15188/Summer Days at the Lake

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Summer Days at the Lake
Date of Scene: 07 June 2023
Location: Breakstone Lake - Xavier's School
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: M, Phoenix

M has posed:
It's just shortly before sunset and the grounds are still fairly active. People training, people out being recreational, and even some out just by themselves enjoying a pleasant day. Early summer in upstate New York can still hold a bit of a chill, but not too much that one needs a jacket. Instead, the warmed ground and the setting sun paired with a nice breeze make for a rather enjoyable day.

However, at one corner of the lake there is a solo individual. Either Penance sought out the solitude or people have given the mute, sharp mutant wide berth. And who would blame them? She forgets herself sometimes. Even with the knowledge out there of who she was and what happened, it's not common knowledge yet and well... someone who can cut you just accepting something handed to them isn't the greatest companion.

Being morose isn't really in Monet's DNA, but she manages a good approximation of it as she crouches at the water's edge. It's not all ennui though because after a few minutes, she lashes out at the water and comes back with... a fish.
Phoenix has posed:
The warm summer weather and sunny skies felt good on her skin in her short pink summer dress, maybe it would be good for her mind too. Because she's been experiencing a lot of strange and unpleasant things lately.

She steps out onto the peaceful lake and draws in a deep breath, stretching her arms as she looks around. There are of course lots of people out here this time of year, but Jean does eventually notice the girl standing by herself, the strange mute girl that they were making slow headway with at best.

Even in her current condition, Jean has responsibilities, and so she steps towards Penance, clearing her throat so as to not surprise her too much. "Penance, hello, how are you doing today?" she pauses, tilting her head. "Or do you prefer, Monet?"
M has posed:
The fish is tossed into a basket (after being removed from her talon) where there's a few other fish already. Gathering for dinner, perhaps? It is something the students contribute to, but primarily in regards to tending the vegetable garden. Not so often meat, surely.

Penance is crouched down watching the water when Jean approaches. She lowers her arm and turns towards the redhead. There's a moment considering the question before she shrugs, gesturing toward the woman in a 'whichever you'd prefer' type gesture. Hopefully it's interpreted clearly.

For telepaths (former telepath, in a sense, for Monet) it's a very tricky equation.
Phoenix has posed:
Jean Grey peers at the fish she has caught and smiles. "Oh, catching dinner? You know we have cooked fish in the kitchen.." but it has her tilting her head curiously as she watches her, wondering..Well a lot of things.

"But that's really good, I didn't realize you were such a good fisherperson. Are you hungry, can I get you something to eat? It'll be dark soon, and it can get cold out here by the lake.." she knows Penance can't really talk, but glancing around, she finds a stick and the ground by the lake is sandy enough that she could scratch words into it.

She offers the stick to the girl in hopes she will take it.
M has posed:
There's long silence, then a glance to the water. And back. Those bright blue eyes study the stick, then wave it off. She extends one talon and starts scratching into the dirt. 'Lot of time on hands,' she etches in after a moment. This, with a shrug and a gesture to the basket.

She doesn't have classes or training, per se. Mostly just time to herself around the mansion and grounds because there's no way she's trying to be around non-mutants in her current state. So, a new skill: fishing.

One that won't really translate if and when she's back to her normal self, sadly.
Phoenix has posed:
Oh right, the claws. She shrugs, tossing the stick away, still trying to get used to her preferred method of communication, perhaps a little frustrated that she cannot help her so easily with her telepathy.

"Oh, you don't want to come to class? It's alright, we're here to help. Even like this, we can help you to..Adapt. At least until we can find a way to turn you back."

As for Emplate..Well, she's still trying to figure out how to handle him, "Don't worry, you're safe here until then. I think it might do you good to spend more time with the other students, get used to your abilities, and being around the others."

She offers a reassuring smile, hoping she is not making the poor girl more nervous.
M has posed:
The mention of classes gets a rapid shake of the head. Who knows, maybe it's Monet not wanting to revisit her days as a student. Or maybe it's Penance just not feeling like she'd be a good fit.

There seems to be no argument about her safety. If there's one thing she's felt sure of since being sent back here: she knows that Xavier's and its residents will do their best to keep her safe if Emplate comes back for her.

There's less anxiety and nerves present in her now, though still a measure of uncertainty is clear in the body language. Brushing through the words in the dirt, she stares for a time before etching out: 'Any lead on magic?' Likely the suggestion, by Firestar, that maybe an expert in magic could help the situation.