10200/Winter is Brooding

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Winter is Brooding
Date of Scene: 26 November 2019
Location: Lobby, Hyperion Hotel
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Angel, Blink

Angel has posed:
The night air in the Hyperion Hotel is getting colder with winter coming ever closer, and the hotel's general state. Angel though doesn't mind it. Just another reason to brood. Looking over the paperwork on the desk in the lobby, Angel shakes his head and runs a hand through his hair. This ain't adding up any. He's been trying to figure this out since the sun went down. Fred's gone quiet. Buffy's not talking to Angel, and Cordy's MIA. So...it's down to Angel to take the wheel and figure this out. Then again, door's wide open.

Hopefully somebody drops by tonight, if only to relieve the boredom Angel's feeling. Curse this 'having a soul' thing. It sucks at times. Angel pushes the chair he's sat in back a tiny bit and lets out a frustrated sigh.

Blink has posed:
The purple haired elf has been out and about, blinking here and there in her explorations and has been full-on absorbed on a small japanese puzzle box while she walked the streets of Los Altos. Another location to strike off the map as 'I was here!' So absorbed indeed that she finds herself close to this totally-not-scary hotel. She stops, looking up at the sign, then over the entrance. She could probably just blink home but ..., time to be adventurous. She begins her way in.

She is using contacts, of course, her eyes a normal green instead of fully unnatural even if her hair is unchanged, along with the markings on her face. For some reason that hair color seems natural. She is dressed for hiking, long coat and sturdy boots and a backpack over her shoulders.

"Hello, anyone here?" she asks, her voice echoing before her eyes settle on Angel.

Angel has posed:
Angel nods. "I'm here. Welcome to Angel Investigations" he says and gets to his feet offering a nod and a hand. "I'm Angel. How may I help you?" he asks then resumes sitting. "Pick a chair. Any chair you like" he nods. There's quite a few as it turns out. Angel shuffles the papers to one side of the desk and looks around, as if wondering if anyone else would join in.

Blink has posed:
Behind her, but more on the periphery of the entrance, some figures are visible, invisible to Blink's more mundane senses but Angel would most likely recognize them as vampires, most likely on the prowl now that sun is down and they thought this 'explorer' could be easy pickings. Not that they dare approach the hotel just yet, they know the reputation afterall..., maybe.

"Oh.." Blink says, a bit oblivious, looking around the place and then focusing back on Angel. "I thought this was an hotel." she produces a smile, watching the man a moment and some curiosity coming to her expression. "I am Clarice. Good to meet you, Angel." she approaches, shaking the man's hand. When she approaches it's clear she is using contacts and those markings certainly don't look like tattoos. Birthmarks?

Angel has posed:
Angel looks past Blink to the vampires, raising an eyebrow, watching them. Then back to Blink again. He gives her a look, and sits back down. "You are?" he asks, watching the vampires. He's got his sword and crossbow easily to hand. Sure, he's not Buffy, but.....

Angel with a blonde wig, and boobs. That's a scary image, yikes. Angel glances to Blink again, then past her to the vampires again. The last time somebody came on in, Angel marched them back to the police. Somehow he doubts that will end well for turning vampires into the cops. Unless Copri Sun is on the menu, that is.

Blink has posed:
"Clarice.." Blink repeats, then her brows furrow, perhaps sensing the man's distraction with something. That makes her glance over her shoulder to the street and then back in. "Is there something the matter?" she sets the japanese puzzle box on the table, her frown deepening a bit. Damn her normal senses, unable to see the lurkers out there in the night, "You have that 'trouble incoming' look that I have seen in a lot of people in the past. Not that I am trouble, I just like visiting new places.."

A couple of figures dare to get closer to the doorway, their faces still human-like but a predator's demeanor to their step. One of them points. "Give us the girl, bud." yea, this one clearly doesn't know the reputation of the place.

Angel has posed:
Angel just....vaults the desk, grabbing his sword in one move and crosssbow in his other hand. "There is, find a place to hide" Angel says and looks to the vampires. "Reputation of the Hyperion Hotel?" Angel asks. "How about you gentelmen come inside, sit down, and wait your turn??B?# Angel adds. He could really use Buffy right about now....or he can sort this himself, in a thousand ways. Asking the vampires to come in, and sit down, and not touch anything. That's one way to sort it. The crosssbow and sword in his hands however...oher way of sorting it.

Blink has posed:
"Screw it, two for the price of one." The leading vampire says, the face starting to shift into their more feral aspect, "Big mistake, inviting us in." he starts going past the threshold even if his companion looks a bit doubtful. He has heard that name somewhere 'Hyperion Hotel', but the boss is always right so he goes in too, face shifting.

Clarice lifts both her brows in a surprised manner. "Are those.., vampires? In Los Altos..?" another one that doesn't know the reputation! She eyes Angel when he tells her to hide, instead she forming one of her javelins in hand, a small thing, and a 'blink' heard when the 'weapon' appears in her hand.

Angel has posed:
Angel shakes his head. "Bad idea" Angel says looking to the vampires. "Now. STake a seat, gentlemen"

See, it's easier to hit a target that's sitting still. Angel twitches his finger, the crosssbow firing, as Angel casts the crossbow aside, focusing on his swordd.

Blink has posed:
The two vamps aren't the type to take a seat when there's tasty morsels right in front of them. Morsels with crossbows! They start to advance, moving fast, nearly supernaturally fast, jaws open and showing fangs. The bolt strikes true though, straight through the heart of one of them, a shriek heard while it burns away. The other goes for Blink, the woman pivoting away and then jumping back with quite the impressive acrobatics to her! Clearly combat trained. She then tosses the javelin towards the vampire.

"Aim up." Clarice says to Angel just as the javelin hits her attacker, making the vampire be teleported to the air just in front and a big above of Angel, ripe for the taking.

Angel has posed:
One down. Angel smiles, "Alright, you just saw your friend get bolted. Now...you going to listen to Angel and....ah what the hell" he says, if it's going to be this easy.....Angel won't ever say no. Instead....Angel nods. "You want this one?" he asks. It's only fair, he's dealt with one vampire just now. And, best of all he can justify it as defending his property and clients. Because, yes, this woman is a client. A client that, oh, brought vampires in