15213/A Long Overdue Meeting

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A Long Overdue Meeting
Date of Scene: 14 June 2023
Location: Hellfire Club - Manhattan
Synopsis: Emma proposes a job offer, for which she is turned down.
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Warpath

Emma Frost has posed:
It was Wednesday. 'Humpday' some would say. For Emma she never was one of those people, even as a girl. It was too laissez faire for her tastes. Not to mention it was a terrible lot crass.

Emma was many things, but crass was not one of those things.

Even so, Emma really did not know how today would turn out. She had sent the invitation to James, at this time, on this date - and other than that, she was like most people uncertain what the outcome would be.

Sipping scotch - without her usual cigar (she used them for other purposes, and this was not one of those times!), and waited. On the outside she looked cool, calm, and collected. On the inside.. not so very much.

Leaving word for her company to be brought back to her table when he arrived, she waited.
Warpath has posed:
James is dressed as James dresses. He doesn't care to impress or pretend that he's better than others. Today he's wearing black combat boots, blue jeans, and a black tshirt that's tucked in. All are somewhat tight over his 7'2" massive and muscular frame. His long hair is pulled back into a pony, held tightly by a leather thong. Being invited to the club for the meeting is a bit odd for him. Especially since he mentioned it in conversation yesterday. So he expects that the person he was talking to ran to Emma to tell her about the discussion. He was early. He's shown in and shown to the waiting/sitting area outside Emma's office, where he'll take a seat in a chair that's not exactly designed to fit him, and he'll remain there until he's called in. The whole time he ponders the nature of the meeting, unsure why she's wanted to meet him at such a remote location instead of at the school. When the time came, the reception told him to enter the room where Emma would be waiting on him.

    Pushing through the door, James is glad he doesn't have to duck the frame as with most places. He eyes the room, sniff the air, listens to the room, discerns that they are alone. He eyes Emma and approaches her. His feet don't make sounds as he walks. He's always been a quiet walker. James says, "Good afternoon, Miss Frost." in his respectful tone of letting her set the direction of the conversation after the greeting - just as it always was back at the Academy.
Emma Frost has posed:
So. This was how he wanted it to be. Formal. Which was better than some of the alternatives. She could deal with this. They had had some rough and rocky roads in the past few years, and to tell the truth Emma isn't certain that they have gotten over those rough patches yet. She hoped so, but she wasn't sure.

"Can I get you a drink, James? Before I get down to business." In her desk, there was a very (very!!) expensive bottle of scotch, and a tumbler. Pulling them out, she pours without waiting for his answer. And while she was at it, she topped off her own scotch, and leaves the bottle on top of her desk.

"How are you?" May as well get the niceties out of the way.
Warpath has posed:
The offer was going to originally going to be rejected. Yet, she poured and he didn't want to be rude. He stepped forward when the glass was presented and took the glass. He could already smell it from across the room, no need in sniffing it more. Instead, he takes the glass and he steps back. He's not been offered a seat, so he remains standing. His mind is guarded. She taught him well. She can get in, if she pushes, but he keeps his random thoughts to himself. He states, "Thank you." And then he answers her question, "I'm good. The school keeps me busy." And knows better than to ask her how she's doing in return. She doesn't like small-talk - it's a waste of breath and time.
Emma Frost has posed:
"Very good." She frowns. "Sit, sit. Good grief. You are one who can be seated with me." Unlike some people who she would have had stand for the entire time. But James? He was different. Lowering her voice to a different pitch - a true pitch filled with concern, she asks quietly, "Have I been so terrible to you? I didn't protest when it happened. I didn't see the point."

Emma sits on the edge of her desk, facing James. Of note: she has not tried anything with his mind. In fact she never did, even when it would have done her good. For some reason James was one of the very few people that she treats with enough respect that she is (mostly) truthful.

"It has been enough time now, that I think we.." Emma stops them, and takes a sip while she rearranges her thoughts. "Let me try again. I assumed you would have come to me. And I was wrong. Kudos for that." She lifted her glass of scotch to him. "You always were a good student. So let me propose, your position has never been replaced. I find myself taking less responsibilities at the school, and more here." Never mind Frost Industries! "I need someone like you."
Warpath has posed:
When given direction to sit, James follows the direction and begins to feel that he's not in trouble (or maybe it's a ploy) so he looks to the side, takes a step and sits where she directed. He keeps quiet and listens, still letting her give the direction of the meeting.

He watches her movements and positioning. Then her words draw his attention and curiosity. He listens to her heartbeat and her breathing. The subtle sounds of her swallowing the liquid and then the resonance of her voice.

He gives it a moment before he answers, collecting his thoughts and trying to understand her statement or request. He starts with an apology, "My apologies, Miss Frost. I thought it best to distance myself considering our last interaction about the loss of my tribe and me blaming you and the Hellfire Club. Though I know you, nor the club were involved, I didn't like the way we left it. I still needed someone to blame and I'm still angry about the situation." -- he was embarrassed, and still is for blaming her/club. He should have known better. He continues, "Though, I don't follow what you're requesting of me. You need me here?"
Emma Frost has posed:
"I'm not one who protests my innocence. It's demeaning to me, and yes, to you. If you were, in fact, to gather all your resources, and you still came up with me as your guilty party.. You either didn't know me as well as we thought. Or the facts had been played with, and until you saw them in a different light? I would be guilty, and worse, guilty, trying to get you to believe what you had seen for yourself."

Emma shrugged. "At that point, there wasn't any point. Unless I fiddled with your mind. We both know that that would have been the end of us. Correct? As for being embarrassed?" She waves her free hand. "Why? It's done. We know the truth."

The last little bit, though, was tricky: What did she want him for?

Standing, and walking around her desk, she answered him. "Here. And elsewhere. I am in need of a personal assistant. One, who hopefully, I wouldn't have to start from the beginning of training. Someone who understands me. Who I can trust to be quiet about things. Who I can trust to put two and two together, and take initiative." Within reason. "I want you back, James."

NOW, she sits down at her desk, and waits.
Warpath has posed:
There's a few moments as James processes the last bits of what Emma offered, her request. And a few moments of processing expressions displayed on his face while he considers the overall opportunity that it presents. He then returns eye contact and says, "I'm sorry, Miss Frost. I'm unable to take on that job. I've too many responsibilities at the school and still operating with the X-Men. Since I've lost my ability to fly, I've also been limited on my ability to be in places fast enough to make a difference."
Emma Frost has posed:
Pushing herself back in her chair, Emma shrugs. "Very well. It was worth a try. I will still be someone you can call upon if you need help." Her inner thoughts were her own. Still she offers, "Friends then?"
Warpath has posed:
He stands, expecting that the meeting is over, "Of course, Miss Frost. And thank you." He will add, "Always friends."
Emma Frost has posed:
"Emma. I believe you have earned it." For a brief moment she flashes a smile. Then she waves her hand. "Now, be gone. I've got work to do." Pause.. "By myself."