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SHIELD is dumb
Date of Scene: 18 June 2017
Location: Unknown
Synopsis: Tony and Logan arrive at SHIELD for a meeting. May and Jessica Drew are roped into attending.
Cast of Characters: Iron Man, Melinda May, Wolverine, Spider-Woman (Drew)

Iron Man has posed:
Late afternoon on a Sunday. Really? Who works on a Sunday afternoon, with the sun shining and the heat index rising? Everyone really should be out at Coney Island, or down the Jersey Shore for the last breaths before Monday rolls around once again.

Tony Stark works on Sundays. (Is it really Sunday?) Dressed casually but not messily, the man strolls into the Foyer of the Triskelion with a pair of dark sunglasses on his face, looking neither left nor right, but headed towards the escalator that will take him to a second floor, and there, to the elevators. His voice is low as he does walk, one hand in his pocket lending to that more 'casual' air. "If you ask me, there's something strange on that one. What I'd like to see is a little more from the air." There's a pause, as if he's switching gears, "Jarvis, if you don't mind? I want a ten by ten grid, all frequencies. I'm talking a pretty rainbow. Light it up like a parade."

Melinda May has posed:
And who should just happen to step into Tony's path to block him getting on an elevator? One Agent Melinda May. Why? Because he's Tony Stark. She's decided that the inventor breathing is reason enough to be suspicious of his motives. She crosses her arms and watches him flatly, already prepared for the fast-talking and technobabble he's likely going to try to employ to get past her.


Wolverine has posed:
    Logan works on Sundays. Mondays. Every day. He wasn't one to sit around doing nothing. Why he was here was another question. Logan is currently smoking his trademark cigar, and regarding the situation with a grumpy expression. Under his breath he says, "I could be doing something more productive with my day than comin' to this place."

     Taking a minute to adjust his cowboy hat, Logan sees that Tony Stark was already here, and intercepted by a SHIELD agent. With a sigh, Logan begins to turn around, preparing to leave. After all, he didn't need another day dealing with Stark and whatever else was going on. Now hopefully he wasn't seen.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"So yeah, there I was just minding my own business and out comes these three guys dressed in some sort of clown costume..." Jessica Drew says into her cellphone, the device tucked between her shoulder and ear as she heads into the foyer, finding herself shortly behind Logan, "Big noses, giant shoes, and they were all riding on a scooter, can you believe that? I guess they couldn't afford one of those tiny comical cars.."

In her hand she has a box of ice cream sandwiches, and is in the process of opening said box of ice cream sandwiches, "Yeah, I know right?" she says, "They'd just finished robbing some bank, sacks of money on little sticks." A pause, "Yeah, just like a hobo." She affirms, pausing a moment to take in the scene before her.

"Hey, I gotta go. Yeah. I'll call you back." She says, the phone is removed, stuffed into a pocket, "Going somewhere, Cowboy?" she asks Logan as he goes to turn about, "You should probably put out the cigar, workplace health hazard or something." she adds.

Iron Man has posed:
Tony can actually walk and talk and concentrate on three million things at the same time. It's like drinking, or breathing, or, well... getting ready to slip past a Melinda May who has taken up sentry by the elevators. Brows rise as he slows his pace, and pulls his hand from his pocket to indicate there's nothing held, "Sorry to hear about your demotion, Agent..." and the last bit is up in the air as he searches for a name. "I don't usually carry cash on me, so I'll just have Pepper send you your tip for holding the elevators for me."

Though now, with the appearance of a cowboy-hatted Logan (really, who wears cowboy hats in the city?), Tony calls over, "Hey, got a five on you? Helping support an Agent when she's down and out." He pauses before, "C'mon, I'm good for it."

Jessica's approach just behind Logan gains an exhale from the billionaire, and twisting around once more, he faces May. "If you'll just get the door for me. I'm headed up to the labs."

Melinda May has posed:
May doesn't stop blocking Tony's path, his attempt at humor completely not working on her. "Explain why you're here, Stark." She's already contemplating dislocating one of the inventor's fingers for that flippant comment. Let's see. He's right handed...

Wolverine has posed:
    Turning around, and preparing to leave, Logan nearly walks right into Jessica. Stopping short, he looks up, and says, "I was thinkin' about it kid." Logan taps his hat with his left hand, and smiles warmly. "I see you are hangin' out around here." Logan non-politely ignores her comment about the cigar, and continues to puff on it.

    Then Logan hears Tony call out to him. With a sigh, Logan turns, and says, "What the hell Stark? Yer askin' me fer money? Now that is a first." Then he spots May, shakes his head, and says, "Ah. Pickin' on tha' help are ya? Typical. Leave her alone Tony." He looks May up and down. "I think she'd hurt ya'. A lot." Logan grins, and was always a good judge of character. Even though it never helped him.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Out comes one of those icecream sandwhiches, which is deftly opened by Jessica and she brings it up to her lips to take a bight out of it, nodding her head at Logan as she munches on the tasty frozen treat, "Mmnh Hmmnh." She says to him as she tags along, the cigar seeming to largely be of no concern to her with the initial warning given.

"Agent May." Jess says as she nears the locus of shenanigans that surrounds Tony Stark, "You got everything in hand?" she asks, another bite is taken from her ice cream sandwhich, it's vanilla ice cream, with chocolate cake.

Iron Man has posed:
Tony pulls himself up straight, and the jokes, the humor looks to depart his expression for a heartbeat before it's there once again, and he takes a step back and laughs in a soft 'heh'. "Well, Agent.. if you didn't get a briefing about it this morning, then my guess is, you're not cleared enough to know what I'm doing here." He nods towards the elevators, "And while I find the conversation amusing if not a little bit enlightening, there is a meeting that I couldn't foist off on Pepper." Too bad, too.

Twisting around, Tony gives Logan a quick grin, "Me, picking on the help? I was going to give her a good tip. You're not a skin-flint."

Tony watches the progress of the ice-cream laden woman, and he gives a quick shrug. "You know, it's getting harder and harder to fight for world security. I bet, though, with your skills at guarding the elevator? You're being wasted here."

Melinda May has posed:
May looks about ready to tell Tony exactly where he can put that flippant attitude when her commlink speaks up in her ear. Okay, NOW she's been notified that Tony has been asked to be here. Thanks for the ADVANCE notice, people.

Looking less than pleased, she steps aside and lets Tony pass toward the elevators, moving toward Logan and Drew. "Logan, you know SHIELD has strict regulations against smoking indoors."

Wolverine has posed:
    Logan watches as Jessica eats the ice cream. With a very wide grin, Logan says, "Nice." He puffs on the cigar absently, as he regards her thoughtfully. "Lotsa calories in that kiddo. Sure you ain't worrying about what it'll do to that costume a' yours?" Logan's eyes twinkle mischieviously. When Jessica returns her attention to May, it clicks where he's heard the name before.

    "Ah, Stark. Ya' might as well give up with that one." Logan nods towards May. "Now I know she'll kick yer arse." Logan regards the two of them for a moment, as the dance continues. Logan shakes his head and waits for the worst.

    "I know May. I know. It's a bad habit. Seems that Fury and Duggan both had the gears given ta' them as well." Logan grins and says, "I'm here with Stark." He nods towards Tony as he moves forward, "Nice ta' see ya' girls." Logan winks at both of them.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"Told you." Jessica says as May comes up and right away gets on Logan for the cigar, shrugging her shoulders a little at him before taking another bite from her icecream sandwich, doing some work on the frozen treat.

"I've got a great metabolism." She adds to the question regarding the fit of her costume, giving him a little shrug of her shoulders before taking another bite.

Iron Man has posed:
Tony's got that 'cat who ate the canary' look the moment the comlink pipes up. And it wasn't even Jarvis' doing! He looks back at May's admonition to Logan's stogey, and offers a, "Yeah, I know. I've been trying to get him to smoke the good ones for years. Cuba. Canada. Both start with C and end with A. I guess that's all that matters." He inclines his head at Logan's mention, and continues, "Ah.. yeah. He's with me." He even raises his hand to wiggle his fingers in the shorter man's direction as a 'come on' gesture. Though now, he's got the Agent's name, and he turns to look at the woman again, "Agent May. Nice. Remind me to pass on your diligence to your supervisor." Now he's just poking. He can tell by the woman's general manner and mien that she's not only a good Agent, but a trusted one at that. No one else would have the cajones to bar his path, knowing who he is. There's a pause before, "But seriously, if you get the gig, it'll be fun working together."

It's when Logan mentions how the ice cream may affect how a uniform may be worn that the man pulls down his sunglasses and looks at Logan in that 'your turn to have your ass kicked' expression. He pushes the glasses back, and turns to give Jessica a long look behind dark lenses, "Oh really?" He sounds interested enough, "Care to join us in the elevator and explain how you'd work off that excess? I'm sure Logan here would love to hear all the details."

Melinda May has posed:
May watches Logan start after Stark then looks at Drew before her commlink pipes up again.

... wait. Seriously? "Ching-wah tsao duh liou mahng," May mutters faintly to herself before saying to Drew, "With me. We have a meeting to attend." Without waiting for Jess's reaction, she turns and starts after Stark and Logan back toward the elevators.

Wolverine has posed:
    Logan looks up at Jessica, and sticks his tongue out at her. He doesn't bother to reply about the cigar, but he does look her over. With an obvious appraising air, and a lecherous grin. "I can see that, kid." Then, he turns and regards May with a grumpy expression on his face. Or was that his default expression? Hard to tell with Logan. Grumbling under his breath, he continues to puff on the cigar.

    "Canadian. Cuban. I smoke them all, Stark." Logan says to Tony. "At least our beer is the best in the world." Logan grunts, and adds, "Yeah, yeah, I know." He can see Tony's expression at his ice cream comment, and Logan shrugs as he moves into the elevator. His smile returns with Tony's suggestion though. "Such a flirt, Stark. It's a wonder Pepper puts up with ya'."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Jessica Drew shrugs her shoulders and finishes off her sandwich, crushing the wrapper then flinging it off across the foyer, the paper ball banks off of a wall, then hits a trash can before falling in the garbage. She follows the others into the elevator at May's comment, and only once inside she answers Tony's question.

"Well, sometimes I do Yoga, occasionally I beat up some of those D-lister theme villains if I'm in the area just for fun, or bring in threats that the Director deems to important to farm out to other firms." A glance cast sidelong towards towards Tony at that one. She shrugs her shoulders once more, "But usually I just shoot lightning out of my hands, Wanna see?" she offers, making a finger gun which she levels towards Stark with a smile.

Iron Man has posed:
"Only looking out for you, buddy," Tony is quick on the return to Logan. He's ready to enter the elevator as May gets her own little message through the comlink once more, and with her less than pleased expresson, he can pretty much guess what is on tap. "Glad you can join us, Agent May." His smile turns to a lopsided grin as he continues to Logan, "Pay's good. Benefits. Travel. Retirement package. You know.. all the little stuff."

Once in the elevator, Tony makes room, keeping the sunglasses on. "Yoga, huh?" Brows rise behind the lenses and he nods. "I see..." and his tones are idlish, rounding towards the disinterested, if only for a moment. "Shame you missed one. But, this time around, I'm being a team player." Behind his words, though, there's almost that 'until such time..' added. He does look at Jess for a few heartbeats, taking his sunglasses off as he does, and setting them into a top pocket, "I'll pass, but thank you for the offer. Already had all my shielding tests and they came out better than expected." Beat. "In the interests of being a team player and all."

Melinda May has posed:
It's bad enough that May is stuck in this elevator with Stark and Logan, but the latter is STILL puffing on that damned cigar. She just mentally braces herself to breathe as little as possible until they're out of the elevator again. And that's exactly what she does. When the reach the designated floor, she escapes the small metal box as quickly as possible without looking like she's actively fleeing.

Wolverine has posed:
    Logan remains silent, as Jessica talks. Sometimes he can sense when talking is a bad thing. rarely, but sometimes. Logan simply stays at the rear of the elevator, puffs his cigar, and hums to hismefl. Lightning hurts. No need to bring that on.

    "Thanks Stark. I appreciate that." Puff, puff. Logan regards the ladies, and then looks back at Stark. Looking out for him..."little buddy" indeed. Logan snorts when Starks says "team player" but doesn't say anything. He lets that telegraph his thoughts. Looking over at May, Logan notes her holding her breath, and he smiles. "I have an extra if you like..." He grins as she flees from the elevator.

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"You don't know what you're missing out on then, Tony." Jessica says with a big grin flashed towards the billionaire, the finger-gun is put away, and her hand is tucked into her pocket once more.

"So, what's this little meeting about, May?" she asks with a little glance over at the other agent, stepping out of the elevator after her, and no doubt off to some conference room or another.

Iron Man has posed:
"First name basis and I don't even know your name. That's like.. something out of a book. Or... or something." Tony sets a theatric cast to his voice, before his eyes turn to the floors as the kip off, one after the other after the other. When the elevator dings, it may just be Tony (and Logan) who aren't falling out of the elevator due to smoke.

Once he's in the hall, Tony begins to make his way down the hall to Conference Room C... and he knows the way. Knows the place rather well, actually. "She doesn't know. That's why I'm here." He pauses at the door and looks to Logan, "Do me a favor? Check with your people and see if they can't get someone to sit in. I have a feeling we might need one, two people with a different skill set." After all, he'd filled Logan in earlier. Off the record. Over a couple good scotches and cigars.

Wolverine has posed:
    LOgan nods at Tony, and does just that! With a nod, and a turn, Logan moves off to make a few calls. If he can get his phone thingy to work...

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"Well, I'm a billionaire wunderchild, who's name is pasted on skyscrapers, and face graces most magazine covers, either." Jessica Drew counters to the Billionaire as they make their way towards the conference room, opening up a second icecream sandwich as she settles in to listen to Tony's powerpoint presentation.

Once he's gone over the details, she shrugs her shoulders a little bit, "It sounds like a noble cause." She says, giving a little look over towards Melinda, then back at Stark, "We'll have to pass the request up the ladder, of course, yeah?"

Melinda May has posed:
May leads the way to the conference room, already mentally presuming that her presence has been requested to act as pilot for the team that'll be going to deal with. She's okay with that, so long as she doesn't have to deal with Stark too much. The number of reports she'd have to file for his suffering injuries BEFORE a mission officially starts...