15221/Sightseeing in Genosha

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Sightseeing in Genosha
Date of Scene: 16 June 2023
Location: Royal Palace, Hammer Bay
Synopsis: The long awaited crossover featuring- Scarlet Witch and Juggernaut over..fashion, donuts and politics!
Cast of Characters: Juggernaut, Scarlet Witch

Juggernaut has posed:
So, by most metrics, this is an unusual sight... The sight of The Unstoppable Juggernaut standing in the middle of an extravagant throne room, helmet in hand, and head turning from side to side to take in the place as if he were some tourist that got detached from a meandering tour group.

His physical presence is..alarming to say the least. At least to most. Nearly ten feet tall and a gigantic proportions and inhuman sinew and muscle that that speaks every bit to the tonnage that he no doubt weighs, he is a stark contrast to the elgance and opulence on display here and yet too his credit there are no massive footprints embedded into the ground, fissures and chasms scattered about or even Juggernaut shaped holes in the wall. He simply walked in and while there was trembling, because of course it was, he moved with just enough gingerness to not send the place completely reeling. So yes. Strange indeed.

"Huh. I guess he aint wanting to for cash.." he muses aloud while reaching up to rub at his hairy jaw. "Th'hell he need me for? They look like they got it together here."

His griping and grumbilng rumbles through the chambe.r A low bass tone of mild irritation that vibrates throughout the room as he finally turns, preparing to continue his personal tour to another part of the palace.
Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda Maximoff does not intend to rival the unusual sight of Cain Marko, Unstoppable Juggrnaut standing around presumably quite stopped. Or at least not in any terribly pressing motion. But when one comes walking into the Genoshan throne room with Luggage floating behind you, diving and spinning and generally acting like it's being carried by invisible birds from a Disney animated movie... a certain level of unusual-rivaling spectacle is innate.

At least she's dressed down in a scarlet t-shirt and black jeans and familiar knee high leather boots. So she's not really working to be unusual.

So they're both showing a bit of restraint.

Eyebrows perk, Wanda's bright eyes going from a somewhat distant mid-distance gaze to an instantly alert, entirely focused, almost /too/ focused intensity. "Oh. So my father has decided to enlist the... disciple? of Cyttorak..." Her lips quirk in a wry little smirk, "Though perhaps he didn't think that far and merely decided we needed someone to act as his team's 'Colossus'?"
Juggernaut has posed:
His back is to her at first and so he misses the initial spectacle of someone's feverish vision of a crossover routine between 'Be Our Guest' and 'Higitus Figitus' but he hears enough and visibly tenses, causing the mountain range that is his billboard sized back to visibly tense and bunch up as he becomes more alert and also on edge. A mild frown cracks his bruitsh face.

"'Colossus'.. Are you -tryin'- to insult me?"

He finally turns now, spinning his helmet casually between his huge hands as he brings his great weight about with a rumble of the earth.

Then it is his turn to be surprised as he blinks and rears his head backwards, thick bullish neck seeming to nearly swallow it as his expression blanks and then settles into a narrowed eyed look.

"Hey..that's right, he did say you were going to be getting involved in all of this. I thought you were.." He lifts one hand up and then waves it about absently as if trying to pull information from the air, "..An Avenger?"
Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda gestures vaguely, and her luggage twirls, pirouettes, and then flies off like a train through the air, deeper into the palace, and... one would hope... to wherever it's supposed to be going. The lack of distant screams and commotion means it probably heads somewhere harmless even if it doesn't make it to her quarters.

Her eyebrows perk, lips twitching in a brighter, almost genuinely playful grin. "What?! Insult you? Why, I did not even make a joke about how you wear red and something about communist Russia."

She sniffs and brings the back of a hand to her forehead like she's about to faint, "I will have you know I am the funniest Avenger. ...Well, I think. I do not understand many of Thor's jokes. Or Tony's jokes. Or Steven's jokes." She presses her lips in a thin line. "I do understand Hulk's jokes, but they are all knock knock jokes, and I believe, simply an excuse for him to knock over walls."

She quirks an eyebrow and sighs out, "I made it quite clear. I will not allow his experiment to impact the Avengers or my duties with them. He seems... well, he /assured/ me he is committed to a renewal of the Brotherhood that is not..." She sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose like the next words pain her, "Evil, yes? And so I am here on a... provisional basis. If he is telling the truth and his plan works? I will assist how I can. If he returns to more extreme measures... I will not stand idly by." She clicks her tongue, "Besides, I could not allow him to draw my dear sister into his machinations and not keep an eye on things."

She perks her eyebrows once more, "And what of you? Did he promise you his plans involved gratuitous punching and throwing of buses? That would mean we were both told different things, hm?"
Juggernaut has posed:
The immense exemplar purses his lips, drawing them up towards his nose in an expression that would do Miranda Priestly proud, as he listens to Wanda's version of a 'sense of humor'. He maintains that expression for a few additional seconds as she speaks before finally relenting somewhat and relaxing his piercing gaze and unamusd expression to one of passivity and then..she finally breaks him, evident by an eye roll and a shifting of his great weight towards a more relaxed stance. It was probably the knock-knock joke.

Cain absently toys with his helmet again, spinning it around in his massive hands like some sort of crimson wok as he watches the luggage retreat happily down the hallway to some distant location.

"First of all: I look good in black and red. It accents my svelte silhouette and swimmers physique..but I kinda got the red and brown thing going cause of branding. I gotta represent."

He looks back to her and his big jaw peels into a slowly growing sharkish grin to the rest of her statement, "Maybe good ol'daddy aint bein' quite as squeaky clean as he's claiming since he personally brought me onboard to lend a hand.. Call it a trial run then. I said I didn't mind being an ally and lending a hand from time to time if he keeps my business checking account happy..but I need carte blanche. I got other clients as well y'know?"

She probably well knows. A certain Hawkeye made him botch one of his jobs with AIM after all.
Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda rolls her eyes and sighs out, "Everyone looks good in black and red. It is why so many heroes eventually wear it as a costume. Oh, they will say it is because they are focused on dark vengeance, or because they are taking a /darker path/ or something... but it is fashion. It's why no one wears lime green."

There's a momentary pause, "...I do not think any of Lorna's costumes were /lime/ green." She frowns thoughtfully, as she sighs out at that shark-like grin, shoulders rising and falling, hands clasping opposite elbows as Wanda sighs out, "We'll see how it goes. I have not been doing much Avenging myself lately. Things have been remarkably calm." She perks an eyebrow and frowns even more seriously, "Which should be a point to bring to father. If he does fall back into his old extreme measures, the Avengers do not have more pressing concerns to distract them... and I do not think anyone but you would be excited for that to lead to a direct confrontation."

She nods her head solemnly, eyes glinting, "Oh yes. I would never expect you to join the Brotherhood exclusively. A struggle for a mutant homeland as your only focus? That seems incredibly far fetched. After all, you clearly enjoy your... freelance work. I assume so you can afford donuts from that one Mutanttown shop. Perhaps we can get them to open a franchise here."
Juggernaut has posed:
"Oh so you remember that eh? I was maybe three feet shorter and five feet skinnier.. But I guess my handsome mug is still the same since I'm not all helmeted up.. Course given your contacts and access maybe you knew my face then and were just too focused on gettin' a treat that you didn't care.."

Cain maintains that grin though it does fade slightly as he ponders the rest of her words. He then shrugs, rolling his massive shoulders.

"No offense, but I think expecting ol'Mags to stick to some sort of reformed outlook aint gonna last. It's only a matter of time before someone comes knockin' on his door looking for him. He -is- kinda a wanted super terrorsit for past actions. Aint like the world courts have gone 'Oh, you've taken over a country now. I guess we're 'square'.'" he chuckles, darkly as he turns to look at the throne.

"You ask me, he'd be better off putting onna you on the throne and just staying in the background if he wants this to feel legitimate.. Plus a kinder 'nicer' Brotherhood? Sure sounds a lot like Charlie's show..and he aint that great at it either. So if Charles can't pull it off how's Magneto going to? Tth."

Juggernaut frowns, expression darkening visibly as if the mere mention of Xavier's name has stirred the pot but the look fades soon enough. "He's putting a bullseye on his back. I guess he plans to keep busy then.."
Scarlet Witch has posed:
Wanda sighs and shakes her head, "One tends to remember details of the time you show up to buy donuts and someone has bought the entire store and it's /not/ the Juggernaut." She pauses for a long moment, "I am going to resist the urge to make a joke about eating enough donuts to become five feet wider. Because I am also the most tactful Avenger."

Wanda sighs and nods slowly, "Yes, I think he intends to try. But... well, I imagine a... penchant for finding the long road to a solution to be unbearable when one has certain abilities to take a shortcut as it were... runs in the family?"

She clicks her tongue and shakes her head and sighs out, "Oh, if one of us is going to wind up on the throne it is most certainly going to be Lorna. I insist." She frowns, "Or if she doesn't want it, Pietro? ...Has any king ever abdicated his throne within three minutes of his coronation? Genosha could quite literally make history."

She shrugs and sighs out, "Well, I suppose if anyone can handle having a bullseye on his back, it's father. It gives him quite a bit of inspiration for his speeches after all. And if anyone can ensure the bullets aimed at that bullseye don't hit..."

She frowns vaguely, like she's hearing something distant, "Although I suppose I should go ensure my luggage is not... out of control. Hexes are always tricky. Do try not to be too..." She gestures vaguely, "Enthusiastic about your freelance work, Mr. Marko. You may not be a mutant, but people seem to not be able to keep that in mind, especially when you're tied to a mutant organization."
Juggernaut has posed:
"You better hope I don't bring my own problems here." is all Juggernaut says to that. "If Mags wants my steady visible involvement that's gonna come with all the baggae attached.. Though speaking of baggage, yeah. You better go make sure the silverware aint dancing or something.."

Juggernaut reaches up and places his helmet back onto its spot. There's a flash of red light like the brief flash of a camera as the magic of cyttorak seals the helmet down and the latches and bolts reseal it into its place.

"See ya around." he rumbles before turning and starting to make his exit. His footfalls rumble and rock the room but dont' get noticably heavier until he's outside, the need to tread lightly no longer necessary.