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A training review
Date of Scene: 16 June 2023
Location: Themysciran Embassy - Manhattan
Synopsis: Cassie visits the Themysciran Embassy to use the great hall-turned training area while visiting with Diana.
Cast of Characters: Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl

Wonder Woman has posed:
After a long week filled with meetings of all varieties with the League, various committees at the UN, and other national ambassadors, it is time for something Diana finds relaxing.

She is dressed in a loose fitting blue teeshirt over a sports bra and loose legged cotton pants that allow a great range of freedom and barefooted, she is in the large hall at the embassy. While it is sometimes used for events or exhibits, it is most commonly set up as a training and gym space for the Amazons on staff to keep their combat prowess up. Even the staff who are not Amazon by birth are free to use the space though it is hardly a surprise that nearly all of them tend to avoid the section devoted to Amazonian weapons.

Diana is currently stretching and silently working through the regimine of moves that comprise the Amazon martial art style. Her gaze is distant, not focused on anything specific in the large room, as she concentrates on her technique.

In other parts of the hall there are Amazons engaged in practice duels, archery, and even a few working on their wrestling and grappling techniques. It is no wonder that the window treatments are currently closed. The paparazzi would have a field day misrepresenting the activities within.
Wonder Girl has posed:
It's a busy life being a Hero, between the whole fighting crime, though at street level it's usually overkill. And is it crime when it's an attempt at world conquering?


But she has a break from all that. And that usually means trying to get some training in herself.

Having long been inducted as an Amazon herself, no one really has a complaint about Cassie Sandsmark turning up. At the most they still tease her about things like her age. Twentyfive might still be very young compared to most of the Themyscirans. As an immortal it's barely a blink for most of her paternal family. The other thing is her height, the blonde five foot and three inches does mark her as a shawty by most standards. But she long since proved it's not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog.

But she still needs to keep up her own practice so she can fight and not get thrown on her butt.

Hence her being in the training area, a red tank and yoga pants matching, Yellow striped down the outside of her legs while the doubled up =W= emblem sits across her chest. Hands putting that mane of blonde in a pony tail as she starts her own warm up routines, or at least the calisthenics part of it and stretching.

"We do not train together nearly enough!" she admits. Likely Diana had a bead on her sister the second she arrived in the building, let alone the gym. No point sneaking unless you want to do that landing on your butt thing.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince did know when her young(er) protege' and Amazonian sister. It was a perk, sometimes a downside, of both being from the divine bloodline of Zeus. As demi-goddesses o it was (almost) always possible to sense when other gods of Olympus were present. Sensing the arrival, it caused the only change to Diana's intensely focused expression.

She smiled softly even as her routine did not falter.

As Cassie enters the hall and speaks, Diana finally stops and turns toward her with a smile.

"It is difficult to get the time in, yes. But it is needful. Even a blade cannot cut cleanly without regular care and sharpening."

Walking over, Diana smiles. "It is good to see you Cassie. You've been well?" It is not likely that Diana is unaware of what the other Amazon has been involved with while teaming with the younger heroes, of course. It is more that she desires to know what Cassie considers most important to share. And she wants to show her interest in Cassie's wellbeing. It's part of the job description of being the older 'sister'.
Wonder Girl has posed:
"I've always preferred the phrase "Use it or lose it!" Cassie agrees. There's also the fact that well, there's still enough of that little tomboy in her that she actually enjoys the chance to throw down and try keep up with her more experienced trainers.

Of course some of the moves and forms she practices is a mix of things. Likely the result of time spent with the Titans. A few things from some Asian styles as she flows more like Tai Chi, some kata rotes from Tapanese styles. Even cribbed some Tamaranian moves here and there. Stuff someone with experience would pick up on.

"I've been doing okay. Hero stuff is kinda slow beyond the occasional street crime when I hear it. Mom had me help her out on a dig, which is still fun here and there. At least when you know you will find stuff. Lets me remember how to do fiddly little things and fine control. Brushing dirt instead of swinging a blade. Light touches instead of punches that make sonic booms."

Cassie still enjoys that too. "Plus the whole learning what cultures and people were like long before I came about thing. Not a patch on the life we lead but hey, never stop learning!" she states and beams a bright smile.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince listens with amusement. While that saying has the same meaning, it is just more informal as is the way of most Western cultures. Given that Cassie has grown up immersed such culture it wasn't a surprise she'd use a more modern colloquialism. It fascinates Diana just how Cassie has come to be able to bridge the gap between the two quite different cultures.

Watching as Cassie moves through her rotes, Diana does notice the variations picked up from her broadened experiences. Watching curiously without scrutiny, Diana's blue eyes follow the movements and take note of the differences. Even she has picked up on other techniques to incorporate into her arsenal of moves that are not of Amazonian origin. The hallmark of a good warrior is to know when to remain true to form and when to bend the rules and borrow from others.

With a smile she nods, "It is good that you are able to share those experiences with your mother. You have had a singularly unique and valuable childhood that most should look on with great longing. You have gotten to experience so many cultures and learn much of humanity's history first hand rather than from a textbook."
Wonder Girl has posed:
The learning of other cultures was something her mother instilled early. Which probably helped explain the fangirling Cassie still sometimes lets out on occasion. She tries not to but hey, you grow up with all she has.

"I'd probably describe it as second hand cultural learning. They lived it, we're figuring out what happened after. And the whole immortal thing, well. From here on in it'll be first hand to pass on to others. Kinda like with Themysciran society and history. I'd say Greek as well, but I'd still take anything on out father's side of the family with a grain of salt." she states as she moves, it's mostly warm up moves really. Not much she can really do for fitness or strength training any more.

Not every borrowed move is flawless. Even the things Diana and their other sisters taught Wonder Girl she still occasionally flubs. But it's usually passable, especially in a fight.

"It's also way more fun than just calling home. Mom can easily be distracted by talking shop. Beats the usual Mom talks for someone in my age bracket. 'Are you eating right? Why don't I have grandkids? Have you settled down with someone nice?'. That kinda thing. Bet even Queen Hippolyta still busts those out even now!. Wow, bet they'd even come from Hera and she's our Stepmom!" she adds and giggles at the idea.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince can't help but laugh quietly at the fact Cassie has already figured out that not everything the gods of Olympus claim is true or accurate. Perhaps most of all, Zeus. Of course to him, it's all true. From a certain perspective. Ares? Well not a blessed thing is true and honest unless it is to his personal advantage and to bring about his own agendas. Such is the way of fickle divinity.

A knowing look is given to Cassie when the talk shifts to mothers being mothers. "You have seen it to be true. There is nothing I could deny or admit that you haven't already observed" she says with a wry smile.

"It is the way of family. To be concerned with those who come after us. It make certain that all is right and well. Even if it cannot always be so."
Wonder Girl has posed:
With Zeus, it's also true even if he retells things in the opposite direction of what he said the last time. Or has another witness saying things to the contrast. Cassie tends to trust her Mom's side of the how her parents met tale. Dad has too many babymamas to get his facts right.

"I expect a hundred years from now I'll still be calling Mom, or visiting in Elysium. Just have to remind her then that I can't stay for dinner. Can't get stuck like Perspehone did over a snack." she half jokes.

"Wonder if we can get Hermes to try and get cell us reception in the afterlives." she wonders and hmms as she comes to a stop and mostly just bounces and shakes herself out on the spot. After that it's just normal stretching. Legs, arms, on the ground, occasionally floating a couple feet off the ground. It would look very zen if it wasn't an excitable twentysomething blonde.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince smiles. "We must hope so." That Cassie will still be calling her mom. The obvious matter that Helena Sandsmark is mortal, is a thing that Diana regards with private sadness. It is a thing she has learned to carry as a burden since leaving Themyscira and making her first friends. Mortals just do not live long enough.

At the mention of cell coverage in the afterlife, Diana cannot help but laugh merrily. "That is a notion I had not considered before. It would both simplify and complicate things at the same time most likely."

With a few final stretches for herself it seems that Diana has finished her own bit of training and workout for the moment.

"Do you care to continue? Shall we go see what treats Ferdinand has created today?" What a choice. Stay and work out or go and seek out treats.
Wonder Girl has posed:
At least whichever afterlife Helena ends up in, Cassie being a demigoddess and in possession of a really solid punch means if she wants to visit her mom she can totally visit her mom.

"I think some of our shared family might make some things very scary if they had cell phones. Could you imagine Aphrodite on social media?" she playfully takes a few steps, pantomimes taking a vapid looking selfie, taking a few more steps, and repeat. "All the 'Likes'!" she states and giggles. "Maybe if we can get Athena and Ares playing online games it might reduce some of the conflicts on the planet. Maybe. It might also make things worse if they discover forums." there is a possibility they already have a net connection on Mount Olympus.

"Ferdinand is still working here? Awesome! If ever there was a reason to be thankful for divine metabolisms and what they do to a figure, it's his cooking!" which pretty much sums up her answer. The wiggle of her hips just punctuating it. She'd half expected when she was a kid to just stay short and skinny as a rake.

That clearly did not happen.