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Title Time Description
It's My Party 2023-06-03 00:00:00 So I am told I have a birthday thing. And apparently there are ways to celebrate it that involve presents, festivities, and oh yeah. Liquor. So if you're around on that day. This is a thing, and it is to be done. This thing. Hooray!
Moving Product 2023-06-05 23:00:00 Scarface is moving 'product', most likely of the drug and weapons variety out from a dock in Gotham.

Feel free to show up as any hero who's been paying attention to stop this shipment from getting out into the world at large, even not a Gotham centric hero!

Just another fun little distraction scene. Come stop the badguy(S)!

Immortal Libations 2023-06-08 00:30:00 A chance for Immortals, Gods, Demons, Mystics, and all sorts of supernatural beings to have a night to relax, and chill out!
Adaptation Finale 2023-06-08 23:30:00 IC: During the last scene, the final robot began to upload something. Although, incomplete, something -did- go out. As the group (the previous participants of the three scenes) begin to leave something flies INTO a loud "BOOM!" Walking through the building is a the cause of this create. They step out into the open. At first glance they look like a hybrid between Captain America and Iron Man, but washed in dark green. Most of the torso looks like it's Captain America's uniform with small accents of the Iron Man armor. Their helmet looks like a mixture of Iron Man and Hawkeye. The entity focuses and a sheild starts to form into place over one arm and a hammer forms into the alternate hand. Unlike most of the previously destroyed trio, this is not a blank slate. It's pretty easy to surmise -some- of the skills in this robot's arsenal. It looks like "Father" got some of the message.
OOC: This scene is open to everyone. Previous scene attendants and Leaguers are preferred, but everyone's welcome. 
Also, I'm not pulling punches.