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Title Time Description
The Cure: Burning Man 2020-10-01 20:45:00 The newly emerged terrorist group Metaforce, is on the move again. This time they have discovered the secret headquarters of the anti mutant group who slipped through their grasp the last time, thanks to the valiant efforts of the X-men.

This time they have devised a plan to trap the anti-mutant group leaders in a burning building! Unfortunately there are innocents living in the same apartment. Can the X-men stop their dastardly plan in time?

Atlantis Approved 2020-10-03 01:00:00 The underwater realm of Poseidonis is hosting a diplomatic function at its Embassy. Those with diplomatic credentials, high society credentials, or business credentials with ties to Environmental technologies or activism, shipping, alternate energy, water quality, or related goods are invited. Garth, Prince of  Shayeris is hosting the event. Attire is black tie (or if attending as in a heroic Identity your heroic duds if appropriate). This is primarily a social scene, though I have some drama available. Contact Garth (G) and/or Emma (Em )via @mail if you feel like it is something you want to attend but you are unsure that you fit the criteria.