15226/Meeting in Genosha

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Meeting in Genosha
Date of Scene: 18 June 2023
Location: Hammer Bay, Genosha
Synopsis: Polaris runs into Mystique in Genosha
Cast of Characters: Polaris, Mystique

Polaris has posed:
Genosha is a quiet country, really. Quiet and peaceful. Magneto would suffer no less, of course. The mutants living in Genosha all adore him and approve of his rule, somewhat by royal decree but mostly because of the man's charisma and vision.

In the city that is Hammer Bay, a woman walks slowly along the open air market. Lorna is easily recognized by her green hair, even if it wasn't for the snug-fitting green pants, cropped top, cape and tiara. A short conversation with a fruit vendor results in coin being exchanged and a local fruit for breakfast.
Mystique has posed:
It's not just quiet, it's almost /too/ quiet. Or at least that's what Raven Darkholme finds herself thinking as she strolls the sidewalks and generally does the whole tourist thing. If one discounts the constant flicking of yellow eyes to raised vantage points, the random changes in direction and pace.

Really, it only makes sense she's doing some counter-surveillance routines, old habits die hard, and this particular habit ensures /she/ doesn't die. And really, most people are too distracted by that blue skin, the yellow eyes, and the sway and motion of the white dress the shapeshifter has chosen. It's hardly exceptionally revealing, indeed, she practically looks like she's one broad-brimmed hat away from a Mediterranean vacation getup with her strapped high heel shoes an allowance for a bit of extra height and general stylishness.

And while Mystique's not the only one watching Lorna, she might be the most brazen in approaching, sliding up alongside her and murmuring out. "You know, I've never seen someone in a tiara and a cape for a casual stroll. You make it work."
Polaris has posed:
Lorna has just taken a big bite of the fruit, which mostly resembles a mango, and she manages not to dribble juice over her chin. Hearing the familiar voice, her head turns but her mouth is full. The green lips pull into a grin, all the same, then she swallows.

"Thank you, Mystique. I would say that father insists on the tiara, but I'm afraid that's a touch of my personal vanity." She licks her lips again, considering another bite.

"So are you watching me or is someone else following me that you are watching?" the princess asks casually. She knows how ...thorough ...Mystique can be. And yes, it borders on paranoia.
Mystique has posed:
For her part, the grin on Mystique's lips that show she was trying to surprise Lorna isn't /too/ terribly broad... eyes narrowing slightly in downright playful cast. It's probably something most people who cross paths with the blue shapeshifter would be concerned by. But she likes Lorna. And they agree on some important points.

And she /genuinely/ likes her. So it's probably far less worrying. Eyebrow perks up and she hums out softly, "Oh! Well, personal vanity is important to indulge, highness." She shrugs lightly and sighs, "Especially for royalty. You need to do your part to keep the fashion industry running, lest we suffer economic destabilization if sales on impractically ornate gala attire dip."

Her eyebrows perk and she shrugs, "Oh, I was just out on a walk. You know, making sure I get my steps in in my old age. And don't worry, if someone /was/ following you I'd deal with them well before showing up to say hi and interrupt your breakfast. No, this is... well, as close to a truly chance meeting as possible." Her lips quirk and she offers a little wink. "Even /I/ get the occasional weekend off. Sometimes I even remember to relax on them."

But those yellow eyes shift to sweep around their surroundings, half quick scan for trouble, half actual appreciation for the mutant city. "So! Do you have any plans for the day?"
Polaris has posed:
Lorna Dane smirks and hand-waves, making a 'pff!' sound at the mention of keeping the fashion industry afloat. "I'm quite sure the fashion industry will get along quite well without my influence." she quips back. "There are plenty of people supporting the cape-and-spandex movement, after all."

Watching those yellow eyes, she takes a smaller bite of the fruit and dabs her green lips with her fingers. "I didn't think you took time off, actually. And you're hardly old." Her gaze wanders down, then back up again.

"I was actually going to the beach later. Not that my pale skin needs any sun, but I enjoy the heat and the water." Lorna pauses, then. "Would you like to join me?"
Mystique has posed:
Raven's eyebrows perk and she hisses out a soft, sharp little breath, "Lorna Dane, dear young lady! I do believe you just became my /favorite/ person. Saying I'm not old. I bet you won't even try to make sure I have the appropriate amount of candles on my birthday cake when the time comes... which is good, because we would need /quite/ the cake."

She grins wolfishly, voice dropping to a conspiratorial murmur, "And I'll have you know I take plenty of time off! Just usually not /as/ me. For one thing, when you're wanted by the governments of the countries of /most/ of the best beaches around the world, a vacation never sounds quite as enjoyable as it should."

She clicks her tongue and sighs out, "Well, see? Great. You went and appealed to my desire to enjoy a summer beach retreat. And of course, if you're going to the beach it's really only proper to ensure you have suitable security coverage. And I'll just have to handle that personally. I mean, I'm sure you recall how hands on I can be." She clicks her tongue in mock distress. "Sunscreen. Definitely need to pack some sunscreen. Perish the thought of you showing up to the next Brotherhood meeting looking like a tomato."
Polaris has posed:
Lorna Dane laughs, looking pleased to have had such an effect. "It would be both ungrateful and unwise for me to refuse such an offer." she replies, between nibbles. "And I do recall how much you enjoy your work. It is splendid to see you again."

She starts walking, then, trusting Mystique to follow. "Let's head to the beach, then. There's a private beach by the Palace, where we can let our hair down." She grins, then. "I might even remove my tiara and cape."