14402/Return to the Mansion

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Return to the Mansion
Date of Scene: 20 May 2022
Location: First Floor, Avengers Mansion
Synopsis: Strange and Danvers have a chat.
Cast of Characters: Captain Marvel (Danvers), Doctor Strange

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Sunday mid-day. Emerging from the kitchen, the aroma of freshly cooked meals and baked goods fills the mansion. As well, Carol makes her way out of the dining areas still holding a cup of coffee, a content expression on her features.

Doctor Strange has posed:
An orange circle appears in the Mansion. A circle of sparks and almost flame-like embers emerging around a fixed point in reality until it expands to form a stable portal linking one space to another. Dr. Strange steps through, dressed in robes of black and red, his hair long and pulled into a ponytail, a beard happily adorning his face.

It wasn't hard to notice Carol trying to enjoy a cup of coffee.


Strange kept his greeting brief and straightforward. "Wouldn't happen to be more of that would there?"

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol Danvers paused as the portal manifested and opened to produce one Dr. Strange. Some might be unsettled by such an arrival. Carol had seen far more surprising and unsettling things out in space, so this was more of a curiosity, really.

"Doctor Strange. Welcome." She glanced down to her cup, "There is. Pepper made a full caraffe. A full brunch for that matter. But duty has the mansion rather empty but for myself. I may be a one woman army in certain circumstances, but even I couldn't eat everything Ms. Potts prepared. I think she'd be pleased to know more of it went to its intended use. Coffee included."

A tip of her head toward the dining hall and Carol let Dr. Strange head in first if he wished.

Doctor Strange has posed:
"Good." Strange snaps his fingers and a cup of such a fine brew made by Ms. Potts appears in his hand, Strange sipping his drink. Though he raises a brow when Carol gestures to the dining hall. Why not? Strange starts to walk, moving past Carol at her kindness to let him go first in order to get into the Hall.

"I trust the Avengers have been doing good work?" Strange suggests, his cloak of levitation reaching to pat Carol on the shoulder with the edge of the cloth. Like it was saying 'hello!'.

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol Danvers follows along, "Well, Doctor, I would say so. But I've been off-world for some time. I can't fairly speak to their activites. But, seeing as the planet wasn't a smoking crater of ash on my opportunity to return from deep space, I'd have to infer they and the rest of herodom on Earth have done quite well for themselves." Her tone is a mix of jovial and honest. She hasn't been an active Avenger in some time and they haven't come beating down her door for help so things haven't turned so desperate they'd come look her up.

"How have you been fairing? I admit I can't recall the last time I had the chance to speak with you. Some time, now. You look well?"

Doctor Strange has posed:

Strange repeats. It feels weird to be travelling to different dimensions. He's been doing this forever, it feels like. Realities that are caving in on itself requires his attention on a consistent basis. He hasn't been on earth in awhile, but he's been helping with some of the villains that would try and destroy or leave havoc in the world.

At least she's honest. "I try my best." Strange replies. "I've been well. We haven't spoken in a few years. You look about the same. A little taller, maybe."

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol Danvers laughs, "It's all the time in Zero-G. Lets the disks in my spine properly decompress" she quips. "So... let's see. Plent of waffles left. A quiche. I believe she said it was spinach, cheddar and bacon. A lot of fresh fruits if you favor the non-carnivore approach. Just.. don't ask me to cook. I'd burn a glass of water" she admits.

Doctor Strange has posed:
"Mhm. You stand at a slight off-center angle. Should let me examine you and determine mission-readiness." This is mostly a joke by the good Doctor. His hands, scarred and broken, are too shaky to perform surgery. He is still possibly the world's best surgeon, but he can't really practice anymore.

He rotates his hand a certain way, causing the multiple plates to assemble at the table he sits at, each covered in food.

Captain Marvel (Danvers) has posed:
Carol Danvers watches as the plates of food materialize. "That's a useful ability" she observes. She wasn't about to call something a magic user did as a trick. That just felt like courting disaster. "And thank you, but I believe I'll pass for now. Any changes might affect my aim" she jokes. "With the Brood on the war path again, I can't afford to miss." It's a fairly serious statement.