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A quiet moment
Date of Scene: 07 June 2023
Location: Harriman State Park, New York State
Synopsis: J'onn finds Diana enjoying a rare moment to enjoy nature away from her many obligations.
Cast of Characters: Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter

Wonder Woman has posed:
Even those considered heroes need quiet time. A chance to step away and catch their breath and just get away from the nearly constant chaos.

For Diana, she most often prefers to take some time away from the city, to enjoy nature. It may help that her affinity with animals is in better focus in the absense of noisy humans.

Today she has chosen a remote portion of a stream within Harriman State Park to find some solace and serenity. That the expansive nature reserve isn't exceptionally far from Manhattan and her usual duties makes it a convenient location to visit.

This far into spring sees the stream babbling merrily rather than roaring and swollen with winter snow melt and run-off. The trees and plants are all green and thriving and the sounds of birds merrily singing in the sunshine fill the air.

Diana has chosen a large flat rock near the stream to sit. Not hiding who she is, she wears her iconic armor rather than street clothes.

And here it is that she sits and simply enjoys nature.
Martian Manhunter has posed:
Diana's quiet time isn't so quiet for long.

The being that descends from the sky is wearing a black suit, with Red lines across the entire body that converge at the chest in an 'X' shape. A blue cape hanging from the shoulders until it pools about the ground. Green skin and red eyes the only real thing visible. He steps towards where Diana is sitting by the stream.


J'onn speaks softly, a kindness in his eyes. "I trust I am not disturbing you?" He asks her, noticing she waers the traditional armor of her people and her station. Perhaps he may even be permitted to join her!
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince is still, listening and watching nature. As her name is called, she doesn't startle. Turning to look over her shoulder, she offers J'onn a smile.

"J'onn." She shakes her head and moves to stand.

"You're not disturbing me, no. I came out here to get away from all of the noise of the city. Not to hide from friends" she notes with amusement in her tone.

Tilting her head she asks, "Are you well?"
Martian Manhunter has posed:
Birds sing. Fish hop occasionally out of the water. Maybe every now and again some deer traverse the green, hoping to find something that they can eat or chase. With a softness in those red eyes, J'onn smiles at Diana and approaches closer, lifting a hand. "Please, no need to stand." He remarks to her softly, moving from a float to walking on his own feet as he approached where she had sat.

"That is what I would have wished for. It would do me no such joy to find you wishing to be alone."

J'onn nods softly in regards to her. "Yes, I am well, and I would hope that you are too. Merely...you were missed. Your presence is a soothing one, one that I have not encountered in my life." J'onn tells her softly, approaching until he is a footstep or two away from her.

"Have you seen anything that calms you most?" He asks her, gesturing to their surroundings.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince smiles, having already risen. Manners would always dictate that she would stand to greet a friend.

She approaches J'onn and laughs, "It is no inconvenience to stand." Offering him a hug, she steps back to look out over the stream and the quiet forest.

"No, it's true - I am rarely the solitary sort. But it is good to find a place where thoughts do not have to war with daily life to be formed."

She smiles more as he says he is well.

Looking around, she nods. "Yes. To be honest, all of it. Just to sit and listen to the water. The wind in the trees. Hearing the birds sing. It is.. good. Relaxing. I do enjoy the city but there is nothing that can compare to the quiet of nature."
Martian Manhunter has posed:
Earth customs still intrigue J'onn.

On Mars, the mannerisms are much different. Typically it includes a telepathic mind-link and a conveyings of numerous degrees of formality, even among friends. True intentions are never well-hidden, considering the telepathic prowess of Martians, but Diana rises all the same to approach him.

The hug is offered, the hug is returned, his arms wrapping around her and giving her a pleasant squeeze of the embrace, before offering a release so they can look over their surroundings, this strange creation. "It's...peaceful, here." He turns to look at her again.

"I believe such a thing. It is...difficult to find time for oneself. Particularly when you are an important figure. I cannot imagine the complexities of your schedule." He smiles wonderfully towards her, looking towards the forest to see what she is describing.

"...I agree. One could be out here for hours."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince steps back and gestures to the large rock she had chosen to sit on. "It is. It is disappointing to see that humanity has so many places such as this but so few of them seek to enjoy what nature can offer. The amount of serenity and peace that can be gained from just sitting in silence is truly beyond measure." She offers a wistful smile, "I can only hope that one day they will all come to learn and appreciate it."

Offering a quiet laugh, she shakes her head, "It can be a challenge on many days. But all of it - the League, the Embassy - is worth the time and commitment required. If not me, who would it all fall to? It is something I sometimes wonder but cannot answer."
Martian Manhunter has posed:
Gestured to the rock, J'onn follows Wonder Woman to this place to sit down. Thankfully, it's more than large enough for the both of them to sit on without being uncomfortably close. "I've found that the solace of silence is rejuvinating for the mind. It allows the mind to think, to decide next steps...and is paramount for revelation."

J'onn sits like a soldier: back straight, hands on lap, feet on the floor. His red eyes stare into the distance unimpeded. He considers it, questions it, studies it like one would a painting sculpted masterfully by Bob Ross. How the trees look so similar to 'happy accidents', yet gleam with their own beauty all the same.

"True. The world would not be the same without it. Without you? More than likely, it would fall to Superman." He tells her with a slight bit of humor. "I would say Batman, but...he's known for wishing his solitude."