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Shannon (Scenesys ID: 8765)
"You ask me how can I heal others when it costs me so much. I ask you, how can I -not- heal them?"
Full Name: Shannon Lance
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant
Theme: Original (OC)
Occupation: Student
Citizenship: United States of America
Residence: Xavier's School
Education: Homeschooled
Status: Shelved
Other Information
Apparent Age: 18 Actual Age: 18
Date of Birth 25 July 2011 Actor: Diane Kruger
Height: 168 cm (5' 6") Weight: 54.5 kg (120 lbs)
Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Blue
Theme Song: "In The Arms of an Angel" by Sarah McLachlan


The daughter of an undertaker and artist, Shannon Lance was born and raised in Connecticut. Up until the summer just before her fourteenth birthday, she was a normal, if somewhat quiet and laid-back teenager. An incident at summer camp that year revealed her healing gifts and their cost to her, and later that summer, her wings grew. While she had always been homeschooled, she now kept even more to herself, lacking understanding and control of her gifts. While her family supported and loved her unconditionally, they could do little to help her, and even now in her sixteenth year, hope beyond hope for help for their daughter.

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Before you stands a young woman of average height and fair of complexion. Her hair hangs loosely down to the middle of her back in a straight waterfall of pale gold, errant wisps of which frame her diamond-shaped face. Her eyes belie her youth; while they readily twinkle with mirth at some of life's foibles, at times they bear the look of worry that a youth should not have. She wears no makeup, and needs none, her skin tone being an even alabaster hue, and her lips a delicate shade of rose. For her age, she is neither overly chesty, nor so small as to be teased. Rather, she is somewhere in the middle, with pleasant curves forming where they belong and showing promise of future beauty.

Today, she is wearing a simple, pale blue paisley cotton sundress with a low back, but modest scoop neckline. While it is well-fitted to her torso, the skirt is loose and swishes about her legs, reaching down to her ankles. The material is sufficiently opaque for modesty, but light enough to allow for the warm, humid weather of summer. If one looks at her long enough, the reason for the low back on her dress becomes apparent--sprouting from her back is a pair of wings reminiscent of classical paintings of angels. On her feet are a plain pair of cork-soled flip flops, held to her feet by straps of blue leather that match her dress, and bedecked with a silk daisy near the toes.


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Born to a loving, understanding, if somewhat occasionally freaked-out and confused family, Shannon Lance was homeschooled right from the start. She was fascinated by the tales of the heroes in the world, but never thought for one moment that she could be one.

That changed in her thirteenth summer, just before she was to turn fourteen, when she attended Camp Pinewood. One of her tent-mates took a second-degree burn when they foolishly tried to pull a frying pan out from over the campfire, only to have it spill down their front. When Shannon attempted to help her friend by applying a cool compress, her fingers came in contact with the burn. Inexplicably, her friend was healed, but at a cost--Shannon now bore the burn herself, which would leave a faint scar on her solar plexus after it healed. This caused considerable consternation among camp staff when word got out, and she was sent home.

Later that summer, not long after her fourteenth birthday, she would be "blessed" with wings. Her family decided it was best to keep her home entirely after that, though as she continued to grow up, small incidents around the home--both with friends and family--put her in the position of having to use her gifts. She lacks control and full understanding of her potential, but her good nature and heart make it difficult for her to hold back when she knows help is needed.


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While sweet and kind, the time since the fateful summer at Camp Pinewood has shaken her deeply, leaving her shy and with lack of confidence in herself. Her heart cries out for her to heal, yet she lacks the full understanding of her gifts and their side effects. Violence and hatred are alien to her, things she has a difficult time understanding, and little patience for when she sees it. Her background of homeschooling has allowed her to retain an air of innocence behind the education and varied experiences over the course of her education. While she is quick to verbally dress others down for being hard on themselves--one of the rare times she will work up the courage to speak out--she is equally quick to be very hard on herself. She is more comfortable in smaller social situations, yet if necessary will tolerate large ones.


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Accelerated Healing
When either ill or injured through normal means, or when as a result of use of her Healing Touch, Shannon can recover at a somewhat accelerated rate. For example, a cut that would take weeks to heal might only take her a day or two, or an illness that would leave someone miserable for a couple weeks might only take her a few days to recover from. With her current lack of training, she would be unable to handle internal injuries or regenerating limbs, but could grow into this later.

Her angel-like wings give her the ability to fly--they are not just for show! Her current maximum would put her able to keep up with the posted speed limit on most highways, ranging from 55-65 mph, though most times this is not necessary. While in flight, she can currently carry around half the weight she normally would while walking. At present, she would not be able to carry an adult human, but a healer needs to train their strength as well.

Healing Touch

Shannon can heal injuries via physical contact. When this occurs, the injury or disease can be taken on as her own. The rate at which this occurs can vary depending on the severity of the infirmity. With her current lack of training, she is limited in what she can successfully absorb (i.e. minor to non life-threatening injuries such as second-degree burns), but has the potential to grow further into this ability.


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Baking and Cooking
While she is no Michelin-starred chef, Shannon does enjoy dabbling in cooking, preferring homely comforts like good soup, bread, and sweet baked goods over haute cuisine.

"Homeschooled" is far from "uneducated" in her case. While she has weaknesses in subjects relating to mathematics, she has a strong base in several others. Her favorites are history and music, with science and foreign languages coming in as a close second. She was and is the type of student that will borrow a Latin textbook for the summer simply for the fun of it.

Being homeschooled her whole life, Shannon's had the opportunity to explore various musical interests. She currently prefers to play the piano, flute, sing, and compose music on the computer. These things have brought her a great deal of joy, and are a source of comfort since the shock of coming into her abilities, and realizing she is a mutant.

An avid reader from a the tender age of two years old, Shannon has always had a fascination with mythology, particularly based around the Greco-Roman pantheon. She can usually find a reference within ancient tales to fit many difficult situations, often referring to a well-loved volume that looks as if it might once have been someone's college book on the subject.


Necessity is the mother of invention, and this is no exception. Shannon has found it necessarity to be able to sew, to make certain her clothing works with her wings. She is learning to extend this to pleasurable as well as utilitarian uses of the skill, such as quilting and embroidery.


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Shannon has a Jupiter closed-hole concert flute that she has been playing since age 12. While she is no expert, she plays fairly well at approximately an intermediate level.

Laptop Computer
Shannon has a fairly decent laptop computer, which does well for research, communication, the occasional video game, and especially music composition.

Shannon has a slightly older Yamaha YPG-635 portable electric piano that her mother passed down to her. She can often be found playing it with headphones on, taking refuge in music when emotions run high.

Sewing Kit

Shannon has found it necessary to be able to sew her own clothing, or alter existing pieces to fit, due to her wings. She has learned to gain enjoyment from this, and experiments with quilting for relaxation from time to time.


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Absorbing Injury
Shannon struggles with her control when it comes to absorbing injuries. Sometimes she can control this ability, but more often than not at this stage, finds that she takes on the injury involuntarily. However, this is usually dependent on physical contact at the site of injury, and internal injuries tend to take longer, sometimes giving her time to prevent absorbing internal injuries or major diseases such as cancer, for instance.

Shyness, Confidence

Shannon's experience of being shunned and feared for her abilities and simply being a mutant by most, with the exception of her family, have shaken her confidence to the core, leaving her almost painfully shy, fearful of her own gifts, and with a decided lack of confidence in herself. It is also difficult for her to trust, though perhaps there is some part of her that might still be reached.


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EVERYONE is welcome July 8th, 2021 Sinister listens to Shannon sing, invites her to his table unknowing to her. Chats and steals a feather.
Fourth of July Celebration July 4th, 2021 A pleasant 4th of July celebration. There was plenty of good food and company.
Lounging in a Tower July 3rd, 2021 A moment taken to lounge became a weird discussion of the edibility of termites and a situation with people possibly being puked on... Ewwww.
Voices at Midnight July 1st, 2021 Jean and her group managed to finally meet and officially persuade Kit to check out Xavier's School.
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Danger Room: Spyder Byte final assessment May 26th, 2021 Jeremy has his final Danger Room evaluation of his senior year. Warren upped the game and he got stabbed with a sword.
Practice, practice, practice May 26th, 2021 Shannon helps treat one of Hank's injuries and shows her wound dressing talents. Amazingly, manages to promote healing instead of taking it on.
Xavier Prom: Prepping May 25th, 2021 Jeremy and Shannon talk a bit before Prom during preparations.
Xavier School Prom May 25th, 2021 The prom for Xavier's School. Big wins, little wins, new friends, and old ones; a night to celebrate those that matter and the memories made. And dancing. Lots of that. Hank still remembers the Macarena.
Singer/Songwriter/Little sister May 19th, 2021 Summary needed
Late Spring Splash May 17th, 2021 A relaxing afternoon by the pool results in Lucas meeting Shannon and Ted. Jeremy is tasked with the care of a new furry little buddy. Welcome, Geronimo!
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A Quiet Friday Night May 15th, 2021 Hank comes to check up on Zhao and Vitali. Shannon shows up with food, and conversation is had.
The Little Pigs May 14th, 2021 Ororo takes the students to the Salem Center for trinkets; and they all leave either angry or traumatized.
A Reunion's Aftermath May 9th, 2021 After a long sleep, Vitali wakes up and checks on Zhao. Zhao awakens very briefly. A bit of conversation is had with Shannon before sleep summons him back to it.
Dinner for... May 9th, 2021 Dinner and a few friends. Just a casual thing.
Somebunny's in Trouble May 9th, 2021 Bunnies came. Bunnies found Basosa. Bunnies left. Bunnies! It must be bunnies!
Confrontation in the Woods May 8th, 2021 Fate brings Vitali and Zhao back together. Unexpected arrivals came upon the scene, bloodshed occurred, and then the sweet bliss of unconsciousness.
Unusual Sightings: Sounds of the Motherland May 7th, 2021 Shannon seeks out Colossus' assistance in finding and helping Vitali.
Sometimes Up, Sometimes Down May 6th, 2021 A band for Prom night is found. The mystery of the snow leopard deepens. A search-and-rescue mission for Vitali is planned.
Acoustics and Riff Offs May 5th, 2021 Shannon stops by to talk to Jay and Andrea about music.
PANIC! At the Garage May 5th, 2021 Rosie McGowan adopts a dirtbike. Shannon attempts to be friendly with the prickly Rosie. There is progress on both fronts.
The Cake is a Lie May 4th, 2021 Idle banter about fake food and uniforms.
A meeting in Hank's 'office' May 1st, 2021 Speaking with Shannon and Jeremy, Beast proposes a reinvention of Blue Team
Recruitment and Interns May 1st, 2021 Interns Recruited
Chamomile and Cookies April 30th, 2021 The Trouble Twins (R), Megan and Shannon, catch up about recent events and life in general, over chamomile tea and orange almond pillow cookies. Good times!
Tea Break April 30th, 2021 An afternoon of ithe coffee, tea and realizing potentials
Broken Wings... April 28th, 2021 Warren wakes up and has some visitors. Ends up a bit embarrassed.
Into the Batlands: Martyrs (2) April 27th, 2021 It's a Riot!! Critical members of the X-Men cause and stop a riot in it's tracks.
Alternate Instructor Flight School April 25th, 2021 Some of those drops sparkle
Did You Hear April 24th, 2021 Jean hears of the incident involving Jeremy and comes to the school after hours. Shannon catches her first to fill her in on what happened.
Drowning in the lake April 23rd, 2021 Jeremy falls into the lake and sinks like a rock. Rogue gives him CPR and takes a look into the mind of his trauma. Shannon and Alexis swoop in to help out.
The talking to April 22nd, 2021 And that, as they say, is that.
Basic Training April 21st, 2021 James and Shannon spent time throwing sharp things.
Thanks Where Thanks Is Due April 20th, 2021 Thanks is given where it is due, but is only accepted with some difficulty--and threats of Danger Room retaliation if reponsibility for hard work isn't accepted in kind!
Out Back X-House April 19th, 2021 Colossus has a cookout and people show up.
A divine drink April 18th, 2021 Poseidon, as a thankyou gift for all the cocoa Shannon always brings him, gifts her with a bit of ambrosia and the usual talk.
Catching up at Club Evo April 16th, 2021 Andrea practices a new single at the Club and meets up with several friends and a photographer.
Evening Swim April 13th, 2021 Probably better to not try to match big brother physicality wise. Shannon gets the blue lips trying to swim in early April, upstate New York.
Foyer Forays April 11th, 2021 Jeremy and Rosie talk about life for a bit, then meets up with Shannon a bit later.
Back In Business (Or: How Not To Die On A Rooftop--The Aftermath) April 10th, 2021 Hawkeye pays a visit to Xavier's, to properly thank Shannon for her help a couple weeks prior. A new archer is born, and challenges issued. Potentially a job for Alice as well!
Healing of a Different Variety April 8th, 2021 Xiang Zhao is injured, Vitali is lacking in energy and unable to heal him. Shannon happens by and provides assistance. Conversation is shared amongst the trio.
Fighting evil by Moonlight. She is the one name Sailer-Pool! April 7th, 2021 A clue appears!
Making friends in the world today! April 4th, 2021 A lesson in chaos.
Danger Room Session: Aftermath (Or, The Cheese Stands Alone) April 2nd, 2021 Mac 'n cheese brings company out of the woodwork. A wild Wade appears!
First Stop April 1st, 2021 Some random people meet at a church.
Busted Hawkster March 31st, 2021 Captain America, Shannon and Skye drop by to see Hawkeye in medbay, but all he cares about is cookies.
In The Gloaming.... March 30th, 2021 A cookout by the lake to give Old Man Winter the one-fingered salute is held. Recent events discussed, fitness challenges issued, and common ground is found at long last. A good time is had by all.
Chasing Pavements March 29th, 2021 The New Mutants track Gray down to make him an offer. The ball is in his court.
Boxed on a rooftop! March 29th, 2021 Hawkeye has a lil' problem, Shannon finds that she can do more than heal, like saving the day.
Old fashioned workout. March 28th, 2021 Jimmy and Shannon getting a catch up.
Danger Room Session March 27th, 2021 Scott gives the team and students a Danger Room session of hide and seek with Logan and a mystery bad guy from the hairy Canadian's past.
Saturday Teatime March 27th, 2021 Tea and cookies turns into talk of ghosts, faith, and team-building. Plans for a ghost-hunt to St. Margaret's in Bushwick are suggested. Facility-approved trouble, maybe?
Behind The 8 Ball March 27th, 2021 A pool game turns into a pillow fight with sticks, with talk of studying, cooking, and sharing one's joys and passions with others had by all.
Life Is For Living March 25th, 2021 Kurt has his stitches removed. He and Shannon talk about life, new students, and mentors. Plans to return to the circus via the Danger Room are made.
Gargoylin' the Foyer March 24th, 2021 Rosie is settling in, got a flying lesson, and will someday, maybe stop addressing Shannon as Miss Shannon. No one bangs a u-ie in this case.
Flies caught in his web March 23rd, 2021 Jeremy fixes a computer while pretending to fix himself.
Rec the Rep Already March 21st, 2021 When Rosie McGowan hides from feeling crisises regarding the second time she's launched a Xavier's instructor into a natural feature in a week, she poorly chooses the RecRoom. Shannon and Jeremy try to help, and Sam has to come in to clean up a broken glass and a broken Rosie.
It's All In The Reps March 18th, 2021 Idle chatter while polishing the guns.
Cookies 'n Chat March 17th, 2021 Ted asks Shannon about some of her past adventures. The two talk about life, adventures, their gifts, and the wisdom of seeking out help when it's needed.
New Student: Rosie McGowan March 16th, 2021 Rosie's second day at Xavier's.
BRADDOCK March 16th, 2021 Thor shows up to get Psylocke's aid in attuning the Bifrost for the trip on the morrow!
Wanted: Dead or Alive March 15th, 2021 Shield has come knocking on the door for Jeremy.
Perhaps a Demo March 11th, 2021 An attempted infiltration of the Themysciran Embassy is thwarted.
A Chance Encounter in the Woods March 10th, 2021 Shannon happens across an injured Vitali who happens to be in snow leopard form at the time. Healing is given and received.
A Welfare Check March 9th, 2021 The fuzzy blue elf gets woken up by Dani for a welfare check, then gets some stitches in his shoulder courtesy of Shannon's skills.
An Angel and an Amazon Walk Into A Coffee Shop.... March 8th, 2021 An Amazon and an angel have their coffee klatch rather rudely interrupted by would-be thugs shaking down the baristas for some cash. The thugs seriously re-think their life choices.
A Meeting in the Rec Room March 8th, 2021 A meeting in the rec room that turned into a warning and an exploration
Stopping for dinner March 6th, 2021 Just a little dinner and talk. A chance to be normal.
The Cure: Cocoa and Chill March 5th, 2021 Shannon and Kurt talk about the recent rescue mission at DAMT headquarters. Talk turns to cooking and tastes of home, with plans in the offing for everyone who wants to share some special dishes.
Confucius Say Campus Camping Is Confuzzling March 3rd, 2021 Kurt and Shannon bring the matter of two unplanned guests camping nearly on the school's doorstep to Scott's attention.
The Balance of Duty and Kindness March 1st, 2021 Kurt visits Shannon, looking for information about Xiang Zhao, and finds out more than he counted on. Plans are made to meet with Jean and Scott regarding the matter. Plans for learning to cook some foods from Kurt's homeland are also made.
Return of the Carr February 27th, 2021 Alexis Carr returns to the Mansion from time away, and gets a low-down on the happenings since she's been away. Jeremy is not emoting, Shannon makes grilled cheese, and Logan makes an appearance. Alexis is mildly confused and dismayed.
Tea and Swords February 27th, 2021 A magical teapot summons Kurt, Dani, Jamie, Shannon and Remy to the kitchen. Yes, it's the magical teapot and not the fact that there is food there.
The Cure: Infiltration! February 27th, 2021 The Xmen rescue the mutant prisoners from DAMT headquarters and ensure that no more twisted experiments will ever be performed there again.
Kitchen time February 25th, 2021 Warpath and Shannon tend to kitchen work together. Sam and Remy join in for conversation. Ted returns from tending to family matters, and all is well.
Even D List Heroes need to eat February 24th, 2021 Drake and Shannon bump into each other at lunch, then run into Jamie Madrox and all his 'siblings'. Weirdness.
a godly safety inspection February 24th, 2021 Chatting on the North Shore.
Lunchtime... February 22nd, 2021 Poor Shannon gets food after being teased.
Later, Still In The Woods February 22nd, 2021 Friendship and wards. There was tea.
Meeting in a Pine Forest February 20th, 2021 A chance encounter where Vitali and Xiang Zhao meet Hela, and food is shared with conversation.
In the heart of Winter February 16th, 2021 In the dark of winter, we think of what matters to us. Bucky meets up with Shannon, Piotr and Sam outside of the Club Evolution. Lilli makes new friends and earns a treat.
Music In The Rec Room February 11th, 2021 Ted and Shannon share a quiet moment in the rec room, with a little bit of music and silliness.
The Cure: Search and Rescue February 10th, 2021 The Xmen locate and infiltrate DAMT headquarters. Afamiliar adversary rises from the shadows..
The Cure: Shady Dealings February 10th, 2021 Badder than old King Kong and meaner than a junkyard dog, DAMT and the Reavers are at it again in a junkyard not far from Salem Center. Intrepid heroes step in to help out. What becomes of the father and the son, our heroes, and the Reavers? Stay tuned for more!
Danger Room for two February 10th, 2021 Warpath teaches Ted and Shannon a history lesson in the Danger Room, using... bunnies?
The Rocket Boots' Red Glare February 9th, 2021 Yoga! Galaga! Possible Chili Mac!
SuPURR Bowl Sunday February 8th, 2021 Jax and Shannon enjoy a Super Bowl watch party in the rec room. Ted joins in. Talk of cars abounds, and are plans being hatched...?
Going Bananas! February 7th, 2021 Shannon breaks the news to Ted about receiving Dr. Brightman's antidote to the
The Cure: On The Mend February 6th, 2021 Shannon shares the good news of Dr. Brightman's antidote with Poseidon, as well as earthly ambrosia (chocolate), and more pleasant news.
Words of Sense and Comfort February 5th, 2021 Zhao and Shannon have a chat. Words make sense. Zhao's spirit and heart are eased in the end.
Whose shot is it now, anyways February 3rd, 2021 And good company, conversation, and nachos were enjoyed by all.
The problem with magic.. February 2nd, 2021 Megan and Poseidon meet in Apple Park. After Shannon vouches for Megan not being evil (even if she IS a motormouth sometimes!), Poseidon finds himself with a new student in the magical arts.
Language Arts February 2nd, 2021 Ted and Shannon enjoy some quiet time in the library, making plans for pleasant times ahead. THrowback Thursday, anyone?
Sunday Night At Play February 1st, 2021 Food, friendship, and games are shared. A good time was had by all.
The Cure: Message of Hope January 31st, 2021 Various mutants and heroes show up at starlight clinic to hear Dr Brightman's message of an antidote. Xmen stop an attempted assassination.
The Cure: Uncertain Waters January 30th, 2021 Poseidon and Shannon finally catch up after nearly a year. He finds out about the events in Bushwick, and about Athena's return. Cookies, cocoa, wisdom, and good company are shared.
Music For The Soul January 29th, 2021 Xiang and Shannon meet again, this time in Apple Park. Music is shared, languages learned, and spirits lightened.
And the thunder rolls.... January 28th, 2021 Ted and Shannon talk things out, and find they have more in common than they thought.
Far From Home January 28th, 2021 Shannon meets Xiang Zhao in Bushwick. Music, meditation, shelter, and life are discussed.
Home Turf Advantage January 27th, 2021 Jax and Shannon trash-talk each other's home teams, and agree that in a world where the Patriots can beat the Bills, anything is possible.
The New Normal January 27th, 2021 Jay and Andrea talk about their future and the cure, then Shannon comes by to talk boy stuff.
The Cure: Raising Spirits in Mutant Town January 26th, 2021 A number of Xmen and Popstars bring a message of hope to a shaken mutant community.
Wings for lunch January 26th, 2021 Warren is in the kitchen making lunch, Shannon joins for a bit of conversation
The Cure: Moment Interruptus January 26th, 2021 Shannon and Ted enjoy a quiet moment, only to have Megan interrupt. The Cure and other matters are discussed.
Fast Learner January 24th, 2021 Shannon gets a chance to be the teacher for a change.
The Cure: Just A Walk In The Woods January 21st, 2021 Shannon catches up with Athena about recent events, including the goddess joining the Avengers. Cocoa, cookies, and wisdom are shared.
Spirit & Opportunity January 20th, 2021 some people have unkroken spirtis and see opportunities everywhere.
The Cure: On The Warpath January 17th, 2021 Warpath and Shannon discuss current events, family and matters of the heart. The two agree on the proper placement of prickly plants in pugilistic persons that have plagued mutants lately.
Mutant Town Street Rat January 15th, 2021 Zeke meets Shannon and Jeremy in Bushwick
Checking on lil sis January 14th, 2021 Moods are lightened, and goals set.
The Cure: Ex-Mutants January 14th, 2021 Some students and Xmen chatter in the kitchen about current events.
The (Cat)Gorilla in the room January 13th, 2021 Beast gets a kick in the rump over his self-depreciating guilt regarding his past involvement in the mutant cure.
Eggs ala Warren January 12th, 2021 Breakfast with the students turns into a impromptu call with the Avengers.
Belated Christmas In The Trenches (Or: Blunt Cacti Sideways) January 12th, 2021 Belated Christmas cheer turns out to be perfectly timed. Discussion between Jax and Shannon regarding the ideal purpose for blunt cacti ensues.
Cure By Chocolate January 11th, 2021 Chocolate cures all, and heals more. Feelings about current events are aired, with surprising results.
Bucket List: Harry's Hideaway January 11th, 2021 Sazzerock! Juke Box Hero! Kung Fu Fighting!
Socializing at Salem Center January 11th, 2021 Sam Wilson runs into the recently de-winged Nightingale
The Cure: Aftermath, part 1 January 10th, 2021 After having been hit with a Cure dart, Shannon finds it difficult to cope with being 'normal' again. Thankfully, there are friends to lean on, and hope is restored.
Capture the flag... Danger Room style. January 9th, 2021 The X-men take on the Avengers in Capture the flag.
Belated Christmas Presents January 8th, 2021 Sam and Shannon talk about life, recent events, and future plans. A late Christmas gift is given. The bonds of family, adopted or otherwise, hold strong.
Obstacle Course From Hell January 8th, 2021 Warpath put them through their paces in an obstacle course that would give ninja warriors trouble.
The Cure: Assault on Mutant Town! January 4th, 2021 The Xmen intercept an attack on mutant protestors by DAMT.
Laboratory Mayhem December 28th, 2020 Some bad guys attack a lab. Slipstream, Nightengale and The Falcon intervene.
The Spirit of the Season Lives On December 27th, 2020 Christmas gifts were exchanged, and the origin of some new bling-bling on Jean's hand was discovered.
Christmas at the Club December 20th, 2020 A few friends have a Christmas gathering at club Evo.
Some Days, You Just Can't Win December 17th, 2020 Family is always a win
It's Christmas time in the city. December 17th, 2020 And Presents are bought and decided on.
The Cure: The daily download December 15th, 2020 The X-Men go to check on Jeremy and the New Mutants. They discover exactly what Jeremy was able to steal from DAMT.
Magneto's Response to the Cure December 14th, 2020 Magneto and Acolytes appear in Westchester. He allows the building to evacuated and then seals it off to destroy it. A brief exchange with Xavier's students occurs.
A Year in Passing December 13th, 2020 Alexis brings cookies from Italy and there is talk about signing up for decorations.
The Aftermath.... December 12th, 2020 Megan and Shannon patch things up and clear the air over a lot of matters. Some stories are set straight.
Starlight: Grand Opening! December 10th, 2020 The grand opening of Starlight's Free Health Clinic. It almost went smoothly!
Santa Claws' Naughty List: December 8th, 2020 Sexy Jockeys, Sketchy Tracksuits.
Back from home, looking for peace. December 7th, 2020 Shannon finally corners Warpath and manages to get him to sit down for some belated birthday cake. Much hilarity over upcoming birthdays ensues--especially when Jax and Jeremy join in the fun!
The Yule Lads: Scene One December 7th, 2020 Summary needed.
Of Mice and Nearly Men. December 6th, 2020 A secretive summons, a patient in need. All is not what it seems.
Oreos And Hugs Cure All December 4th, 2020 Ted and Shannon discuss cars, seasons, gifts, sports, and life in general. It's nice to be needed and wanted.
The X-Games: Flag Football December 3rd, 2020 All Hail The Maple Marauders! Screw That Petunia Chick!
Preparing for popstar bootcamp November 30th, 2020 Andrea introduces Shannon to an opportunity and talks bootcamp
Ye Olde DR Series - Level 1 November 28th, 2020 Megan discovers an old D&D DR session and has some fun.
Thanks...what now November 27th, 2020 Oh no! Will the Thanksgiving Miracle come to pass? Will the turkey be cooked in time, and an edible gravy concocted? Stay tuned for this and more!
Home from the barbecue. November 22nd, 2020 Jimmy and Shannon had a talk and she treated some burns after X-Force had returned from their most recent mission.
The Great Cookie Caper November 21st, 2020 Revelations, friendship and cookies to sate a hungry predator.
Cheese 'n Chat November 18th, 2020 Mac 'n cheese draws unlikely allies and dear friends and family out of the woodwork. The nature of Nature, nicknames, and Not Being A Jerk are discussed.
Lean On Me November 16th, 2020 Jimmy and Shannon talk about family and recent events at the haunted house. It's good to have someone to lean on sometimes. It's even better to be that someone.
Riff Off at Xavier's November 15th, 2020 Andrea visits Xavier's and has a riff off with Shannon and Jax. They talk about careers in music.
Frozen Feelings November 14th, 2020 Megan and Shannon discuss the spooky events of the previous night that touched a nerve.
Newbies Relaxing November 14th, 2020 David and Jade are welcomed to Xavier's by fellow students. Fun, pizza, and song are enjoyed by all. Jade opens up a bit to David, Shannon, and Tabitha.
The Cure: House of the Living Dead November 13th, 2020 Lost loved ones are reunited..But a more dangerous evil lurks beneath the surface.
Simulation Theory: Alpha Test November 11th, 2020 Information Superhighway to the Danger Zone!
Ruminating in the Recroom November 10th, 2020 Megan meets a new student and tries to stay awake
Mac Attack! November 7th, 2020 Hero talk, basketball tales, art, and Christmas were discussed. Much mac 'n cheese was consumed by all!
Danger Room in Space November 7th, 2020 James and Jubilee has a DR session with some students.
What's up, happy cat November 5th, 2020 A warm Xavier welcome to the new student.
Gamma Testing for Dummies November 3rd, 2020 Bruce and Shannon catch up after some events.
Cookin' Cajun Cuisine November 2nd, 2020 Remy an Shannon eat some food and due some business.
Halloween Homecoming November 1st, 2020 Dancing, music, food, family, and fun are enjoyed by all at Homecoming! Crazy costumes and fantastic displays of geekdom abound!
The Labrynth November 1st, 2020 James gives the students a lesson in the DR.
Getting Ready for Halloween! October 29th, 2020 Some Xavier students get together to prepare for Halloween!
Nerd is the word! October 23rd, 2020 Shannon and Jeremy talk about Halloween and dance costume plans. Ted joins in with his own costume ideas. Will all the New Mutants go to the dance together?
Let's Not Name The Car Christine! October 22nd, 2020 Shannon and Ted talk about cars, past friendships, and the difficulty of being the one to ask someone out.
There can only be one Alpha in NYC October 21st, 2020 Andrea meets Bigby and square off to see who has the biggest teeth.
Fractured Fractions October 20th, 2020 The kids gather around to talk about math and dances.
No! Not The Butterfly Net! October 17th, 2020 Shannon and Tabitha talk about computers, clothes, and perhaps begin healing some past trauma as well.
City Fall: Just Friendly Neighbors October 16th, 2020 Shannon, Andrea, and Nevada case out the Mutant Cultural Museum.
Planning a school dance October 13th, 2020 Students get to plan a Homecoming Party for the school. Keep Megan away from the Punch Bowl.
Mutant Squatters: Starlight To The Rescue October 11th, 2020 Shannon and Megan pay Andrea and Nevada a visit to see if Starlight can assist the mutant children and families from the incident in Bryant Park two nights prior. Plans are made, and gummies devoured.
No Cure For Being A Jerk October 11th, 2020 The Punisher helps Shannon deal with some anti-mutant thugs in the course of his own work in Bushwick. Thanks long overdue are given.
Mutant Squatters October 10th, 2020 Mutant squatters are attacked by thugs. They receive unexpected help from some heroes.
Catching Up and Training October 9th, 2020 Sam and Shannon catch up over a little balance training, talking about recent events, future plans, and dinner.
Atlantis Meeting October 9th, 2020 Concerns for the Atlantis field trip are raised and addressed. Xiomara bows out. Fears are raised and confronted.
Welcome home, Andrea October 7th, 2020 Andrea visits the school to give a quick song and meet some new faces.
From Thoughts To Songs October 7th, 2020 Tabitha visits Shannon in her dorm. The two talk about songs, the heroics of kindness, standing up against bullies, and the learning the 'finer points' of various languages.
The Cure: No Place Like Home October 7th, 2020 Metaforce ruins a construction site. Avengers send them packing.
I got a spark in me (Hands up if you can see) October 5th, 2020 Jeremy, Tabitha and Shannon talk popstars, Renn Faires and black sparkly pants.
Where is Miss Wings now October 4th, 2020 Jimmy and Shannon have an intersting conversation with a surprise piece of infomatnion.
Hot Cocoa Cures All October 2nd, 2020 Tabitha checks in on Shannon after the incident post-Jazz Night. The two share a bit more of their respective stories, as well as hot cocoa and cookies made by Tabitha.
Telling Xio A Tale.... October 2nd, 2020 Xio gets wind of something amiss with Jeremy, and visits Shannon in her dorm to find out more. She gets quite an earful, as well as a cup of hot cocoa!
An Owl In The Woods October 1st, 2020 Shannon finds out that Professor Minerva is very well-named, and is none other than Athena. Cookies and cocoa are shared, and a new friend made.
Mutant Metal Hair Band September 30th, 2020 Random jam session at the Institute music classroom.
The Sagacity of Stilton September 30th, 2020 Tabitha is caught by surprise when she sees Shannon's wings for the first time. She learns for the first time that she is, in fact, a mutant, and also more about the school. Much mac 'n cheese was enjoyed by all.
New Mutants 785.5 Tabitha Barr's First Appearance Special Holo Cover September 29th, 2020 Sam and Dazzler pick up Tabitha for the school.
Study Buddies September 28th, 2020 Shannon and Jeremy hang out in the study hall for talk of classes, recent events, and a recent unusual encounter in Salem Center.
Heavenly Noms September 26th, 2020 Warpath and Shannon visit Salem Center for some ice cream, and meet 'Professor Minerva'. Perhaps there is more to her than meets the eye?
The Cure: Burning Man September 26th, 2020 Metaforce sets fire to anti mutant HQ, and comes up against resistance in the form of numerous heroes!
The Taste of Victory September 26th, 2020 Shannon and Ted talk about the X-men vs. Avengers basketball game, their gifts, and life in general over some good snacks.
Cars and Chillaxin' September 23rd, 2020 Ted and Shannon chit-chat over current events, home, and ways to de-stress over snacks and a little work on the engine of Ted's car
Annual AvX Basketball Classic '28 September 22nd, 2020 Teamwork! Matching Uniforms! Triumphant Victory for the X-Men!
Theory of Combat September 21st, 2020 Shannon and Emma help Alice work out for combat situations.
A healer with a blade September 19th, 2020 Jimmy and Shannon had a training session and they had a good talk along the well as well.
Starlight: Putting up the banner September 18th, 2020 Andrea and The Shredder face off once again after two years. Andrea will never forget their history. Shredder is as always, great a getting under her skin. Shannon almost witnessed a murder.
Before the Concert in Mutant Town September 15th, 2020 Andrea, Shannon and Megan get together for some catching up before the big concert tonight. They got to meet Conner and talk about careers.
New Mutants: First Day of School September 14th, 2020 First day of classes! Beast gives a quick orientation to some of the student body.
Homeward Bounds 3: All Dogs Go To Heven September 13th, 2020 Our Heroes follow Lockjaw to Heven. It's strange there. They don't like it. They come back.
Homeward Bounds 2: The Incredible Journey September 12th, 2020 After a quick pit stop, Lockjaw takes Our Heroes to an active battlefield... IN SPACE!
Remember that it's just a show... September 11th, 2020 The grownups...and Shannon...enjoy some downtime in the Rec Room.
Friday morning. Last weekend of freedom September 11th, 2020 Some of the students meet in the rec room to hang out on an early Friday.
The Cure: Enter Metaforce September 11th, 2020 A field trip is interrupted by anti-mutant protestors and the villainous Metaforce.
Homeward Bounds September 9th, 2020 Avengers and Co. get swept up in a dazzling story of romance, intrigue, and... actually they just get teleported by Lockjaw to a supervillain bar.
It's Permanent September 7th, 2020 Jeremy gets Inked
Pizza Delivery, Nightingale Style September 7th, 2020 Dr. Banner and Shannon catch up over some pizza
Why Is It Called 'Shooting The Breeze' September 6th, 2020 Sharing snacks and shooting some pool turns into shooting the breeze. Plans for Sunday dinners were made. Fun was had by all.
Paddle Like The Dickens September 6th, 2020 What starts as a swimming lesson turns into plans for the future. Classes, EMT courses, movies, and pizza are discussed. The swimming lesson never happened. But at least Jeremy got into the water!
Happy Birthday Jeremy September 5th, 2020 The New Mutants get together for Jeremy's surprise birthday party. He tells them his dark secret and gets cool presents. He's on top of the world.
Hanging On To Summer September 4th, 2020 Chilling out in the rec room on one of the last few days before the start of the new school term
Moving Meditation September 4th, 2020 A moving medition of warm-up stretches turns into a talk about recent events between Shannon and Warpath, concerning Blurr, and her hopes for his fate. The idea of a 'trouble fund' is bandied about, with a dollar for every time trouble finds the young healer.
Video Game Showdown September 2nd, 2020 Game On?
Secret Grease Monkey September 1st, 2020 Ted brings his automotive project into the garage, only to find Shannon there. The two talk cars, and future plans for the vehicle in question. Who knew the healer had a yen for fixing mechanical things as well?
A Different Facet of Diamonds September 1st, 2020 Shannon discovers unexpected facets of the White Queen, and realizes she misjudged her. Feelings over recent events are aired, dealt with, and perhaps the teen might have actually pulled one over on Miss Frost!
Garden Rest September 1st, 2020 Josh and Shannon reconnect after almost a year. She takes it easy on him.
A robot in the wilderness August 30th, 2020 Megan and Shannon watch over Blurr in Avalon while planning their next step.
Upon Reflection I August 25th, 2020 A discussion in the library about Child Soldiers involves Shannon, Pixie, emma, and Piotr
Students vs Sabertooth: Round 1 August 24th, 2020 No one peed themselves and no one died. It was a splendid picnic.
A Mysterious Signal August 23rd, 2020 Blurr's Terran friends help come to his rescue, only to run into Lockdown.
Taking a Deep Breath August 23rd, 2020 Shannon grapples with a rare opponent--fear--but does so with Warpath's help.
On the roof August 22nd, 2020 Jimmy and Terry found Shannon on the roof having a bit of a break down. They talked her down and sent her on her way.
Spoiled Rich Folk August 21st, 2020 The new girl gets punked. Right? Cause all that crazy stuff can't be for real!
Are we superheroes now August 19th, 2020 Jeremy and Shannon talk and make plans for the weekend. Thai food is in their future.
New Mutants: Hank takes the kids on a field trip August 18th, 2020 The New Mutants stop a bank robbery and shockingly enough, they didn't screw up!
Rain Boot Revolution August 17th, 2020 Containing impromptu dance offs and revisions to the physical education curriculum.
Medbay Siryn August 17th, 2020 A night spent in the medbay to make sure Terry is OK. The next morning begins the next day of life and what may come.
Lost Siryn found August 16th, 2020 What started out as a rescue mission turned into quite the adventure, complete with appearances by The Winter Soldier and The Juggernaut.
Music Lessons August 13th, 2020 Just a little, impromptu jam session
New Mutants: Making friends August 13th, 2020 The New Mutants talk about camping and get together for the first time.
Hot Pocket Picnic August 12th, 2020 Jeremy and Shannon enjoy a campfire picnic of Hot Pockets by the lake. Life, friends, and team building are discussed. Girls are still confusing. So are boys.
What'cha got cookin' August 10th, 2020 Mr. McCoy and Shannon discuss the idea of writing on the medical needs of mutants for journals, and possibly publishing a textbook on the subject.
Angry teenager stuff. Oh joy. August 9th, 2020 Angry Shannon is now happy Shannon and nobody had to die or beg.
Struggles and Nightmares August 9th, 2020 Shannon visits Jeremy in his dorm, and the two talk about struggles, nightmares, and their loved ones.
The Dog Days of Summer August 8th, 2020 A wild Logan returns home, Pete prunes trees, and Jean and Shannon have a chat about The Dream. And other dreams too.
Trying to cool off. August 8th, 2020 Jimmy and Shannon have one of their long conversations that seem to draw them closer and closer.
The Wisdom of Wiltshire (Or: The Philosophy of Poultry) August 6th, 2020 Ted and Shannon discuss life, their gifts, and share a bit of wisdom over a good meal.
Backyard BBQ August 5th, 2020 Some Xavier students gather in the backyard to relax.
The New-New Mutants August 4th, 2020 The New-New Mutants meet up and hang out. Friends forever? Stay tuned reader!
Wings and Wheels August 4th, 2020 Shannon and Jeremy talk about training, life, and their gifts. Plans for a picnic of Hot Pockets and drinks by the lake are made. Jeremy's still awkward around girls--but he's learning!
Lake side encounter August 3rd, 2020 Jimmy turned a meditation time into a training time for Shannon.
Totoro Blue August 3rd, 2020 Beast hangs out with Alice, Kitty and Shannon.
Here Have Some Junk-I Mean Artistic Pieces August 1st, 2020 During a lovely day at the museum, things go awry. Not surprising.
Drops of Jupiter: Research August 1st, 2020 Shannon gets checked out by Beast to make sure she isn't tainted by death spores. She's clear.
Snack attack! July 30th, 2020 Shannon, Jeremy, and Ted meet in the kitchen for some snacks, and talk of gifts and new students incoming. And just how was Going South normal around here, anyways?
Summer Days at Xavier's July 30th, 2020 Indi finds the pool and everyone gets to hang out and talk for a bit. No one got electrocuted!
Drops of Jupiter: Decontamination July 29th, 2020 Unsure of how to handle a potential contamination scenario due to the spores, Shannon calls for help from Miss Grey. The two get her cleaned up, decontaminated back at the mansion, and even plan an impromptu slumber party in the War Room just to be safe!
Drops of Jupiter July 28th, 2020 A broad range of superheroes try to stop strange fungal ooze from taking over Metropolis!
Chilling on the Tower July 28th, 2020 Shannon visits Storm to talk
Movie Night (or: The Spoof To End All Spoofs) July 27th, 2020 An evening of watching Spaceballs turns into talk of movies, life, and dreams. Plans to attend the fall Renaissance Faire in Salem Center are made. Jeremy finds out about the fine art of wearing a kilt in true Scottish style!
Always DR With A Spotter July 26th, 2020 A handful of students get the chance to test their strength in the DR. Or watch from the sidelines and be intimidated. Either or.
Happy Birthday Shannon July 25th, 2020 The Xavier girls get together for Shannon's birthday and talk a bit. Andrea has a new penthouse.
It's a pool table, why is that so difficult July 24th, 2020 The pool table is really starting to annoy Jimmy. Shannon tried to help him figure things out.
Checking In On Friends July 23rd, 2020 Sue, who totally isn't Supergirl, comes to check in on Jeremy. Chats and burritos followed!
Snack a'Chat July 21st, 2020 Some of the old guard chat around the late evening dinner table and are joined by a couple of student.
Sunday Scorcher July 19th, 2020 What starts as a calm gathering on the lawn turns into laundry airing instead.
=In Russia, garbage disposes of you! July 18th, 2020 Although Piotr is rescued from the sink monster, words are said that leave a student's feelings injured and Piotr profoundly upset with someone he rarely gets mad at.
I Always Feel like - Somebody's Watching me! July 18th, 2020 Hank comes to Jeremy for more answers in regards to Betsy's current situation.
Making Adam into a cool mutant. July 16th, 2020 Friends hit up Club Evolution for some hanging out and food.
Flying down south to recruit Ted July 16th, 2020 Recruiting Ted to the school.
Danger Room Issues July 15th, 2020 A training session went sideways quickly as the Danger Room went from training level to actual threats to those inside. The resulting wreck and shut down at least got everyone out without being injured.
A (Cinnamon) Toast to Games and Good Times July 13th, 2020 Tea, toast, and talk in the kitchen were had by all. Dinner is cooked, plans are made.
Crashing a Party July 11th, 2020 The Hulk comes out in a routine incident, and runs into Rift and Shannon, who get him out of the city before anyone else can piss him off
A Crappie Day July 10th, 2020 Sam and Shannon enjoy a fish fry by the lake. Life, future plans, and cooking shows are discussed. Now this is the kind of thing worth fighting for!
Dance Dance Evolution! July 9th, 2020 Hank and Sandy go on a date. Alice and Shannon are at the same club. Things end up going strangely.
Summer Days. Summer Nights. Scott is on the grill. July 9th, 2020 X-Folks gather at the lake to barbecue and help Shannon deal with some heavy feelings. A great deal of food is consumed.
Computer Love July 6th, 2020 Jeremy and Shannon go dancing together. On MineCraft.
Life Saving Skills July 6th, 2020 Snake Eyes gives Jeremy and Shannon a course on Army first aid. Knowledge is imparted.
Introductions and Indigestion July 4th, 2020 X-Folks have a great get together
Bear Claws. And not the pastries. July 3rd, 2020 Hank patches up Shannon and the two have a wonderful conversation. Friendship is awesome.
Hot Dogs and Hot Cars July 3rd, 2020 The holiday weekend starts with car washes and cookouts.
Wisdom of the Phoenix June 30th, 2020 And a large knot began to untangle....
Uncanny Ursine Unleashed! June 30th, 2020 A group from Xavier's mansion visits the zoo, just in time for a disgruntled bad guy to attack with bears! There is also a ninja.
Are There Ever Off-Hours June 29th, 2020 Volt and Nightingale make a public appearance!
Catching up, Banner Style June 29th, 2020 Bruce and Shannon catch up in the park
Weekend Relaxations June 27th, 2020 A casual chat about powers over puzzles.
Roses are Red. Violets are Blue. June 26th, 2020 Jeremy and Shannon hang out in the gardens. He tells her the big secret. He's still awkward around girls.
Recreational Relaxation is Rewarding June 25th, 2020 And a lesson in pool and hummus snacks were enjoyed by all
About the New Mutants... June 25th, 2020 What does it take to join the New Mutants? Talking to their leader!
Bad Day for Bigots June 24th, 2020 Shannon has a run in with some human supremacists. Snake Eyes intervenes and together the pair ruin the bigots' day.
Bovine Chickie Nuggies June 23rd, 2020 Drake gets a burger! There's also a dragon there. But it's small, so that makes it okay?
Late snack June 23rd, 2020 And a good talk is being had by the two
At Da Club June 22nd, 2020 Friends gathering at Club Evolution for talks of fashion, music and a family bombshell. Shannon sang the blues, Andrea did some pop-rock, Nevada ate everyone's food.
9-ball side pocket.. June 21st, 2020 A (mostly) friendly pool game is played. Shannon buys pizza for everyone and Remy gets his face on the $1 bill.
Danger Room Session: Alpha15364CZ June 18th, 2020 The X-Men have a Danger Room Session against a potential future Sentinel. Explosions happened!
Training observation June 15th, 2020 James and Shannon took some time to train and visit.
Reaching Out For Understanding June 12th, 2020 Shannon and Warpath talk about family, pride, and guarding one's soul against anger turning inwards, among many things. All over a tasty dinner and a mixed berry cobbler!
Xavier's Graduation 2028 June 11th, 2020 It's graduation day for the latest round of Xavier's students. Party time!
Cars and Karaoke June 9th, 2020 There's a small gathering of the Xavier family in the garage, where car work turns to singalongs and finally the inevitability of war over burgers. Mutants, always looking on the bright side.
Summer Shenanigans June 7th, 2020 In which Jean trolls students, alpha male tensions come to a rolling boil, and other students probably lose all faith in their teachers while simultaneously increasing their subscriber count on YouTube. Charles will be hearing of this.
Afternoon at the pool. June 7th, 2020 A small get together around the pool provided James an opportunity to see a few of the new students. He didn't really get to know them so well, but he saw them. A good interaction for everyone.
Morning On The Lawn June 6th, 2020 A general gathering of various people in the morning to talk.
The Angel and the ape.. sorta June 4th, 2020 And the angel is the one to manhandle someone.
In The Summertime June 3rd, 2020 A fallen angel meets an angel winged mutant and a bat winged faerie.
Picnic in the Park June 3rd, 2020 Birthday plans segue into more serious talk, but nothing they can't get through together
Swimming... but not in data June 2nd, 2020 The time has come, the angel said, to talk of many things. Of shoes and ships and sealing wax, cabbages and kings! Jeremy and Shannon chat by the pool, a simple, normal day, with no tech involved!
Gremlins: Post Battle May 30th, 2020 Megan, Conner, Jean, Scott, Logan, and Shannon arrive home after the mission to recover Megan's soul dagger. Good-byes are said, wounds are healed--and some over-extend themselves in the process. But everyone made it back alive!
Gremlins: The Final Battle May 29th, 2020 The X-men and friends confront the Goblin Prince once and for all!
Wednesday Water Day May 27th, 2020 Some students learn that the stuffy, serious oldtimers are actually capable of smiling - and pranking back - when off the clock.
Cookies, Kitty and Kicking Back May 26th, 2020 Rec Room chilling's a thing...and tongue twisters happen.
A Fairy's Tale.. May 26th, 2020 Lyra sheds some light on the Wilder fairy war.
Winging It May 25th, 2020 Aerin visits Shannon to clear the air about their initial meeting. The two wind up discussing ways they can hopefully reach Jeremy and be friends to him.
Hidden In Plain Sight May 24th, 2020 On a late-night flight to cool her head after a fight with Sam, Shannon spots Blurr. The two meet up and head on over to Club Evolution, where the real data slug is kept in Sam's office. The data slug is passed to Blurr, good-byes are said, and plans for future shenanigans made!
A Mixed-Up Kind Of Day May 24th, 2020 And the day gets frustrating.
A Breath Of Fresh Air May 23rd, 2020 Shannon and Megan clear the air, and both decide to keep their distance from Josiah.
The Breakfast of Champions! May 23rd, 2020 Shannon meets a fallen angel, making a new friend in Zach Daniels.
Brand New World. The first step. May 23rd, 2020 Jeremy's first day at school. He's awkward. He's always awkward.
A Public cookout May 22nd, 2020 Josiah meets Voodoo
Come into my parlor, said the Spyder to the fly May 22nd, 2020 Jean and Shannon meet with Jeremy to discuss coming to Xavier's. Jeremy plays his trap card in the form of Supergirl having his back.
Knock Knock Guess Who May 22nd, 2020 Things don't work quite as planned when Jeremy is approached.
How Can There Be Paperwork May 21st, 2020 Shannon comes to Betsy with a situation. It seems that there is a young man needing to be contacted, to confirm his situation. Perhaps even to become a student at Xavier's.
We want YOU as the new recruit! May 20th, 2020 Food's eaten, new recruits are talked to.
When Spyders Byte.... May 19th, 2020 The mysterious SpyderByte contacts Shannon once again and is spooked when accessing her phone camera and spotting Logan. Shannon leans on the wisdom of the school's resident curmudgeon and finds some she can work with.
Waiting for Butterflies May 18th, 2020 Some chatting in the garden.
A chit-chat with a Kit Kat...and a Shannon May 18th, 2020 Kitty and Shannon discuss macaarons, baking, computers and things
Are we all Green, then May 18th, 2020 Mentorship with Doctor Banner will have to wait, but there is hope for a more constructive shift in Shannon's healing gift. A baking challenge is issued by miss Grey! Bon appetit!
Math is an Eternal Threat May 16th, 2020 Participants decide to investigate SpiderByte.
Under the stars. May 15th, 2020 they enjoyed the stars and made plans to see each other some more
Hiding in the Shadows May 13th, 2020 A possessed Megan attempts to attack Shannon. Jean and Psylocke intervene and send the shadow packing.
A picnic by the lake May 12th, 2020 They had a nice picnic and now retire to the mansion
Towers, Ta and Talking May 12th, 2020 Ice cream party on the roof. Chit chat and all that fun stuff
Heck, no! What, listening to techno(path) May 12th, 2020 A mystery, wrapped in a digital enigma... who is Spyder Byte?
Just another ordinary day May 11th, 2020 Kitty and Shannon go out for coffee. People are still jerks in public. Jeremy makes his appearance. Kind of.
Soup For The Soul May 11th, 2020 Shannon and Josiah check in with each other after the incident at Breakstone Lake.
Changing a spare tire. May 10th, 2020 Changing tires and lives, one day at a time. Scott gets more information about current events.
Kitty Coffee Klatch May 10th, 2020 After a hellish night and cruel words said, Kitty and Shannon patch things up over chicory coffee and croissants in Shannon's dorm.
Dark Fairy Attack--The Aftermath May 9th, 2020 Help arrives, harsh words are spoken, some wounds of the heart healed--but some fresh ones left in their place. Plans to help Megan are made, hope is renewed.
All Bottled Up May 9th, 2020 Healing and frustration are discussed, plans for a picnic are made!
The Dark Fairy May 9th, 2020 Megan is suspicious of Morgana. Things go south quickly.
Shore leave and sound checks May 8th, 2020 Shan and Brin run into each other at Club Evolution. And....Drake makes it more exciting.
Brunch Duty May 7th, 2020 A chat of pockets, pranks, and giving back.
Mugging For the Cameras May 7th, 2020 Just a couple'a superheroes out on the town...
Danger Zone, Alexis! May 6th, 2020 Samuel attempts to out-think rather than Out-Power Alexis with a Walk Accross the Room trial. He didn't count on Alexis Carr having never seen The Goonies!
A nice day for flying! May 5th, 2020 Megan tests out her new wings with help from fellow fliers.
What Did You Do This Time, Sam May 5th, 2020 Shannon learns of Sam's injury, and does what she can to help speed healing while Sam awaits assistance from Josiah.
Coffee and Scones, Anyone May 4th, 2020 Kitty drops by the kitchen for scones. Om nom nom ensues.
Flying lessons May 4th, 2020 Josiah and Shannon practice flying.
Long Distance Learning: Banner Style. May 2nd, 2020 Bruce visits Shannon at the school to discuss their mentorship... and ends up revealing far more about his circumstances than he thought he would
Welcome Back BBQ! April 30th, 2020 Friends and allies gather to celebrate superman's return.
Reference Section Blue April 30th, 2020 Kurt Wagner and Shannon Lance are studying in the library, when Samuel Guthrie comes in with books. There is a discussion about the changing of teaching staff, and Shannon expresses interest in staying on after graduation.
Let's not kill ourselves today! April 29th, 2020 Scott presents Shannon with a Vespa and a helmet and talk with various friends.
Summer School: Danger Room File 4.27.2028 April 27th, 2020 Scott leads a floor is hot lava parkour class for extra credit.
Chocolate Cures All Ills April 27th, 2020 Chocolate chip cookies plus Dixieland jazz and good company can cure many an ill.
Afternoon in the garage. April 26th, 2020 The time had Comme the Cajun said to speak of many things of helmets, gummies, speeding bikes, Cabages and kings.
'Fence'd In Gardens April 26th, 2020 Alexis opens dueling a student name Simone in the gardens as a bit of tutilage in Fencing, with Sam Guthrie making sure that it doesn't go overboard with powers. Scott Summers and Jean Grey get the chance to get some air in after reviewing paperwork, and Shannon arrives fresh out of the medbay. Josiah is introduced to Alexis, and all comes to a stop when Megan Wynn, and her changed appearance, prompt a full stop.
City Fall: Under New Management April 21st, 2020 Shredder Arrives in Gotham to rebuke Penguin's use of his power.
Scared Straight. We'll See About That April 19th, 2020 Logan makes a second attempt to scare Megan and Shannon straight. The session goes awry, and quick thinking is needed to help Logan end the Danger Room program without massive injury.
True Friends April 19th, 2020 Blurr has questions for Shannon.
Gremlins: Dark Night of the Soul April 18th, 2020 A hiking trip takes a dark turn as gremlins attack once more. And something precious is stolen.
Malls, Mutants and Mischief....maybe April 17th, 2020 Three mutants walk into a mall. Talk (literal) shopping
Musings of a Fairy April 16th, 2020 Shannon learns a bit more about Lyra and defends her from another Gremlin attack!
Butcher, baker, birthday cake makers April 15th, 2020 Kitty, Shannon and Alice make plans for Alice's birthday. Cake or ice cream? Tough choice
Simple Joys April 15th, 2020 Drake and Shannon have a chance to catch up post-grounding over some pizza, enjoying simple, innocent joys of good food and good company.
Training with Logan or PLEASE! I'm too young to die! April 15th, 2020 Logan tries his own version of Scared Straight and fails.
Milk Cartons: The Lion, The Beast, The Beat April 14th, 2020 The X-Men and allies come to Cloak and Dagger and learn more about the prey they hunt. Lines have been drawn. Are you prey, or are you the hunter?
Superman Returns: Finale April 12th, 2020 Superman Returns!
Many Hands Make Light Work April 11th, 2020 Shannon and Pixie run into Colossus in the garden, for some companionable chit-chat. Many hands do indeed make light work!
Just a regular day at the mansion April 9th, 2020 Gwendolyn and Shannon shoot the breeze.
Staying Grounded April 8th, 2020 Kitty hangs out with friends in the rec room
Of Pixies and Muscle Cars.... April 7th, 2020 Shannon and Megan talk about recent events. Josiah joins them later for talk of some down home Cajun cookin'!
Of Alliances and Harpies.... April 5th, 2020 Kitty and Shannon talk to Poseidon about healing, Harpies, ships, and sealing wax, cabbages and kings!
Checking on the Club. April 5th, 2020 And things are learned, and places are cleaned
In the Shadows April 5th, 2020 A shopping trip with a stop at the Bronx subway station turns into a chaotic misadventure when Pixie follows a fairy down an abandoned tunnel...
Whose Birthday is it, Anyway April 2nd, 2020 A birthday party is thrown for Megan (And Logan). Cake and gifts are had!
Milk for Kitty March 31st, 2020 Just breakfast and tomfoolery.
A snack for late night. March 31st, 2020 Food and friendship are had by all.
Brain Freeze March 31st, 2020 Summary needed
Gremlins: This Little Light of Mine March 31st, 2020 A Talent Show turns to Chaos when Gremlins once again Attack!
Catching Up with Kitty March 30th, 2020 Jean catches up with Kitty Pryde, as she provides a tip about a mutant that may be of interest.
Keyboard Kat(herine) March 28th, 2020 Kitty and Shannon have an early morning talk about harpies
When inspiration Strikes.., March 27th, 2020 A fairy seeks refuge with Shannon, offering to be her muse in return
Cooking up Mischief March 27th, 2020 Kitty and company chatter in the kitchen
Little Costume Shop 6 March 27th, 2020 Kitty sleepwalks into the Little Costume Shop. Luckily, she has friends looking out for her.
Mooks and Gremlins March 26th, 2020 Kitty runs Megan and Shannon through some training exercises, then they go out for ice cream!
Cinnamon Buns and Secrets! March 25th, 2020 All it takes is a single bump to bring a group together. Concerts are advertised, secrets are spilled, and cinnamon rolls are had. If one thing can be taken from all of this, be it that pixies are not subtle.
Musical Musings March 24th, 2020 Megs and Shannon discuss concert plans
Speed Angel March 19th, 2020 Sam and Shannon run into Blurr again.
Spring Festivities March 18th, 2020 A Spring Festival turns into a goblin attack on a fairy. Heroes show up and goblin soup is served. Huzzah!
Spring is coming..Maybe March 10th, 2020 Some X-ers head out early to check the Spring festivities. A fairy ring is discovered and spicy food is talked about.
Getting A Guest Lecturer February 27th, 2020 Jean meets with Thor and Shannon and discuss an incident in a chocolate factory involving Frost Giants!
Healers Take Flight February 26th, 2020 Josiah and Shannon both share a bit of their backgrounds, and agree to meet for further practice with their abilities.
Fun in the library February 26th, 2020 Studies and socialization in the library for two healers and a pixie in a bit of a time crunch for a term paper!
A Ride in the Country February 26th, 2020 A visit from Cap, Deadpool, and pieces of another.
Well, Now This Is A Little Different.... February 23rd, 2020 Bean is recovering in the medbay after the Yeti attack on LexCorp's chocolate factory, and has a familiar winged visitor who is /usually/ on the other end of the exchange!
Monster eats chocolate factory! Oh noes! February 22nd, 2020 A yeti from Jotunheim attacks Lex's chocolate factory. Its intense cold is eventually ended, and Lex has a new science project.
House Call February 20th, 2020 Doctor Banner makes a house call. Pleasant talk and coffee is shared, and a mentor is found.
Pizza Planet! February 20th, 2020 Alex and Shannon meet for pizza, and Shannon thinks she can surprise Alex with her 'big bro'.
Working A Few Things Out February 19th, 2020 Sam and Shannon get a little bit of training in down in the gym, and talk a few things out. Oh, my. Could things be looking up?
Pizza Run, Part Deux February 16th, 2020 Andre and Shannon reconnect a couple months after a Christmas charity event. They talk about pizza, standing up to bullies, and life in general.
Comfort Food Supreme February 16th, 2020 Josiah cooks up a storm in the kitchen and draws in company. Remy has competition in the kitchen!
New Snikt in Town February 13th, 2020 Gabby is found on the grounds of the Institute and brought in to join the other students.
Explanations.... February 9th, 2020 Shannon checks in with Poseidon to explain the matter of the explosives in the water and her injuries. Despite having never once mentioned the school to him, he nevertheless makes the request to speak with the teachers there. Time to take this one right to the top, and have a word with Professor Xavier!
Echoes in the Snow.. February 7th, 2020 Megs right nw into a spot of trouble, Alex and Shannon come to her rescue.
Lakeside Casual February 6th, 2020 Chit chat and BAMFing!
Angel in the Snow.. February 5th, 2020 A snowy miracle is interrupted by unexpected visitors.
Coffee and Beignets February 4th, 2020 Shannon and Alex meet for coffee, beignets, and a little bit of conversation.
Visiting Students February 4th, 2020 Summary needed
Know when to hold'em... February 3rd, 2020 Cards are held, foldeded, some walk away, others run. No one counts there money while sitting at the table.
You Say Po-Tatum, I say Po-tah-tum February 3rd, 2020 The awkwardness of inter-universal travel becomes quite clear to residents of the X-mansion that evening with the arrival of Tatum O'Neal.
Teen Burger Night February 2nd, 2020 X-Students meet a Power Pack member and giant burgers are tackled.
Finding Balance February 2nd, 2020 Shannon and Colossus meet in the library for some hot mulled cider (non-alcoholic, of course!), talk of the recent patrol, and life lessons.
Light Revival February 1st, 2020 They recruited Josiah to Xavier's
Hospital Food January 31st, 2020 Shannon and Gwen discuss the goblin issue in the kitchen over home-cooked food.
No More Room For Jello January 29th, 2020 Day 2 of Shannon's unplanned vacation in Club Med(ical) begins with Jello, and ends with good company, plus hope for a more constructive direction for her healing gift.
Routine Practice Patrol...yeah, right! January 28th, 2020 Illyana, Gwendolyn, and Shannon fight pirates stealing Stark Technology!
A Nightingale With Broken Wings January 28th, 2020 Shannon's stuck in the medbay with some nasty injuries following what was supposed to have been a routine patrol, and has some visitors. Gwen is asked to begin training in preparation for joining the New Mutants. Bean makes good on the threat from both Cannonball and himself to make a magnetic nameplate for her bed during medbay visits! The stinker!
After All The Mud Has Been Washed Off January 27th, 2020 Colossus' cooking draws quite a crowd. Life, classes, frustrations, and birthday plans are discussed.
Poker Preperations January 26th, 2020 Summary needed
Pizza... Run! January 25th, 2020 Shannon goes on a pizza run, and gets more than she bargains for.
When Pizza Runs Go Awry.... January 25th, 2020 Shannon winds up in the Wellness Office having to get stitches after being attacked by anti-mutant bigots in Salem Center. Sam Guthrie comes to visit her, and hears about not only the attack, but the incident the previous night of the theater as well. Life, love, heartache, worries, and loneliness are discussed.
A Night at the Movies January 24th, 2020 A charity event gets rescued
In Search Of Missing Friends January 23rd, 2020 Shannon and Samuel pass on Thor's information that Tony and Cap are in Khundian space somewhere.
The Last Pudding Pops January 20th, 2020 Kaida makes introductions with a number of students and staff, and more talk about the missing Tony and Cap.
Welcome to the Gang, Piper January 19th, 2020 Summary needed
Secrets of Vector Sigma: Heart of Cybertron January 19th, 2020 Doug and Shannon talk to Primus. But he's grumpy.
Surviving Infinity: That's What Friends Are For January 17th, 2020 Thor comes to Xavier's seeking help in the quest to bring Tony Stark and Captain Rogers home. Shannon, Bean, Sam Guthrie, Illyana, and Kurt answer the call. Plans are made.
Don't Wreck the Rec Room. January 16th, 2020 Sam finds out about the musuem
The Hellfire Ruby January 13th, 2020 The Heist of the Hellfire Ruby gets foiled
After Class Conversations January 13th, 2020 Shannon and Nathnaiel discuss heroics.
Female cookies have no nuts January 11th, 2020 Goofin' around in the Kitchen with Shannon and Alexis
Late Night at Evolution January 11th, 2020 Sam stops by the club and hears about Bean defending Shannon's honor. Shannon tells him about Nick's musical talent, and the two also talk about life, music, and her self-confidence (or lack of).
= Evolution is Boom boom boomin' January 11th, 2020 Nick comes in to rest, ends up with the makings of a classroom
Establish the Boundaries January 10th, 2020 Mason tries to make a move on Shannon for a more physical relationship. She stands her ground and he learns a little.
A Night of music and fun. January 9th, 2020 And Id is disposed of
Out checking things out. January 9th, 2020 Exploring and dinner
Tell me if you heard this January 8th, 2020 A quiet day turns out to be not so quiet, as Hercules finds his way to Club Evolution. A little wheeling, a little dealing, and the club has gained a new bartender!
Mac 'n Cheese 'n Chill January 7th, 2020 What's a soul to do after a trying Danger Room session? Why, share homemade mac 'n cheese with friends and family, of course!
Danger Room Mock Disaster January 6th, 2020 Warren sets up a scenario for the students to train and practice first aid in - they escalate it into a full blown ocean rescue!
Log 10643 January 5th, 2020 Cyclops is not eaten by a gummy bear. Remy, Illyana, Shannon, and Pixie save the children! But not from the earworm!
Selling Dreams, Buying Hope January 4th, 2020 One new mutant had. One problem in Scotland to resolve.
A New Year's Day Offering January 1st, 2020 Poseidon and Shannon celebrate New Year's with a little hot cocoa and cookies. The sea-god makes good on his holiday gift to her, but also makes certain that the young healer in training takes care of herself as well as others!
Post Christmas Funn December 31st, 2019 Megan exchanges gifts with Shannon and Gwen and do some stargazing on a cool winter night.
All Work And No Play.... December 30th, 2019 Mr. Green reminds Shannon of the need to look after herself as well as others. Plans are made to fly her down to her family for New Year's.
Secrets of Vector Sigma: The Undergrid December 28th, 2019 Blurr, Doug, and Shannon venture into the deepest parts of the Undergrid.
Christmas Cookies! December 24th, 2019 Cookie making and decorating was interrupted with the arrival of several people and some rising tensions that were kept in check in the holiday spirit.
Packing for a southern Christmas Trip. December 24th, 2019 They trade presents, and get ready for the trip.
Christmas Eve Eve December 24th, 2019 Gwendolyn and Megan both finish wrapping their holiday presents in the rec room. Shannon joins in by playing some holiday tunes, and Bean rests from his stint as an unwitting apprentice of St. Nick. Captain Rogers stops by for a bit of holiday cheer, and Warren Worthington proves once and for all to Shannon that yes, indeed, there is a face to go with the name!
A Time for Giving December 24th, 2019 Nick brings toys, Tim brings clothes, Shannon brings in the spirit
Not A Blessed Clue December 22nd, 2019 Bean manages to clear up Shannon's confusion about his prior lesson on firearms. Perhaps there is also an 'unofficial' student? Plans are made to gradually introduce the manison's resident furry friends to each other. Shannon could not be prouder of how far Bean has come in his time at the school!
Simple Gifts December 20th, 2019 A gift left by the little brook for Poseidon turns into a lovely chat, and the prospect of a gift and even a possible visit to his palace one day!
Bushwick Blues December 19th, 2019 Summary needed
Lessons to last a lifetime... 101 December 19th, 2019 Lessons are taught, lessons are learned. Guns are dangerous, mmkay?
Santapool and the Snowflakes December 17th, 2019 Santapool stops by with some rather unorthodox decorations and some presents. Much laughter, frustration, and free-falling fun is had by all! Welcome, Squeakers!
Bank Robbery in Progress December 16th, 2019 The Disney Gang Robs a Bank. It goes poorly.
To Rescue a Warrior: Warrior Joe December 14th, 2019 TO RESCUE WARRIOR JOE, Alexis Carr takes Sam, Chris, Theresa Cassidy and Shannon to the Palasade apartment building run by the extremely foul Othello Iiro, who has nothing good to say about his tennants as he runs a slum specifically meant for mutants to survive in.

Invoking Matt Murdock and the police don't help, so Sam resorts to not taking insults to Alexis and Shannon sitting down, and as Sam and Alexis retreive Warrior Joe (an aged alley cat who adopted Alexis), Chris and Shannon encounter another resident of the mutant-occupied building and make sure there are plenty of ways to get in touch with the group should they need help.

New Surroundings December 14th, 2019 Warrior Joe is beginning to explore his new home (on a leash and harness), Sam Guthrie and Alexis Carr act lovebirdy, and then there is Ballet.

Come for the goofy puns, stay for the mental image of men participating in intense daily training in tights.

Finding the Chords December 12th, 2019 Samuel comes along Alexis playing in an empty classroom, and gets to enjoy a lesson and a little information exchange. Sam
Secrets of Vector Sigma: Pit Stop December 11th, 2019 Blurr wasn't as prepared for taking care of Terrans as he thought he was, therefore a pit stop has to be made. Doug buys supplies, and Shannon finds a
Toys on Rockefeller December 11th, 2019 Some of the local New Yorkers work together on a children's toy drive.
Morning Tea December 9th, 2019 Tea and brunch are shared by all. Gifts changing over time are discussed, and plans to rescue Warrior Joe from the clutches of a scumbag landlord are made. Save Warrior Joe!
A Little Perspective December 8th, 2019 Sometimes, the perspective of someone far wiser and more experienced, can be the beginnings of a healthier outlook on the world.
A Little Late Lunch December 8th, 2019 A late lunch in the Wellness Office turns into a discussion on healing, and common points between the healing gifts of Chris and Shannon. Could her gifts be entering a second phase?
Danger Room 01-AC December 8th, 2019 And we learn more about Alexis and Shannon's powers.
Anything but routine December 7th, 2019 Alexis Carr visits the Wellness Office to discuss medical care but draws a crowd instead.
Bubble, Bubble, Toil and... Soup December 7th, 2019 Chicken soup for the soul turns into talk of recent battles, holiday preparations, and friendships strengthened.
DR-Gwendoyn - 01 December 6th, 2019 And an interesting time is had by all.


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The Trickster's Mess: Recreating a Gift October 2nd, 2019 Summary needed


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