardian ship to launch from Kvalvika while they deploy Bor's Shield into orbit.
X-Force! May 6th, 2021 X-Force has a meeting and they talk about stuff!
ADVENTURE! May 6th, 2021 Three SHIELD agents are accosted by Hermes and deal with his obnoxiousness.
Two Wolves, One Den May 6th, 2021 Vlad pays a visit to Lucifer. Offers are made and needs are met.
Not Your Momma's Fried Chicken May 6th, 2021 Rogue and Sam argue about fried chicken in the rec room...until a sudden Juggernaut and Deadpool appear at the front yard!
Sometimes Up, Sometimes Down May 6th, 2021 A band for Prom night is found. The mystery of the snow leopard deepens. A search-and-rescue mission for Vitali is planned.
Hitting the streets May 5th, 2021 Drake and Hunori meet up and chat
Rogue's Birthday Disappearance May 5th, 2021 Rogue's coerced into a birthday celebration where presents abound - all on Beast's dime!
Pietro comes calling. May 5th, 2021 Pietro brings Willow some interesting news, and they swap cookie recipes.
PANIC! At the Garage May 5th, 2021 Rosie McGowan adopts a dirtbike. Shannon attempts to be friendly with the prickly Rosie. There is progress on both fronts.
Another Lux-filled Evening May 5th, 2021 Phoebe Beacon graces Club Lux with her presence again, and Tyler Grant runs security ops. Sort of.
Cheesecake in the Park May 5th, 2021 Power Girl catches up with Thor after the Avengers dealt with trolls in Central Park. She heads home with cheesecake.
The Workout Routine May 5th, 2021 Logan and Rogue share words in the gym.
Title Date Scene Summary
Chilling in the Sun June 30th, 2021 Kara and Conner catch up on things.
Missing: Early Info Gathering June 30th, 2021 Logan got information about some missing children which leads to a brief recon mission into the tunnels beneath NYC.
The Devil has Many Faces June 30th, 2021 Nathaniel Essex and Lucifer Morningstar share a morning together.
The end of the Artisan's time. June 30th, 2021 The month in Asgard is coming to an end. Karen and Thor have dinner which leads a draw in arm wrestling followed by a kiss.
A little nook, in gay Paris... June 30th, 2021 An afternoon in Paris becomes something more and Lucifer discovers Sinister was present during the Nazi occupation of France...
Moonlight Serenade June 30th, 2021 A chance meeting over an open air concert in time square. Loki and Sinister are a bad combination!
A Question of Funding June 30th, 2021 Sarah sees Theo get money from an ATM without a card, and decides to follow and investigate him.
Welcome to the neighborhood, so to speak. June 29th, 2021 Kinsey shows Nicholas around the MacKenzie King science station ; Kibou broke some news to her; Nicholas is intrigued.
Paved with Good Intentions June 29th, 2021 Dracula visits Lucifer for a little bit of homely comfort.
On the road again - Ohio: Not that kind of shower June 28th, 2021 Helped by the bad weather, a change of plan and decision making
An Escape June 28th, 2021 Yaozu is 'released' from his captivity. Japanese superstitions have him accused of being a demon and a mob gathers. SHIELD unexpectedly arrives to break things up and rescue him.
A Deadpool in the park. June 28th, 2021 Deadpool runs from responsibility, as Kit kills some vamps.
That Longing Look June 27th, 2021 Relationships are...complicated.
Nanite Testing June 26th, 2021 Lex takes control of Supergirl with prototype nanotechnology... but the control is crude at best. More testing and refining is required.
But...But... SHOES! June 26th, 2021 Not only shoes. But jackets too. All things Sinister come raining down inside Lux. Oh, and maybe a fashion show behind closed doors....
A really late supper! June 26th, 2021 Just your regular post midnight chat at the diner.
We're not gentlemen... not even close June 25th, 2021 Warren offers Scott a visual guide... or something.
Emerald Feathers June 25th, 2021 Warren deals with a space invader... from a certain point of view.
Looking for possible accomplices June 25th, 2021 Clint looks for possible accomplices and finds a very paranoid woman with an interesting story
High as a Kite June 25th, 2021 Tripping madly on angel blood transfusion (Kind of) Sinister meets a woman with a tiny robot, a lot of mud people, some cops and more shoes than the Milan catwalk.
Galactic and Other Affairs June 25th, 2021 Kara and Lar discuss various matters of importance, including the Brood invasion and the mysterious attacker from the earlier fun run.
A Quiet Night at the Watchtower June 24th, 2021 Summary needed
The Devil Comes...Knocking June 24th, 2021 Lucifer goes to make amends with Dracula.
Day Number Three, Oh The Pain June 24th, 2021 Loki toys with Yaozu some more. Yaozu's mutation is full.
What Webs We Weave June 24th, 2021 Lucifer finds himself in the company of Nathaniel Essex and Dracula which leads into some Sinful Delights
Central Park Rumble June 24th, 2021 Two more interesting people met and yet another jumping from a small street gang dealt with. So far? It's been a good day.
Avengers The Movie: 3..2..1.. Action June 23rd, 2021 Avengers The Movie! It's happening! Natasha and Alexander meet the starlet who will be playing Nat in the film.
Upworld Experience June 23rd, 2021 Kit was nice. It was entirely too confusing for Marrow.
No Good Deed... June 23rd, 2021 Somehow, a shakedown by a group of thugs in a subway station turned into an offer from John Stewart to put Kit through some sort of trials. It's been a long day indeed.
Fish are so soothing June 23rd, 2021 Well, fish ARE very relaxing and apparently can apologize when coerced by a higher power. Castiel and Sinister came to an accord, more or less. And there was fudge.
A Mutant Sighting! June 23rd, 2021 Megan checks in with Emma on bringing in a new student.
Club Lux Centuries Celebrations June 22nd, 2021 Lux celebrates the roaring 20s.
A Lanterns Return June 22nd, 2021 John arrives back on Earth after years away, and meets Jessica on his way in system.
Rewrite the Stars June 22nd, 2021 No wonder he was often confused.
A Midight Visit June 22nd, 2021 Dracula stops by to Club Lux to visit Lucifer. Sinister appears unexpectedly.
Alone in Central Park June 22nd, 2021 By sheer coincidence, Kit managed to meet two other mutants in central park and wound up with an offer for a place to stay.
Shopaholics June 22nd, 2021 Kara takes the team shopping then ends with a tearful carousel ride with Lar.
Brood Invasion: A Reunion June 21st, 2021 Gamora is welcomed back to the Milano. Rocket continues repairs on the crippled Milano, and Peter goes to his quarters to revise a Shi'ar contract.
Questions For Sayyed June 21st, 2021 Tim questions a suspect.
Going Once. Going Twice. STOLEN! June 21st, 2021 Loki spirits Yaozu away, intent on having some fun with the new 'toy' his brother had hidden away. Or so he thought!
Brood Invasion: A Check In June 21st, 2021 Starfire meets Peter midway to the Sol system as he takes a break from contract negotiations with the Shi'ar.
Even the Homecoming Queen cries June 21st, 2021 Mr. DaCosta finds a ragged-looking Shannon crying on stage at Evolution. He offers a listening ear, and a bit of hope in the form of Seraphim Studios.
The Burden of Leadership June 21st, 2021 Kara stays with Lar as he recovers from lead poisoning and a Brood infection.
Within the Devil's Den June 20th, 2021 Dracula really needs to stop being summoned just because Lucifer is moody/broody.
Brood Invasion: After Extraction June 20th, 2021 Lar gets his Broodling extracted by Shi'ar doctors on a flagship. Supergirl is there for support as Star-Lord and Gamora have a reunion. Lar ends up being taken on the Javelin as the Titans and League head back to Earth.
Angelic intervention June 20th, 2021 Looking for small print in divine contracts
They're Magically Dangerous June 20th, 2021 Lucifer and Sinister have a small argument, then make up, then talk about important matters...
Waking up is Hard to Do June 19th, 2021 Yaozu wakes up in the medbay of the Avenger's Mansion, an unexpected location.
Catching Some Fresh Air June 19th, 2021 Megan and Ororo enjoy some fresh air
Plagues and the Devil that minds them June 19th, 2021 Lucifer and Sinister meet on a rooftop during a storm and there's more than nature raging in the moment...
A quick check-up June 19th, 2021 Checking up on the MAgic box and it's people prompted Lucifer to do a Good Deed for the Day, like a proper boyscout.
The Open Door: House of Illusions June 19th, 2021 The Scoobies search for kids kidnapped by vamps amid a carnival. Deadpool leads them on a wild chase.
Ominous Warnings June 19th, 2021 Willow and Buffy do research on the vampire lords
On the road again - Ohio: Hooked June 18th, 2021 While still on vacations, Skye and Clint attend a convention where trouble can be found.
Oh Bother. June 17th, 2021 Chit chat with the peoples.
Of Chaos and Misery June 17th, 2021 Lucifer is having an inner battle of...something...and Dracula stops in to visit the Lamenting Devil
Take five June 17th, 2021 Spike is notoriously difficult to bulls**t
Renshaw Cemetery Ruction June 17th, 2021 When Slayer met Detective
Street Racing June 17th, 2021 Jessica Cruz makes a new friend
Not surveying, nope June 17th, 2021 A bit of chitchat and a plan for an Essex group home, potentially
Buffy Nightingale June 17th, 2021 Buffy and Thomas are domestic.
Singing in the Park June 17th, 2021 Megan catches up with Jay.
Judging the Judge June 15th, 2021 Megan finds herself caught between Punisher and his quarry: A judge that defends mutants.
When Chaos and Fate Collide June 15th, 2021 A chance visit by Wanda to a park where Yaozu was gives them a chance to visit with each other. Yaozu is beset by an unexpected bout of pain that ultimately causes him to pass out and Wanda teleports him to help at the Avenger's mansion.
A little Emergency Meeting June 15th, 2021 Supergirl sends out an emergency beacone, Black Canary answers the call.
Betryals, Daggers, and Readings, Oh My! June 14th, 2021 Summary needed
A Hesitant Post-Breakfast Return June 14th, 2021 Summary needed
Paranoid Goliath June 14th, 2021 Summary needed
An Invitation to Lunch June 14th, 2021 Pietro invites Willow over to the Avengers Mansion for a bbq lunch in the backyard.
Brood Invasion: Extraction June 14th, 2021 After a scouting mission turns into a Brood ambush, the Guardians, Titans, and Justice League get together to save Lar from being Brooded right as a Shi'ar/Brood fleet battle starts.
Fixin' Hulk June 14th, 2021 Bruce orders a French BDU at a costume shop to go cosplaying... or something.
Boardwalk Gothika, a stroll through the worn and weathered June 14th, 2021 An odd walk along the boardwalk, slushies and popcorn had. It was a date, in the daylight with undercurrents and a surprise hug.
Big Annoyances in Small Packages June 13th, 2021 Summary needed
Oh What A Dream We Weave.. June 13th, 2021 Willow wends her wares at Club Lux. Meets Lucifer.
Lazy Saturday Afternoon June 13th, 2021 Drama in the pool.
An Unexpected Sight in the Park June 13th, 2021 Jean meets a snow leopard (Vitali) in a park in Chinatown. Scott comes looking for Jean, and breakfast is discussed.
The Jokes on You June 13th, 2021 Kurt has a panic attack. Rogue helps him out...by laughing.
Frosty Costumes June 13th, 2021 Emma Frost re-offers Alice a job as her personal seamstress.
Lux-ury accomodation June 13th, 2021 A pleasant evening with Emma and Lucifer. It seems not everyone is calibrated the same way.
The Open Door: Sitting Ducks June 13th, 2021 Demons try to kidnap an unconscious Buffy during the shadow casting ritual. Thomas and Deadpool work together to stop them.
Chumash Shield - Binding Talisman June 12th, 2021 Setting the binding spell into a talisman for the Chumash shield was a success. Next step, a protection spell in another talisman.
Yo, I'm hoppin' all around I'm a pink bird June 12th, 2021 Giles meets Nat and everyone roundly agrees that Alex is awesome.
All the worlds a stage June 12th, 2021 Kurt teaches Megan how to fall with Style!
Babysitting June 12th, 2021 Kurt tries to get Jean to Talk About IT...
Another Day at the Magic Box June 12th, 2021 Just another day at the Magic Box with pastries, tea, and customers.
Phoenix Aftermath, Yoga Bad June 12th, 2021 Jean gets taken care of in the infirmary, much chatting ensues.
Orbital Aftermath June 12th, 2021 Thor and Power Girl talk after the space battle.
Brood Invasion: Broken June 11th, 2021 Summary needed
When Something Goes Bump in the Night June 11th, 2021 Summary needed
Seeking Mama Bear June 11th, 2021 Megan and James check up on a wounded bear
Tree in Trisk! June 11th, 2021 Groot is helped with his mental wounds from the Dark Elf weapons by a Psylocke, at the request of Thor.
A Retreat to Mercy's Garage June 11th, 2021 After the Shadowcaster ritual, Mercy brings Giles back to her place, dinner is had as is a good night of sleep, with breakfast and tea the next morning.
A few little big problems June 11th, 2021 The Titans have a meeting on current issues. Plans are made.
Oh What Brotherly Love... June 10th, 2021 Castiel pays a visit to Club Lux and, more importantly, Lucifer. They're soon joined by a Dracula.
Just Another Heartbreak June 10th, 2021 Jay is found lamenting a bit by Shannon and then they're joined by the older Guthrie brother, Sam. Plans are made to help Jay deal with his mental strife.
A Weaving of Fate June 9th, 2021 Summary needed
SHIELD Zero-G Training June 9th, 2021 SHIELD agents go on a field trip and learn how to function in zero-G.
Avengers Aftermath June 9th, 2021 Thor asks Nat and Cap for some advice and help.
A Lunch Delivery June 9th, 2021 Mercy brought lunch to the Magic Box for Giles, and additional guests appeared. A magic circle in the shop was tested.
The Den's Getting Crowded June 9th, 2021 Lucifer is visited by Dracula. Then a Spike joins. Finally, a talking Chimp! Sometimes closing time at Club Lux can be very...entertaining.
On the road again - Ohio: It's kind of fishy, don't you think June 9th, 2021 Where there's no fish, but a lot of trouble
A Little Family Dinner June 8th, 2021 Summary needed
A Saturday Morning for the Ladies June 8th, 2021 Ororo and Jean head out for a fun morning of yoga. Plans go awry when the Phoenix comes out to play.
Where do you keep the extra blankets June 8th, 2021 People chit chat after all the crazy.
Human Inefficiency June 8th, 2021 They took two minutes longer than they should have.
The Quiet Den June 8th, 2021 Dracula comes to Lux and finds a slightly lamenting Lucifer.
A dangerous experiment! June 8th, 2021 Illyana catches Megan attempting a dangerous ritual and decides to continue her magic lessons.
A mystery Hit and Run June 7th, 2021 Kara recovers after getting shot by a mysterious armoured attacker.
Things on the Mind June 7th, 2021 Scott shares some information with Jean...and confesses feelings.
Don't stop Be-Juggin' June 7th, 2021 Rogue and Rift meet the Juggernaut!
Rooftops are the safest place to be June 7th, 2021 Do demonic hounds like pizza or chocolate?
Back in the Saddle June 7th, 2021 June drops by to see Babs now that she's recovered, and asks a favor.
Sharing a meal, sharing information June 7th, 2021 Willow is treated to a nice meal, without even a single threat to boot
Late evening swim June 6th, 2021 A peaceful evening of friends.
Brood Invasion: The Second Rumor June 6th, 2021 The Milano heads for a remote Shi'ar system to investigate a distress call... only to get ambushed by the Brood. Guest starring Lar, who becomes Brood chow. For now.
Control switch June 6th, 2021 Storm Jean and Hank catch up, after Hank explains the latest drug crisis that hit Lucy McCallister (Lucy in the sky with diamonds) and Jean spooks the other two a bit.
He ain't heavy, he's my brother. June 6th, 2021 A long over due conversation between the Summers boys ends in a long over due reconciliation.
Student Meetings - Shannon June 6th, 2021 Jean has a chat with Shannon and it goes well. There's not even any yelling!
Monthly Check-in June 6th, 2021 Buffy has a chat with the brothers about monsters and leaders.
So Much For A Quiet Lunch June 6th, 2021 'Paul' comes a'callin' to try to sway Natasha's affection. He fails and the god leaves in a huff.
Sandwich'd June 5th, 2021 Summary needed
End of Patrol Relaxing June 5th, 2021 At the Lux. Dinner, drinks, and meeting new people.
An Invitation for a Chat June 5th, 2021 Willow stopped by the Embassy to answer an invitation from Diana. A matter was discussed, and a tour was given.
Coffee and conversation June 5th, 2021 The X-men met, the dog is pet, and now the end of this story is set.
Interview by the Park June 5th, 2021 Superboy meets Austin Dallas in Central Park while Juggernaut looms in the background
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. June 5th, 2021 Diamonds aren't always a girl's best friend, especially when designer drugs are involved.
A Moment in Time June 4th, 2021 Dancing and discussion
It's like I'm cursed or something June 4th, 2021 It turns out that the Apophis stone has guardians. The Scoobies and Sinister discovered who and received some assistance from Phobos, in an olympian capacity.
A Quick Cooldown June 4th, 2021 Buffy and Thomas enjoy another relaxing boat trip on the sea
Cauldrons Are Not Just For Soup June 4th, 2021 Willow learns she can make a potion. This may be a bad thing!
Vampire of your word June 4th, 2021 Spike and Faith Lehane make a deal.
On the road again - Ohio: Going foul circle and s'mores June 4th, 2021 Where Skye and Clint finds more trouble, and some help with Yaozu
Hey, you got a sec June 4th, 2021 Tough love ensues!
Moving Forward June 4th, 2021 Lar, Kara, and Owen discuss some of the pain in each of their pasts.
Not the Mercy You're Looking For June 3rd, 2021 Mercy visits Lux, and then in walks a Giles...or something...(continued in another scene)
The Devil you Know June 3rd, 2021 When the Sparrowhawk comes to rest ninety feet or so above the streets of Bludhaven, she gets some very interesting company -- Lucifer Morningstar. With juice boxes.
Cookin' Out. Eatin' In. June 3rd, 2021 Logan cooks burgers and hot dogs for a small group that includes two...inebriated...people.
Fair is Fair June 3rd, 2021 Captain America gives Wonder Woman a tour of Avengers Mansion.
If you're going to be a hero, you gotta learn how to drive stick! June 3rd, 2021 A driving lesson leads to a very human moment.
On the road again - Ohio: Let's go! June 3rd, 2021 Skye and Clint embark on an impromptu road trip, with trouble in tow
Alright you primitive screwheads, lissen up! June 3rd, 2021 Logan teaches the chill'uns that the power was within themselves all along.
Open Door: Once Upon a Time.. June 2nd, 2021 The Scoobies and allies learn of the first Slayer, Shadow men the M? Scythe and a new threat, even as a mysterious enemy thwarts them every step of the way..
Did you lose a bet June 2nd, 2021 Xander is a dead man!
Scouting: Up close and personal. June 2nd, 2021 The Guardians get back together, find out what Star-Lord has been up to, and set off on a hunt for the Brood.
I swear. It's like paying a prostitute June 2nd, 2021 Rupert Giles makes an indecent proposal.
Coffee Talk June 1st, 2021 Coffee Talk
Burnout in Space June 1st, 2021 Loki meets Yondu and then Rocket. Poor Rocket is deprived of the bounty that is Loki.
Knights to Remember June 1st, 2021 At the opening of the Three Horses Brewery and Whiskey Bar, there is a superhero collection bidding war to raise donations for charity. Some of Tim Drake's collection is up for auction. Andrea becomes slightly better acquainted with Phoebe Beacon, and Tim Drake makes acquaintences with The Devil Himself, as Lucifer steps in to defent a mutual friend.
Burger Robbery! June 1st, 2021 Bank robbers try to flee through a Big Belly Burger... but have not thought about the chance to encounter a Werewolf and others.
A repeated moment June 1st, 2021 Rogue gives Jeremy an additional prom moment.
The Start or maybe the End! June 1st, 2021 The plan is started and the first step taken. Show me the money!
Absentia June 1st, 2021 Jean and Scott find Ororo in a state.
Title Date Scene Summary
Long Ago On A Screen Pretty Close By July 27th, 2021 Barbara opts to meet someone like a normal human being. Strangely it goes well. Which means something has to be wrong with him.
A charm for all your fears July 26th, 2021 Scoobies. They are a thing. Also trades probably need to have an agreement before hand.
No Substitutions, Exchanges or Refunds! July 26th, 2021 A timely arrival and intervention by Kinsey keeps an attempt at returning
Spread your wings: Happy 18th! July 26th, 2021 Cake with a fightin' twist was shared, presents given, and a good time was had by all. No Chippendales were harmed during the preparations for this party.
S. a. t. u. r. d. a. y... Night! July 25th, 2021 A weird talk with Deadpool, proceeds to get weirder when Remy takes off.
Practice Practice Practice July 25th, 2021 Practice, chatting, and then more practice.
Prison Convoy Followup July 25th, 2021 Continuation of 13647.
Fiction... because real life is terrible July 24th, 2021 Cameron has much data to analyze.
Wandering Around Town July 24th, 2021 A random bit of charity work becomes a weird conversation with Mr. Sinister about magic, science and the divine!
Digging Up The Past: Thank God For Stupid Bad Guys July 23rd, 2021 Let's compare notes
Two Technopaths July 23rd, 2021 After seeing Sinister in action, Theo follows him and asks for tutelage.
Everyone's coming to Church these days July 23rd, 2021 Wade crashed Askante's hideyhole. Brought vampires. There was a chat with the Redbox.
Even Green Lanterns need help sometimes July 22nd, 2021 Clint, Skye and Alice go to rescue John from an underground bunker!
Fear-O-Meter, Bah Dee Ba Dee Da July 22nd, 2021 Fearful Fellows Find Fun and Friendship in Fated Fouled Forthress of Faith
Not that kind of Fetish July 21st, 2021 Askante tries to find its pendant and meets an old friend.
Falling down the Cracks July 21st, 2021 Shamans can still be kind to the unprepared
The Morning After: Wakey Wakey! July 21st, 2021 Shredder interrogates John Stewart about his power ring.
Prison Convoy Attack July 20th, 2021 Juggernaut and some mercs attack a police convoy on Lex Luthor's command.
An Unexpected (and blue!) Visitor July 20th, 2021 Henry stops in to check in and check up on Yaozu and offers some useful advice.
Home Base July 20th, 2021 Betsy shows Logan the possible new base and gets his input.
Testing some Green Water July 20th, 2021 John Stewart is given an unexpected visit by the Foot Clan, and finds himself subdued and kidnapped!
Lost in Spaces July 20th, 2021 Kara has a heart to heart with Lar up in space.
Birds on the Same Roost July 19th, 2021 Yaozu and Bobbi Morse have a one-on-one talk about the transformation Yaozu has lived through.
Evening Departures July 19th, 2021 Warren seems familiar. Nick does not.
Ghost Ship July 18th, 2021 A cargo ship is attacked by vampires. Fortunately various heroes are on hand to stop them
A brand new you July 18th, 2021 Mortal Lucifer has some interesting reactions. Also you should never give a telepath hallucinogens.
Hyde in Mutant Town July 18th, 2021 Megan and Conner's date is interrupted by giant, hungry pets. Mr. Hyde happens to be the one responsible, some punching follows.
Paint it beige July 18th, 2021 SHIELD agents and friends come to give a hand with the painting, and a nice party ensues.
Hanging out July 17th, 2021 Warpath managed to ease some of Shannon's woes by causing her less threatening ones.
Lilith was a vampire.. July 16th, 2021 Willow meets Dracula and discusses many things, including her magic.
Test your Might July 16th, 2021 A flashmob-fightclub ends with flash of unbound energy.
All that is needed July 16th, 2021 Home decor store proves to be quite a challenge, but at least the paint is in!
You shoot them with the pointy end. July 15th, 2021 Phobos meets Agent Morse and she is only slightly mean.
Apple Park in the Dark July 15th, 2021 Dracula finds himself in Apple Park. Spike comes along on his way to his car and wants to discuss Romanian history. Willow is called out of hiding.
Digging Up The Past: Back to Cape Coral July 14th, 2021 Bucky lost his job at Door Dash...
Ch-ch-changes July 14th, 2021 A meeting of the winged, a visual list of heroes and villains capable of genetic manipulation.
Walking the Yard July 14th, 2021 A chill training session and a bit of back and forth, learning what fellow students are capable of is important!
Your home is gross July 13th, 2021 There is something wrong in the Morlock Tunnels...
Forgotten treasures. July 13th, 2021 And a few treasures are found
Wait, who's the bad guy July 13th, 2021 Lar helps June interrogate a bad guy in Gotham
Tech Rat vs. Dark Mage July 12th, 2021 A train trip leads to disaster after two mutants try to hijack it..Luckily heroes save the day.
Miracles CAN Happen! (Or: Of Derpy Doggos and Killer Tomatoes) July 12th, 2021 Miracles do happen. Riana actually cooks without burning supper. Jack defends Remy and Riana from a giant tomato. All is well in the world.
Spoil me, already July 12th, 2021 A day spa has some interesting notions
An Interesting Discovery July 12th, 2021 Diana happens upon Groot one fine early morning in a park in Chinatown. Kit wanders in, gnawing on a skull.
Buildings and plans July 12th, 2021 Clint and Skye have big plans for his building and encounter some squatters
Putting the Arr into R&R July 11th, 2021 The boat trip begins
NOOB! July 11th, 2021 Barbara should read the rules before opting to play on an MMO
Mirror, Mirror July 10th, 2021 Observations on self-image and biology, and a prisoner released from Mind.
Plans within plans with the Devil. July 9th, 2021 The deal is done!
Wallabies and Willows July 9th, 2021 Willow Rosenberg watches men play rugby in the park.
Paying it Forward July 9th, 2021 Skye visits Yaozu and talks with him about the 'change' he is going through.
EVERYONE is welcome July 8th, 2021 Sinister listens to Shannon sing, invites her to his table unknowing to her. Chats and steals a feather.
Guns. Lots of Guns July 7th, 2021 Star-Lord talks to a bunch of people on Knowhere about the Brood Invasion as the Guardians prepare to fly out to help in the fight.
A Walk through the Park July 7th, 2021 After listening to the orchestra in the park, Willow and Pietro walk through the park before Pietro walks her home.
Today's Topic : Love for Dummies July 7th, 2021 More quality time spent with the Lord of Hell and his Geneticist.
Storm of the Century July 6th, 2021 A magical storm is thwarted by various superheroes, and a sinister plot uncovered..
It's five o'clocks somewhere... July 6th, 2021 Sockwars. And sobering revelations.
Egyptian Grace July 6th, 2021 An Ivory sketching session in the MET leads to Yondu commissioning a piece of art.
Getting Ready To Rumble July 6th, 2021 An evening of fight watching turns bizarre and deadly when the wrong elements mix at the right time.
Another fine mess you've got me into, not-dad July 5th, 2021 Fourth of July visit to the Magic shop for some answers regarding twisted humour, or divine warnings. Also cake. And exposition. And spanners.
Fourth of July Celebration July 4th, 2021 A pleasant 4th of July celebration. There was plenty of good food and company.
A little Stargazing.. July 4th, 2021 Kara is reunited with her cousin and introduced to the latest Green Lantern!
A second family dinner with the Summers July 4th, 2021 Buffy invites Thomas to another family gathering. Things get Weird.
Midnight Munchies July 3rd, 2021 A chance meeting in a dominos and a Blue Lantern and a Fuzzy blue mutant find commonality
Lounging in a Tower July 3rd, 2021 A moment taken to lounge became a weird discussion of the edibility of termites and a situation with people possibly being puked on... Ewwww.
An Ill Omen July 3rd, 2021 Meeting in the park goes well. There's no demon, but a 'sprite' that used to be a human and is now a bird. Interesting. Practice occurs.
Lar Meets John July 2nd, 2021 The new Green Lantern on the block decides to introduce himself to the Legion.
Volweiler Symposium July 2nd, 2021 Chaos erupts on campus when a very public assassination attempt is made on Lex Luthor.
Pursuing Danger July 2nd, 2021 Kara does some research after another devastating encountered with the mysterious armoured man.
...And Hell is Just a Sauna July 2nd, 2021 Sinister comes to see Lucifer, and then gets a trip to Hell.
A Pensive Evening July 2nd, 2021 Wanda pops in to visit Yaozu while he's spending a bit of quiet time in a park.
A Reporter and Sarah July 1st, 2021 Clark and Sarah have poutine and discuss events with an uncertain future...the Calm Before the Storm.
Voices at Midnight July 1st, 2021 Jean and her group managed to finally meet and officially persuade Kit to check out Xavier's School.
Midnight. July 1st, 2021 Sarah tells John about some people she want checked out.
Not nice to meet you, Terminator July 1st, 2021 Clint and Sarah get to handle a Terminator and they dump him
The Windmills of your Mind July 1st, 2021 A day trip to the louvre had some Nazi memory side-effects. But then there was the Count-ing game. It's a thing, read the log!
Title Date Scene Summary
Digging Up The Past : Hydra and Seek August 29th, 2021 There's not many places one can hide from Frank Castle
For Love August 28th, 2021 Kara forges an unexpected alliance with Queen Rhea when Lar goes missing.
Digging Up The Past - Laying Low August 27th, 2021 Bucky has a problem and it is staying in his safehouse
A small world. August 26th, 2021 Remy and Nick meet again and do a bit of shopping
SHIELD shorts: Stuck for words August 26th, 2021 Alonso Stuck is finally brought to task, but the HYDRA agent has one last trick in mind...
SHIELD shorts: Cabin in the woods August 25th, 2021 A clean up reveals a HYDRA plot, forcing James Barnes to do things the hard way... by the book.
Digging Up The Past: Stuck between a Rock and a Hard Place August 21st, 2021 Bucky and Punisher race the clock to prevent the dangers that arose during Stuck's apprehension
Pride Goeth Before the Fall August 21st, 2021 Kit does his best to fix past mistakes.
Musings, Rumours and Legends August 21st, 2021 Buffy and Thomas relax after a long night. More weird dreams involving frog dogs are discussed.
The Path to Redemption August 21st, 2021 Kara begins her journey to reconciling with Queen Rhea and her people.
Unsaid things August 11th, 2021 Kara comes clean about her feelings for Lar.
Getting her things in order.. August 4th, 2021 Kara returns to the tower to collect some things before heading back to space.
Title Date Scene Summary
Digging Up The Past - Finding The Baseline September 8th, 2021 Punisher looks through Clayton's home to uncover what secrets he can find
Title Date Scene Summary
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Title Date Scene Summary
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Title Date Scene Summary
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