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=In Russia, garbage disposes of you!
Date of Scene: 18 July 2020
Location: Kitchen - Xavier's School
Synopsis: Although Piotr is rescued from the sink monster, words are said that leave a student's feelings injured and Piotr profoundly upset with someone he rarely gets mad at.
Cast of Characters: Colossus, Shadowcat, Nightingale, SpyderByte

Colossus has posed:
    Piotr's attention slipped, again. A certain Guidance Counselor had flounced through to leave her dishes in the room and he had caught her smile via the drain in the sink, and Piotr had been flummoxed. His brain had slipped over to the circular track that is the constant should he or shouldn't he actually ask her out now that they are both grown adults. A happy daydream that leads to a nightmare of a lost family and heartbreak for him. There is no in-between for even Piotr's formidable imagination.
     The ratchet gives in the big man's hands and Piotr smashes his knuckles into the garbage disposal for about the third time; skinning his already skinned knuckles. A grumble of very unwholesome Russian can be heard emitting from the undersink cabinetry. His deep bass voice echoes up the drain pipe. The Russian words are not kind, and certainly not words he would normally use.
    The cabinets are cramped. The big man's shoulders are wedged into the space and he is further cramped by the size of this high horsepower disposal unit. There is a muffled grunt as Piotr lids his butt up to start to squeeze back out. Far more nimble than he looks, Piotr starts to pull out from under the cabinets. The Disposal was not attached when he squeezed in though. Piotr's left shoulder is catching on the cabinet. He grunts and pivots a few different ways but is still unable to ease himself out. Piotr mutters, "Bozhe Moi?" When he goes to shake his head in disgust at himself he smacks his temple against the cabinet wall.
    A low, deep, growling sigh escapes his lips. Piotr attempts to squeeze out. The cabinet gives a warning creak that he is about to break the door jam on it. In a quiet, vaguely ashamed voice, Piotr lifts a hand. "Scott, Tovarisch? A little help?"
    The silence is deafening. "Scott?" Piotr asks again after a moment. "Scott? Is not funny. Tovarisch?" Piotr closes his eyes and sighs softly. He pulls air into his lungs and calls out, "Hello? A little help if you please?"

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty's strolling in looking a bit puzzled. What. How. Why the...whatg the...

"What" Kitty asks, "Piotr, did you get yourself into....ctually don't answer that. I'm more trying to work out how you got stuck in there" she says sounding genuinely impressed. "Give me a second and I can see about helping you get out of there" she says. Her tone's a mix of concern and disbelief at Pete getting himself wedged into the garbage disposal unit.^R
"That's not what was meant by take the trash out. Pete. You're not trash. You" she says. "Are treasure"

That last bit is open to interpretation, but she's hunting around for something to open it up with. "Is the unit plugged into the wall? I'll turn off the power to the kitchen so you don't get shredded" Kitty declares and has no clue where the circuit breakers actually /are/

Nightingale has posed:
     Over the past year at Xavier's, Shannon had discovered a particular facility for picking up new languages. Today was to prove to be no exception, as it seemed her education was continuing in earnest in this regard--with the language of the day being Russian. The winged teen is still in her long black t-shirt with its huge pink sequin heart dead center, black leggings, and her black flip-flops.

     The outpouring of colorful metaphors in that deep, rumbling bass has her giggling to no end. "Yazyk!" she calls out, crouching down, a mixing spoon in hand, and the smell of mac 'n cheese redolent in the air. "Need a hand there?"

Colossus has posed:
    Under the sink there is a soft thud as the back of Piotr's head smacks the floor beneath him. He squeezes his blue eyes shut. Of course it would be Kitty who found him doing something stupid? Of course. Kitty or Betsy. Always Kitty or Betsy. Oh! And Shannon? Brilliant."Da. Is a small cabinet? I fit here before I installed new disposal, but now with disposal where it is supposed to be I cannot quite get out from it. I mean, I can get out!" He puffs his chest up a little at that. "But will break door jam?"
    His left hands slides under the sink to pinch at his face. "Shannon? Can you lift my feet? Perhaps then I can be pulled out at better angle? Or, Katya could phase me and pull?" His tone is heavily laden with embarrassment.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty just sighs, and reminds Piotr in Russian his back half is sticking out, he looks patently ridiculous and, yes, Shannon's here, too. Kitty looks over to Shannon with a gleam in her eye. "I'm not sure what got into Piotr to begin with to get in there. You get one ankle, I'll get the other. Pray this isn't a depantsing" Kitty mutters darkly, hands clasped as if actually praying this spur of the moment plan doesn't go horribly wrong.

"Or, I cou;d just hit the power and...actually. How much butter we got?" Kitty asks.

yes. She's going to try literally buttering up Piotr. As in the 'apply butter liberally' sense, that is. Kitty's curious, and....hey, it might just work, though Kitty eyes the mac n cheese. "You made enough for everyone right?" she adds and looks hopeful, then returns her attention to Piotr...and tells him how stupid he's been, in Russian again, in her own moderate Russian that is. She gives Shannon a resigned look then as if asking if it's better to just take the kitchen apart or something around Piotr...yeah desperate times, desperate measures.

Nightingale has posed:
     "Da. You're not hurt, are you?" Granted, Mr. Rasputin was pretty tough. But the instinct to heal, to try and help, was hard for Shannon to tamp down. The mixing spoon is set aside on the counter, with the young woman crouching down by the half-hidden art teacher's feet. "Just tell us how best to move your feet to help you get out of there, okay?"

     Glancing up at Kitty, Shannon snickers softly, shaking her head. "I think I made out about half of what he was saying, before my ears burned off," she says, unable to stifle the giggling. "Got to tell you, this has been my year for picking up new languages. First German, now Russian. And yes, there's plenty of mac 'n cheese for everyone."

     Butter? She frowns a little bit, looking between the trapped Colossus, and the dish detergent in the sink. "You know," she muses. "Sometimes on antique furniture, you use soap to keep the parts moving together well. Maybe we could try soap instead of butter? And no, you're not an antique, Mr. Rasputin!"

Colossus has posed:
    Again, there is a thump as the back of Piotr's head hits the floor again. He slowly removes his hand from out of the cabinet. "I am sorry about the language. I do not mean to offend. I do not need butter or soap, and da, you did not call me an antique." Piotr says, his tone patient to a fault.
    "You just need to lift my feet so I can bend that way more." His hands gestures, pointing the direction he means. "Or phase me and pull me out?" He starts to lift his legs up, but stops, not wanting to smack the ladies in the face. "Is simple."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty looks over at Shannon, "Don't worry, you'l learn the interesting words soon enough" Kitty nods, "I'll phase in if you want however" she adds as Kitty rolls up her sleeves and is ready for this. Kitty looks to Shannon with a glance, as if asking for soap or phasing.

Kittty then 'hints' at Piotr to try PG swearing, really, surely that'd help right? Or, maybe not but it can't hurt to try, huh? See, Kitty's trouble at times. Okay, phasing it is...

Which she gets to doing. Phase in, grab a Piotr, get back out, and make sure Piotr's going back in there again...

Nightingale has posed:
     Shannon nods to Kitty, and scoots back. "Probably simpler for you to phase him out of there, Kitty. I'll be ready with the healing if it's needed." Yep. A good teammate learned the abilities of those they worked with, and knew when to tap into them. This was one of those times.

Colossus has posed:
    No thud of Piotr banging his head this time. "Shannon. You are very sweet. I am not injured. I have skinned knuckles from ratchet wrench and confined space. I am well, there is nothing here that can harm me. That is when the ratchet that snarled on the the last bolt comes lose and smacks him in the forehead. The word that he mutters there is a PG Russian swear, but still a swear.
    "See? Even falling falling ratchet wrench. I am made of stern stuff. Is very kind offer, spasiba."
    He remains, legs sticking out, half of his torso free, but one shoulder and the rest of him stuck under the sink."You are enjoying this far too much, Katya." He notes, a soft sigh indicating this is not the first time she has enjoyed something like this.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty rolls up her sleeves, quite literally and watches Piotr. Maybe she is enjoying this too much, the silent giggles and odd squeak betray it, Kitty is, indeed enjoying this too much, yes. Still she does phase in, and, hey, she's phased in and watching Piotrr. Don't phase back in here, Kitty....don't phase back...

She offers a hand and is fully ready to phase Piotr out of this predicament, though her eyes are shining with amusement, concern and worry and care for Piotr, though...

Kitty has her mind focused on getting Piotr outt of this garbage disposal, nah, Piotr's not garbage, hey, if we're talking about garbage, Kitty's got a few of the students who'd fit that classification, really.

Nightingale has posed:
     "Alright, but I'm still going to insist on cleaning up those skinned knuckles the conventional way." On this, Shannon is brooking no opposition, whether or no she is simply in training. "Even if you're made of sterner stuff, I still worry." Smiling, she adds, "Plus you could consider it teaching me to deal with minor injuries without resorting to my gifts."

     Surely it would be difficult to argue with /that/, wouldn't it?

     The PG swearing takes her a moment to work out--mostly through context--but when she does, she's giggling up a storm. Oh yes, she'd have to remember that little tidbit for later use! For now, though, she settles back and watches Kitty put her gifts to good use. "Never ceases to amaze me, the incredible range of gifts I've seen here. It's nice to know Someone Up There isn't done being creative with us yet."

Colossus has posed:
    Letting Kitty take his head is easy. Letting her phase him is also easy. Since they were young he has trusted her. It's simple. She just touches him and they can move through anything. It tingles a little? The weird thing is her hand in his. They fit, yet they don't. They're the same people, but they have both grown up and changed. As kitty finally slides him free there is some relief. Once the shoulder is free, it would not be an issue. He could easily have just broken the jam and been fine. Still, then he would have had to fix it.

    Piotr nods to Shannon and has to admit that she is correct. "Da. Is very good and responsible idea. You should work on that and save your abilities for other injuries." His tone is wholly approving.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty nods to Piotr, and phases back to normal, making sure Piotr's not about to get stuck anywhere again. "That wasn't so bad was it?" she asks with a knowing smile. Indeed, Kitty does trust Piotr, even if she's partially the reason he was flummoxed anyhow mind. Still, she sits by him on the floor, and nods to Shannon. "Alright Miss Wings, you are up" she says. Mostly since she's honestly....not trusting herself to touch Piotr however, mostly since, well certain ideas are not for mixed or not adult company. Or forr the top of Kitty's thought queu.

So she sits by Piotr still, "Now you're back out of there, why did you get stuck in there to begin with?" Kitty asks. "I'd have gone in and installed it if you'd let me know, though I did enjoy you being stuck and learned more useful phrases" she admits with a nod. "That don't need repeating, do they>" she asks speculatively.

That's one for both of them...though to be fair Kitty and Piotr could get up to somme conversations in Russian that'd make sailors blush if they ever got emotional enough. Then again, half of it'd be Kitty using what Piotr taught her, and the other half Piotr not keeping his voice down, no dbout, Kitty's ideas of 'interesting Russian' conversations, or corretion, post-coffee Kitty ideas of Russians discussing things are mostly based off of Piotr talking with her and what she found online. She does gently scold Piotr in Russian though about how his mother wouldn't like him using such language in front of family or guests, mind...

Yeah, Kitty's just as flummoxed as Piotr really when it comes to both of them.

Nightingale has posed:
     Shannon gets her little brown leather bag and rifles through the contents, coming up with a pair of gloves, and an alcohol wipe. She slips the gloves on, and sets to work cleaning up skinned knuckles, her touch surprisingly deft and very gentle. "It's... difficult to hold it back sometimes, wanting to heal someone." Yep. Something tells her this is a time to simply focus on doing what needs to be done. "Sounds like you smacked your head pretty hard. How's it feeling?"

Colossus has posed:
Hisccepting the lecture, Piotr patiently responds to Kitty in English. "I did not use those words in front of guests. I used them in front of family." The correction is gentle, but there is a particular emphasis on the word 'family'. It obviously included Shannon as he holds out his hand to her for her to inspect. It's just a little scraping on a sensitive spot. "See?" He says simply. "Is not worth worrying about. I promise. Stern stuff, but still. Do your due diligence." He might as well have said the word 'duty'. Piotr is equal parts amused and proud of Shannon. "Duty and responsibility is important. Is good of you to care so much." The compliment is a simple declaration in Piotr's deep, yet still still soft and almost whimsical voice."Head? My head is fine. Thick skull."
    Blue eyes shift from Shannon's features to Kitty's. "She is more responsible than you were at that age. Poor lockheed would come to me at night, coughing and begging for food." To be fair to Kitty, the dragon lies to get more food sometimes.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty just shakes her head, "Responsibility, Piotr, is subjective. The dragon has many, many flaws, but he sticks with me all the same" she adds with a knowing glance to Shannon too when Lockheed's flaws are brought up. Kitty gives Piotr a quiet nod. "But at that age," she begins, "You learn who you are, who you trust, and who matters to you" she admits, looking around. It's not hard to see everyone mattters to Kitty. It's not hard to see the way Kitty's looking to Piotr and Shannon, and anyone who pays attention will probably spot the wayy Kitty glances to Lockheed who comes charging in, Kitty's break from him over. "I need a cat flap on my office door, and no, Piotr, I'm not trusting you to install it. I very much want an office door when it's finished" she says folding her arms...not that there's any real malice, more playful banter.

SpyderByte has posed:
The sound of jingle-jangle can be heard as Jeremy makes his way into the kitchen. The lanky goth kid is wearing his bondage pants with several chains hanging off the hips, a solid black shirt under his oversized black hoodie and a dog collar around his throat. As usual, his hood is pulled up and over his head and he moves with that slow, methodical manner of trying not to be 'seen' in plain sight. He eases himself around the corner and heads for the door, reaching out with a pale hand to grasp the fridge and opens it up to peer inside. There is a low sigh from him as he rustles about for a cheese stick and pulls it out.

Glancing over to the other three, the shock of black and brown hair that sticks out of his hood gives a bob of a nod towards them. His dark eyes are hidden behind his thin glasses, peeking out. He tucks the cheese stick into his pocket, then reaches in for another. He likes these.

Nightingale has posed:
     It doesn't take but a minute for Shannon to clean up Mr. Rasputin's knuckles. Even in non-metallic form he was most assuredly made of tough stuff. As she gets up to dispose of the gloves and alcohol wipe, she snerks softly, shaking her head. "Oh yes, and just make sure dairy isn't among those foods." No, she had not and will not forget that little caveat when it comes to Lockheed. "I'd better make sure my little bag is topped off... it's seen a bit of use this week." And with that, she smiles and slips out the door, at least for the moment.

Colossus has posed:
    Once she is safely out of ear shot, Piotr notes, "She is a such a good kid." Piotr slides his left foot forward and then smoothly rises to his full height. Like a gentleman, he reaches out to Kitty to help her stand up. "Hello, Lockheed." He greets the dragon warmly. Once situated, Piotr looks towards the sink then at the fridge. Finally he looks towards Jeremy. Thoughts flit through his eyes as Piotr processes some information and then checks his watch. He tilts his head. "Want a bite to eat, Jeremy?" he asks. "I make a very good sandwich. You will not find better." He looks at Kitty. "I suppose you have earned one as well."

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty holds Piotr's gaze and then finally looks over to Jeremy. "Hey what's up Jeremy?" Kitty asks turning her gaze back to Piotr again.

"Responsibility takes many forms. Plus like I said, " she says expecting the hand. Kitty doesn't need reasons to touch Piotr, true. She settles and sits on a countertop, legs dangling as she nods to Piotr. "Sure, yes please. I did save you from a fate worse than death" she adds and nods, "See, you do make great sandwiches. I can quit going to Salem Center for lunch every day now"

SpyderByte has posed:
After tucking a third cheese stick into his pocket, Jeremy looks over towards them. He gives a slow blink of his eyes, then reaches up to slip his fingers under the glasses to work at his eyes for a moment. "Ssh. Ssshhure." He rasps out in his typical stammer, then reaches into his pocket to take out his phone.

Tapping along the glass, he launches his voice app, then gives another blink towards the device. The soft, soothing voice of Siri in a British female's voice starts to speak from his phone's speaker.

<< Thank you very much. I am hungry. Been a long day of work. How is everyone? >>

He continues his usual slow movements towards a table, sliding into a chair and hunches forward on his crossed arms.

Colossus has posed:
"You like cheese." Piotr does not ask. The big man moves with his usual combination of grace and care through the kitchen. He steps past Katya and her purple dragon. The dragon gets a little tickle under the chin and the big man starts unloading the refrigerator. Ingredients start piling up. Lettuce, tomato, a variety of cheeses, about seven types of deli fresh meat, pickles, some onions, any variety of condiments. Piotr gently kicks the door closed and moves over to get a cutting board and a knife. As he moves, he asks, "Jeremy?" Piotr doesn't try to make eye contact. 'Is there anything you cannot or would prefer not to eat?"
    The vegetables are taken to the sink to be washed off.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty knows that Piotr's aware of her requirements. "Lockheed gets something decent" Kitty offers, "I don't feel right sitting at a table if you're making sandwiches, how can I help?" Kitty offers. "I can get drinks if you all would like?"

That's helping, yees, but she'd need to get up from the table, a good few seats down from Jeremy first.

SpyderByte has posed:
<< Just a grilled cheese. Otherwise a turkey and cheese with tomato and lettuce and light mayo. >>

Jeremy keeps himself hunched over his arms, squeezing his phone as the voice command chimes out of the speakers. Through his powers, he does not even need to tap along the glass. He just emotes through the device. Even if it's a British female's voice. So soothing.

<< Is everyone having a good day? >>

Colossus has posed:
    "A growing boy needs vegetables." Piotr says. "Food is fuel, da, but it is also a tool. Food can change your mood. It sounds silly when you know what it is? But some borscht? My mother makes it for me whenever I come home. I have her recipe. Never tastes quite the same."
    Piotr pauses a single comedic beat. "I hate borscht." he admits as he continues to clean the vegetables. He nods to Kitty. "Please? Beverages would be nice. Maybe some milk> You, Jeremy?"

    Piotr moves over to start putting up the vegetables. "How about I grill you a turkey and swiss sandwich then add the lettuce and tomato?" Piotr says. He continues conversationally. "My day is much better now that I have been rescued from under the sink. How is yours?"

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty wrinkles her nose at borscht. "No thanks, A kosher sanwich is quite enough" Kitty offers and lets the offer of drinks be on the metaphorical table. Much as she wants to help, Kitty knows when to sit down and relax, as Lockheed's all but trying to climb up to get at food and Piotr for attention. Kitty's resigned to losing out on this. It's like she doesn't feed him. She absolutely does.

"I'm good, I helped rescuu Mr Rasputin from garbage hell...and no, not classes of freshmen" Kitty jokes.

SpyderByte has posed:
<< That sounds good. >>

Jeremy gives a quick glance over towards the large Russian from his crossed arms. With a soft breath, he clears his throat lightly. << My day is okay. I have been monitoring the Russian and Ukraine conflict and I have uncovered a rogue general who is sending troops across the border to kill families in a Ukraine village in an attempt to stoke anger so that he can ensure more military funds. I have been creating quite a papertrail now complete with video of the killings and monitoring a few phones I was able to tap into when they connected to an open wireless node. Maybe you can help me with some of the translations. >>

That came out of left field, and it sounds so comforting coming out of Siri's speakers.

Colossus has posed:
    The news makes Piotr's shoulders stiffen. For an instant it is all he can do not go running off to interfere. Not everyone can stand in the way of a tank formation and walk it off afterwards leaving it in wreckage. It would be easy. He could make them be better. He could break his homeland of its ambitions. He could? he could get his mama and his papa killed. Deep in his bones, even though he has no proof of it, Piotr knows the man in the Kremlin -knows- who Piotr is. So long as he is here, they are fine. Pilot's blue eyes close for a moment. "War is horrible. Make sure you take care of yourself. Do not stare too long into the abyss, Jeremy. The abyss will start to stare back."
    Piotr butters the bread and Jeremy's sandwich goes into a skillet on low. He points at the skillet. "Katya? Kindly watch this." He starts to put together a sandwich for Kitty. He is not one to argue, particularly with her. Instead Piotr says. "I like Freshmen. This place is scary. It is foreign. There are strange people here. Big, slow talking Russians. Men in visors. Logan. Can be scary. Fear is normal. Freshmen are minds open to possibilities. Much to be learned from that." It is as close to a lecture as he will give.

Shadowcat has posed:
Kitty's on her feet watching the skillet like a hawk....if the hawk could phase through things, true, and was deeply loyal to her family mind. No, Piotr knows not to argue with Kitty. It's mutual. Kitty knows a thing or five about limbo staring back. Illyana knows too really. Looking over to Jeremy, then Piotr, Kitty is keeping her eye on that skillet again.

See. Katja's helpfull, ys and listening to Piotr. Not a shock there

SpyderByte has posed:
<< Miss Pryde, you probably should not refer to the students as 'garbage', even in a joking manner. >>

It sounds so soothing coming out of the British voice of the phone that Jeremy holds.

<< I have been called garbage most of my life and I thought that coming here would mean I would get a normal experience, where I would be accepted and loved. It's a bit upsetting to think that even jokingly you would refer to us as trash. >>

Pushing himself up to his feet, he takes the sandwich from Piotr, then gives him a nod of his head. "Spasibo za buterbrod." He says to him in Russian after focusing on his phone for a moment. He doesn't even stutter! He makes his way out of the kitchen, pulling his hood over his head again.

Shadowcat has posed:
From her position by the skillet Kitty nods, "I hear you and I'm sorry, but you are absolutely not garbage. I value you and you are way above thinking of yourself as nothing. You are family to me, Jeremy" Kitty calls over watching him head out. Nah she'll stay here

Colossus has posed:
Piotr gives Kitty a little look. "You need to make that right." He tells her. His tone is low. "Leave the mess. I will clean it afterwards." Piotr is angry He tried to toe the line betwween not getting on Kitty and trying to talk Jeremy up. He grabs a couple of napkins and moves to follow the boy. "Tovarisch..."