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A chit-chat with a Kit Kat...and a Shannon
Date of Scene: 18 May 2020
Location: Shannon's Room (East Halls), Xavier's School
Synopsis: Kitty and Shannon discuss macaarons, baking, computers and things
Cast of Characters: Shadowcat, Shannon Lance

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty's back here again with coffee and chocolate glazed cookies. The sort that scream I am not eating healthy. The sort that Kitty's got as a guilty treat...as sshe knocks on Shannon's door. Or accurately, bangs on the door with a plate. Curse these hands being full thing.

"It's me, your friendly neighborhood Kitty" Kitty calls with a grin. "I was going to drop by and catch up with you, thought it'd be rude to just phase in without asking" she adds. See. See. Kit Kat can be responsible, really. Kitty can totally be a responsible adult

Shannon Lance has posed:
The door to Shannon's dorm is slightly ajar, anyhow. So any knocking is liable to cause it to swing open wider. From within, lively New Orleans style jazz spills into the hallway, and there is the light clackety-clacking of keys being tapped from the room's occupant.

     Yes, it seems Shannon has a project she is working on. However, the music is paused, the tapping ceases, and a semi-cheery voice calls out. "C'mon in, Kitty! Door's open and I'm decent!" 'Decent' in this case meaning in black leggings, a long black t-shirt with a giant pink, sparkly sequin heart smack in the middle of her chest, and completely barefoot in deference to the fine weather of the day.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty looks over and smiles. "Hey Shannon, what're you up to" she asks and munches a cookie, sliding into the room setting the coffee and cookies down on the table. "So" she says and looks amused and stretches a little. Settling more into her seat, Kitty tilts her head, taking in Shannon's attire. Okay that's actually good choices from Miss Wings. Kitty smiles looking thoughtful.

"So what're you working on? And I figured I'd come catch up with you for any info on that mysterious technopath" she begins

Shannon Lance has posed:
     "Had a nice chat with miss Grey last evening," Shannon begins. Her tone betokens mild disappointment, yet somehow she seems to remain mostly positive. "She was very concerned about my being mentored by Doctor Banner, and preferred that wait till after graduation. I wasn't thrilled having to send that message to him, but hey... if I'm going to have the spine to be mentored by him in the first place, I should have the spine to send the message myself instead of having someone else do it." Her brows furrow a little bit. "I think it also hurt her feelings a little bit, but that was never intended to be the case. Got the whole 'the enemies of your friends become your enemies too, so be careful' talk. I get that part, seriously. Maybe a little more than she realizes."

     Shannon twirls her laptop around on the bed to face Kitty; on the screen is a recipe for macarons. Yes, macarons. /Not/ macaroons. "It wasn't all bad, though. Miss Grey's pretty hopeful that my gift could be shifted, too. There's the very real possibility it could be at least partially psychological, so she's going to do a little legwork and see what she comes up with. Also, it seems I've been issued a baking challenge." She grins outright, pointing to the recipe on screen. "Seems her favorite goodie is macarons. Not macaroons. Totally different critters. I've never made macarons, so this ought to be interesting. Nothing last night about SpyderByte, though. I'd already broadsided her with quite a bit, figured I'd give you and Mr. Drake a chance to approach her about it."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty looks over Shannon nibbling a cookie as she speaks. "Ah, well you do need that spine, though I wouldn't argue with Miss Grey. But..." she nods checking the laptop screeen. "It's just weird how nobody else was affected but us, and then you got those messages. It's like whoever sent it was inside your phone" Kitty observes, and shakes her head.

"Macarons? Okay who challenged you to this? Was it....let me guess. Gwendolyn?" kitty asks with a raised eyebrow, looking hopeful she's right.

Shannon Lance has posed:
     Shannon just shakes her head and grins. "Nope. It was miss Grey. Turns out macarons are her favorite baked goodie. So damned if I'm not going to nail these by the end of the summer. Easy bribe to have on hand once I master them." She snickers softly, and reads through the recipe once more.

     "I'm wondering if we shouldn't try going to the coffee shop again. Or, if when SpyderByte messages me next time, see if he'd be open to a face to face meeting." Pursing her lips, Shannon seems to give this some thought. "I mean, we may pretty well suspect it was the kid in the corner of the shop with his laptop, but we can't be 100% sure. So we already know he seems to prefer keeping things pretty quiet." A little sigh escapes her. "Wondering if I shouldn't go back to miss Grey's office again and hit her with this one, too. I don't like the idea of him being bullied, if that was the kid, but we don't want to spook him and make him go to ground, know what I mean?" She rubs her temples lightly and sighs again.

Shadowcat has posed:
"Now that I didn't know" Kitty muses. "I know she does great tea, but...I know what you mean. I'm just stumped on that poor kid. I mean, I don't like the idea of him being bullied, I want to find whoever is doing it, sit them down and have a talk with them. But if they come after me swinging fistts, I am so not respnsible for what happens" Kitty says. Hey. Self defense.

Kitty's silent while munching a cookie and shrugs with a weary smile. Looking to the laptop screen again Kitty laughs. "So, uh, what does this baking contest offer up prize wise? And more to the point. Who is judging it?" she asks.

Shannon Lance has posed:
     Shannon chuckles lightly and shrugs. "It's not a contest except for against myself. And that's fine, those are the best ones, because either way, I win. The prize? I have an easy way to tempt miss Grey in the future if need be!"

     From there, however, Shannon slides off of her bed, and pads over to her doorway. She peeks out in the hall to make sure it's empty, and then closes the door. "Mr. Drake mentioned something the other day when I reported about SpyderByte to both of you," she begins, very cautiously. "And it sounded like something /way/ above my paygrade." She had a feeling there could be a lot of trouble about this, but it bore asking, so... at least it was behind closed doors, right? "What is... Cerebro? Is this something I should even know about?"

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty's not even touching that with a fifty foot pole. "That's something way above your pay grade, and not something you should know about" Kitty says. "Whoever told you is in for it. This needs taking to our headmistress" she says and loooks disappointed. Like she figured students were better than this...

Kitty's not blaming Shannon any. She's blaming whoever ran their mouth off.

Shannon Lance has posed:
     Shannon simply nods. "Kind of figured it might be, since it was Mr. Drake who mentioned it. You were in the room too when he did, and so was Alice." Crossing her arms in front of her chest, she ruffles her wings by way of a shrug. "Well, whatever it is, if it's tech, is there any chance of it being compromised if it's used to help track down a potential technopath?" Yeah. All the talk around school lately about security had gotten to the girl. She was as tense and worried about it as the next person, maybe a bit more so.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty shakes her head. "No idea. I can pitch that to a few people" she says. "Don't count on anything though. You may need to look outside our walls for the best hackers. There's whispers of hackrs better than me. I know. Shocker" kitty nods and looks alarmed, though there's a glint in her eye of amusement. "Seriously though, I'm not about to go spilling anything I shouldn't. The most I can do is think on what you said. Even if I were to use this Cerebro, assuming it's what, some high tech whiz bang tech thing, I couldn't tell you the results. Secrecy and all that. Personally? I think Cerebro's a fancy ice cream maker" she says. Oh she /knows/ what Cerebro is, but she's putting down a false lead. Hey. That's protecting secrets thank you very much!

Shannon Lance has posed:
     "Ice cream machine. Right." Yeah, Shannon got the hint. She didn't believe for one second that's what Cerebro was, not if it was something that could be used to track down mutants. However, she was not about to pry further. It sounded like a teacher-level, possibly X-man level thing. Way out of her wheelhouse as a student and New Mutant. "Well, whatever it /actually/ is--and I do /not/ want to know for sure!--it sounds like maybe it's your turn to visit miss Grey. I'd be happy to go with you if you like. Maybe by then I'll have a first attempt at macarons ready."

     Yes, baking was a pleasant change of subject! "By the way, what's /your/ favorite baked goodie? Something to add to my summer projects in the kitchen!"

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty looks dubious at going to see Jean Grey...even with Shannon's macarons she's baked. Or made. Or something. Still she's totally going with Cerebro's an ice cream maker. That's her story/ She's sticking to it. She looks over the screen again and shakes her head. "That's too complex for me. Plus. No cereal" she teases

Shannon Lance has posed:
     Shannon chuckles a little bit, closing her laptop after noting the URL of the macaron recipe so she can access it on her phone. "Well, all serious business aside, I'll be glad to take on a baking challenge from miss Grey. And I should head on to the kitchen and give it a try, see how it comes out. What flavor do you think first? Vanilla? Chocolate? Lemon?" She glances at her phone, and just shakes her head. "No new messages from SpyderByte. I'll keep everyone informed."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty's not helping with this. No. no. That's on Shannon. Shan wants to bake Jean Grey macarons. Kitty will help lick the bowl out but....no. Just no. Giving Shannon a nod, Kitty grins. "Hey, hey, mind telling whoever is lurking there we're outta ice cream?"