11721/Can you teach an old dog new tricks

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Can you teach an old dog new tricks
Date of Scene: 04 July 2020
Location: Rec Room - Xavier's School
Synopsis: James and Kitty visited and she exchanged a few ideas for him to get better at playing pool.
Cast of Characters: Warpath, Shadowcat

Warpath has posed:
     Standing at the pool table alone, Jimmy stalks around it like a hunter about to strike. He frowns and leans down to line up a shot. Of course, being hte rank amateur he misses that clear shot. Standing back up he shakes his head and scowls.

     Anyone else might have given up by now, but the Apache warrior is more annoyed than anything. Nothing else beats him and this game isn't going to be the first. His scowl deepens and he tries to look the situation over as a tactician. Too bad a little physics is all he really needs to understand better and it would change his world. If only there was an honors student around.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty's curled up in a chair, quite contentedly eating hummus while she watches Warpath. See, Kitty knows how to play pool....kinda. kitty's played before but she's not going to call in the big guns, or, Gambit yet.

"Take your time" Kitty says from her chair. "And take it slow and easy. All you need is to remember you hit the ball straight on, it goes straight"

Sum total of Kitty's experience, and, yes. She is wearing PJs, too. Lazy Kitty is, yes, lazy today it seems. Tere's a half empty cereal bowl too with a spoon in it.

Warpath has posed:
     Pausing to look at Kitty his brow furrows a little deeper. Not a mad look so much as a thinking look. He looks back at the ball and back at her. Sometimes the obvious is well...not so obvious. He looks at the table and starts to prowl around the table again.

     He leans down to line up a shot again and hitting it straight, it does indeed go straight. Not that it sinks anything, but he watches the path of the way they bounce around.

     There is a deep, resounding,"Hrmph." as the light is a little less dim than it was before. Playing cut throat with the others in days past he managed to last, but mostly because everyone else was trying to get rid of Gambit....and failing.

     He lines up another shot and this time one sinks...of course the cue ball follows it in, but it's a start right? He looks back at Kitty and nods,"Thank you Kitty."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty watches James pot both balls and grins, "That's a good start, though work on keeping the cue ball on the table. I'd say we need to take on Gambit again but as a mansion we need to work up to that" Kitty adds with her spoon in hand, enjoying her cereal as Lockheed's curled up on her toes. Kitty's kind of unable to get up yet and nods keenly to James. "See, you got this. I won't bore you with physics things, we got teachers for that" she giggles. Because, truth. She's just the guidance counselor.

Warpath has posed:
     He hmphs again and moves to get the cue ball. He takes a moment to get two fingers on it considering the size of his hand. Walking back to the end of the table he sets it down,"Some of Remy's talents are more passive than active. Like his luck." James muses.

     He sets the ball where he wants it and starts to line up a different shot,"I'm not saying he cheats, merely that his power uncontrollably alters his luck." He may not talk a lot, but he does know the abilities of those around him,"Not as potenet as Longshot maybe, but still there."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty considers her words while eating cereal. "See. He cheats, but it's for the greater good, then he cheats among us while playing pool. Which" Kitty mutters. "Is different"

Oh it is. Kitty looks amused and watches James for a moment, then looks over to the pool table. Shaking her hair out, Kitty reaches back to tie it up. "I could show you how not to play pool?" she offerrs. "I just hit it as hard as possible and hope it works"

Warpath has posed:
     Jimmy lines up a shot and manages to sink a numbered ball in. Whether it was the one he wanted or not she'll never know because he just hmphs and moves around to take another shot. Of course, there is no good shot to follow the solid that he pockets.

     His attention moves to Kitty as she stands up to walk towards the table. He stands up and moves to get a rack to reset the table,"If I do that I had better invest in a few sets of balls, some sticks, and probably felt for the table." Other people it might be boasting, for Jimmy he's just predicting what the consequences of him really hammering one home.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty nods and looks to James, though she heads for the door, Lockheed trotting with her. "You keep practicing. I'll be back in a while, need to take my stuff to the kitchen" Kitty nods and heads for the door finally. "You're doing great at pool"