15286/In the Danger Room...No One Can Hear You Scream

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In the Danger Room...No One Can Hear You Scream
Date of Scene: 03 July 2023
Location: Danger Room - X-Men Base
Synopsis: Rogue is found by Logan in the Danger Room, which leads to them discussing their relationship...again...
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Wolverine

Rogue has posed:
There's something going on in the Danger Room, and it's likely not any scheduled event. Not that the room can't be used whenever, but it's usually not used outside of people signing up for it. Either way. Rogue is currently within the Danger Room running a program where she's up against Sentinels. How many? That's a question. Right now there's three coming up on her - but there can be more coming up behind them.

Rogue is in the air, holding a big barrel of who knows what which she hurls at one of the giant robot creatures before darting off to duck and cover.
Wolverine has posed:
Logan is moving throught he observation deck. The heavy footfalls of his boot carry in the room. He's not disturbing the program that's running. For better, or worse, the Danger Room has a fail safe. Once a program is going, it's very hard to get into the actual door. It's designed that way so the program could be shut off safely if the person is overloaded. Also, it helps designate a turn order. Nearly everyone has programs in the danger room. So, somedays when it rains, it pours. He stands there watching in the black and gray costume. The red lenses showing through the mask. He just watches rogues routine. Although he could up the difficulty.

Logan will eventually going to speak on the coms, "Ya gonna show em' whose boss? Or are ya gonna stop the show fer me."
Rogue has posed:
After a moment, Rogue lifts three barrels in succession and tosses them at the sentinels before the voice over the comms has her giving a grin. "I can stop the show here and give ya another one elsewhere..." Joking this way before looking at the robots that just think barrels tickle. "If we're stoppin' this show tho, we better do it quick..." That much more offered before she jumps into the air and hovers to wait and see what happens next.
Wolverine has posed:
"I was givin' ya time to get it outta yer system," Logan says honstly. Theen he says nothing else about the other show. Just a comment stored into the back pocket for later. Logan ponders a few options and then waits for two more sentinels to push forward. Both of the units begin to cofus. All four hands extended as they try to shoot laser beams at the mutant. She would need to act quick to avoid getting scathered. Just a series of movmements. "Just keepin' ya on yer toes darlin," he says back casually.
Rogue has posed:
Since she's already in the air, it only takes a moment to see those hands begin to glow before she takes off and gets out of the line of sight. "On my toes, huh? Prolly some better ways to do that." She says and then she laughs before shifting to dive right at one of the sentinels, intent to grab and yank - likely to take it's head off. Or something. She's not even really into this, it was just something to do so she wouldn't die of boredom.
Wolverine has posed:
"Yeah. Yeah. Yeah." Logan says as she rips off the head of the sentinel. Then he comments over the speaker. "Try to look scared or determined. Ya look bored. Somethin' on yer mind?" he asks and thinks of what to do. He contemplates making it worse, but he wonders if that's akin to getting very technical during an already dull history lecture. Most of the people that were bored would become super bored.
Rogue has posed:
The same head she just ripped off one sentinel goes flying at the other one that tried to laser her. She's still hovering in the air as the headless sentinel falls to it's knees and then to the ground and the other staggers back a good bit. "I dunno..." She says with a shrug and then flies over to sit in a tree and just watch the sentinels draw closer. "...you still love me, right?..."
Wolverine has posed:
Oh, that question is loaded. Even he knows that. The simulation ends, promptly. Then he loads up one of his own. The world around her fades away, like when thre's a wipe transition on a film reel and the next scene hasn't been set up. Everything goes white, taking away all the old scenes, then it all goes black. For a brief milisecond the metal surroundings of the danger room com into view. Logan's gone from the observation, but everything goes white again. A new program coaleces into view.

Rogue may still be sitting in a tree again, but this time it's an apple blossom tree in full bloom. The sweet fragrance in the air. She's in a courtyard to a Japanese home. Well, it's more like an estate or even Monsestary. Something big, vast and peaceful. Like sitting in the eye of a gentle storm.

There's grass along with stone walkways. A few trees that hold small leaves of green. While Logan steps -into- the courtyard, it looks like he's walking in from part of the home. In reality he's just walking into the danger room.

"Do you know why I never wear the brown costume anymore?" Logan says as he looks over the trees knowing this may sound like the biggest question avoidance ever. Still, there is a method in his madness.
Rogue has posed:
Rogue has somehow managed to keep her position in the tree, even as the danger room switches between one program and the other. When the apple blossom tree appears, she clings a bit to it's branches, knowing that she's likely opened a big can of worms with him. A part of her doesn't even know why she asked, while the rest of her just needs that reassurance. Needs to know she's not losing him. Like she's lost everyone else.

Either by accident or knowingly pushed them away. She's always alone at the end of the day.

Her gaze shifts towards the man walking into the courtyard and grups at the tree limb a little harder. At that question, she raises a brow but then shakes her head. Every fiber of her being is trying to keep a straight, stoned face when inside her emotions want to explode in a mess of tears and laughter. But shaking her head 'no' should be enough to answer his question right?
Wolverine has posed:
And it's an odd question to ask since Logan's dressed in the black costume. The costume looks mean as it's black with muted grays. Obviously, it's some kind of stealth suit or the sign of something worse. The mask is pulled back so she can see her face.

"The colors of the Yashida are brown n' orange. The Yashida is a Japanese clan wit' thousands of years. They were noble until their decendent Shingen Harada turned em' into a criminal clan, like Yakuza. His daughter was Mariko. Heiress to the throne. We came close to marryin', but clan politics wouldn't," his eyes stay forward for a moment. Just looking over the trees and how they sway in the wind.

"I coulda been happy, but things got in the way. I came back, lost myself n a bottle, some women n' all the othr things that earned me a name," he's not exactly proud of that. Nor is he upset about that. It simply is, in Logan's mind.

"So, I wore that suit fer a long time. One day, I just gave up hope and traded it in fer somethin' else. No need hopin' fer a day that wasn't gonna come," he shrugs and the wods are a little sad. They always would be.

"Outta the blue she told me she had a loophole, if I still wanted it. She did all the things fer the loophole, n' the last bit included cuttin' yer hand. Like severin' yer blood from the family," and his fist clench a little at this part of the story.

"The Yashida's oldest rival poisoned the blade, at the order of their leader Matsu'o. A slow actin', fatal, poison that has antidotes if yer quick about it. It turns death by a hundred cuts n' turns it into death by a thousand burns, all in the bloodstream," Logan's fist clench tightly. "She begged me to kill her. To have mercy n' free her from the pain. She was already a dead woman. I wasn't gonna kill her, just make the pain stop," then he looks down and a tired slides down his cheek. "I did the only honorable thing n' pressed my hand to her chest. I said my goodbyes, told her I'd always love her n' then popped my claws," he sighs and shakes his head. "Haven't had the guts to even dig the old thing out," taking a moment to compose himself, he waits.

"Colors mean somethin' to me. Same wit' wearin' things like Letterman jackets outside in public. It means a lot more than goin' steady," he says knowing that's not really a term used anymore.

"And lately I've been wonderin' why someone hasn't taken one of my coats when they go rushin' off. A genuine question, I'd never get mad 'bout if they did," and he will pause her eto help Rogue slowly put the connections together.

"So, now I'm wonderin' why in the blue hell is that same woman asking me if I love her?"
Rogue has posed:
Rogue listens as he tells his story, frowning by the end of it when he has to admit to one of the lives he's taken over the many years of his existence. She feels for him, for the woman he loved and the struggle they went through only to lose out in the end. Her heart aches on many levels. He knows her story about the first time she even kissed someone. It ended in death.

Or something akin to it.

Slowly she pulls away from the branch and shifts to slide down from the tree, landing softly on the grass next to him. "Jackets can get lost... or ruined... and she knows how much you care for your clothes. Especially some of your jackets..." She begins.

Then a hand reaches into a pocket and she pulls out a wallet, opening it she then pulls out a patch. It's the yellow and black X patch, only this one has likely seen better days. He'd recognize it as one of the first patches he ever wore for the X-Men. It's got burns and singes, but one can still recognize it for what it is.

"You're never not with me, Logan...whether we're together physically or apart...I stole this outta your closet after the second time we got together." She admits then. "I've kept it on me one way or another ever since...it's just.... I dunno... I still feel like I messed something up really badly and you ain't forgiven me for it. And that maybe it's growin' into somethin' you can never forgive me for... Or maybe you started regretting gettin' with someone like me..." She pauses, biting on her lower lip and shies into herself a little, like she wants to just back away into a dark corner and never come out.
Wolverine has posed:
"What did ya do?" Logan asks, very curiously. He's wondering what she blames herself for. What great sin she thinks she did. He will have more reactions in a moment, but to him this is the most pressing. Ocean blue eyes looking at her.
Rogue has posed:
"I don't know!" Rogue exclaims this, and it's the crack that breaks the dam. She shoves wallet and patch into a pocket before hugging herself and backing away a few steps. "I can't think of anything but for some reason I feel like you're mad at me for something and you won't tell me what...like you want me to figure it out before we'll talk about it. And I know that ain't like you but I can't shake this feeling." She says this through tears that pour down her cheeks causing her to turn her back on him then.
Wolverine has posed:
Logan looks at her for a long while, "Ya haven't. Ya pissed me off when ya left, but we fixed it. I haven't been mad. Maybe a little upset ya ain't around more, but that's life wit' all the people ya want at the dinner table. They're never gonna be 'round enough," Logan says to her firmly. Ocean blue eyes looking at her for a moment. "There ain't nothin' to figure out darlin'," he say sto hr firmly for a moment and then looks at her. Both arms jus twrap around her from behind. "Ain't no problem to figure out or solve cause it don't exist," he says softly.
Rogue has posed:
Rogue leans back against him, sniffling a few times, trying to pull herself back together again. "I'm just scared..." She finally admits. "I'm scared I'm going to lose you, too..." Then she turns and wraps her arms around him to hold close against him. "...Ya still didn't answer my question tho.."