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Confidentiality Comes Complimentary
Date of Scene: 15 June 2023
Location: Apartment 63A, R.H. Kane Building
Synopsis: Deciding she needs more chaos in her life, Kate makes the very professional decision to keep an eye on Gotham's newest x-factor, Domino, under the pretext of hiring her as her new security detail. It's the start of a beautiful business relationship, that will surely never go awry!
Cast of Characters: Batwoman, Domino

Batwoman has posed:
Katherine Rebecca Kane has led her life since the traumatic loss of her mother and sister trying to lead the regimented, disciplined life her father did. It was a way of life to aspire to, for her -- to be so in control, so -together-. So dedicated to a cause that there could never be any chance to get lost in the quagmire of her pain and anger.

To her credit, Kate's done an admirable job of trying to live up to the example Jacob Kane sets. She makes an honest, true effort.

But sometimes -- sometimes she can't help but do the reckless, impulsive thing.

Case in point: during a meeting with one Nadia Pym when talking about funding the young woman's research organization, GIRL, it was mentioned that some potentially dangerous elements from Russia might put Kate in their crosshairs because of her association with the brilliant young scientist. Kate brushed it off easily enough, and might have left it at that: she can take care of herself, after all. But then she remembered a certain, albino mercenary currently operating out of Gotham. A certain albino mercenary who's crossed her path often enough, and memorably enough, that Kate's taken a Very Professional interest in keeping an eye on her.

A certain albino mercenary who has already proven herself to be a capable pain in Kate's ass to the point it'd be ill-advised to do anything but keep her at arm's length.

So that's why Katherine Rebecca Kane tries to do the disciplined, responsible thing.

Really, she does.



So anyway that's how Domino end up finding a job offer floating her way.

The offer comes through military channels, on behalf of the Kane Family -- one of the most regarded (and richest) families in Gotham; old money, fortune made largely through property acquisitions and other probably less savory means that most old money get to be old money, owns much of Gotham that isn't owned by the Waynes - their chief rivals - or the city itself. You know the drill:

They're a Gotham pillar. And the black sheep of their family needs a bodyguard because of an "unadvised investment deal".

And so the offer is made to Domino. The pay is good - very good. Old money good. If she's interested -- a date and time is arranged for a meeting with the heiress in question to see if an agreement can be reached.

The place: top floors of the R.H. Kane building, a magnificent skyscraper of an apartment complex most notable, perhaps, for its unique construction -- built around an immense sequoia almost as tall as the building itself, its topmost level encapsulates the very top of the tree, its grand boughs stretching throughout the center of the floor in a magnificent show of natural beauty blending into manmade architecture.

The heiress: Katherine Rebecca Kane. Only daughter of Colonel Jacob Kane. Anyone interested in prying wouldn't have to go far to see that she was on the same path as her father before she was kicked out of West Point under violation of Article 125. Now known mostly for her party girl lifestyle, a fact that's gotten her plastered front page in a number of tabloid headlines at the center of some scandal or another -- though this gift for embarrassing her family name seemed to have peaked a handful of years ago.

The time: NOW,

Where Kate kane waits in the living room in the lower levels of her apartment, dressed in a black blazer, black, waist-high slacks and boots, and a equally black corset, connected to the studded choker clasped around her neck by a pair of straps -- all of it making a nice contrast to pale skin and starkly scarlet hair, worn in a short undercut. She sits at a chair near the living room balcony, waiting comfortably -- the storm of thoughts that this is a terrible, stupid, rash, terrible idea and why did she ever think it was the right play never QUITE making it to her lackadaisical expression as she lounges.

For Domino at least, getting there is an easy process, with minimal difficulties: the clerk at the lobby will give her the keycard she needs to access the upp
Batwoman has posed:
For Domino at least, getting there is an easy process, with minimal difficulties: the clerk at the lobby will give her the keycard she needs to access the upper floor penthouse, and direct her to the elevator that leads there, once her name is given.

She is, after all, expected.
Domino has posed:
Being a mercenary in a new town can be difficult. One enters into a field with an existing and far better established layer of competition, most all of whom also happen to have well established reputations. The latter can sometimes tag along when going somewhere new but without having a good Fixer or a solid gig to help build one's foundation in a new locale? People start to ask questions. Questions such as 'why did they choose to come here now?' and 'what are they running from?' It can make getting solid paying work more difficult.

Of course, you could also be Domino, kick back with a bottle of bourbon and wait for the gigs to find her. Sometimes it's reputation. Sometimes it's just being in the right place at the right time with the right skillset.

And oh boy did one hell of a gig find its way to her proverbial door.r
There had been a lot of research into this one. No Fixer. -Military- connections, those always merit further caution from one such as her. High value operation. It would all look mighty suspicious if not for two key elements. A high profile buyer, and Dom's just that fucking fortunate.

The building in question is...peculiar. She didn't realize Gotham had a sequoia! Colonel Kane gave her pause but seeing what kind of hell his daughter had raised had put some of Dom's concerns to rest. She can get behind anyone who gives the middle finger to established order.

Between the location and the values at stake the albino does something which she rarely does and fancies herself up. Gone is the sport bike and road leathers, replaced with a black leather business suit paired with a gunmetal grey silk blouse. Sunglasses help to cover the spot so she mostly looks like Corporate Goth than escaped classified Government property.

She even rolls up in a classy silver BMW coupe. Don't ask where it came from.

One -private elevator- ride later and holy SHIT she's surrounded by money. However, by now she's expecting as much. What she isn't expecting is how the Money chose to doll herself up for this meeting. A corset is one thing, but one which also has a studded choker as part of the design? Well. Maybe Kate did some prior research as well. Not only is Domino also a hard playing partygirl, she has particular tastes.

Now she's feeling a tad under-dressed.

"One hell of a view" Dom offers in greeting. She may not be referring to the skyline.
Batwoman has posed:
Life must be difficult as a mercenary in Gotham. Or potentially very lucrative, depending on your perspective. At the very least --

'Why did you choose to come here?' is a very universal question where Gotham City is concerned.

Kate, at least, knows why she's here. The reasons are what keep her head above water, even if sometimes she finds herself voluntarily diving beneath the waves with her life choices.

Look; she tries her best, okay?

One of said questionable life choices is currently on its way up the elevator. Green, kohl-lined eyes drift towards the elevator doors as she sees the flicker of light announcing its ascent towards the penthouse. Dark, ombre lips press into a thoughtful line in those moments before her company - her prospective bodyguard - arrive.

This is risky, she tells herself. It's dangerous to have someone like Domino -this- close to where so much of her second life is cloistered. It's dangerous having someone like Domino -this- close to her. The mercenary isn't stupid.

But where has Kate ever gotten in life by taking the safe route? ...

She honestly doesn't want to think about the answer to that. Thankfully, the doors ding their ushering welcome for a certain, goth sellsword not too long after that. Domino walks in, wearing leather and style and swagger as natural as breathing. Green eyes flutter in a blink.

Yep, Kate can finally conclude.

This was a very bad idea, yes it was--

If nothing else, Kate is adept at putting up an air of easy confidence. It's there when Dom offers her very particular greeting, in the lopsided smile that decorates dark lips, or the way one scarlet brow quirks just so.

It's there, in the way she smoothly ripostes with a, "One hell of a greeting" in response, smoothly rising up from her seat and straightening her blazer with a lazy roll of her shoulders before she approaches.

"I don't know many people who can pull off that look," she continues, head cant, expression so very glib in the way of any socialite who takes so little of life seriously. "Now I know for sure I'm in good hands."

And here, she outstretches one pale hand of her own in offering.

"Kate," she says for what might as well amount for a formal introduction. "Care for a drink? I tend to negotiate better with bourbon."

Well, if this is the point of no return -- in for the penny, in for the pound.
Domino has posed:
'I don't know many people who can pull off that look.' "Likewise" Domino responds, placing the glasses atop her head to reveal one brow settling a tad higher than its neighbor.

The offered hand is received, no gloves on the albino for once but her nails remain capped in the same gloss black. "None better" she claims about Kate being in good hands. "Just Dom."

She hasn't handed out her real name to anyone in some time. Not since Milo.

"Ah, solid choice. Bring it on." Not only is an offer of bourbon nothing she's going to turn down, in a place like this with a hostess like Kate it's bound to be some -really amazing stuff.-

It also gives the mercenary a chance to nose around the immediate dwelling some. One's possessions and decor say a lot about a person, after all. There's also the view -- the actual view from the window -- which is not to be missed from this elevation. There will be plenty of time to admire the other view when they get down to business.

"Being up here gives me an appreciation for the old town charm of this city. A lot can be missed from the street." Such architecture won't be found in New York City or Metropolis and, if she were to be totally honest, it matches the smog and grit of Gotham. Very last century industrial chic. She almost feels out of place having anything made on this side of the millenium within city limits.

Around when Kate is ready with the drinks Domino remarks "I understand having a need for discretion when handling these matters." It likely plays into her smarter attire and more professional vehicle. "Confidentiality comes complimentary."
Batwoman has posed:
It's a darker red lacquer decorating the clipped nails of the hand that clasps Domino's. Despite her lazy bearing, Kate's got a firm handshake to her. Part and parcel to being a military brat, probably; some habits just don't fade.

It really just goes a long way to enhance the appreciative smirk that tugs the corner of Kate's lips at the mercenary's answer.

"My kind of woman," she says with casual ease as she makes pulls away, making her way toward the bar comfortably settled in the living room. "You got it, Dom. Feel free to make yourself comfortable. I'm not really that great at all this," a pale hand swivels through the air, "'professionalism.'"

It's truer than she'd wish, really.

Left to her own devices, Domino's survey of the apartment reveals someone who, despite their lavish surroundings, decorates in ways surprisingly simple and affordable (relatively speaking). The most expensive section of the living area by far is, of course, the bar Kate currently finds herself at, with a bar top of black marble and extremely well-stocked shelves. The chairs and sofas are comfortable, cushioned, leather -- there's a few chairs and a table set outside on the balcony, too, for when one wants to look out over that breathtaking view of Gotham's distinctive skyline.

But other than that? The living area leads towards a very well-equipped gym room that can be glimpsed from Domino's position. The doors leading to her bedroom are closed; her kitchen is a comfortable little island setting, with just enough appliances and burners on that stove to straddle the line between 'homey' and 'extravagant.' The decorations of the living space seem to largely be posters of punk and goth bands, from Joy Division to - of all people - Dazzler. Many of the bands are deeply obscure; more than a few are Gotham born-and-bred. And a good handful of them come with autographs from the bands. They complement the record player, and what looks to be a staggering vinyl collection, fairly well -- as well as the guitar currently leaned against one wall of the living area, next to the large, flat screen TV.

That music - and that tried and true goth and punk scene - seems to be an important part of the Kane heiress' life is, perhaps, an understatement.

"If you listened to some of my family, you'd think we were responsible for all of the charming parts of Gotham," Kate mentions off-handedly as Domino looks around. She glances over her shoulder, sparing a teeth-flashing grin. "It's a good thing I don't make a habit of listening to them, or else I might be just as obnoxious."

And it's then that she finally arrives with two empty glasses and a bottle of The Last Drop Buffalo Trace, expression just oh-so precociously dry.

"Instead of my own charming brand of obnoxious."

A wink. And then, setting the glasses on the nearby table, Kate pours the bourbon, sets it aside, and passes one glass Domino's way, considering the albino mercenary as she does. Her gaze lingers on the black spot, as if curious, but she doesn't comment -- at least, not right away.

"Damn generous of you," she says instead; she perches herself against the edge of that table, lifting her glass of bourbon to Domino in cheers.

"The truth is -- I didn't really want to take up a protection detail. I've been in tight situations before, I've always been able to handle myself. But the colonel was very insistent, and my step-mother wouldn't stop agonizing, so... I thought, if nothing else, I should try to find someone who'd appreciate my preferences." Her head tilts, brow lifting as she draws that glass to her lips.

"And here we are." She sips once, slowly. "You've got a real rep, I hear."
Domino has posed:
"You and me both" Domino assures Kate about professionalism. "This is my only outfit" she claims with a smirk. "For what it's worth you had me fooled."

How could you live this sort of life and not live and breathe a sense of professionalism, though? Even picking some up by proxy seems more likely than not.

Most of what she finds is mundane enough. Extravagant, sure, but more than a number of signs that Kate here prefers to live a more simple life with necessities being in the company of exceptional wealth. Maybe Kate doesn't fully appreciate the fortune she sits upon. Maybe she finds more important matters to live for.

The surprise comes from the band posters, some of which Dom happens to recognize. The Dazzler poster in particular results in a smirk. How curious. Vinyl. Vintage tunes. She hasn't seen a record player in years. A guitar, a universal symbol of the eternally youthful rebel. A perfect compliment to Kate's partygirl lifestyle.

A glance back when Kate speaks. A light smile returned. "They say that of anyone of means" she suggests while finally settling into one of those comfy leather chairs. The drinks are en route. "Funny, you didn't strike me as obnoxious." Not YET, that is. The guitar alone is proof Kate has it in her to be far more out there if desired.

Motioning to the posters, Domino says "Gotta admit, I didn't expect to find a wall torn out of a goth bar this high above ground. Knew I had a good feeling about you."

The offered glass is taken without question then she leans back and crosses one leg over the other. Her glass is raised back, the bourbon then given a sniff prior to a taste.

Oh yeah. That's the stuff.

"Since we're being up front and honest, I tend to pass on personal security gigs." She has to stop herself from referring to it as 'babysitting' as is so often the case. "More people need to learn how to take care of themselves or stay the hell away from bad situations. You" she points to Kate around the raised glass "have your shit together." No 'pardon my French.' Evidence of the posters and guitar means she's now speaking with the filter disengaged. They're both in familiar company.

As for her rep, Dom dips her head and motions outward with her hands as if taking a bow while sitting and barely moving. "Gotten a fair bit done in my as of now short time on this Earth. Any idea who's breathing down your back enough to warrant hand-picked security?"

Once again: Money and means. AND Kate's used to taking care of herself. If the problem is too big for her -and- it's beyond her hiring typical rich person security measures then something else must be at stake. Leaning on specialists, and only one instead of a team, is prime for things people would rather keep far under the radar, which in turn also happens to come at a premium.
Batwoman has posed:
'This is my only outfit.'

"Must make things awkward on laundry day," is Kate's glib response in the moments before she joins Domino back in the living area.

"Or interesting, I guess."

Like many things, it all depends on your perspective.

If nothing else, Kate gives the impression of the the kind of woman who wears who she is on her sleeve -- the nautical star tattooed on her back can attest to that much. Of course, in a certain sense, it's blatantly false.

But riding a razor-thin margin between her civilian identity and her life as Batwoman is also, really, just Kate living life true to herself.

For better or worse.

It's why, for all she feels certain she'll regret her words and deeds this day, it doesn't stop her from drawing a pale hand to her chest, tapping twice just under her collar as Domino speaks. Not obnoxious?

"Get to know me," she proclaims, "I have it on many regretful authorities on the subject that I'm the worst."

Amazing how she can frame that like it's complimentary.

She's just that powerful.

Glass held between her hands, Kate makes herself comfortable on her perch; a little snort slips past her lips as Domino remarks on her decor, genuine amusement decorating dark lips and sparkling in green eyes.

"Rocks one very stylish outfit, -and- appreciates goth?" Kate sighs, a teasingly wistful sigh. "Be still, my beating heart."

Look; Kate can appreciate great views, too. Especially when they agree with her very particular music tastes.

Still, small talk and the lightest of teasing aside, there's the particulars to navigate. She has to frame this in a certain way -- she knows Domino isn't the type to -not- notice things that don't add up. She can't have full time protection; it'd be practically inviting Domino to find her cowl and wig. That Domino herself doesn't seem interested in the idea is a benefit. Close, but not too close.

If she can keep it that way, then she'll be sitting pretty.

"You're damn right," is her smug response to Domino, delivered as she takes a shallow sip of that bourbon. She savors the taste, one long, slack-clad leg crossing over the other as she considers. Does she have any idea?

"Enough of one," she says, after a time. "For once, it's got nothing to do with my family name. I decided to put some of our money into an up and coming research lab -- Genius In action Research Lab," she pauses here, lifts both her free hand and glass-bearing one, and finger quotes, "Or, 'G.I.R.L.'." Backronyms. What can you do? "Real promising stuff. Super science stuff. Mostly though, the kid who is trying to get it off the ground seems sweet, and she wants it to be a support structure for people with the talent and the knowledge to be able to get the leg up in the scientific world they wouldn't ordinarily have access to. What can I say? I'm a sucker for idealistic ingenues. So," she pauses, sips her drinks, and concludes, "I decided, fuck it." A second passes, before she continues.

"She had the good grace to inform me that she's a subject of interest of some sort of secret organization based out of Russia. Espionage-related. Probably super-related too, if she's anything to go by. So traditional security isn't gonna pan out. And I don't want anything obvious, or anyone crowding me all the time, because frankly, I've got enough people breathing down my neck without dealing with an overzealous bodyguard. So." She points a finger Domino's way.

"Discrete, and professional, and independent." A pause follows.

"Looking good in leather's mostly just a bonus."
Domino has posed:
Kate's response gets a soft laugh from Domino. "My only -formal- outfit, that is. I've got club appropriate wear for days. Still not going to deny 'interesting,' though."

On getting to know Kate, "The way things are headed that'll be happening. Here's to seeing your inner bitch" she again raises her glass then takes another sip.

Another smile soon follows. "I won't turn down the compliments but flattery doesn't pay the bills, just so you know. But yeah, I've rather embraced the lifestyle. The writing was already on the wall a long time ago." Here she taps a ghostly pale cheek. "What else goes with white so well as black."

Not only is there truth to her words but it's giving her an increasingly strong argument as to why Kate should hire -her- over someone else. Domino does so love a double-edged sword when both sides are cutting in her favor.

When the conversation shifts to business the albino settles back in, easily transitioning from flirty to thoughtful. A research group? Interesting... Not what she would have expected, though the four letter name chosen for the group is met with a subtle rolling of eyes.

"So not only are the Russkies targeting this organization for intel but anyone associated immediately becomes a person of interest and potential leverage in waiting. Were you aware of her ..'subject of interest' status before financially supporting this group?" Foolish if no. Foolish and ballsy if yes.

"Well. Bonus points for not butting heads with the local Families. I hear Gotham has quite the collection. Russian operators are an easier mess to deal with since most aren't here through any legal channels. Much fewer questions if they were to disappear."

Kate's remark about a bonus is met with a good natured black-stained smile. "Wait until you see me in uniform" Dom suggests while remaining wholly oblivious Kate's already seen her in it on more than one occasion.

"What's the angle then? It sounds to me like you're more interested in a guardian angel than having someone tied to your hip..not that I would mind if you did. Heard but not seen, unless you're wanting me to take the fight to them?" It's possible, though not common for 'protection' work. One can't protect so well when they're leading the assault.
Batwoman has posed:
A glass is raised. And Kate returns it.

"You're in for a treat," she declares with a grin, seconds before she drains her glass. She listens on, brows lifting gradually upward as Domino speaks.

'What else goes with white so well as black.'

"You're speaking to my pitch black soul right now, I hope you know that."

It comes naturally to her. This back and forth. Part of it is just how she learned to get by, after everything. But also...

It just feels easy talking to the other woman. Something just clicks. And there's few things more satisfying than a feeling of finding a kindred spirit.

On some level, this is play acting. On another...

Smoky eyelids hood as Domino transitions smoothly to the matter at hand. The mercenary rolls her eyes; the heiress spreads her palms in a hapless 'what can you do?' sort of gesture. Kids. They love acronyms. She's pretty sure she read that somewhere. Green eyes drift back toward the skyline of Gotham, Wayne Tower dominating the horizon, as Domino speaks.

"She kind of snuck up on me," she admits, free hand lifting to sift through her short mane of scarlet hair. "Sprung on me at my favorite cafe. Even knew the kind of hangover coffee I take. Flattering. A little creepy." Blazer-clad shoulders lift in a little, nonchalant roll.

"After that, though, I did my due diligence to get an idea of what and who I was getting involved with. A lot of redacteds, is what it turned out to be." Dark lips tug in a rueful smile as she glances back at Domino from the corner of her gaze.

"I still decided to go with it, so I guess I'm making the bed I lie in here. But... You don't get much worthwhile out of life without taking risks."

So, foolish -and- ballsy.

At least she's aware of it? Does that make it better, or worse--

Domino talks of making people 'disappear'; Kate falls silent for a moment. Another possible complication she's going to have to keep an eye on. But if she's lucky, all of this will just amount to pretext anyway. -If-.

"Not that I'd necessarily mind you tied to my hip," she continues instead for now, gesturing with her glass. "... but I value my personal space, and my privacy. If you were hired, ideal standard operating procedure for me'd be a mix of proactive and reactive. Heard but not seen sounds about right. I'd like to know more about what I'm dealing with... but short-term, I just need someone to keep an eye on things for me. Keep my ass out of the fire if necessary. I like my ass. And if things go too titsup for the light touch..."

She'd want to take the fight to them herself.

"... we can change our approach. Does that work for you?"
Domino has posed:
Now it's Domino's turn to provide a wink with regards to speaking to Kate's pitch black soul. Kindred spirits, for certain. Although they've both come into their fortunes through radically different means.

'Kind of snuck up on me.' Knew where Kate's favorite cafe was. Knew what her coffee of choice is -for a specific purpose.- 'A lot of redacteds' fully trigger Dom's own concerns, about setting the hairs on end behind her neck. "Do you trust this chick?" the albino immediately presses. It's an important question! "Because that sounds a lot more than creepy. This is starting to sound like some Cold War spy novel shit. I'm sensing a lot more at play than what either of us may know. If she mentioned anything about a moose or a squirrel, I'm out."

Kate still pulled the trigger. Dom leans forward and lightly rubs the bridge of her nose. "Let's hope you made the right decision and she's looking to get a fresh start on life." At least that Dom could understand, and respect.

So, the initial 'damage' had already been done. What comes next amounts to containment with potential clean-up. Kate explains what she's looking for and Domino nods once to confirm. What Miss Kane is asking for isn't always the most glamorous of work, buuuut Dom's also sensing a lot of pretty little zeroes on the correct side of the decimal point. She could make this worth her while--

"It is a nice ass." A pause follows. "That wasn't very professional, was it." No apology is given.

If things go too tits-up then they modify their game. Dom gets the unspoken part of Kate's message clear enough: No violence for now. If violence = yes, then Kate = 1.

"I can work with this" she confirms.
Batwoman has posed:
Does she trust her?

It's a question that Kate can't help but take some wry, private amusement in.

If trust was something that came easily, she wouldn't be doing any of this, would she? But then...

"I think she's got more baggage than I know," is what she chooses to say instead. "But mostly I think she's an awkward kid just trying to make a better place for herself the only way she knows how." Kate stares down at her emptied glass for several long moments, tilting it to watch the scant amber dregs drool to one edge of that clear, circular bottom.

"I know how that can be."

A second lapses. She casts Domino a lopsided smile, brow quirked.

"And I think if you tried to mention anything about Rocky & Bullwinkle to her, she'd just make you feel old, and nobody wants that."

It's an honest answer.

It's also one that never quite mentions anything about trust.

At the very least...

"'A fresh start' is what I'm banking on." Literally.

Finding herself dismally low on alcohol with all that spilled out into the open air -and- faced with a grim reminder that Rocky & Bullwinkle is obscure, ancient culture, Kate lifts up from her perch, stretching arms over her head as Domino speaks to the greatness of her ass.

'That wasn't very professional, was it.'

"That's a negative, Dom," she responds, pouring herself a new drink. "But don't worry. You're not on the clock yet." She pauses her pour, looking sidelong at Domino.

"I mean, I haven't even seen you in your uniform yet."

Once again, it must be said: this is a blatant lie only she knows. But she can't just -say- it's a compelling uniform.

"So be as unprofessional as you like."

Glass poured, she turns to face Domino once more. Standing now, one hand on her hip, the other holding her glass dangling at her side, she considers as Domino offers that confirmation. Having her around will be good, Kate reminds herself. She's still too big an x-factor to just be left alone. And until she knows what was going on with those artifacts...

"Then I think we have a deal in the works," says Kate. "Which means now we figure out how much your professional time time is worth."
Domino has posed:
Domino is intently listening to Kate's response here. 'More baggage than I know' does seem like a given, although it's also a true statement with regard to most people. It's the part about an awkward kid trying to make a better place which has the albino briefly appearing zoned out, just as quickly popping back when Kate claims to know how it can be. "Yeah" is all she says to the matter.

It is, of course, Kate's money and Kate's decision to help with this G.I.R.L. project, just as it's her money and decision to bring a mercenary into the mix. Dom may question Kate's decisions internally (and externally on occasion) but it isn't why she's here -now.- It's time to move the discussion onward.

Straight into feeling old.

"You sure the kids aren't still meming that shit?" she asks, maybe a tad defensively. A frown comes next as she softly adds "Damn."

Kate stating 'that's a negative' gets an amused *snrk* from the other pale lady. "Thank hell for that. My first impressions effort seems to be taking a sharp turn for the worse, which either means I'm feeling comfortable around you or this is some really great bourbon."

As for the uniform, she offers "I'll show it off as soon as you show off this epic bratitude of yours."

A deal is formed. Perhaps timing it to this very moment, Domino finishes the last of her drink and leans forward to set the glass aside. "Let's hope those first impressions hold up under fire."
Batwoman has posed:
Domino's just a -touch- defensive. Which is why Kate, sensitive as she is, approaches, leaning in just enough from where she stands to pat a consoling hand against Domino's shoulder.

"It's okay," she oh-so-gently assures. Soothingly. Sympathetically.

"You look good for your age."

Does the Kane heiress have any room to talk? No, of course not.

That's also absolutely not stopping her from talking shit, however.

The liquor is strong, that's for sure; Kate can hack it, at least, thanks to a long time dedicated towards building a legendary alcohol tolerance. The reasons for that, well-- /that/ isn't exactly secret.

What it means, mostly, is Kate is just developing a decent buzz working through a second glass by the time Domino invokes the power of bourbon. "What can I say? I'm a great hostess and I know how to make people feel at home." She swirls her glass demonstrably here.

"It's my wealth of charm."


Still -- Domino's promise earns a soft "hah" of amusement from Kate, a grin decorating dark red lips. "Damn. Something to look forward to," the pale redhead remarks. "I better think of some exciting ways to be a pain in your ass, then."

This much, at least, she's sure will be inevitable. Just as much as...

'Let's hope those first impressions hold up under fire.'

Kate's kohl-lined gaze hoods for a precious second, before that magnetic smile touches the corners of her lips. She raises her glass.

"Let's hope."

And then finishes off its contents.

Does she see this ending well? ... Not really. But then...

"To our unprofessional working relationship."

... it's her money and - most importantly - her decision. No matter how she might question her decisions internally.