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Title Time Description
H is for Hunt Part 2 2024-06-23 19:00:00 Prisoners exchanged. Both sides have lost. Both sides of progressed. The F.o.H. is going to the next step of their plan.
This is not an X-Men Exclusive Plot (although they're easier to fit in). If anyone's a street level and pro-mutant person come on down until the slots are full.
Lux is Such a Drag...Queen! 2024-06-23 22:00:00 Lux is holding a Drag Show with Five Times Novel appearing as the guest band. Doors open at 9pm for this event (RL time will differ below) and all proceeds will be divided in equal amounts to support the Trevor Project and Equal Rights 4 All. As always, host Lucifer Morningstar and his companion Doctor Nathaniel Essex will match the donations to each group at a hundred percent. People wishing to attend this event are encouraged to dress in their best Drag Queen or King persona (or just dress UP yourself as you wish!).

Disclaimer : 21+ only event. If you come here to hate, you won't last long. Lux is an equal opportunistic vice supplier.

OOC : Event will begin at 5pm CST and will last as long as I can last OOCly before crashing out. Tag if you wish, but this is a come and go event where people can join and leave at their leisure. If anyone would like to actually walk the runway as a Drag Queen or King, please page or @mail Lucifer to discuss.

H is for Hunt Part 3 2024-06-26 22:30:00 TBA
Mutants, street level characters that are mutant friendly welcome.