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Tim Comes Calling
Date of Scene: 12 July 2019
Location: Guest Room - Sanctum Santorum
Synopsis: Tim visits Kitty to talk about her situation with Bruce's family, and also his training of Doug in combat skills.
Cast of Characters: Shadowcat, Red Robin

Shadowcat has posed:
After getting the call from Tim Drake that he wanted to get together to chat, Kitty invited him to meet her half-way, in New York. Though to be fair, the trip for Tim was longer than for Kitty even if the actual distance covered was about the same.

The address she gave is in Greenwich Village at 177A Bleecker Street. Tim can find the strange little mansion easily enough. When he knocks at the door, Kitty opens it and greets him. "Hey Tim, come on in," she says, motioning him inside and shutting the door after him. The place looks like a museum practically, and someone with Tim's curiosity might end up with questions.

At the top of the stairs, a Chinese man dressed like a monk appears. "Hello Wong. This is my friend Tim. Just visiting me," she says, giving a wave up to him. "Oh, very good. Nice to meet you Tim," Wong says, waving towards Tim and then heading back to working in the library where he was when he heard the door.

Kitty will lead Tim over to her room, explaining, "So, this place is Doctor Strange's sanctum. I let a room here in exchange for helping with a few things, so I have a place to crash in the city after work." Kitty pauses at her door. "So, um, magic building. Magic guest room too then of course." Despite the fact they are in a small mansion in Greenwich, Kitty opens the door into what looks like a tropical bungalow. There are sounds of the ocean and salty breezes. "There's not really an ocean out there, just an illusion. The back door is just wall, it doesn't open. But it's really soothing. The room can take whatever form I like. I use this one a lot. Or a ski chalet up in the mountains." She leads him in. "So, how are you?" she asks. Tim might notice, she's wearing Martha Wayne's red ruby ring.

Red Robin has posed:
Tim Drake will offer Wong a proper greeting, showing at least some of Kitty's friends have manors." He will walk with her looking about and tempted to touch things but he keeps his hands to himself. At the look of the room he will whistle softly "And I thought the titan's danger room was spiffy." He will say. He looks at her, and says "Um, I wanted to talk to a to make sure we were still cool. I don't know what went down with you and Jason, but I consider you and a few of your friends, and don't wanna loose you guys in the break up.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty motions Tim over to a comfortable looking couch, wicker but with thick, soft cushions covering it. She goes over to the kitchen to pour two glasses of iced tea. "We're still cool," Kitty says, nodding. "Sorry if I got quite for a bit. I just needed some time to... well. I needed some time," she says.

The brunette brings the glasses over, sitting down by Tim and giving one of the cold drinks to him. She sits holding hers with both hands, looking down at it, lost for a moment in the thoughts that the topic brings. "I went over to see Bruce. I mean, your Dad. And, well, I went to return his mother's ring," she says, looking down at said ring which is still on her fingers. "He said it wasn't just a promise of a relationship with his son, but a promise I was welcome in the family, and that hadn't changed. And gave it back to me,' she says. That part can't help but make her smile, and maybe get a little bit choked up too.

"Yeah, we're good. I'll just give a little space to your brother and... but I'm still around to help. Still training with you all," Kitty confirms.

Red Robin has posed:
Tim Drake nods a bit and says "Well glad to hear it, I mean, I can nerd out with Barbra and all, but well, always feel like the kid brother around her. She is great don't get me wrong, but unless we are building something always feel the whole tier thing. I am not sure if you saw it when you were working with us, but while we don't have a command structure, besides Bruce being the boss, there is sorta one there even if there is not, you know what I mean?

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty leans back in the couch, taking a sip of the cold iced tea. So refreshing on a hot summer day, though the room right now feels like a comfortable 74, and a ceiling fan turns lazily overhead while the sound of seagulls softly calling now and then filter in through open windows in the magic room.

"I did sense it, yes. Your brothers are quite the interesting group," she says with a chuckle, and reaching over to pat Tim's shoulder gently. "And Barbara too. I really need to spend more time with her. We've talked a few times but I could sit and geek out with her for hours I bet."

Kitty looks down at her glass again. "So how are you doing? Things with the Titans going well, I hope? How is Negasonic working out for you? She can be surly, but has a great heart," Kitty says.

Red Robin has posed:
Tim Drake looks over and says "Well the little bit I have been there she seems ok. I think she and Damian are going to get along well. I am trying to keep myself as a more reserve member. As much as a pain in the butt as he is, if I am there, people will look to me to lead and that will just urk the hell out of him. Dick and I were not there a lot at the same time, and when we were he had ben Nightwing for a while, only the old guard thought of him as Robin. If Damian, and I are both there on a regular bases, I give it 3 months max before Damian is trying to kill Garth for something along the lines of calling me the Real Robin, and him Mini Me or something.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty Pryde covers her face and shakes her head. "And I thought I had it hard dealing with teenagers," she says, chuckling. "Damian certain is a bit of a firebrand, especially for his age, isn't he?" she asks, though doesn't seem to mean anything bad by the comment.

"I really don't know too much about the Titans. Just what I have read in the papers. And I know to take media coverage of heroes with large grains of salt potentially. Their coverage of the Sentinels...so slanted. I wonder what strings Trask pulled to get it so. Not that the media needs reasons to demonize mutants," she says, sighing.

Kitty sips her iced tea again. "Well, I'll be around as the team needs me. Like I have been in the past. Hopefully I can leave a little space between he and I, but, that won't keep either of us out of a fight if there is one that needs fighting," Kitty says.

Red Robin has posed:
Tim Drake looks to her, and says "Ok, I am the last one to make excuses for Jason, but .." He sighs a bit and says "No one who has lived in that mansion knows how to have a proper relationship with those of the other sex. I mean, we all treat woman with respect and in super hero, professional, even friendship mostly things are perfectly ok, but once there is any romance involved, we are the 5 stooges." He sighs and says "I mean ..... well lets just say the track record is not good, and I fear I maybe no better than the rest. I am considering asking a friend to pretend to be my my girl friend to try to draw out a killer." He sips his tea, and says "I will keep an ear out listening to see what's going on with Negasonic, and if there is anything I think you need to know will pass the word along to you. I did want to ask you something, do you know if Doug's powers work if he can not see?"

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty gives a little shake of her head. "He didn't treat me poorly. I mean... when we were together. The end was hard, but... he had his reasons," she says, even if she didn't think they were reasons for splitting. Kitty doesn't go into the subject any deeper though.

"Doug? He works on information as far as I know. I doubt it matters how he comes by it," Kitty says. "Whether you read that I stormed out of my home and went and bought a handgun, or you heard someone say that happened, you can still infer what events might come. That's what he does. Just at a level way beyond normal comprehension. Why do you ask?"

Red Robin has posed:
Tim Drake says, "Well, I have been working with him a bit he wants to learn to fight, but his powers are actually limiting him in learning I think. He can react to what I do and such, but his actions stay mostly reactionary. I want to help him learn things that he knows, and can be on both the offensive and the defensive. He seems to think his powers make him have issues being on the front line of heroing."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty considers for a moment before saying, "Realize his power is making observations and then making connections, inferences, and the like from what he sees. It is probably a very reactionary way of thinking then. He could watch someone fight and the more he sees, the more he can predict what they will do. It would not surprise me if he gets that mindset then of sitting back and reacting as he makes those connections in his head. I'm not quite sure the best way to get him to also respond as people without his power would, even while he's gaining that information."

Red Robin has posed:
Tim Drake nods, and says "Well, he and I have actually known one another for a bit, through the game and I want to help him. He wants to do the whole train till you fall over, but as tough as the people who trained me, was not quite that bad. You end up loosing training time if you go that path in my opinion. In your opinion would it be safe to take him out on patrols with me one night?"

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty considers and then says, "I think having him learn from you might be good. The people he has available to train him are equally skilled, some even more so. But they also have powers that they rely on and incorporate, and many are hardier than a normal person. I think you probably bring a mindset to fighting that is more appropriate for Doug. I guess whether you think he's ready is up to you. He has been in fights before, but then Gotham is a bit different in some ways."

Red Robin has posed:
Tim Drake nods his head and says "I want him to see what some of us normal humans can do, maybe if he sees it, he will realize he has potential as well." He offers her a smile and finishes his tea, and says "Well, I should go, if you need anything know you can call me. Also if you ever want to learn to play wow, you can join us in the game.