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Upcoming Scheduled Scenes

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Title Time Description
Age of Despair Part IV: Assassination 2019-04-23 22:30:00 The Age of Despair moves into the next chapter, as the heroes discover that rescuing Superman from Apokolips was only the first step in defeating the darkness. As Superman grows worse, sicker by the moment, the heroes struggle to try and discover what is wrong...and who is to blame for this atrocity! As the World begins to wonder where is Superman? the Darkness strikes at the heart of the heroes Fortress!

All players are welcome, although first come first serve to Justice League and Justice League Dark members!

As we have had 14+ people sign up for the scenes lately, we are limiting this to the first 12, so tag this scene if you want in! See recruiting post +bbread 10/55 for new characters that will get priority for this scene and next scene if approved by the time this scene takes place! Page Superman for details!

Sentinels: What was Lost 2019-04-24 02:30:00 Avengers oriented scene related to the wild robot that attacked one of their number.

Attendance is currently for AVENGER members. Others may be included on a case-by-case basis.

It's Easter Sunday, so reschedule may occur, but I'll do my best here.

Daughters of Daratar: Afterparty 2019-04-25 00:30:00 Emperor Corlis is so happy with his daughters' rescue by outsiders that he has decided to throw a big party to celebrate their return. Secondly, he has decided to open Daratar's doors to the galactic community more, inviting heroes and mercenaries alike from near and far to enjoy free food and relaxation on a planet out in the proverbial boonies of deep space.

Note: Social scene open to anyone able to travel to space who doesn't have a terrible reputation and doesn't plan on causing trouble. :)

War of Light Part 4 2019-04-25 22:30:00 The Battle for Takron Galtos has just begin! Deep under the surface, a darkness has sprouted, permeating the planet, and controlling the prisoners there. Who or what is this "Dark Avatar of Death" and how can it be stopped?
X-MEN: Xsylum pt 2 2019-04-25 23:30:00 This is the continuation of the first part of the RP that had to be cut short a week ago. This should hopefully complete the scene and not leave everyone in limbo with regard to the outcome and the future stories that I hope to base off of it. If you were there, I hope you can come back to finish it, if you weren't there, we can work you into it anyway. X-Men members, please sign up for fun!

Have a nice day! ~ Rogue

2019's Logs

... further results
Title Date Scene Summary
The new, the experienced, and the choice. January 31st, 2019 Summary needed
At the shoppe January 31st, 2019 Summary needed
Around the town in MidTown January 31st, 2019 Summary needed
Sitting by the dock of the lake January 31st, 2019 Erika and Pixie talk trauma and recovery by the lake. Interrupted by trouble elsewhere.
Getting To Know Death and Mischief January 31st, 2019 Summary needed
Maybe some olives January 31st, 2019 Pizza and hot chocolate after being Big Damn Heroes
CupCake Date January 31st, 2019 Summary needed
Jean Finds Logan January 31st, 2019 Logan returns to the mansion, to a variety of welcomes.
Fire from the future. January 31st, 2019 Summary needed
Just two good ole' boys, never meain' no harm.. January 31st, 2019 Summary needed
Surprise Meeting at the Fortress January 30th, 2019 Power Girl gets Superman up-to-date on everything happening lately, including her run in with the
Would the Real Kate Bishop Please Stand Up January 30th, 2019 Kate's plans to show the world she can too be something other than a goody-two-shoes fails. Sort of. And John shows himself to be an unexpected gentleman. Kind of.
Cold Days January 30th, 2019 The Avengers respond to a natural diaster in Minneapolis!
Changeling: Change in Direction January 30th, 2019 Clint and Skye talk about the past present and future and make some plans.
Cats and Birds Fighting Together January 30th, 2019 Catwoman and Black Canary unintentionally team up to stop a kidnapping.
Cocoa Raiding January 30th, 2019 Summary needed
Will She Stay or Will She Be Thrown Out January 30th, 2019 Summary needed
The problems with alt-copy-paste January 30th, 2019 Some students strategize how to deal with wereclones.
The Arts of Paradise January 30th, 2019 Summary needed
Rooftop Tower January 29th, 2019 Storm and Forge socialize about invention and tea.
Angel of the Morning January 29th, 2019 Captain America babysits an injured Deadpool during laundry.
Sleep little spider January 29th, 2019 Jessica is treated to Popcorn and Big Trouble in Little China
Web runners January 29th, 2019 Jessica and T'Challa training together
Decisions January 29th, 2019 Starfire has a decision. Breath has hugs.
Dancing Fool January 28th, 2019 Janet gets a swing dance lesson from Steve
Bobby did WHAT January 28th, 2019 Summary needed
Saving a Sister - The White Court January 28th, 2019 Summary needed
Visiting A PI Wizard January 28th, 2019 Morrigan goes to Harry Dresden, Wizard, to see if he can help her with a mystery.
Getting into the New Routine January 28th, 2019 Summary needed
Feline Just Fine January 28th, 2019 Steve Rogers makes Black Panther a full Avengers member
Will the Real Hawkeye (Pierce) Please Stand Up January 28th, 2019 Agent May tracks down Kate, only to find out Clint knew who she was all along. JJ shows up. Everyone loses their filters.
Hitting The Weights January 28th, 2019 Workouts and welcomes abound
One Night in China Town... January 28th, 2019 Summary needed
Drunken Strange in a Sober Sanctum January 28th, 2019 Summary needed
Family Fortress January 27th, 2019 So cousins or what? Kara and Karen catch up and try to figure out what they should be officially as relatives.
Siege of Olympus: Warnings January 27th, 2019 Ares visits New Asgard in an attempt to warn them to be vigilant in case their Pantheon is next to be attacked. He finds an new ally in Hela, Goddess of Death.
Couch Holding Down January 27th, 2019 Bobby and Lorna try to mend their friendship and end up getting an unexpected third wheel.
Strawberry or Chocolate Banana January 27th, 2019 Greasy cheeseburgers and shakes...
The Frozen Sleeper January 27th, 2019 Summary needed
All That Beef January 27th, 2019 Summary needed
So, we meet once again! January 27th, 2019 Summary needed
Stranger Tides: The Gathering Pt2 January 26th, 2019 Katherine signs on to Aspen's research team to investigate the odd ocean currents
Red and Gray in Gotham January 26th, 2019 Red Hood comes across Zombie-Girl and some demonic things - and of course he has to flirt with her.
Black Sky: In the Morning Light January 26th, 2019 Waking up after their reuinion Matt and Elektra discuss the past and future.
Jessica's Appetites January 26th, 2019 Black Panther returned to NYC and had dinner with Jessica Drew. Many members of the team turned up to join them for dessert, and discuss issues of the day
I WILL DO IT January 26th, 2019 Deadpool is injured; Steve and Jessica deal with the blood spatter.
A horse of course January 26th, 2019 Summary needed
CupCakes n Stuff! January 26th, 2019 Summary needed
Alas, Tux, We Knew Ye Well January 25th, 2019 The battle of 'functional' vs 'fashionable' clothing continues, this time with the addition of consequences for busted seams and a bonus party across the hall.
Siege of Olympus: Ill Tidings January 25th, 2019 John Aaron comes home to find his son missing and his half-brother, Hermes, with ill tidings!
By Royal Command January 25th, 2019 A random meeting of a spy, a hero playing spy, and a goddess slumming it.
Cupcakes for Gorillas January 25th, 2019 Summary needed
Fight Fight Fight! Training Session. January 25th, 2019 Aqualad and Wonder Girl do some training in the Danger Room. Their relationship takes one step further.
Making Tea January 24th, 2019 Summary needed
Black Sky: We Walk Through the Fire January 24th, 2019 Daredevil and friends interupt Madame Gao's ritual to dispose of them all. Elektra is forced to make a decision: Black Sky is no more.
Learning. January 24th, 2019 Summary needed
Bad Choices January 24th, 2019 Samantha (aka Nyx) makes very bad choices with her new powers and when heroes (and a villain) intercede on her crime spree things go really wrong all around.
Black Sky: After the 'Party' January 24th, 2019 Matt and Elektra end up back at Matt's after the final fight with the Hand, where Elektra begins the slow process of learning who she is and will be, while remembering who and what she was.
Rocky Evasiveness January 24th, 2019 Jubilee talks with Mason about his habit of skipping powers class.
Birthday date. January 24th, 2019 Summary needed
Children of Tamaran January 23rd, 2019 Summary needed
Stranger Tides - A Day With June January 23rd, 2019 Aspen and June chat while working on marine research
Let's have a girl talk about Bobby January 23rd, 2019 Summary needed
All The Time In The World January 23rd, 2019 Summary needed
The Reunion January 23rd, 2019 Summary needed
LexHub: Consulting the Gorillas January 23rd, 2019 Two of the Lights technologists discuss LexHub, and other material needs
One quarter is all I need January 23rd, 2019 Summary needed
Amethyst Meet'n'Greet January 23rd, 2019 Amethyst is interviewed to be brought in as an ally to the Justice League.
Hot Chocolate and Heartbreak January 23rd, 2019 Summary needed
Snacking in the Kitchen January 23rd, 2019 Summary needed
Dancing with the Stars and Stripes. January 23rd, 2019 Doctors Without Borders organized a charity gala. Captain America is persuaded to attend.
Oh brother, where art thou January 23rd, 2019 Summary needed
Jericho's Debrief January 22nd, 2019 Eobard prepares for Jericho's memory alteration, and gets an unexpected visitor from his 'partner'.
Librarian: Fancy Meeting You Here January 22nd, 2019 May drops in on Sam and Willow's road trip. Plans are made and breakfast is had.
Maximum effort considerateness. January 22nd, 2019 Steve and Wade bond over some jogging. Wade behaves -- for the most part.
A Scanner Darkly January 22nd, 2019 Summary needed
Raven Deals with Demons January 22nd, 2019 Summary needed
Daughters of Daratar: Girls Worth Fighting For January 22nd, 2019 Summary needed
Old Memories, New Acquaintances January 21st, 2019 Things happen on a New Years eve
Awkward Is Awkward January 21st, 2019 Summary needed
Stranger Tides: The Gathering Pt1 January 21st, 2019 Staff are hired for a marine research project
International Penguin Appreciation Day January 21st, 2019 It's International Penguin Appreciation Day. Raven does not appreciate this being pointed out. Also, Doctor Strange's brain isn't in a jar, and Danger probably isn't magical.
Stealing suckers January 21st, 2019 Summary needed
A merc, an incubus, and a doctor walk into a bar.. January 20th, 2019 Summary needed
The Avengers' New Beep January 20th, 2019 Summary needed
1 1/2 vampires... January 20th, 2019 Summary needed
Up in Flames, Down in Ashes. January 20th, 2019 Some New Mutants, Teachers and Advisors are there for the rescue of a family in need!
Ill-Met by Moonlight January 20th, 2019 Three unlikely heroes cross paths and converge upon a mystery!
Those Who Drop Amnesiac Wizards At Schools January 20th, 2019 Jeremy Larkin reveals himself to Jean Grey, showing he was Loki God of Mischief all along. He agrees to take Dr. Strange to the Sanctum where they may offer him more help.
Not Welcome Here January 20th, 2019 A new mutant comes into being - and is in the wrong place. Spoiler to the rescue with help from Iceman!
X-MEN: Wild Times January 20th, 2019 The X-Men experience a wild night in the Canadian Wilderness. And its possible they just recruited the Iron Giant as a new friend.
Black Sky: Always a Bridesmaid January 20th, 2019 John drops by Luke's where Kate is wallowing over her 'breakup' with Matt. It turns out they have a mutual 'friend' in common: Elektra
Surf 'n Turf January 19th, 2019 Summary needed
Stranger Tides: Getting the ball rolling January 19th, 2019 Natasha hires herself an oceanologist to investigate the changing currents.
Murder Circles - Revelations January 19th, 2019 Summary needed
An Investigation in space January 19th, 2019 Summary needed
Catching Up At Pop's January 19th, 2019 Lar comes to visit Kara and confesses some worries about a strange encounter with a strange woman.
It's an innuendo January 19th, 2019 The all-America side of beefcake attracts more visitors.
Rescue from the Icy Fathoms January 19th, 2019 Fathom and Iceman come to the rescue of a floundering fishing boat.
Home Sweet Home: Steve's Little Fortress of Solitude January 18th, 2019 Deadpool and Steve are clearly dating now, I don't know what you mean, Jessica and Janet witnessed it.
Punching bags in spaaaace January 18th, 2019 A brief trading of notes on Mackenzie King's gym.
Silent Night January 18th, 2019 Summary needed
Fish People! Some time ago! January 18th, 2019 Aspen and Thor save some beached whales.
Black Sky: About Elektra... January 18th, 2019 The fake couple breaks up! Matt puts his foot in his mouth! Matt's life is a mess and Kate's love life is DOA! ... so basically another night in Hell's Kitchen.
It's All Good January 18th, 2019 Bobby finally gets up the courage to ask Lorna out. It doesn't end well.
Outreach January 18th, 2019 Green Arrow reaches out to the Justice League for membership, and is accepted
An uncanny creation January 18th, 2019 Summary needed
Marshmallows or Whipped Cream January 17th, 2019 Bobby and Lorna chat over Lorna's place at the mansion and with the x-men with her return.
Daughters of Daratar: Investigating Omega January 17th, 2019 Tyran'tar signs up for a fight.
Park Shenannigans January 17th, 2019 Summary needed
Sentinels: Further Concerns January 17th, 2019 Summary needed
It was a dark and stormy night. January 17th, 2019 Summary needed
Some People Are Awesome January 16th, 2019 Summary needed
The Unfinished Space Race of Draal 9 January 16th, 2019 Summary needed
Taco Tuesday January 16th, 2019 Deadpool's prank turns into a taco trip and not-date somehow.
The Rise and Very Quick Demise of Doctor Snocone January 16th, 2019 Bobby gives some training to younger students, and ends up in a snowball war with Rogue and Lorna!
Caitlin's bad Day January 16th, 2019 Summary needed
Let's sing a song together hopefully on key January 16th, 2019 Mason is playing very loud music, so Andrea and Bobby investigates. Andrea tries to get Mason a big brother figure, but is as always, shot down.
The X-men stand against an uncanny foe. January 16th, 2019 Summary needed
Another Supply Run for Wong January 15th, 2019 Summary needed
Who You Really Are January 15th, 2019 Summary needed
Much Ado About Nothing January 15th, 2019 Nina the Conjuror and Spider-Man investiage... a role-playing group?
Red Morning January 15th, 2019 Shredder awakens Omega Red, and they come to an agreement on a working relationship.
Sparring Session January 15th, 2019 Carol, Steve, and Janet meet up for a little socializing in the Avenger's rec room. Then a drunk armed with a robot and a shrink-ray shows up. Things predictable devolve after that.
While I still can... January 15th, 2019 Suzanne takes Nuala to lunch, and leaves her with a lot of confusion, and alusion.
Just snagging lunch. January 15th, 2019 Summary needed
Outsiders Meeting Up January 15th, 2019 Summary needed
Hopefully not wrecking the Rec room. January 15th, 2019 Summary needed
Lorna Gives Gifts! January 14th, 2019 Summary needed
Sister, Oh Sister January 14th, 2019 Summary needed
No Day Like a Snow Day January 14th, 2019 Might as well throw snow if it's around, right?
Meet The Creeper January 14th, 2019 Summary needed
Rec Room Commiserations January 14th, 2019 Bobby seeks out Andrea after her first X-Man mission to make sure she's okay. He did 'okay'. Andrea is 'just fine'. Really.
Titans: Danger, while Robin's on! January 14th, 2019 The Danger Room at Titan's Tower builds itself a body so that it can go for a walk. No, really.
Strangers in the Medlabs. January 14th, 2019 A few more people learn about Doctor Strange in the medlab and go to investigate the situation.
It's Coffee, But Magical January 14th, 2019 Summary needed
Missing Mind Stone January 14th, 2019 Betsy goes to ask the Avengers about the Mind Stone, wondering if it is the cause of Doctor Strange's affliction. Instead, she learns there may be another cause.
Comics, Pizza and Beyound! January 14th, 2019 Summary needed
Returning to School January 13th, 2019 Lorna returns to the school, bearing gifts - and Bobby's there to meet her with a gift of his own.
Wilson Sibling Reunion January 13th, 2019 Summary needed
Field Trip! January 13th, 2019 Diana and Carol hassle Thor about his sister.
Questing for the Shield January 13th, 2019 Summary needed
A Night at the Museum January 13th, 2019 JD and Bobby investigate a burglary at the museum.
A Long Walk on the Beach January 12th, 2019 Summary needed
Medbay Homecomings January 12th, 2019 Remy comes to check up on Bobby and get the lowdown on Rogue's rescue.
=The Ultra-Dramatic Furniture Move January 12th, 2019 Summary needed
Space Potatos January 12th, 2019 Summary needed
Caitlin's Worse/Best day January 11th, 2019 Summary needed
Apartment Showing!! January 11th, 2019 Summary needed
X-MEN: Rogue is SO Demanding! January 11th, 2019 Summary needed
Changeling: Fossil Tossing January 11th, 2019 May arranges a slightly unusual training session for Skye with the potential of becoming a fast-paced game of super soldier dodgeball.
Quest Accepted January 11th, 2019 Vorpal and Damian talk to NYPD about a series of mysterious murders at ESU.
So about the Champ January 11th, 2019 Sindr, Gigas, and Tyran'tar discuss rescuing Lar
Art and other sundries January 11th, 2019 Summary needed
Ice Skating in Central Park January 11th, 2019 Bobby goes to do a little early morning skating - and gets some unexpected 'wonder'ful company.
Dancing in Moonlight January 10th, 2019 Caitlin, on the run from N.O.W.H.E.R.E., crashes in an alley in Gotham, and is noticed.
Branching Out January 10th, 2019 Summary needed
After the BlackSleep January 10th, 2019 Summary needed
Daughters of Daratar: How To Fight a Daxamite January 10th, 2019 Star-Lord and Sindr meet with Brainiac 5 to discuss the upcoming arena match, as well as other goals.
Never know what you'll run into near a subway, or a bullet train. January 10th, 2019 Summary needed
The Doctor Needs a Doctor! January 9th, 2019 The X-Men learn that Doctor Strange's condition is more complicated than anyone knew.
Flawless Amethyst January 9th, 2019 Summary needed
Clark Comes Home January 9th, 2019 Clark returns home after having been away for a few months due to Kryptonite poisoning and healing.
A Conversation Between Friends January 9th, 2019 Thor encourages Nuala that she will be welcome at Asgard while dealing with the recent charges from the Nova Empire.
Aphrodite vs New York January 8th, 2019 Summary needed
Unlikely Bar Guests January 8th, 2019 Summary needed
When Nova Comes Knocking January 8th, 2019 Nova Corps comes to arrest Nuala for breaking Nova law. Drake, Hal, and Thor come to her rescue, and nobody has to get punched!
The Librarian: It's Always in the Fine Print January 8th, 2019 Willow shows her findings to Sam with regards to the hunt for the Librarian's items. Sam proposes a road trip. Little do they know...
Getting To Know You Part 2 - Actually Getting To Know You January 8th, 2019 Summary needed
It Looks Nicer on the Outside January 8th, 2019 Wanda shares a drink with John, and her brother. Nobody was hurt in the making of this scene.
Falling Frost: The Dreaming Ends January 7th, 2019 What's the worth of four promised favors? An awakening from a living nightmare.
Who knew Starbucks could be so relaxing January 7th, 2019 Random meeting of Sue and Madelyne Pryor
Mutant Town Murderer January 7th, 2019 Summary needed
Daughters of Daratar: A Follower's Prayer January 7th, 2019 Summary needed
Car Maintenance January 7th, 2019 Summary needed
Meeting at the Magic Box January 7th, 2019 America Chavez runs into Billy Kaplan at the Magic Box while in pursuit of a dimensional anomaly.
Mages Have Protections...Artificers are Paranoid January 7th, 2019 Summary needed
Burger Shop. January 7th, 2019 Summary needed
How hard could finding one big green eye January 7th, 2019 Summary needed
On yer Lawns, with yer Gnomes January 7th, 2019 Deadpool is allowed to stay at the X Mansion for ONE NIGHT, since it's cold.
Sentinels: Getting a Head January 7th, 2019 Summary needed
Black Sky: Let Us Go Then, You and I January 7th, 2019 Elektra recuperates at Matt's, where he finds her, and after all they've been through, realizes he must leave her to make her own choices; as must he.
Pied Piper: A dark Place January 7th, 2019 Another hero is lost to #BlackSleep (backdated).
Rose's Return January 7th, 2019 Summary needed
Wolves can be Fast too! January 6th, 2019 Summary needed
Not Everyone Can Be A Pool Shark January 6th, 2019 Not everyone can throw darts well either. But both Janet and Steve can talk a big game and then finalize a time for Oklahoma! the musical.
Checking Up On Rogue January 6th, 2019 Summary needed
Black Sky: A Not Quite Chance Encounter January 6th, 2019 Elektra finds herself drawn to Matt's home and meets with Stick and Matt on the rooftop raising questions about who she is? Elektra or the Black Sky.
That Overused Bar Joke January 6th, 2019 A Buddhist, an Angel, and a Catholic walk into a bar.. stop me if you've heard this one...
The Hunt Has Evolved January 5th, 2019 Summary needed
Murder University January 5th, 2019 Strange things have been happening at ESU lately...
Cure for What Ails January 5th, 2019 Summary needed
Pied Piper/Falling Frost: No Rest for the Weary January 5th, 2019 Upon realizing just who is behind the mask of Matthias Vega, Steve asks for assistance from Loki. Come what may, favors will be owed, for the better or worse.
BlackSleep (Pied Piper) Coming to a Head January 5th, 2019 The mystics gather together to go face the demon behind the #BlackSleep
Pied Piper: A Meeting with SHIELD January 5th, 2019 A guest comes to SHIELD with news about the Black Sleep. Info is traded and a necromancer catches on fire... ask Castiel, it's all his fault.
Enlisting a Professional January 4th, 2019 Shredder enlists Catwoman to find some sensitive information.
Informative Friendly Visitation January 4th, 2019 Magic users meet to discuss the #BlackSleep epidemic.
Pied Piper: Jeremy's Notes January 4th, 2019 Summary needed
Daughters of Daratar: Double Date January 4th, 2019 Gigas registers himself, Sindr, and Aphrodite for an arena match on the lawless planet of Omega.
Sabrina talks to....a shadow January 4th, 2019 Summary needed
... further results
Title Date Scene Summary
The Shallow Casket of Dr. Sarah Guillame February 28th, 2019 Summary needed
A Brother's Revenge: The Abduction February 28th, 2019 Erika Kristasdottir was abducted by James Proudstar
CupCakes are WIN February 28th, 2019 Summary needed
The Subway Isn't The Greatest February 28th, 2019 Jean-Paul and Morrigan meet at a subway station that's seen some murder recently.
Darker Thoughts Washed Away February 28th, 2019 Shadowcat reveals her mutant power to Red Hood
Sentinel Events February 28th, 2019 Summary needed
You're Bringing WHO! Pt2 February 28th, 2019 Continuation of Jason Todd introducing Kitty Pryde to his father, Bruce Wayne
Perilous Plots Primed in Pursuit of Power February 28th, 2019 Criminals attempt to ambush an armored car convoy but are stopped by the timely intervention of Snake Eyes, Mon-El and Arella Despana
Skating in the Park February 28th, 2019 Summary needed
Fashion talk February 28th, 2019 There's a charity ball coming up, and Natasha's best dress got somewhat damaged during a recent gala, so she goes to a highly recommended business for a replacement.
Sentinels: EXTRACTION POINT February 28th, 2019 Avengers assemble to attempt to rescue a 'scientist'. Things always go to plan.
You got work to do, kid February 28th, 2019 Logan impresses upon Mason the importance of understanding history.
=How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Become a Bomb February 27th, 2019 Summary needed
Hanging out at the Juice Bar February 27th, 2019 Summary needed
Fitting the bell to the Cat February 27th, 2019 Janet and Selina get the kitty kitted out for the upcoming gala
Topsy Turvey Times February 27th, 2019 Summary needed
Arkham City Cop: Finding a Fish Upriver February 27th, 2019 Summary needed
Sentinels: Down by the Docks February 27th, 2019 Red Hood and Galina investigate what was beyond the Crimson Dynamo facility. They run afoul of the FSB.
An Intel Run February 27th, 2019 Professor Zoom infiltrates a military base for information... and is only partially successful, due to the interference of Snake Eyes.
Who Knew Competivite Mario Kart Was a Thing February 27th, 2019 Summary needed
Sentinels: Mapping The Sentinels February 27th, 2019 Sentinel data is analyzed and discussed by Shadowcat, Rogue, Gambit, Cyclops and Jubilee
Minion update February 27th, 2019 Summary needed
Mysteries in Madripoor February 27th, 2019 Lara Croft meets with the Wolverine to discuss some of his history in Madripoor and hwo it connects to something she's searching for.
The Russian And The Kat February 27th, 2019 Piotr and Kitty are reunited after a year apart, and part as friends
Just Like Starting Over February 27th, 2019 Summary needed
Talking 'Bout The Past February 27th, 2019 Justin Todd and Kitty Pryde each show some trust in revealing bits of their secret lives
Sum of the Parts February 26th, 2019 Samantha and Micah talk in the gym. May and Skye come in to speak about an old enemy of Micah's.
Council of War February 26th, 2019 Thor explains the situation to Hela and Balder and everyone has their jobs ahead of them.
Learning About the Foot February 26th, 2019 Summary needed
Worth Cracking a Book. February 26th, 2019 Mason tries to study and find out why he sweats mud. Andrea talks him into talking with the staff about it.
Dealing with Arms Dealers: Financial Troubles February 26th, 2019 A Bank Robbery aided by Domino is dealt with by Green Arrow and Black Canary... until the Joker comes along and takes advantage of the chaos.
City Fall: Hun's Invitation February 26th, 2019 Hun delivers an invitation to Elektra. The Shredder wants to meet with the Defenders.
City Fall: Gotham's Judges February 26th, 2019 Snake Eyes is tasked by G.I. Joe to investigate strange rulings in Gotham City, and breaks into the Courthouse to learn more.
Sentinels: Taco Monday February 26th, 2019 Tony and Steve discuss upcoming missions, and Janet.
Captain Crunch, Now With More Jubilee February 26th, 2019 Jubilee and Kitty have a late meal and talk shop
Wolf Chat February 26th, 2019 After having learned of each other, Rahne and Andrea finally meet face-to-face.
Night on the town February 26th, 2019 Summary needed
Didja Hear That February 26th, 2019 Jessica and T'Challa investigate sounds that are either Hydra or the icemaker.
All the Music February 25th, 2019 Summary needed
Discussion in the Danger Room February 25th, 2019 Sam helps Rahne run through a Danger Room session.
Catching up with the Tin Man February 25th, 2019 Summary needed
Three Mutants and a Sentinel February 25th, 2019 When it comes to Sentinels, Magneto finds common ground with Polaris, Cyclops and Shadowcat
Past Clutter, Today's Freedom February 25th, 2019 Summary needed
Don't Sweat It February 25th, 2019 During a charity concert, Mason starts sweating his mutant nature. Andrea and Erika are there to raise alarm.
Diplomatic Security, Is It February 25th, 2019 Summary needed
Sentinels: Is it dead February 25th, 2019 Forge, Kitty and Jubilee deactivate transmissions from a Sentinel head, and begin analyzing data from it
How About A Water Buffalo February 24th, 2019 T'Challa returns from Wakanda, shares nachos with Jessica Drew
The Date: Dinner and Dancing. Devils Not Included. February 24th, 2019 Castiel arrives to take Darcy out on a date in continued preparation for his date with the mucher bigger fish, Melinda May. Or Castiel is unexpectedly smooth and it hurts Darcy's brain a little bit.
Playing with lasers February 24th, 2019 Micah and Samantha are in the R&D wing so Micah can have Sam show off her "lasers"
The Date: Not Enough Boilermakers February 24th, 2019 Castiel and Micah head out for a few drinks after the 'suit' shopping, and discuss matters Divine and date, of which 'the Date' proves to be more intimidating to the angel.
Auld Lang Syne February 24th, 2019 Erika asks Rahne about Doug Ramsey, gets advice.
The Date: May Checks In February 24th, 2019 May helps Darcy get ready for her date. Don't worry, the tables will turn soon enough. Or this is why Darcy is sometimes the WORST person to have at your back.
You're Bringing WHO! February 24th, 2019 Jason Todd introduces Kitty Pryde to his father, Bruce Wayne
Taxes and Midnight Snacks February 24th, 2019 Brief meeting in the Xaviers kitchen after hours between Erika and Sam Guthrie. Erika knows how to do taxes.
Why is it Easier to Communicate in Masks February 24th, 2019 Red Hood crosses path with Robin and Batwoman. They share information on the goings on around Gotham before heading their separate ways.
Pumping Iron February 24th, 2019 Summary needed
Operation Paris, the Finale February 24th, 2019 Summary needed
Practice before coffee February 24th, 2019 X-23 helps Souvenir get some practice in in the gym.
The Darkness Within February 24th, 2019 Jason and Kitty each become aware the other is dealing with an internal darkness
A New Friend, a New Contract February 24th, 2019 Summary needed
Breakfast at Wayne Manor February 24th, 2019 Summary needed
Medbay Blues February 24th, 2019 Kitty comes to visit Lorna in the Medbay and the two discuss why Magneto is the way he is, and what they might be able to do about it going forward.
The Family You Choose February 24th, 2019 Bucky is officially brought into the fold, and plans are made to have a talk with one Mr. Frank Castle about cease and desist.
Coffee and a Masque February 23rd, 2019 Selina Kyle meets with Bruce Wayne at a coffee shop to ask him for something. It leads to some playfulness, but the line blurs between that and something more serious.
Pearls of Wisdom February 23rd, 2019 Steve and Janet admit their feelings are more than platonic.
A king in Mutant town. February 23rd, 2019 Summary needed
Past Traumas Brought to the Present February 23rd, 2019 Magneto and Kitty Pryde show concern for Lorna's burns suffered fighting Sentinels in Gotham
Star-sparkling Burgers February 23rd, 2019 Erika meets up with Kamala, Andrea Jackson, and Lorna Dane after a visit with her parents.
Surveying A Club February 23rd, 2019 Miracle Elle and Ellie meet in a Goth Club and discuss the falsehoods of the world.
Sentinels: Sentinels of Gotham February 23rd, 2019 Friends of Humanity rally unveils a new threat to Mutants in Gotham
How not to do Industrial espionage. February 23rd, 2019 Summary needed
Getting To Know A Daughter February 23rd, 2019 Summary needed
Bubble and Squeak February 23rd, 2019 All hail the hypno-toad?
The Ultimate Honey Trap February 23rd, 2019 Summary needed
Undead Common Courtesy February 23rd, 2019 Summary needed
Painting By Numbers February 23rd, 2019 Yin and Kestrel save a delivery van from an ambush by Painted Men.
Lunch break of champions February 22nd, 2019 Yin and Nightwing meet in civvies to visit and bemoan their side duties.
Jason Goes To Westchester February 22nd, 2019 Kitty introduces Jason Todd to Rogue
Bad Influences February 22nd, 2019 Summary needed
Sentinels: Conference for Two February 22nd, 2019 Forge and Storm talk about what Sentinels mean to mutants.
Runnin' with the Devil February 22nd, 2019 Hellboy takes Nyx under his wing (he does not have wings) and tries to help her learn to throw a punch.
CupCakes and Ackward meetings February 22nd, 2019 Summary needed
Do you like Robots February 22nd, 2019 Logan sorta recruits Sable to do stuff.
Late Night Talk Negasonic Style February 22nd, 2019 Kitty and Ellie late night talk about social happenings in Gotham
Scene titles are dumb February 22nd, 2019 Summary needed
the morning after the night before... February 22nd, 2019 Summary needed
Unaccredited class hours February 22nd, 2019 Souvenir trains with Remy on staff techniques, demonstrating what she can and can't do.
Ivy and Harley Devil duo again February 22nd, 2019 Summary needed
Stranger Tides: The Disturbance February 22nd, 2019 Narrowing the cause of ocean disturbances down to a few square miles, June and Aspen detect a submerged vessel in the area
Nurse Kitty On Call February 22nd, 2019 Kitty finds Jason Todd wounded after a fight
late night x-snack February 21st, 2019 Summary needed
Ice Cream - Mutant Style February 21st, 2019 Pixie, Kitty and Cannonball have ice cream sundaes and chat about pranks and Sentinels
Sentinels: Rumors February 21st, 2019 Logan gives info about Sentinels to Forge and Storm.
Ladies' Night February 21st, 2019 Ladies' Night at Luke's Bar, though some of the women who make it would hardly qualify as ladies...
City Fall: Enter Karai February 21st, 2019 Shredder sends Karai to take care of some business - and she runs into some of the local vigilante life.
Checking a pull box February 21st, 2019 An awkward meeting at a comic shop.
But Is This Dinner... February 21st, 2019 But is it 'dinner' or is it
City Fall: Mutant Job Fair February 21st, 2019 Saki holds a job fair for mutants. Some are happy, some are not.
The Late Night Return February 21st, 2019 Summary needed
Conversating in the Avengers Courtyard February 21st, 2019 Everyone gets updates on the status of New Asgard. Janet is Janet. Steve is Steve. Thor is Thor. Everyone leaves happy?
Operation Paris, Part Two February 21st, 2019 Summary needed
Manhunt: Subway Punishment February 21st, 2019 Winter Soldier dangles himself as bait to lure out the person trying to kill him... and gets a lot more than he bargained for.
Branding problems February 21st, 2019 A consultation with the New Mutants' PR wiz.
Visitations in the Concrete Jungle February 21st, 2019 Summary needed
A DEMO February 20th, 2019 Summary needed
Welcome to my parlor said the spider to the hawk.. February 20th, 2019 Summary needed
House of Metal Man February 20th, 2019 Colossus returns to the X-Mansion and is greeted outside by the Southern Belle with a smile and a hug!
What Shall We Do About Nuala February 20th, 2019 Plans are made!
Movie Night with the Stars February 20th, 2019 The second date between Kitty Pryde and Jason Todd finds them realizing that there's something more there than a love of good movies and laughing.
Sentinels: Ready or not February 20th, 2019 The Avengers discuss how to extract a target from the Sentinel factories; unfortunately, Hydra is attempting to murder the same target...
Sentinels: Pamela and the Shadow King February 20th, 2019 Zoom interviews Pamela about her experience with the Shadow King.
Morning After Steaks February 20th, 2019 After the events of (Movie Night with the Stars), Jason and Kitty get an unexpected visitor.
An evening on the town. February 20th, 2019 Summary needed
Sentinels: LOOK AT MY ASS February 20th, 2019 Deadpool shows Steve his Sentinel parts.
A Joyous Reunion of the Best of Friends February 20th, 2019 Summary needed
No Sputnik February 20th, 2019 Summary needed
A Study In Scarlet February 19th, 2019 T'Challa and Wanda Maximoff share a meal and become reacquainted
Gangland Blues/City Fall: Differences of Opinion February 19th, 2019 Bebop and Rocksteady go to rough up a dissenting crime faction, and find that Punisher is waiting for them.
867-530-ni-ee-aye-ine February 19th, 2019 Jason Todd and Kitty Pryde chat on the phone while Jason is staking out some bad guys
Pool'n'Drinks February 19th, 2019 Several of the X-Men girls have a good time at Harry's Hideaway near Xavier's. Scott makes a cameo and acts like an angry school principal from an 80s movie. Its great!
Poking Around Amnesty Bay February 19th, 2019 Jason Blood and Morrigan explore the coast line a bit and find a place where Mo jokes about Elder Gods.
Three Ladies at a Bar Fight February 19th, 2019 Summary needed
Let's get physical! Physical. February 19th, 2019 Going on a walk with Doogie, Andrea and him talks a lot about life.
With Leadership Comes Responsibility February 19th, 2019 Summary needed
Nova Corps: Nuala and Thor are almost kidnapped! February 18th, 2019 Loki ruins Thor's awesome exit.
School Night February 18th, 2019 Summary needed
Meeting an advisor February 18th, 2019 Cannonball and Souvenir discuss team tactics.
Cappuccino To Go February 18th, 2019 Cappuccino, tea and tarts for Jessica Drew and T'Challa
Just Doing Science, Don't Mind Me. February 18th, 2019 Arella and Steve cross paths on the street outside of the mansion. No violence ensues, but students from rival campuses colliding in a snowfall of papers provide enough 'tribal' entertainment for all.
Looking Out For A Hero February 18th, 2019 Summary needed
Kingston Park Art Appreciation February 18th, 2019 Jason and Kitty meet over a piece of art in the Park. They end up having dinner together and discuss learning more about each other.
My new BFF February 18th, 2019 Meggan returns to Xaviers. Various people visit. Erika gets embarrassed a lot.
Study Hall at Wayne Manor February 18th, 2019 Summary needed
Don't Club Baby Rillas February 18th, 2019 Just something casual.
Rogue Ideas Are Best Ideas February 18th, 2019 Summary needed
Black Team February 17th, 2019 Summary needed
Operation Paris, Part One February 17th, 2019 Summary needed
The Story of Us February 17th, 2019 Jean looks for Scott to talk about the elephant, or rather, Rachel in the room. Does having a daughter from the future means they are meant to be? If they won't be, are they murdering her? Emotional talk ensues.
Shots In The Night February 17th, 2019 Shots in the night as Ravager's firefight stumbles into Warpath
Kite, sans tree February 17th, 2019 Erika tries to find help with the Eldritch Kite from Sam. Heart to heart with Ellie.
Mayan Secrets: The Vigilante February 17th, 2019 T'Challa seeks info from Frank Castle on a mob boss with an art collection
Burgers and awk February 17th, 2019 Summary needed
Crane Style February 17th, 2019 Bobby experiences Kitty's retaliation for his earlier tinfoil prank
Bad luck comes calling February 16th, 2019 Summary needed
Really..This Place February 16th, 2019 Summary needed
Magical Mystical Kite-Eating Tree February 16th, 2019 Summary needed
Captain America: Brooklyn Tour Guide February 16th, 2019 Steve Rogers takes T'Challa for a tour of his old stomping grounds.
A Tall Tale Curse February 16th, 2019 Summary needed
Lessons in Self Control February 16th, 2019 Deputy Director May takes Nyx out of medical and with Micah's help teaches her a little bit.
The Bat in the Birds February 16th, 2019 Summary needed
Highway To The Danger Zone February 16th, 2019 Negasonic and Kitty fight the Serpent Society in a Danger Room simulation
Frequent Flier miles February 16th, 2019 Summary needed
A Man From The Sea Pt2 February 16th, 2019 Continuation of 6527/A_Man_From_The_Sea...
Air mail in Jersey February 15th, 2019 Summary needed
Room check February 15th, 2019 Kitty checks up on Erika. Erika tells all, some in cryptic form. Vows are maintained.
City Fall: Kings and Ninjas February 15th, 2019 Shredder and Wilson Fisk meet, arranging to work together.
How To Reach An Asgardian February 15th, 2019 Summary needed
Of Miracles and Business February 15th, 2019 Summary needed
Learning Rachel's Past...Future...Whatever February 15th, 2019 Rachel discovers cheetos popcorn. Kitty discovers more of Rachel's story.
The Heist February 15th, 2019 Summary needed
Prisoner Transfer February 15th, 2019 Just when Alpha Flight was about to grant Arella Despana a refugee status, Lex Luthor waltz in after pulling all sorts of political miracles, and getting himself permission to walk away with Arella, as something of a guardian overseeing her integration with Earth society.
A Man From The Sea... February 15th, 2019 Kitty visits Kaldur on his boat
Girl Problems and New Students February 15th, 2019 Dock Grayson has girl trouble and Damian makes an appearance! Both are things Richard Dragon is happy to help with.
Booze and bad ideas. February 15th, 2019 Summary needed
Trouble on the Waterfront February 15th, 2019 Red Hood gets unexpected (and perhaps ultimately unwanted) help during a crisis.

WARNING: Graphic Violence/Language

Turing Tests February 15th, 2019 Skye comes in to test Sam (Nyx) with a computer game that could determine her future.
The Job that needs hazzard Pay February 15th, 2019 Summary needed
Factory Follies February 15th, 2019 Summary needed
On A Boat Going To Southern Islands February 15th, 2019 Aspen meets Aquaman while gathering marine research data
War of Light Prologue 2: Thanagar February 14th, 2019 Sent on a mission of retrieval by both of their leaders
Jubilee Runs In All Frantic February 14th, 2019 Jubilee checks on Kitty post-boating accident
So Tell Me About this Landmine... February 14th, 2019 Steve checks in on Bucky after the incident with the claymore and picks his brain about less dangerous(?) things.
Gun Talk February 14th, 2019 Summary needed
Checking On Aunty February 14th, 2019 Rachel came to check on Kitty's recovery from the boating mishap
Oa, Home Away from Home February 14th, 2019 Summary needed
Doogie meets Andrea February 14th, 2019 Summary needed
A Wizard and The Shadow Investigate February 14th, 2019 The Shadow and Harry Dresden run into each other while investigating a murdered womans condo.
Failure To Deal With 'Miracle Elle' February 14th, 2019 Summary needed
Ahoy, Ninjas! February 14th, 2019 Jessica and T'Challa go toe to toe with a video game to prove that they don't suck.
Bedroom chats February 14th, 2019 Summary needed
Kitty Loses An Argument with Piotr's Door February 14th, 2019 Kitty argues with Piotr only to find it isn't Piotr. Illyana delivers a gift. Sam and Rahne talk business.
The Usual Shwarma Stop February 13th, 2019 Summary needed
City Fall: Evolution of a Neighborhood February 13th, 2019 Frank investigates some missing lowlifes, and he and Jubilee find out about an upcoming Mutant hiring fair.
Hey there Bluemuffin February 13th, 2019 Summary needed
X-Peoples Visit! February 13th, 2019 A bunch of Xavier nerds hassle Thor!
Was That One Lump Or Two February 13th, 2019 Kitty relates being run over by a yacht to Kurt. Scott, Erika, and Lorna arrive and discussion turns to Rachel Grey's arrival
The Librarian: Lost in the Interior February 13th, 2019 Sam and Willow stop at a diner after getting lost, and get a chance to relax and chat. A rarity in their lives.
Exploring New Asgard February 13th, 2019 Summary needed
Rogueasonic February 13th, 2019 Rogue and Negasonic have a chat with each other, casual friend stuff. Rachel Grey shows up and is introdcued to Rogue for the first time!
A nice night out... February 13th, 2019 Summary needed
City Fall: Passing info February 13th, 2019 Summary needed
A Meeting By The Bay February 13th, 2019 Jason Blood and Morrigan MacIntyre both end up in Amnesty Bay for reasons. They meet up with the local legend that is Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman.
One good deed February 13th, 2019 Summary needed
I Rolled a Yacht-Sea February 13th, 2019 Kitty's sailboat was smashed by a yacht, with Aqualad pulling her from the water
Finding Reasons Not to Kill Arella, Pt. 4 February 13th, 2019 Thor and Loki talk about several things, and Loki gets all mad.
Love, Spandex Style February 13th, 2019 Summary needed
This looks like a job for.... February 12th, 2019 Summary needed
Your Book Is Overdue February 12th, 2019 Summary needed
Dinner with Friends February 12th, 2019 Jubilee, Kitty and Rogue go to a local burger and hotdog joint for some dinner. A couple others show up too!
Introduction to a new thorn. February 12th, 2019 Summary needed
Title Date Scene Summary
Batfamily Reunion March 31st, 2019 The four sons of Bruce Wayne, plus Barbara and Kitty, gather to discuss the latest happenings
The Room With A View March 31st, 2019 Jason Todd and Negasonic get their first look at the room Kitty is using in New York
When A Cousin Comes Calling March 31st, 2019 Cousin Jennifer gets back into New York and stops to see Bruce and catch up.
Two Sides of a Coin March 31st, 2019 What is it with Gotham. Kestral half foils Stockholms second attempt to get capital for her new projects. At least it was only half way, like the flip of a coin.
A Night At The Gotham University Theater March 30th, 2019 Blink talks to Carrie after a Gotham U play about the injustices committed on the Apache
Lunchtime Introductions March 30th, 2019 Blink meets Daken for the first time while having lunch. How many Little Logans are there!?
Two Women But One Man: The Eternal Division March 30th, 2019 Joker gets Harley-confused. Jason gets even more confused. Things don't go as planned.
Walk the Dog March 30th, 2019 Red Robin ruins Stockholm's attempt to raise capital for other jobs by robbing a Jewelry Store with a team of mooks.
A Subway Between Worlds March 30th, 2019 Selene tracks two Lycans into the subway. As a fight breaks out, Wolverine and Shadowcat jump into the fray
Not Everything is Easy March 30th, 2019 Red Hood is joined by Kitty Pryde in the aftermath of his showdown with Joker
Lawyers Never Lose Their Appeal March 29th, 2019 Warren Worthington Hired She-Hulk's firm to look for ways to break the contracts of his board members
A Room With A View March 29th, 2019 Carrie Kelley comes to see the room that Kitty has been given by Doctor Strange to use while she works in New York City
Isotope's New Clothes March 29th, 2019 Brian Carerra tests his powers with his new uniform in a Danger Room sim run by Kitty
Duck! Duck! March 29th, 2019 When a giant foam bath toy attacks the city, Kid, Arella, and Dusk come to the rescue.
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...HYDRA March 29th, 2019 Avengers enjoy fourteen minutes of tropical paradise, an hour or so of pumpkin spice weather, and only THEN remember they forgot the bactine. They take back a souvenir.
City Fall: Fiat justitia, Ruit Caelum March 29th, 2019 Judge Veers is informed of the nature of the coin, and has a few warning words for the Shadow in return.
The Divine Masquerade: Exchanging Blooded Gloves March 29th, 2019 Joker hires Stockholm for a job that will take some finesse.
Smiting Is Good Therapy March 29th, 2019 Thor is reunited with She-Hulk and relates issues with his royal obligations
Chatting and Chedder Brugers March 28th, 2019 Tim Drake, Carrie Kelley, Gar Logan, Kitty Pryde, and Koriand'r meet up for a late night meal. Kori learns why some heroes wear masks.
Introductions At Wayne Manor March 28th, 2019 Kitty Pryde and Stephanie Brown get introduced as Kitty drops off some boxes at Wayne Manor, and runs into Tim and Carrie Kelley as well.
City Fall: Confessions from Beyond the Grave: A Foot Inside the Door March 28th, 2019 Joker pays the injured Sal Maroni a visit, endearing himself with candy and learning about the new power trying to control Gotham.
You Are Doin' Me a Bamboozle March 26th, 2019 Steve wants to sleep. Janets want to Steve. T'Challa wants to help. Thor also wants to share buttered chicken. Wade wants to sow chaos. It's all chaos -- glorious chaos.
Turtles and Trouble March 26th, 2019 Punisher meets the Turtles in an abandoned subway station. An accord... might be reached?
Study Break March 26th, 2019 Coulson comes out of the woodwork of field duty to check up on new trainee Samantha in the food court. He ends up helping with her first taste of SHIELD paperwork.
Need A Little Magic March 26th, 2019 Kitty turns to Rogue for advice as she seeks something to help her fight the Untitled
Need A Little Magic Redux March 26th, 2019 Seeking means to fight the Untitled, Kitty is taken by Rogue to see Doctor Strange
A Night At The Embassy March 25th, 2019 Diana Prince is approached by T'Challa at a diplomatic party to discuss diplomatic relations. Okoye has an unpleasant dance
Shadow Ninja Turtles March 25th, 2019 Leonardo and Michelangelo pull sentry duty topside, where they encounter a small amount of trouble.
Two Bit Circus March 25th, 2019 Micah takes Dinah on a tour of the Triskelion and runs into Sam practicing in the heavy ordinance range. It is a screaming good time.
Stranger Tides: When the Sea Calms March 25th, 2019 Nick Fury debriefs June Connor after her encounter with the alien space craft at sea.
Turtle Time in the Lair March 24th, 2019 Three of the brothers discuss - surprise - pizza!
Hunting Apartments March 24th, 2019 Carrie and Kitty look for an NYC apartment for Kitty, and talk about superhero things
Meeting Her Parents March 24th, 2019 Jason gets introduced to Kitty's mother and gets the blessing of her parents. A promise ring is given.
All-Blade: The Long Ride Home March 23rd, 2019 Jason and Kitty get information on a ride home. And Kitty gets only more stubborn.
First Day Treat March 23rd, 2019 Samantha goes to have a celebratory first day pretzel and meets Impulse. This shouldn't have any negative consequences right?
All-Blade: Seeking a Raider for Adventure March 23rd, 2019 Jason visits Lara Croft to ask for her help with finding an ancient blade.
Dinner Guests March 23rd, 2019 Natasha arrives to meet with Scott and/or Jean, before dinner plans with Logan. Rogue and Kitty join in and invitation for dinner and bowling are extended.
A Fistful of Janets March 23rd, 2019 The Janets divvy up their wardrobe and search for some common ground
After The Mission March 23rd, 2019 T'Challa visits Wanda to see how she's doing after difficulties on the mission rescuing Janet from Sentinels
What Happens When Two Teleporters Get Together March 23rd, 2019 Kurt and Blink bump into each other and compare teleporting styles, with Cyclops giving input
Friday Night LED Lights March 23rd, 2019 Ellie was just playing with a drone when Kitty sets off a Rachel shaped explosion destroying the computer lab. Erika and Jean come to the rescue.
That Time When Kitty Was Drunk March 22nd, 2019 Drunk from celebrating the Jewish holiday of Purim, Kitty is drunk-sat by her friend Rogue.
Negotiating in the shadows. March 22nd, 2019 A hostage situation in a grocery store is efficiently resolved by not one, but two beings who call the shadows home.
Meanwhile, Back in Club Mjolnir March 22nd, 2019 Silver meets a real Valkyrie!
In The Blink Of An Eye March 22nd, 2019 Conner hears Blink's portals and goes to find his old friend
All Blade: T-T-T-Timmy! March 22nd, 2019 Jason is assaulted by something after the Lazarus Pit. Kitty and Tim assist in fighting it off
Oh Where Oh Where Has Our Janet Gone March 21st, 2019 Wanda and T'Challa investigate the scene of Janet's abduction and find clues to her location.
Take A Chance On Me March 21st, 2019 Clint, Skye, and May come to welcome Samantha onboard with SHIELD and also inadvertantly end an unadvised experiment on the girl
To Save A Soul: Purim March 21st, 2019 Magneto responds to an invite from his daughter, to find Lorna, Kitty, and Kitty's mother taking him to celebrate the holiday of Purim at a Jewish temple. Part of their attempt to help Erik renew his faith.
A Long Ways to Go. March 20th, 2019 Cyclops, Rogue and Shadowcat steal a shipment of Sentinel parts, evade police, steal a few for themselves and destroy the rest
Swamp Rescue March 20th, 2019 Wolfsbane and Angel show up at a special recovery mission and run into trouble.
Wherefore Art Thou, Janet March 20th, 2019 Steve and T'Challa search for signs of Janet after her abduction. Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she had to walk into Steve's.
The Forgotten Spar March 20th, 2019 Jason and Kitty's attempt to spar turns into finding out more about each other's pasts
R&D Blues March 19th, 2019 Simmons and Fitz get their turn to investigate Samantha and Nyx
City Fall: Parlez-vous Francais March 19th, 2019 When Foot Assassins attack, Michelangelo, Moon Knight, and Snake Eyes are there to give chase.
Five Slugs in the Gut: Payphone's Broken and the Cabbie's Blind March 19th, 2019 Joker calls for a ride back to Gotham. Business proposals with Deadshot and Stockholm ensue.
The Speedster Prince March 19th, 2019 Blink visits Pietro at Avengers Manor
Mutant Town Cleanup March 19th, 2019 Bryn and Warren meet in Mutant Town. Coffee and Pie ensues!
Waffles and Brothers March 19th, 2019 Jason, Kitty, Carrie and Dick breakfast together at the manor. Kitty meets Dick for the first time. And peanut butter gets put on waffles
Rescuing the Wasps March 18th, 2019 The Avengers rescue Janet van Dyne and get a two-for-one special.
We didn't start the fire.. March 18th, 2019 Explosion at a high school! First responders under attack! Origami and Starfire destroy monsters attacking the school from within!
Stretching Out The New Wings March 18th, 2019 Rogue takes Pixie, Blink and Andrea through a flying obstacle course
My foot for the Foot March 18th, 2019 Mikey comes back to the lair after engaging the Foot Clan... and hams up to Leo while trying to give info
Dinner New York Style March 18th, 2019 Carrie joins James for a late dinner with a view of the Statue of Liberty
Curiosity May Not Kill the Kitty March 18th, 2019 Jason takes Kitty to meet with Bruce Wayne, after Kitty has deduced Batman's identity
Blink Sells Sea Shells Down By The... March 18th, 2019 Laura gets a present of some sea shells from Blink
Angel From The Heavens March 17th, 2019 Lorna and Blink sat on the roof with hot cider to relax, and Angel dropped in, greeting old friends and making new ones.
Scott Summers' Day Off March 17th, 2019 Scott was stressing, so Blink took him surfing. Lorna joined and they showed him some of the island's finer points.
Sundae fun-day March 17th, 2019 An ice cream social with unusual flavors
Pepper On The Job March 16th, 2019 Pepper goes over a Stark job offer with Kitty. Janet works out getting occasional access for JVD.
Logan's a Jerk! March 16th, 2019 Blink meets Logan and he's not that big of a jerk.
Ladies Unmasked March 16th, 2019 Red Hood and Shadowcat return to the Redcave. Kestrel and Shadowcat share their identities
Green Gardens, Purple People March 15th, 2019 Blink meets Andrea by the gardens and talks of Genosha and stardom
Daughters of Daratar: Epilogue March 15th, 2019 Sindr and Janz bring Thea and Teya back to their father and collect payment.
In The Kitchen With Sam March 15th, 2019 Samuel, Rachel, Erika, Blink, Negasonic, and X-23 make fried chicken while discussing hero names, image inducers, and various student issues
I volunteer as tribute March 15th, 2019 Kitty attempts to visit Janet, finds a Wade and Steve instead.
Marching To A Different Drummer March 15th, 2019 Jessica checks out T'Challa playing a Talking Drum. Also talk about Sentinels and Reed Richard's ray gun.
Fresh air. Fresh ideas. March 15th, 2019 Andrea and Blink discuss their powers and get to know one another
Arsenals, felines and paratroopers. March 14th, 2019 Red Hood and Arsenal talk about a new Outlaws with Galina and Kitty in attendance. Kestrel makes a visit. Kitty and Galina talk Sentinels
Late Night Talk, Avenger's Style March 14th, 2019 Janet, Steve, Minoke and T'Challa talk about the Sentinels. Deadpool drops in
Young-Snikt And Kitty Meetup March 14th, 2019 X-23 speaks to Kitty about issues for herself and other students
Slipstreaming through Mutant town March 14th, 2019 Bryn and Slipstream meet in Mutant Town
Movin' On Up March 14th, 2019 Four of the Stepford Cuckoos depart for Emma's academy while Esme stays behind. Blink opens a portal to a Genoshan beach for Rogue and Bobby to enjoy a quick swim. Negasonic, Sam and Erika discuss training.
Good Riddance to Emma Frost March 13th, 2019 Emma Frost finishes cleaning out her office. She is interrupted by the Cuckoos, seeking information. James Proudstar shows up and explains that his vacation has been anything but.
Employee Orientation: Van Dyne Style March 13th, 2019 Kitty gets to see Janet's fashion magic at work, on her first day of contract work at JVD Fashion House
Checking Up March 13th, 2019 Jason Blood comes to check in on Morrigan and they talk about Etrigan, Morrigan's father and dinner plans.
City Fall: Coin Consultation. March 13th, 2019 Zatanna divines one of the coin's functions, and provides the Shadow with a means of tracking its creator.
Talking Frankly March 13th, 2019 Punisher contacts the X-men. Shadowcat and Negasonic meet to discuss the Sentinels.
Finding A Voice March 12th, 2019 Agents Fitz, Simmons, and Special Agent Grant Ward discuss on the best way of determining just what makes SHIELD's guest Nyx so special.
Feeding Time March 12th, 2019 Catwoman does a good deed in the 'hood. Azrael encounters her.
Wasp/Shadowcat Crossover Event! March 12th, 2019 Janet and Kitty get some face time and discover they have a lot in common.
So This Is Where Lorna Grew Up March 12th, 2019 Lorna returned home with Blink, drawing questions from X-23 and the Stepford Cuckoos about people's identities
Who's Saving Who March 12th, 2019 Bryn and Helena meet while fighting a gang together.
Museum Wandering March 12th, 2019 Grant Ward and Morrigan MacIntyre are having a day off.
The Play's The Thing March 11th, 2019 Carrie meets James over a play with Apaches as a subject matter. A stage accident results in students who need saving.
Sentinels: Foresha-Doe March 11th, 2019 The Xmen Psylocke and Kitty meet with Janet to inspect their 'Sentinel' man. Tony assists in making him explode.
A friendly intruder March 11th, 2019 Deadpool shows up at the school in disguise. Nobody is fooled, but they humor him anyways.
City Fall: Who Judges The Judges March 11th, 2019 The Shadow speaks to a judge, and gets a coin out of it.
What's your problem, Pryde! March 11th, 2019 Kitty hassles Logan and tells him she's dating some weirdo.
Post-Party Calmdowns March 10th, 2019 Jason, Kitty and Carrie unwind and chow down after the charity ball. Worries over Damian are exchanged.
Forging Some Answers March 10th, 2019 Forge examines Samantha and Nyx and manages to freak Samantha out.
Apologies to the pest March 10th, 2019 James Proudstar apologized for kidnapping Erika.
A Snowy Scenario March 10th, 2019 Kitty does physical training, and then Nate boosts Negasonic's power as she does a Sentinel simulation under Rogue's watchful eye
Time To Talk Hero Stuff March 10th, 2019 Kitty shares that she's part of a super hero team to Jason. Plus other impossible events.
One Quite Night in Gotham March 10th, 2019 Impulse convinces The Flash to help keep crime down in Gothan City!
Bon Voyage, Damian Wayne! March 10th, 2019 Jason meets with Damian and helps him with supplies and advice before sending him on his way.
Fitting In March 9th, 2019 Andrea, James and Samuel discuss the New Mutants, Andrea's education, and Samuel's club
Masquerade Ball March 9th, 2019 Selina Kyle holds a charity event for a big cat sanctuary. Lots and lots of people attend. Lots of money is raised.
Not as Nice as the Clocktower.. March 9th, 2019 Barbara and Jason catch up over the upgrades, and then Kitty shows up - and the mutual respect show starts with Jason as the third wheel.
Airstrike Oracle March 9th, 2019 Oracle improves upon the Crimson Dynamo's Armor
The Business Game March 9th, 2019 Plans are made by the Light and associates to recover intelligence on the current Sentinel models.
Another day in SHIELD Gitmo March 9th, 2019 Agent Ward comes to investigate the teenage WMD that is spending an extended stint as a guest of SHIELD
The Russian in the basement March 8th, 2019 Kitty Pryde encounters the Crimson Dynamo in Red Hood's cave
A Brother's Revenge: The Brave and The Bold March 8th, 2019 Jean Grey gives James a second chance, allowing him to join Xavier's school
Crimson and Computers March 8th, 2019 Jason reveals key parts of his past. He and Kitty come to new understandings.
Green + Magenta=Fun March 8th, 2019 Lorna is visiting Mutant Town, and finds out that an old friend, Blink, has been sent to serve as security for her
Cucpcakes and Favors March 8th, 2019 Red Hood shows up at the Clocktower to offer cupcakes and surprises for Oracle. Always beware a Hoodie bearing gifts.
Masked Meetings March 8th, 2019 Carrie and Kitty bond while trying on masks for the charity ball, and Jason joins them with takeout
Subs, or Hoagies March 8th, 2019 Sam meets up with James who has been let out of holding and invited to stay at the school
Scents, Squirrels and Monkeys March 7th, 2019 Clint checks in on R&D and he and Jemma discuss scents, squirrels and monkeys among other things.
Central City March 7th, 2019 Jess and Barry find an ice cream monster in central Park... and they lick it.
A Sea of Red: Aftermath March 7th, 2019 Bart and Barry bond after Zoom gets away
Dead March 7th, 2019 Reactions to Sam surviving his apparent death in a fight against FoH Sentinels
Stranger Tides: Unidentified Sunken Object March 7th, 2019 In the plot finale, Bruce Banner and Aspen enter the underwater alien ship. Trusting one of the dying aliens to close the interdimensional rift, Aspen unknowingly triggers the self-destruct.
The Ugly Beneath the Shine March 6th, 2019 Jason and Kitty encounter muggers, and part of Jason's crime-fighting life is revealed
Sentinels: Sentinels of Gotham Part 2 March 6th, 2019 Sentinel delivery to Friends of Humanity interrupted by the X-men, Punisher and Crimson Dynamo
Trial of Nuala Duvall: Diplomatic Excursion March 6th, 2019 Loki meets with Rhomann Dey about Nuala Duvall to try to come to an agreement.
A Sea of Red March 5th, 2019 Impulse arrives in the current era. Professor Zoom tries to take advantage of the event to find a way home... and is stopped by the Flash.
Jailhouse Rock March 5th, 2019 Samuel visits James Proudstar while the latter is being held after attacking the X-Men
Deep Space Legislation March 5th, 2019 The Guardians of the Galaxy and a fleet of space rabbits fight off a dozen Legislators.
Visiting Hours Are 9-3 Tuesday Through... March 5th, 2019 Andrea visits James in his containment cell
Janet Milking her Cookies March 5th, 2019 Several Avengers stop by the infirmary to cheer up an injured Wasp.
The Scolding March 4th, 2019 Rahne lets surrendered James have it for his attempt to draw out and kill Xavier
Talk Of John March 4th, 2019 Polaris brings food to Warpath, who is being held after his assault on the X-men
Where do Russians get their power March 4th, 2019 After the Crimson Dynamo was arrested by the FSB, Red Hood takes Kestrel with him to spring her.
Now You're Hot to Trot March 3rd, 2019 Felicia stops by Doctor Strange's Sanctum for a last round of questions before she leaves to fetch a lost orb. In the process, she meets Kaelyn, fellow sufferer of cursed state!
Disturbance In Progress March 3rd, 2019 There's a disturbance that comes out over the radio. But what happens is by far more disturbing.
Letting Cats Out Of Bags at a Chinese Restaurant March 3rd, 2019 Jason, Kitty, Carrie, Damian, and Harper Row meet up for Chinese
A Dress For Success March 3rd, 2019 Kitty borrows a dress for a gala ball from Rogue, and then much talking about mutant powers and Rogue's history ensues.
The Date: All the Movies Make it Look Easy March 3rd, 2019 Castiel asks May out on 'The Date' only to find out that Darcy has left out some very vital pieces of information, and the 'Date' is actually a mission. It's about the comedy of errors you would expect.
Red Tape March 3rd, 2019 Summary needed
War of Olympus March 3rd, 2019 Ares asks Thor for help!
Once Upon A Time March 3rd, 2019 Logan and Natasha share a moment in the snow
Caffeine and Vigilantism March 2nd, 2019 Summary needed
A Visit To The Doctor March 2nd, 2019 Jessica checks on T'Challa who is stitched up after a run in with Bushmaster and Anaconda
Starling City Nights: Down in Gotham Alley March 2nd, 2019 Summary needed
A Brother's Revenge: Case of the Kidnapped Mutant March 2nd, 2019 Souvenir was located after her kidnapping by Warpath. Cyclops led a team of X-men and students to fight past Warpath and automated defenses to free her
Dying of the Light March 2nd, 2019 Summary needed
Dessert before Dinner March 2nd, 2019 Ice cream and social talk between Jason and Kitty
On Deconsecrated Ground March 2nd, 2019 Summary needed
An interesting encounter March 1st, 2019 Summary needed
Visiting The Blue Lady March 1st, 2019 Morrigan goes to visit Thomas and things get interesting.
Sentinels: Investigation, Mk 1 March 1st, 2019 Forge and Kitty meet about Sentinels.
Running the Numbers March 1st, 2019 Summary needed
Mall moos March 1st, 2019 Miyako, Caitlin, Billy Cranston, and Miyako's origami cow carrier meet at the Salem Center mall. Billy is cutely awkward.
Black Team Recruitment : Pryde, Katherine March 1st, 2019 Remy talks to Kitty about the Black Team. Now with more Krispy Kreme.
Dinner time at Chucky Xs March 1st, 2019 Summary needed
Park Benches and Conversation March 1st, 2019 Summary needed
A Brother's Revenge: Investigation March 1st, 2019 Andrea, Cyclops, Cannonball, Gambit and Scourge respond to reports from Kamala Khan that Souvenir is missing, and find evidence she was abducted
New Job new Life! March 1st, 2019 Summary needed
Also, update March 1st, 2019 Spider-Woman gets promoted!
A Brother's Revenge: The Best Part of Waking Up March 1st, 2019 Erika tries to get some information from her captor.
Heave Ho March 1st, 2019 Micah arranges for Samantha to test her strength. Accidents ensue.
Breakin' the Law March 1st, 2019 Summary needed
Sentinels: These butt jokes just make themselves March 1st, 2019 Summary needed
Title Date Scene Summary
Bats and Cats in the Belfry April 21st, 2019 Bruce, Kitty and Jason discuss the Lycan threat. Also, donuts!
Meanwhile In Transylvania April 19th, 2019 Morrigan goes on a trip to find some answers. She ends up finding Dracula.
See the sights of Gotham and, if you're lucky, survive them. April 18th, 2019 A sightseeing trip through Gotham takes a very unexpected turn.
Getting Into It April 18th, 2019 Sargent Barnes shows up for his first appointment with a young shrink just assigned to the VA. They delve into what's eating Bucky up.
The Book Was Better April 17th, 2019 Scott, Forge, X-23, Rogue, Kitty, Lorna try to locate 3 missing students with help from security consultant Jason Todd
Cereal: It Does A Body Good April 17th, 2019 Kitty and Negasonic run into Rift, recently returned to the school
A Heist in Hinkley April 17th, 2019 Washington and Stockholm pull of a heist against some gangs doing a drug deal.
Of Red Hoods and Rogues April 17th, 2019 While at Xavier's with Kitty, Jason opens up about his hero identity to Rogue
Peepol Sematary April 16th, 2019 Rogue, Lorna and Kitty fail to stop a student seance from turning into an abduction
A Punishing Discussion April 16th, 2019 Leo and Donnie talk about Punisher's plans. Includes brief Splinter cameo.
Gotham Good Times April 16th, 2019 Blink and Negasonic visit Carrie's Gotham apartment, getting her in trouble with her super
The Martial Arts April 16th, 2019 Jason and Kitty meditate and speak of the darkness that inhabits them both.
Central Park Fun April 16th, 2019 Wonder Woman and Black Panther stop an attack of Stymphalian birds in Central Park, then locate their nesting grounds
Hope April 16th, 2019 Suzanne inducts Nuala to the Blue Lantern Corps.
Trying Again April 15th, 2019 She-Hulk and Richard Dragon go see Hamilton and discuss their situation
The Little Drummer King April 14th, 2019 Steve hears T'Challa's talking drum. They discuss music and politics.
Skate Or Die April 14th, 2019 Rogue, Carrie and Blink hit a skatepark together.
Streets of the City: The Score April 14th, 2019 Stockholm hands off the coin and intel she got on The Foot.
The Question Of The Day April 13th, 2019 Batman, Robin, Red Robin, and Blackbird are caught in Riddler's (NPC) trap. Red Hood and Kestrel arrive in time to help stop Riddler from gassing an apartment building.
H is for.... April 13th, 2019 There's a lot of weird in Art.
The Great Arkham Train called Escape April 12th, 2019 Chaos. No really chaos. Hyenas. Vampires. Insane People. Rocket Launchers.
Doom Abducts Harrison April 12th, 2019 Latveria has a new... 'guest'.
A Fantastic Visit April 11th, 2019 Reed Richards offers his services to the school, meeting with Scott and Kitty
City Fall: A Clown's Errand April 11th, 2019 Julia tracks down one of the mysterious coins that have been handed out, request of the Joker.
Hooked April 11th, 2019 Bounty hunters try to work out a deal with their quarry, while trying not to get Lanterned and blowed up in hyperspace.
Training a Shadow April 11th, 2019 Kitty is trained by Batman, and tells of werewolves in Gotham
Final Fitting April 10th, 2019 Kitty Pride gets her dress from Janet van Dyne.
What will a little bird tell the curious cat. April 10th, 2019 Catwoman seeks out one of Batman's brood, Red Robin, with a request and an offer.
Opinions from the Dark side. April 10th, 2019 Samuel talks to Illyana about a public mutant hero team, while Kitty asks a big favor of Illyana
A Kitty By Any Other Name April 9th, 2019 Kitty, Carrie and Jason discuss hero names for Kitty in Gotham
Bowling Babes or Gutter Girls April 9th, 2019 Rogue and Kitty are joined at the bowling alley by Peter Parker and Negasonic. Rogue wiggles her butt, as usual.
Of Sentinels And Silver Bullets April 9th, 2019 Cap and Kitty discuss werewolves, and further cooperation on the Sentinels.
A Xavier's Meeting On A Fine Spring Day April 8th, 2019 Rahne and Blink meet for the first time on the school grounds
Legal Advice April 8th, 2019 Samuel asks for legal advice for a public mutant superhero team
Abduction April 8th, 2019 Nuala is kidnapped by Lobo and Star-Lord! Suzanne, Black Panther, and Hal try to stop it.
A Stranger at the gates. April 8th, 2019 Carrie meets Remy and Rogue outside the school, and they are joined by Kitty
City Fall: The Smoke Shop April 8th, 2019 Leo and April try to find out who have been the mysterious guardians of Mutant Town.
X-MEN: Xsylum pt 1 April 7th, 2019 Members of the X-Men wake up in a strange new reality that may very well be a chilling take on a possible truth! Or, its all just made up by a powerful head gamey mutant.
School Time for Impulse! April 6th, 2019 Bart meets some of the X-Peeps and applies to go to school there!
Late night talk with sam and Rahne April 6th, 2019 Rahne's been a little scarce. Sam gets her to talk about it.
Green Reunions April 6th, 2019 Richard looks for Jennifer after one of her cases
Gravesend April 5th, 2019 April crashes a gang meeting. So does Spawn.
City Fall: Where is Mercy Found April 5th, 2019 Matt Murdock takes on a couple of hard-luck cases... And Daredevil has a clue to chase down.
It's a Lesson April 5th, 2019 Batman sends a message to Impulse about activity in Gotham, with Shadowcat, Kestrel and Huntress watching on
What's New Pussycat April 4th, 2019 A true ca-tastrophe struck Tribeca as feline hordes invaded during lunch hour and a brave band of .. well not heroes but they were brave dealt with it.
Mirror Mirror On The Wall April 4th, 2019 Kitty and Rogue set up a magic mirror to the Sanctum Santorum. Jason has a surprise waiting, while Doctor Strange gets dragged to tea by Black Cat.
All good things... April 4th, 2019 Nuala finds out who Suzanne is, and...get's a job?
Super College April 2nd, 2019 Superboy, Red Robin and Blink meet up to discuss college life
City Fall: Recon at the Warehouse April 2nd, 2019 Punisher and Leo stake out the Foot headquarters, and discuss how to proceed to get more information.
Just Another Manic Monday April 2nd, 2019 Several old friends meet a new one. Otherwise known as Matt takes new hire Mary to Josie's where he runs into Elektra, and Danny Rand.
Eureka, I've Got It! April 2nd, 2019 T'Challa informs Steve of a way to tell Janet from clone-Janet (Jocasta). Plans are made to tag the real Janet for easy ID.
Kitty And Jean Catchup Session April 2nd, 2019 Jean and Kitty catch up on how each other's lives have been going of late.
The Blaze April 1st, 2019 Psylocke and Negasonic end up saving a bunch of people from a burning building, each in their own unique way.
Stop behaving yourself! April 1st, 2019 Jubilee challenges Mason on his unusual behavior, trying to get him to allow others to help him.
The Lull Before The Storm April 1st, 2019 Storm and Kitty discuss the situation with the Sentinels, and what to do next.
Title Date Scene Summary
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Title Date Scene Summary
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Title Date Scene Summary
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Title Date Scene Summary
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Title Date Scene Summary
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Title Date Scene Summary
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Title Date Scene Summary
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Title Date Scene Summary
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