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Title Time Description
Liar's Dice 2017-10-20 22:00:00 Each time there's a New Moon, a dilapidated old riverboat named 'Proud Mary' appears briefly at a certain spot on the Mississippi River. There, a mysterious spectral figure known only as 'The Gambler' takes on passengers for a night of unholy music, mind-addling drinks, and terrifying games of chance. It's said that some passengers depart the boat with their wildest dreams fulfilled. Still others never leave at all...

This month, rumors are circulating that The Gambler has come into possession of something exceedingly rare that could cause incredible damage in the wrong hands. And he's sent personal invitations to all of the world's worst degenerates to come and play for a chance to win the item.

Your mission, should you have nothing better to do, is to create an appropriate cover story, dress in fancy period-appropriate clothing, and come up with enough gold to get invited on board the Proud Mary. There, you'll be competing in games of pure chance for a shot at Whatever It is. Who better to keep it safe than you, after all?

OOC Stuff: This event is open for everyone, from the villains who'd try to get their hands on a weapon, to the heroes who'd try to stop them, to the scumbags and thieves who'd just want to sell it for a quick profit. EVERYTHING about the event will be decided by dice rolls, but a crafty gambler will know how to work that to his or her advantage.

Might or Right 2017-10-20 23:00:00 A Gang in New York City seeing the MMA tournament as a threat to their recruitment of members. Decides to deliver a message that discipline and self control are no match against strength and power.

As a result they decide to raid Central park causing as much pain and misery as possible. With kids present will Heroes come to their aid and show them that might does not make right?

OOC Looking mainly for some street level heroes to help defend and fight off gangs. Although I could bring out some significant thug Meta humans if some higher level heroes come out, 5-7 people sought.

Backwater Screams 2017-10-22 23:00:00 < OOC: This is a first time scheduling stuff for me, so if there's any problems just blame that Joe Kerr guy. Putting this up to gauge interest, it being the season and all. Just a one-off. As if I would ever schedule my actual plots, hah. :D >

Psychic shockwaves are felt around the country, for those who have a strong connection to the spiritual and magical. There are rumours circling in the region of monsters spotted moving in the bayou and swamps near the backwater town of Abattoir, Louisiana. Townsfolk, acting strangely and attacking each other in the streets. And the very town itself, increasingly wrapped in encroaching vegetation and plant-life - as if the old trees and swamp algae had a mind of it's own. There have even been reports of a bipedal creature emerging from the marsh for unknown reasons.

Maybe some Scooby Doo types (err, I mean, magicians/Scooby Doo types) want to come check it out? I promise, it's NOT the owner of the Haunted Amusement Park in a mask. I swear.

I'll be running the whole thing, townsfolk, NPCs, etc and all. Looking for a few people who would go investigate such a thing, or have relatives in the bayou they visit around Halloween, or just because cuz comic books.

The Monster Mash 2017-10-25 23:00:00 There is a flash mob and then halloween social planned. Frankenstein will be there. He will find he can dance, who knew? But in the process might gain insight into something darker. This will be a social scene in a small shop area in NYC. It will also have subtext that might lead to larger rp.
LexCon 2017-10-28 16:00:00 Welcome to LexCon.

The LexCorp branded industry expo and convention is primed to bring tomorrow's world to today. Join Lex Luthor himself as he unveils his latest products that LexCorp will have to offer. Everyone from the highest government official to Earth's Mightiest Heroes to the Kings of Queens of Cosplay all the way down to the esteemed children of all ages. Tickets available now. LexCorp Employees (+2) get in Free.

(OOC: Another socialization event that's ICly taking place from Fri, Oct. 27 - Sun, Oct. 29. If any villains want to crash, let's chat it up. If any celebrities/employees want panels or demonstrations, let's chat it up. If rival companies want to crash, let's chat it up. Etc. Just hit me up and let's rock out! We've got plenty of time to do some lead up to it and everything.)