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Inner Sanctum Solace
Date of Scene: 08 July 2023
Location: Hellfire Club - Manhattan
Synopsis: Tessa and Emma discuss business
Cast of Characters: Tessa, Emma Frost

Tessa has posed:
The Hellfire Club is still busy at this hour of the morning. Many of the uber rich members were celebrating--well, whatever they celebrated. Perhaps just being rich. They were in the upper areas of the club where it was public. Everything was well known. Everything was normal.

That is not where Tessa was. She was downstairs. For beneath the Hellfire Club itself was the myriad of tunnels. These tunnels led to many other chambers. This hidden refuge was the Inner Sanctum. Known only to the members of the Inner Circle itself. For the Inner Circle was a secret. They did not make their existence known to the regular members of the club. But down here, they could speak more openly.

Tessa was present and actually seemed to be relaxing, having settled into one of the sitting areas. She was dressed as she usually did at the club, in the hyper sexualized manner. Yet at the moment, the cloak was pulled around her and she had a book in hand as she scanned the pages at a rather rapid pace were someone looking. There was a glass of brandy to the side which she sipped from time to time.
Emma Frost has posed:
Emma normally was a morning person. She found that she could finish scads of things before the early morning crowd were patting themselves on the back and congratulating each other in their clique for being so up to date. Often, she looked the she did at night, and often was seen to be a night owl dragging herself to bed.

Frankly, whatever they wanted to see was okay by her. It made less stories she might have to tell in the long run. And they certainly didn't notice what she was really paying attention to.

Emma was a closed off woman at the best of times.

Of course, this day, she was wandering in the Circle. One hand carrying a sheaf of papers, the other her tablet. "Coffee. Black. And a croissant, if you please." Of course she said it aloud, presuming that someone would take her order. "In my office."
Tessa has posed:
At the order, one of the staff members that worked in these hidden areas gave a nod and scurried off to do her bidding. They were used to the White Queen and her temperment. Though she could be kind at times, she was often no-nonsense and focused on other things. After all, she had a major company to run in addition to recently getting back control of the Academy. And didn't she also teach at that other school as well? A lot on her plate.

Tessa glanced up from her book, taking in Emma's appearance and giving a brief nod her direction. "Ms. Frost."
Emma Frost has posed:
At mention of her name, and by whom, Emma slowed down to a halt. "Ah. Tessa. One can count on you to always be around. If I didn't know better, I would have thought you were clones, taking up where the others left off."

At which she gave a hint of a chuckle. "Anything news these days? Actually, you could help me narrow down the vast quantities of real estate agents before I begin to pick and choose from the remainder. My nerves aren't what they used to be, what with the bowing and scraping of the peons hoping to get my business."

To win over Ms. Frost's business for something quite as personal as her home would be a feather in anyone's cap.
Tessa has posed:
And immediately Tessa went into assistant mode. It came from years of working for Sebastian Shaw. He would come up with things all hours of the day or night. And she was always just a phone call away if she needed to work on a project immediately.

"Glad to be of service," she said by way of agreeing even as she rose to her feet to follow. Since she had heard Emma mention she was going to her office. Each member of the Inner Circle had one down here, should they wish to. Though it was mainly saved for the higher members. Not the pawns.

"Is there something specific you are seeking to purchase? Business or personal?" The book has been tucked under her arm and her heels make a slight click with each step as she falls into step with the CEO.
Emma Frost has posed:
Leading the way to her office, she was quiet. But once there, she gestured to take a seat, while she organised her papers.

"It's for relaxing." If you could see 'Emma' and 'relaxing' in the same space! "Nicely appointed. Possibly someplace I could have some friends over. But that isn't quite so important as quiet. Not so ostentatious as to throw the address to make a scene. Close enough to be able to do my duties and obligations out of the home. But not make it too hard when necessary to work at home."

In other words: Emma had a hard place to fill.
Tessa has posed:
That was indeed quite the order to fill already. "Something out away from the city where you could commute by helicopter perhaps? Allow for that sort of relaxation?" What some people would consider it at least. Others being away from the hustle and bustle of the city would be torture. She wasn't sure where Emma fell on that scale.

As the servant arrived with the items Emma had requested, Tessa fell silent then looked back over once the servant was gone. "And any preferences on room numbers or the like. Specific amenities that are a must." Already she was running through things she had seen online recently when perusing properties for Shaw. Because they were all there, in her brain for her to analyze.
Emma Frost has posed:
"I wouldn't say no to the right place out of the city. Though that could be a weekend sort of place. Preferably a penthouse, with a view, and a walkout terrace."

Emma names a number of rooms that she would be happy with. And after her years at Xavier's mansion, with only one room (and a bath!), this would be heading toward the way she used to be. Still, it was time to make a break - the old her, and the school her - and start a new chapter of her life.

Okay, she still has ALL of those responsibilities to look after, but Emma needed a new lease on life. Once James had turned her down, she realized that time was ticking without her, and she wasn't ready to give up. Not yet!

"Is that enough to narrow the worst of them out"