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Brooding In The Park
Date of Scene: 11 September 2019
Location: Central Park, Manhattan
Synopsis: Morrigan and Angel meet to catchup and he gives her a gift.
Cast of Characters: Morrigan MacIntyre, Angel

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan had taken some time off work to heal and deal with the post mugging situation. It was past sunset and the woman is sitting on a park bench with her phone in her hands. She's dressed in jeans, a black t-shirt and a pair of sneakers. She looks like she's lost in thought for the moment as she looks at people that are taking their nightly walks and enjoying the last days of summer.

Angel has posed:
It is unusual, for Angel at least, to just go around in pseudocrowded places. After all you can brood more easily while on a rooftop or while sitting on your couch, but it is not so easy to do so while surrounded by people laughing, smiling, chatting, running, playing, and doing whatever people do usually at central park. On Angel's side, he is a master of brooding, so much that not even a joyful atmosphere can affect him more than a small amount, but then, shouldn't someone add a bit of diversity to their own three centuries long lives? Reason enough for him to agree somewhat gladly to meet Morrigan in central park, instead of the usual his place or her place.
He happened to be in New York for work, after all, and it is not like he didn't keep in touch with the woman, for training on one side, and even because some part of him, maybe, started to like her company. In any case, the vampire is now silently walking through the shadows, being stealthy without even trying nor really wanting to. Helped, for sure, by his entirely black outfit, consisting in black boots, black pants, black belt with a silver buckle, black short sleeved shirt and black coat over it all. With him, just a stake, and something that he brought for Morrigan and that rests in a small suitcase, not unlike those seen in the hands of businesspeople, an all black, rectangular box whose handle rests in Angel's left hand.
And so it is that he walks, towards the appointed spot, to quietly approach Morrigan and slide on the bench next to her with a "greetings"

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan's sense tingle for a moment as someone approaches and the redhead looks up. She looks a little worse for wear. But given she's got fresh stitches in her arms and she still has the smell of blood on her is not surprising she might look a bit bad. "Angel." she smiles as she reaches out to touch his arm lightly. "I'm glad you were in New York." she states. "You don't have anything pressing going on?" she asks him. "Do you want a coffee or anything?" she asks him.

Angel has posed:
"nothing out of the ordinary and nothing that can't wait." Angel replies, turning to observe and study Morrigan for a couple of seconds, inhaling the scent of blood, for a second fighting back the vampire's instinct that suggests to lunge and drink some. "what happened to you?" he asks, just a small trace of concern noticeable in his voice, if not on his expression, surely though in his eyes.
He sets the case on the bench to his left "I brought something for you, something that will be, most, helpful with some of your, longlived fanged enemies..." he adds, then glances around briefly "some coffee could be a good idea later, maybe"

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan looks to him and there's a half smile, "Alright." she tells him. Her violet gaze wandering over him as he has his moment. Then she gives a look down to herself, "Ah...so I was looking for extra classes. For knives and well...someone decided to try to mug me for the money and it was going to be a three on one. I got sliced up by one of the guys." she admits as she pokes at the stitches.

"Then someone got woken up and..." she pales a little as she remembers the hot wash of blood and the growling. "Lets just say I'm not going to a certain neighborhood in Gotham anytime soon." she whispers. "Oh, a weapon for vampires? I'm intrigued." she finally looks to him.

Angel has posed:
Angel looks at Morrigan quietly for some seconds, considering, thinking, tilting his head slightly to the right "I trust the muggers have been dealt with?" he asks, grabbing the case and sliding it towards Morrigan "I'd suggest opening it but not enough that people will peek inside." he says.
And this would be an obvious thing considering that, into the case, rests a small, black crossbow, as well as several wooden bolts. "if you can't stake them by being close, you can try to do it from afar. Just be smart about it, I can assure you, that a vampire's reflexes are enough to catch those bolts midflight..."

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan nods to that, "Yes, I think all three died in the alley." she tells him in a quiet tone. Hoping that no one overhears that. I mean, she could be talking about anything else really. She looks to the case and then there's a smile as he hands it over.

She opens it carefully, peeking at what's inside and there's a soft smile, "Oh, this is pretty neat." she admits as she looks back to him. "Thank you for being so thoughtful. I might have to test this out when it's not so public." she muses as she closes the case. "How have you been lately?" she asks him.

Angel has posed:
Angel nods tightly, not offering any comment on the dead men "muggers..." he almost whispers, shaking his head immediately after, and then shrugging. He however glances at Morrigan while she discovers the nature of the gift "practice indeed, practice your aim. While standing, while sitting, while running. Be sure that, were you to use one of them, you'd have a single shot. So make it count"
When the subject of the conversation turns on him, he simply shrugs, leaning a bit backwards on the bench "the usual, some demons in a basement not too far from here, but they've been dealt with earlier. And that is the reason for me being in New York, too."

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan doesn't go into the explanation anymore, Victor had scared the crap out of her so she was definitely staying out of the bad parts of town for the moment. So he wouldn't have to get all murdery. "I'll have to make sure I've got enough room in the apartment to practice with it." she grins to him. She settles the case to her side as she listens to him.

She gives a bit of a look to him, "Demons in a basement? Were they just...hiding down there and making a ruckus?" she asks him. "So just brooding and fighting vampires and demons? Nothing else going on?" she asks him with a smile.

Angel has posed:
"that's pretty much what my life is now aday, when I'm not regularly working the investigative part of my investigation job." Angel admits, in truth, it's not like his life is full of events as of late. "and the demons, well, yes, mostly just being annoying, haunting like ghosts, sometimes grabbing someone and, you don't want to know towards what purposes..." he adds, scanning briefly his surroundings with all his senses to make sure noone is eavesdropping. "what about you, apart from going into dark places and meeting umpleasant people?"

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan gies a look to him a look as he speaks and there's a soft smile, "Maybe you should find people to work with? Or maybe go on a date?" she offers with a chuckle. "Fighting and brooding are great things...but do something for yourself sometime." she states a bit gently.

"I know I don't have much room to talk, but, well..." she shrugs. "I'm just trying to stay on top of things. Went to a charity auction and got to meet some really neat people. Damian Wayne was one of them. He's pretty well read." she admits.

Angel has posed:
Angel hmms thoughtfully, again considering the woman "well, I work with other people to be honest. As for dating, lets just say it didn't go well in the past, and it is, dangerous stuff..." he adds, almost immediately regretting having said those words. "and social events, are really not my cup of tea, too many people" all there, all full of blood, all cheerful... You can't really brood between that many smiling faces!"

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan gives a bit of a smile to him, "Not dating due to dangers is understandable. The last guy I dated was worried that his other nature might get the best of things." she admits. "I miss him somedays, but he has a way with having to go off and do things and be gone for weeks and months." she shrugs.

"So I'll be sure not to ask you to any social events. Unless they involve demons or vampires. Deal?" she looks to him.

Angel has posed:
For a moment, it almost seems like a chuckle will manage to escape Angel's lips, but apparently he must've stopped himself from doing so, limiting to a nod of agreement "I am in a, similar situation." except that if his other nature came out, or if his soul were to be stripped out again, the world would be in great danger. After all, Angelus was a dangerous enough thing even without energy guns and plasma swords, and now aday, those things are even more easy to find than really needed!
"deal, and in return, should you ever invite me to any social event involving demons or vampires, I will be sure to bring weapons for the both of us" he states, extending his right hand as if to seal a real deal by shaking Morrigan's one if allowed.

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
Morrigan shakes her head at that, he went through a lot to sound this broody. "Oh? You have a demon hiding somewhere in there?" she asks him as she looks behind him and then to his eyes again. Then there's a chuckle as he extends his hand and she reaches out with her left and shakes his hand, "Alright, deal." she tells him.

"And if you do find yourself in a social situation and need saving you can always feel free to call me and I'll come and save you." she smiles to that.

Angel has posed:
Angel gives Morrigan a brief but firm handshake, retracting then his probably cold hand. Cold for human standards, at least. "not in the traditional sense of the term, there's nothing in me but my soul, thing that I value greatly" and that may as well be the problem! After all, loosing it is a matter of a happy moment, after all. Then are people surprised that he's brooding all the time?
However, he gladly accepts the offer "I shall remember that, Morrigan, and trust me should I find myself in such a situation, I've you on speed dial, and I'll gladly call you to come to the rescue."

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
"We all have our demons. Whether they be literal or figurative." Morrigan nods to that. "I think I'm going to try dating again, see what is out there besides just staring at walls when I get home. Just need to find someone who is a bit nocturnal." she chuckles.

"And good, just keep my number on speed-dial should you need it and I'm sure I can rummage around and find a cape and a rope to swing in on." she tells him with a wink.

Angel has posed:
Now, though, Angel can't, nor wants to, hold back a chuckle, that is at least in some part amused. "well, on that point, I find myself having the same requirement. Should I ever find a date, I suppose that person must be quite nocturnal indeed." does he want to enjoy a nice day on a sunny beach with his beloved one? Not really, burning alive is not within his plans for the near future. "I suppose a cocktail dress will do the trick more than cape and rope, in one of those particular occasions..."

Morrigan MacIntyre has posed:
"That not being able to go into the sunlight thing will hurt relationships more than help them. Just not a lot of night owls." Morrigan states as she crosses one knee over the other and ponders for a moment. "How long are you in New York for? Just until you've got the demon problem under control or something else?" she asks him.

Then she chuckles, "I'm sure I can hunt up a cocktail dress as well." she nods to that. "And thank you again for the present." she tells him softly and nudges him with her elbow gently.

Angel has posed:
Angel nods in full understanding "I know, right? Sunlight is a pain" he admits, probably as of now Morrigan has enough hints to suspect if not outright guess what Angel is, so there's really no longer such a need for secrecy, probably. "that's what I try to tell dates, sunlight couldn't compete with their beauty, I'd be burned if I were to face both things at once" he's joking or trying to? That means part of him is slightly nervous perhaps, even if, he will probably realize it only later, during his usual daily introspective meditation.
He even manages to lift up his right hand, placing it gently on Morrigan's left shoulder and giving a light squeeze "you're welcome, may it serve you well." he says. "I'll likely stay for another day or two, the demons themselves are no longer, but I must be sure. There were a couple of quite elusive ones, so." he shrugs "though, I'm afraid I must leave you for now, Morrigan." he slowly stands up, looking at the woman for a moment "please, be safe, and I do hope to see you soon. Maybe, next time, we'll meet in front of a cup of tea or coffee, at night of course" he then waits for an eventual answer, before turning and vanishing into the shadows as usual, leaving to her, the crossbow and the bolts.