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Lounging at the HQ
Date of Scene: 21 October 2020
Location: Den and Study, Avengers Mansio
Synopsis: Thor hits up Carol and Natasha for some conversation and updates the state of Asgard.
Cast of Characters: Captain Marvel (Danvers), Thor, Black Widow (Romanoff)

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol Danvers stands near one of the bookshelves, a year book in hand from the look of it. She's slowly flipping through the pages with a far off look in her eyes. The trip down memory lane is often surreal. How much more for someone well known or considered a superhero? As she skims the pages a wry smile crosses her features.

Thor has posed:
Making his way into the den is Thor. The large titan of Asgard is wearing a snug black shirt and a pair of jeans. Dressed down as opposed to his normal armor. Rocking his shoulder to work out a few joints, he gives a wide grin over to Carol at the sight of her. "Ah! Carol! How are you doing?" He rumbles out in that this accented tone of his.

"What are thou reading? One of Simon's romance novels?" He will throw Wonder Man under the bus without any hesitation. Everyone knows that movie stars read romance novels. He plucks a history book off the shelf, flipping through it curiously before he glances over towards her.

"Speaking of, have you seen him around lately? I have a friend who wishes for an autograph from him."

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol Danvers looks up, a finger curling to save her place in the book as her name is called. She grins, "Thor. How are you today?" She glances to the book then back with a laugh. "Romance? God, no!"

Another laugh and she tips the book's cover to show the powerful man. "It's the yearbook from when I graduated from the Academy..." She flips it open to her saved place, "It caught my eye as I was entering. Figured it had been a while since I'd looked through it. Kind of nice to have some memories to look back on positively, you know? Everyone needs some."

Thor has posed:
"Ah. I see! A book of years! Which year was it?" Thor asks with a crooked grin on his face. He has no concept of what a yearbook is. "I am doing well! There has been no complaints so far." As he flips through the book, he squints at some of the articles before he puts it back with a thump against the bookshelf.

"I do not think Asgard has yearly books. We just have books full of memories and history, as well as spells that can recreate the scenarios of some of my greatest battles!"

Swinging his arm upwards into an uppercut motion, he reflects back on one particular fight he had involving some Orcs. "Ha. I should tell Jane about that one. Ah! Carol. You are an Earth woman, yes?"

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol Danvers chortles. "Year. Book. Yearbook. It's something for remembering years of school. Or college. It has pictures of all the students and teachers. Activities and sports events from the year." She shrugs a bit and flips a few more pages then tips the book to show him a particular photo - a younger Carol in her Air Force dress uniform.

"This is from the year I graduated from the Air Force Academy. I haven't looked through it since..." She pauses to glance out the window with a far away gaze, "..well, probably since I first got it, really." She smiles. "I was sure I was ready for anything. If I knew then what I knew now?" She sucks breath through her teeth. "Yikes. I'm not sure younger-Carol would have believed a word of it."

Thor has posed:
"So why thou not call it a School Book?" Thor asks as he falls down upon the couch with a heavy thump, kicking his feet up against the coffee table across from him. "I think that would make more sense! A book of your school." He gives a firm nod of his head as if that makes perfect sense.

"I know what you mean though. When I was a young Princeling of Asgard, I thought I was ready for everything and anything! I am Thor Odinson. The son of Odin! God of Thunder and Lightning! Then of course, I managed to screw quite a few things up to the point I was living my life on Earth as a man known as Donald Blake."

"Life has a way of throwing balls of curve at you when you least expect it. But, now look at me! I'm an Avenger." He says with a boasting grin.

Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
One of the realities of Avengers Mansion: Watch Duty. There was always someone there, that was actually part of the team, to be available in an emergency. Sometimes it was more than one, some of them actually lived on site, but the rules were someone on Watch. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Even holidays. After all, bad guys didn't take those off either.

She was dressed in her costume, the one she used for the Avengers business as opposed to her SHIELD uniform. This was more sleek bodysuit with gold belt and the red hourglass buckle. The only thing is no holsters with guns, though her wristbands were on her arms.

Wandering in, she had a coffee cup in hand, blowing lightly on the surface to cool it a bit so she might take a sip without scorching her tongue. She stops when she sees the others, giving a brief smile. "Sorry, not disturbing anything I hope?" She goes back to trying to get her coffee cooled.

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol Danvers shrugs, "Well; I called it a year book because that's what this type of book has been called since they first started making them. It's kind of truth in advertising." A chuckle and she closes the book and places it back on the shelf.

"But, yeah, I'm an Earth-Girl. Well. Mostly. Y'know. Kree" she grins. "Why'd you ask though?" Tilting her head with curiosity.

Sensing movement she looks to see Natasha enter. She smiles, "Nat, hello." She starts to ask another question when her cellphone rings. An apologetic look is flashed at both of her teammates as she looks to the display. "I'm sorry. This is a call I need to take. Rain check? Coffee sometime soon? Someplace quiet with no cell coverage?" she asks it almost hopefully as she answers the call and holds the cell to her ear. "This is Carol..?"

With a wave, she moves to slip out of the room and take her call elsewhere.

Thor has posed:
"Well, I wanted to ask for some advice on ... oh. Well, see you later!" Thor calls out to her as he lifts a hand to wave her off. "Good evening, Natasha!" He calls out joyously to the other lady Avenger of the team. "You on duty tonight? I can keep you company if you wish. I slept in to almost four in the afternoon."

"Nat, you are an Earth woman." He says as his brows lift upwards with a wider grin. "I have a question for you! I am now seeing this lovely woman by the name of Jane. We've known each other back when I was known as Doctor Blake. I may have had tender feelings for her. What do Earth women like for presents?"

"Jennifer suggested flowers. I was thinking the head of one of my greatest enemies but I do not think I can make it fit in the door."

Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
Any sentence that has mention of being an Earth woman is going to lead to something interesting. She peers over the edge of her coffee cup as she carefully sips the hot black liquid. No tongue scorch. Her work had been worth it.

The question had Nat raising her eyebrows a little and she manages not to smirk at his thought process. Decades of espionage training did come in handy at times outside the work.

"Why not both?" It is meant as a jest but then she remembers who she is talking to. "That was a joke. Most Earth women would not appreciate the head of your enemies. Or any sort of removed body parts, to be honest. Flowers are typically a gift given during courtship. Sometimes chocolates but you have to be careful there. Some women are going to be allergic, some are not wanting these sweets and so on. So Jennifer was likely right. Flowers to start. Should things get more serious, then you start talking jewelry."

Thor has posed:
"She is a Doctor! She has seen many dismembered body parts. Surely I could find one that she could appreciate." Thor says with a wide grin. "Though I suppose candy is a suitable idea as well." He tucks his arms behind his head as he gives a flex of his chest to pop a few joints.

"I will be bringing her to Simon's poker night! I hope you will be in attendance so that you may meet her. She is a big fan of yours! She has talked endlessly about how she admires you and your ferocity in battle." He folds one foot over the other on the coffee table.

"What have thou' been up to? You are hard to find! Though you are quite tiny." He says with a teasing gleam in his eyes.

Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
"Small but mighty," is her response. Natasha takes another sip of her coffee before setting it down next to her on an end table. She's even using the coaster there, instead of putting it on the wood surface.

Then she focuses back on Thor. "I'll make it if I can. I'm often busy with SHIELD when not here or with our team. Eats up most of my time between the two." All. She doesn't say the word. "I like to keep busy though so it's good. What about you? Heard a rumor that you have more free time on your hands now."

Thor has posed:
"Aye! You are small but mighty. Like Mighty Mouse. That should be your new code name! I shall tell Tony to update the computer files with it." Thor says with a laugh as he gives her another big grin.

"And you should try and make it. Team bonding is important. That and I have no clue how to play, so I will need a good liar as my partner!" Wait a minute. Did he just? "And.. ah.. Yes! Yes. I have decided to give the throne to my sister, Hela. She is now Queen of Asgard and I am sure she will rule it well."

"I have found myself enjoying my time here in Midgard and I find the battles that we participate in far more thrilling! Fighting Orcs is one thing, but here? There is so many things to punch! That and the food is more rich in flavor. Except the ale. Earth has poor ale."

Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
"Having tasted the Asgardian version, I can see why you would say that." She had visited New Asgard. Thankfully, she had been given watered-down Asgardian Mead. It still had made her tipsy which, considering her physical gifts and conditioning, was saying something.

"Most people find places that are not home far more interesting. So not unusual. Hela being the Goddess of Death?" She arches a brow as she claims her coffee cup again, testing and not suffering third degree tongue burns so takes a bigger sip. "You're sure that's a good choice? I mean, it's better than the other option." Her opinion of Loki has never improved after his attack on New York those many years ago.

Thor has posed:
"Aye. When faced with two options, you go with the one who actually /wants/ to rule, even if she is a .. ah .. what is the word that Jane likes to use about the girl at the coffee shop.. Mega Bitch." Thor nods his head. "But she has assured me she wishes to rule justly and fair. I believe her. I think a lot of her anger came from jealousy. But, I made it clear that I will be watching from afar."

"We will see. If anything, it will be a grand adventure for the Avengers to come back to Asgard to fight her! She is quite a worthy opponent. She hits harder than Loki. He has such weak and limp wrists."

Rising upwards to his full height, he smooths down his shirt, grinning to himself. "Do you have any Shield adventures coming up that I can participate in? I can be quite stealthy when I need to be." Like a semi truck with cut brakes.

Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
Natasha opens her mouth to say something, thinks better of it, and snaps it back closed. The coffee cup is utilized as her personal shield as she sips, getting her thoughts in order. So many things she could have been about to respond to there.

She finally selects the proper thing to focus on and continues the conversation. "I have no doubt you are quite skilled at sneaking up on your enemies," she says, phrasing it carefully. "But I'm not sure SHIELD has anything big enough to merit having one such as you in the field. It would be an unfair match since most of our foes are simply humans doing bad deeds."

Thor has posed:
The excitement dulls a bit as Thor slumps his shoulders a bit. "I see." He clears his throat. "That is most unfortunate. Either way, I am sure I will find something to do this weekend." He places a hand against his chin to crack his neck to one side.

"You would think that an organization as big as Shield would find something out there for a God to take part in. Surely there are monsters beneath the Earth .. or some type of alien invasion I can take partake of. I am eager for a new adventure. I suppose I will just have to dominate at this card game."

Black Widow (Romanoff) has posed:
"When we take on something big enough, you are on the top of my list. You are one of those few I would trust completely," Natasha says, hoping to mollify his disappointment. The last statement was true. Her teammates here, those who had her back in the times it counted, they were the ones she would call on when the need arose.

"I'm certain something will come up to let you get your fight on. It's not like the Avengers can go more than six days without something happening."

There was a blip from somewhere and she made a face. "Speak of the devil. I should go see what that alert is. Maybe you can work off some of that energy after all."

Thor has posed:
"Okay! You have fun tonight. I will .. ah... give Jane a call and perhaps spend the night at her place." Thor says as he lifts a large hand to her. "As soon as I find some chocolate to bring her for proper wooing." His lips give a twitch upwards as he starts out of the room and most likely towards the kitchen area. He will just steal someone's chocolate. Sorry, Clint.