6717/A Brother's Revenge: The Best Part of Waking Up

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A Brother's Revenge: The Best Part of Waking Up
Date of Scene: 01 March 2019
Location: Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado
Synopsis: Erika tries to get some information from her captor.
Cast of Characters: Warpath, Souvenir
Tinyplot: A Brother's Revenge

Warpath has posed:
The room is mostly concrete. The walls, the floor, even the ceilings seem made of it. Some kind of bunker then? As the young woman's eyes come open, she'll find her wrists and ankles tightly secured with plastic zip ties. Between the ties and her skin are bits of her clothing, cut from portions that won't affect her modesty.

An old pipe that runs vertically from floor to ceiling is inside of her wrists, so Erika won't be able to go anywhere. There are a few cots lying around, and a long table which has been turned into a work space. There is ammunition and weapons, even explosives over there. And a seven feet tall Native American is sitting on a stool, soldering something as Erika wakes up.

Souvenir has posed:
Erika Kristasdottir blinks and looks around. She pauses a moment to review what else is in her head with her.. same clothes as before. her coat is between her and a pipe. Hmm. She glances around. Head slightly fuzzy. What time is it? This is bad.

She narrows her eyes at the soldering, trying to figure out what is being made. She stays quiet for the moment, so she can try to gather clues.

Warpath has posed:
"You're awake," the man says without looking behind him at Erika. "I don't plan to hurt you. Just need you to stay there and behave. If you do, you'll go free in a couple of days," he tells her.

He's big. Not just tall, but muscular. Not quite as large physically as Hank, but not far from it. The man spins around on the stool he's using to turn and look over towards Erika. "Are you hungry? Or thirsty?" he asks her. There isn't any way to tell what time it is, no windows, just doorways. But she might be hungry, as a solid 8 hours have passed since she was taken.

Souvenir has posed:
Erika Kristasdottir fumes a bit. "You know I can't sleep like this, right? In a couple days, I'm going to be all kinds of loopy." She frowns. "Maybe, yeah. What time is it?" She looks around. Adrenaline a little bit high, but it just isn't helpful right now. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Slowly test the zip ties. Move everything. Nothing seems hurt.. Try to act casual. Don't raise an alarm.

Warpath has posed:
The Native American's head tilts a little bit at the statement. "And why can't you sleep like that? If you are tired enough, you will sleep?" he comments, his voice even but not looking like he believes her on this point. "You have been asleep for quite some time. We are no longer in New York," he replies. "Your friends will come for you eventually, and then you will be freed. So the safest thing is to just relax and be patient."

Souvenir has posed:
Erika Kristasdottir shakes her head. "No, if I'm tired enough, I'll die. I can't actually, you know. SLEEP if I have stuff in my head. My body can rest but my brain won't. I sleep on a patch of grass in my room. I can probably manage with newspapers or something, as long as I can pick out the pages nobody has touched."

She sighs. Ugh. Now she just has to wait for her teachers to notice she's gone. Well, Sam probably will. Kamala is probably freaking out right now.

"Who are you? And like.. why did you drag me out to... wherever this is?"

Warpath has posed:
The man tilts his head as he listens to Erika. "Alright. I will find something no one has touched for you to sleep on," he agrees. "I did not think you were that sensitive," he adds, frowning just slightly, but only for a moment. "You may call me James," he tells her.

He rises from his seat and brings over a bottle of water, motioning with it to see if she wants any. If she does, it has a nozzle like athletes have on theirs, and he'll squirt water without touching her until she indicates she's had enough.

"It was a necessity. For things to be set right. Nothing to do with you directly. I am sorry to have included you. But it was necessary," James tells her. He moves back over to the stool again, getting back to work on what he was soldering. "How long until they miss you?" he asks.

Souvenir has posed:
Erika Kristasdottir has some water and blinks a bit. "I don't know. I had stuff to do, but I don't know when people are going to start worrying." She frowns, thinking. "Hopefully not too long." Probably Kamala is flipping her shit by now, but she's not sure she wants to go telling her whole life story to the guy who has her tied up in his basement.

"Okay, James. I'm Erika. How do you know anything about me, anyway?"

Warpath has posed:
James Proudstar doesn't answer that, just keeps working. He finishes what he is soldering and assembles it. A small box of some kind, with a few prongs sticking out the top. He sets it on the ground and hits the prongs with his foot. When he pulls back, the top pops open and a hand grenade pops up into the air. He catches it, tosses it aside onto the table. Rubber. He begins putting something else back inside, using care as if what he's putting in is not a fake. A land mine?

He sets it aside when done and then stands up and dusts his hands off. "Here, I have a protein bar, you probably can use it by now," he says. He moves over to crouch in front of her, opening it up. "Cookies and cream. The best one, I think. Tastes a bit like an oreo," he says, pulling the wrapper back and offering it to her to bite. He'll stay there, letting her eat it at her pace. "How long have you been at the school?" he asks.

Souvenir has posed:
Erika Kristasdottir munches at the bar, since it seems like a meal. "About.. Well, more than six months, anyway. Did you go there? I mean, you kind of have that vibe, right?" She eyes the Arts And Crafts of Doom dubiously. Hmmm. How to get him talking. She squirms a bit, trying to get comfortable.

Warpath has posed:
"No. No I did not," James tells her. "Unfortunately that school puts a lot of ideas in people's heads. Ones that are as likely to cause you problems down the road as not," he says.

As he talks, James's hand that is not holding the protein bar for her opens and closes, clenching a bit. He finally lets up, his hand going to something hanging from his belt. It's a strip of red leather, like maybe a headband.

Souvenir has posed:
Erika Kristasdottir ohs, watching you quietly. She stays silent for a bit, letting the silence become uncomfortable, and looking up at you expectantly. Maybe he will fill the silence with answers and useful information. For now, she gobbles the rest of the food. No telling what he'll do if he gets angry.

And takes note of that red leather strip. Something about it means something to him. It's obviously a memento.

A souvenir.

Warpath has posed:
James Proudstar finishes feeding Erika and then stands up, moving back over to the stool. "Your attempt to free yourself when I captured you. It was good. Against a normal human it would have liked succeeded," James tells Erika while focusing on his work.

He continues working for awhile before finally putting the tools away. He stretches, working his shoulders as if a little sore from sitting like that for awhile. He slips the bit of leather from his belt, and holds it, rubbing a thumb over it as he thinks for a few moments.

Finally he sets it on the counter and then turns on a number of monitors, with views of what looks like some kind of compound. A few more controls and guns pop up out of the tops of buildings, and out of hidden places in the surrounding terrain. He gives each a test before returning them to their hidden position, and finally shutting down the monitors.

Souvenir has posed:
Erika Kristasdottir ohs.. "Yeah. Thank you? I think? I mean, it didn't work, so it obviously wasn't good enough, but like.. I try." She watches a bit. Again with the souvenir. Her eyes flick over to look at the monitors. Weapons start appearing, Oh hell, is this going to be some sort of demented Five Days at Freddies thing? She tries to commit them to memory, having some troubles because she can't picture the whole layout at once.

"So what did they do to you to deserve all this?" Get Them Monologuing! Maybe it'll even work.

Warpath has posed:
James Proudstar powers everything down finally. The very large man swivels on his stool to look over at her again. "Dreams are dangerous things, Erika Kristasdottir. But you will need to sleep. I will get you something that should work," he tells her. James walks over to the door and says, "All of the booby traps are activated. If somehow you did manage to get out, I would not recommend trying to leave. I would not see the harm that would befall you if you tried. I intend to get you home safely when this over."

Souvenir has posed:
Erika Kristasdottir heaves a huge sigh. Greeeat. She gets the non-talkative supervillain. Inhale. Exhale. Okay. You can do this. Not a great time to escape. But soon. She's sure he is going to have to get rid of the zip ties so she can sleep. And then... she's stuck in the only safe place for God knows how far, in the middle of the woods, in winter. Ugh. Right. Just.. wait for now it is, then. Watch for opportunities. Figure out what all skills he might be using on things.