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Birds Flying High
Date of Scene: 06 July 2023
Location: Flushing, Queens
Synopsis: Conner and Donna meet! They argue about hot dogs, discuss pranks, and...plan a date.
Cast of Characters: Superboy, Troia

Superboy has posed:
Birds flying high...you know how I feel-

The voice of Michael Buble echoes in Conner's headphones as he flies through the skies above Queens. He was dressed in a black bodysuit with red pipelining that lead to the red 'S' on his chest. He smiled as he soared through the skies, looking for any kind of trouble.

And yet...none presented itself.

"Not even Toyman lounging around looking for trouble? Too quiet. Surely something's gonna come lunging around the corner." He huffs. "Should call Robin, see if he needs help in Gotham."

Because he always has to groan about /something/.
Troia has posed:
Donna doesn't frequent New York as often as she probably should. The challenges of this city are well in hand by the multitude of heroes based here and with events world wide being what they are, she's more often than not called upon to engage in affairs overseas. Specifically with regards to Themyscarian relations beyond the borders of the Amazonian Island.

So as she flies across the crystal blue sky, she does so with the intention of passing through.

Short black hair flicks around her face, the dark stubble of the shaved sides visible as she pulls up short and rolls off at an angle to avoid the passage of more mundane aerial traffic.

She's wearing a black leather coat with cuffed sleeves ending just below her elbows. A black tanktop, tights, and combat boots. The martial image of her twin, Diana Prince, with earrings running down both ears and her silver bracers visible over fingerless black gloves.

Butterfly in the sky... I can fly twice as high!
Superboy has posed:
"...and I'm feeling goooo-Whoa!"

The Aerial Traffic in this case was Superboy - one Conner Kent. A member of the Teen Titans and general pain in the ass of villainy everywhere. He looks at her, tilting his head as blue eyes give her a full once-over.

Diana looks.../different/.

Except it /can't/ be Diana. He saw her the other day on the watchtower and she looked.../very/ different. "Hey." Conner says in his naturally deeper voice that has a curious tilt that sends it a slight bit higher towards the end of his words.

"I like your hair."

Which is true. He did! And the leather jacket? Chef kiss. She knew how to style, that's for sure. "Enjoying the New York air?"

Speaking of air, it was doing wonders for his short-cut messy hair.
Troia has posed:
Troia circles around when the two superheroes nearly collid and squares off as if expecting a punch that never comes. Immediately her blue eyes fall upon the Red S on the front of his costume and a smile breaks her black lips, "Sorry about that." Near collisions.

At the mention of hair, she combs her fingers back through it and tossles it about, slick from gel, it cannot be held at this altitude. "Thanks." A grin quirks, one foot turned down with the other lifted in typical aerial flight pose. It's necessary contractually.

"I'm not her." Because she knows that look. The one where people think she's Diana. "I'm her sister, Donna. Donna Troy." Floating closer. She has, in the past, been part of the Titans(?), but has been gone from all appearance for the better part of 4 years.

"No, I am not a huge fan of New York. Smells like shit."
Superboy has posed:
"I think I should be apologizing." He pulls an earbud out. "It's what I get for jamming out and flying."

The quirk of lips in a smile is /usually/ a good thing. Sometimes it's the 'Oh ho ho, look at my luck, a hero, now all of you will die' kind of thing villains do. But the swing never comes, the lunge never occurs, and a truly relaxed Superboy floats closer to the woman who reveals herself as Donna Troy.


He introduces himself, and when she claims herself not to be Diana, he rubs the back of his neck with his hand. "I did come to catch that...just threw me off guard for a second. Sorry if I ended up being offensive." He offers his apologies and he starts to laugh.

"Amen to that. But at least they have /okay/ hot dogs. I prefer the ones in Chicago." Though something to note is that like Donna and Diana, Conner looks like a perfect image of Superman, if he was just a bit younger.

He gives her another look, but this one is more....admiring?

"Sooo...what brings you to New York? Not attending a comic con are you? They suck here I think, got dragged to one by my friend Bart."
Troia has posed:
"Twin. She's my twin sister." Donna adds, as if it weren't obvious by how splitting an image they cut. If not for her hair, it would be neigh impossible to tell the difference. "Kon-El. A pleasure."

With a glance down at the city sprawling out below them at this height, she wibbles her hand in a sea-saw, "Chicago hotdogs? Seriously? Philly dogs, all day. But you would be hard pressed to turn me away from a Coney Island foot long." her hands land upon her hips above her exposed abdomen. Showing off that warriors physique, if only unintentionally.

"Just flying over, actually. Was headed to the Embassey and got side tracked. I haven't been in the states for a couple years, just catching up and seeing how things have changed." Timeless as she is, it's not unusual or unheard of for her to 'go on vacation' and an entire empire has desolved into city states.

900 years is a long time.

"How about you? I thought the Supes frequented Metropolis?"
Superboy has posed:
"Not a bad sister to have, I would figure."

Geez, good looks must run in the family. Conner wasn't have bad, but model versus a cool-looking car. "Pleasures mine." Conner suggests with a kindhearted smile.

Then...the war begins. "Ohhhh okay, okay, I see how it is. I may not be madly in love with Chicago, but I'll throw hands over hot dogs lady." his hands stay at his side unless he gestures - he has a habit of talking with his hands. "Alright, we can make peace over Coney Island. I dunno what they do differently, but the taste is magnificent." He admits with a low chuckle.

"You work at the embassy? An ambassador then to Themyscira? Or is that more a home away from home?" Conner May be British, but he knows how to connect the obvious details. "When was the last time you were up here, if you don't mind my asking?"

He shrugs. "Titans HQ is that-a-way. I love Metropolis but it's kinda..." He gestures to the S on his chest. "Crowded, if you catch my drift. 'sides, most of my friends are down here anyway."
Troia has posed:
Donna brings her hands up in typical boxer pose off stance, but it's very clearly in jest. "You will find yourself a willing, equal combatant where it comes to the subject of wieners, sir. You shant test my pallet. While I agree Chicago has an incredible dog, they are of no real competition to Philly... it's the onions. Anything sated, regardless of the application, is immediately superior. Fite me."

Her grin widens and her hands settle once more upon her hips.

"Ah, that's right." Turning in the general 'that'ah way' ish direction of Titan Towers. "It's been almost as long as I've been to the Tower." Which is true. "I should stop in sometime. Who's ruling the roost these days?"

As for matters of state? "I've only just returned from abroad, but I'm sure Diana will saddle me with some kind of responsibility hoping it rubs off on me. For now, it's just to see her and be a pain in her ass."
Superboy has posed:
Conner starts to laugh. "Oh ho no-" His hands lift in a boxer position, beckoning her over with his fist. "If we're talking about a good hot dog, it's the seasoning and spices they have in the fry." Conner counters - and reveals Hd doesn't know much about actually *making* a hot dog at the same time. "Gimme some room to get over there and I'll give ya a piece of my mind." He says with a big smile.

"Heh, Robin and Supergirl are co-running if you can still believe it. I imagine most of the people you knew are still there. I think we just missed each other. I was present, took off for a bit,. then I was right back at it. I'm sure they'd love to see ya."

"Welcome back." He remarks about her returning to the fold. "I'm sure she will. Aaaaand maybe I can be of assistance? Should we prank her?" Conner *loves* being a general nuisance with some company, long as it's good natured anyway.
Troia has posed:
Fists raised, though by now it is clear Donna's doing so are in jest, "Keep your distance fry king, I'll have no quarrel with anyone who fries a hotdog." Again, spoken with a grin. Her palms settle on her hips above her toned abdomen extending up from the waist of her tights.

"The more things change, right? Kara's a good choice. She has a level head on her shoulders. Robin too... depending on which one it is?" She's been around for all of them, as it turns out. Though her brow perks at the last part.

"Well you've struck my attention, Kon. What manner of prank have you in mind for my sister? Keeping in mind that you needn't burden the brunt of her disdain should the laughs not follow.. so keep in mind she'll be twisting my ear if things go astray."
Superboy has posed:
"Well I dare say thee nay, Queen of the Phillies, Fry hot dogs are such things that which we are made of." Conner manages to keep up his jest without immediately breaking down in laughter. Though his eyes follow her hands until they come to rest at muscular, athletic hips and his eyes snap back up to hers.

Focus, Kon.

"You're telling me. Too good. Sometimes I have to wonder how much is optimism and how much is being naive, but she knows what she's doing. She's a good kid." Conner chuckles. "Third one." He tells Donna. "Nightwing still hangs around sometimes."

Shes onboard for the prank! "Well, we could freshly wax all the floors in the embassy so people keep slipping. Could show up and pretend we had a shotgun wedding with pregnancy scare. We cooouuullldd put a laxative in a visiting diplomats drink, we could sour skittles in her coffee? Spitballing. Think any of those would actually work or would your ear practically get torn off?"

Good natured as he is?

Kon's always liked trouble.
Troia has posed:
"Veryily well, King of Chicago, which is like being the Diplomat to toilet, we shall table this debate until we've chosen seconds for our DUEL..." Donna can't help noticing where Conner's eyes are venturing, but she doesn't call him out on it. She's the one who wore a tanktop showing those abs off, after all. Instead, when he glances up, it's into a pair of judging (playfully) blue eyes.

"Ah, the smart one, then. Not that Nightwing is a dummy, but he's certainly no ... Robin? It gets hard when they insist on keeping their identities, isn't it? Never know who knows and feel awkward revealing things as if you know, but you're not sure? That's why I've never bothered with hiding who I am. I appreciate that about Diana, she made it extremely easy for me."

Diana and Tony Stark, anyways.

"Ehhhh.. a little juvenile, dontcha think? We'll workshop it. If I ever engaged in a deviant wedding, it would end in a great scandel.. even in jest. There's some laws you don't break. Mom would probably kill me.. and I don't want to die."
Superboy has posed:
Her abs are SPECTACULAR. Can you blame Conner for letting his eyes travel? Not to mention she was drop-dead gorgeous with curves in all of the right places and muscles in just as many. Conner's eyes flit to Donna's playful eyes and he reflects that mischief in his own blue orbs.

"Yeah, the smart one. One of my best friends. Every time I think he caps out in what he's capable of he goes and one-ups me." Conner runs a hand through his hair and he flashes a winning smile at Donna. "Oh we'll meet again for the right to hot dog supremacy, consider kind words marked." He winks at her.

A little bit of more overt flirting now.

"Juvenile pranks are the best pranks. Arn't they all?" Conner asks her though he rubs his chin. "Fair enough. Too expensive to have a legit wedding only to say 'gotcha' at the altar." Conner chuckles at that imagery though. "We'll workshop it. I prefer you alive too. Maybe we can talk about it over dinner?"

BOLD move Mr. Kent.
Troia has posed:
"Well that was bold." Donna says of the clever, if ultimately foreshadowed by staring, dinner request. Her grin remains, her brow stays perked, but she doesn't strike him in oposition. "I usually favor women. For obvious reasons aside... it's not out of any proclivities towards them over males. It's just what I knew for hundreds of years." That's not a no.

She tilts her head, short hair dangling slick against the shaved side of her head, "Alright, Kon-El, but if you get handsy, I'll do my level best to see if Amazonians can break Kryptonian wrists." Boldness being what it is, obviously a warrior woman would find that kind of overt self confidence appealing.

"But don't get too excited, I can't promise it'll go anywhere. Old habits are hard to break, yeah? I'd say I'd give you my number, but I don't know how to use cellphones and Diana hasn't started teaching me yet... so.. you'll just have to give me yours and wait for me to find a payphone."
Superboy has posed:
"Guilty as charged."

Conner finds her extremely attractive. She's proven at the moment to be fun and willing to engage in silly idle chat, her style is on *point*, she possesses a similar rebellious streak, and they both hate New York. Seems a solid enough foundation. She admits she's normally attracted to women. "The toxic male mentality that I always see from jerks makes me want to say 'hot'." Judging by his smile and his lifted hands, he's obviously trying to make a joke.

He could stand to work on his delivery.

"I promise I won't touch you anywhere you don't want to be touched - and that's if you want to be touched at all. No expectations, just a great time, and if we click? We click." No pressures of sex of hand holding or immediate attraction, just...have a great time and what happens would surely happen.

"No promises." He shoots her a wink. "Fair enough." He tells her his phone number right quick. "I could also show you how. A basic phone isn't too expensive. Could probably even have Rob fix you one."
Troia has posed:
"Ha. freakin. Ha." Donna responds to his 'hot' joke, but she's not struck him yet. "You try spending eight hundred years surrounded exclusively by your own gender and see how you come out the other end, pal. I'll wait." Teasing right back, hands still on her hips.

THen she nods, "Fair enough. We'll call it part of the package. You teach me a little bit about modern technology so I can stop disappearing for a decade and not communicating with my sister. Do you know how hard it is explain to Diana Prince that you don't know how to text message and say I'm still alive?"

She smirks at that, "I can assure you it's difficult."

But she's starting to hover backwards, "Speaking of which, I said I'd meet her for lunch. So, a few days and we'll meet up for dinner or something? I have no idea what young people do, but I'm sure you can fill me in as we go?"
Superboy has posed:
Conner snickers, knowing well in advance any joke even relating to toxic masculinity would fall flat with an entity hailing from an all-female society who overthrew/killed all their male oppressors. "I mean, I'd probably be dead." Conner remarks. "Not into dudes, we're kinda gross." He winks at her playfully. "But I get what you mean. Are Kryptonians immortal? Guess one day we'll find out." He teases her softly.

"Sounds good. I'll get you sorted out. Is the Embassy a good way to find you or can I hope to fly into you? I'm pretty much always at the Tower lately, if you don't find me in the city."

"Pretty damn hard I'd think." He winks at her playfully when she confirms it. "Alright then, I'll let you go." He starts to float away too. "I'll bring you up to speed. Oh! Vegetarian or meat-ok?" Conner asks. "So I know how to treat the Queen." FLIRTING!
Troia has posed:
"You'd be surprised." What he's intent when it's the only option. Donna smirks and turns her hands up, fingers extending off her hips as she hovers backwards a few more feet, preparing to turn and begin her flight back towards the Embassy. "We just had a whole argument about hotdogs, Kon..." As if that should be explanation enough about whether she's vegetarian or meat-eater.

She shakes her head, "You're trying to trick me into saying Philly dogs are made out of fake meat... I'm onto you, SIR..." With a wink of her own, she rolls her eyes, "I'll see you soon. come by the Embassy and leave a message with the front desk, they'll get it to me."

Then she turns and rockets forward, breaking through a cloud on her way to meet up with Diana.
Superboy has posed:
Conner smirks at Donna as she floats upward. "Just wanted to make sure you weren't pulling my leg!" He keeps his full eyes on her as they make that distance between each other. A spark is there..but will it burst into an inferno or short out before it's time?

All he knows is he likes it when she winks at him, a faint flush across his cheeks in a rosy explosion.

"Sounds good! It's a date." And he watches her streak across the sky for her rendezvous. "Conner, you lucky dog." He chuckles to himself and blasts off in the opposite direction!

He owes her a phone!