15196/Absence makes the heart go...something, something...

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Absence makes the heart go...something, something...
Date of Scene: 11 June 2023
Location: Roof Tower - Xavier's School
Synopsis: Rogue's been gone and Logan's upset. How will she ever make it up to him?
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Wolverine

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has been everywhere but at the school apparently, and fell into old habits of not really telling anyone where she was going or how long she would be gone. Then, in similar habit, when she gets back to the school she goes to her perch at the top of the roof tower. There's a couple of chairs and a small table here with an ash tray kind of tucked out of the way unless she's making use of it, and she is now, with a cigarette in one hand smoking away while she basks in the sounds of a storm that's crawled up and decided to dump rain on the mansion with a double feature of lightning and thunder. A long breath in her nose and out her mouth is taken because this...this is the type of stuff she loves to bask in.
Wolverine has posed:
Logan does a sweep of Rogue's perch before going to bed. Just a smple "Just in case." He doesn't expect the sweep to ever bare fruit. Imagine his surprise tonight when Rogue is there, just enjoying the storm.

Quietly, Logan slips in behind the perch. And he will wait. Lightning streaks across the sky and then a "CRACK!" of thunder rumbles in seconds later. And -immediately- after Logan speak, "Don't call. Don't text. Ya just leave?" oh, he wants a little flare of the dramatic for this moment. Normally, he's not a showman, but maybe he wants Rogue to feel a little bit of fear. Irony is not lost on Logan. Usually in these moments, Logan's in Rogue's spot. It's different to be on the other side of it.
Rogue has posed:
Lightning flashes, thunder booms, and then suddenly there is a familar voice that - somehow - seems to be a bit more menacing trailing behind a thunder crack. "Holy Christ onna cracker!" Is what comes out of the Southern Belle's mouth as she jumps out of her seat and looks around before spotting Logan there. Her cigarette's gone, she dropped it and it rolled a bit to now be nothing but a dampened piece of paper and tobacco in the pouring rain.

"Fuckin' hell, Logan...you scared the shit outta me..." She starts and then processes what he said. "Oh...oh shit. Logan I...I'm sorry." One hand in on her chest to try and calm her heart down but the other goes up to brush hair out her face while her emerald eyes fall on his ocean blue ones. "...guess I really stepped innit this time, huh?"
Wolverine has posed:
It takes a little bit to hold back a chuckle, or even a belly laugh, as Rogue jumps out of the chair. He'll keep that neutral expression that holds bits of annoyance and maybe anger. Ocean blue eyes just remain hard on her.

Then her brain starts to catch up to what she said. "Yep," Logan answers the question simply, firmly. Even if it's just a rhetorical one. "'Cause how would you feel if I snuck off to Canada, somehow snuck by you n' didnd't call or text?" And he will wait for Rogue to flip the situation. Let her truly swallow it. Logan expects it to be -harder- to slip by Rogue because she could fly. She knows his hangouts. She might have an easier time finding him.
Rogue has posed:
Rogue bites on her lower lip and shakes her head. "I...I wouldn't feel good at all. Probably even be a little angry..." Somewhere in his head there may be humor found in all this, but the joke is lost on Rogue who looks about ready to fly off again. "I'm really sorry, Logan. I didn't mean to make ya mad or worry or anything. I wasn't thinkin' when I left and just...went..." She even turns to face the storm. "Guess I found a way to fuck this up too..."
Wolverine has posed:
He's just quiet as she starts to speak. Going over it all. His face remains neutral in it all. "Yeah, ya did. But I give my lady the benefit of the doubt. I trust her Southern Charm to smooth it over somehow," Logan says showing he's a little upset. However, she may haven't messed up as horribly as she thinks. Maybe this is is way of just making sure she doesn't do this again the next time she leaves. Logan will turn on his heel and start to head out. "I leave ya fer a few moments beautiful. You'll know where I'll be n' maybe you'll figure out a few things before I see ya again," and she can see that Logan isn't rushing to end this. He's just giving her time to think. Logan knows that, people can be their own worsee critics when they screw up. So, there's no yelling or hammering points home. Logan knows she's chiding herself, because he would be doing the same if the shoe was on the other foot.