15337/Another Homecoming

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Another Homecoming
Date of Scene: 14 July 2023
Location: Interior, 714 Titicus Road, Breakstone
Synopsis: Scott finally returns from a solo mission and reunites with Jean.
Cast of Characters: Phoenix, Cyclops

Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Night falls on Titticus road and a late summer storm is already rolling in..Jean has been keeping a constant vigilance by the window, waiting for Scott to return after his solo mission was delayed. The rumbling thunder and occasional flashes of lightning don't help calm her fears as she watches through the window, uttering a silent prayer.\<br\>\<br\>They may both be Xmen and such missions, even lone missions are to be expected, but it doesn't make things even easier, even if things have been relatively shaky between them lately.\<br\>\<br\>"Scott.." she murmurs, rubbing the gorgeous emerald engagement ring he had gifted her a couple months ago, "Please be safe.."
Cyclops has posed:\<br\>Scott never makes a promise he can't reasonably keep. \<br\>\<br\> Travelling by Blackbird? Scott could get through a storm no problem. But unfortunately, he wasn't flying the Blackbird. This mission required stealth: required focus. So he took his bike and drove off to parts unknown. He hasn't been able to keep contact with Jean besides his regular reports to Charles - and some elsewhile reports to Logan just to check on the more...brutal side of the spectrum. \<br\>\<br\> But Jean? \<br\>\<br\> Scott wanted to report to Jean in person. He was coming home to today. Even in the falling rain, she can see something...a light? \<br\>\<br\> It's getting closer. Brighter. If she focuses the sight on those gorgeous eyes of hers, she can spot the red glint of Scott's sunglasses. He was wearing a hoodie, a bag on his back, paled jeans rendered wet from the storm, and a hat on his head that helped keep everything out of his eyes however so slightly. \<br\>\<br\> He's been gone too long....and his first stop is home. \<br\>\<br\> It would appear that the Lord on High has granted Jean this one prayer. \<br\>\<br\> He drives up the driveway, and he finds a good place to park the bike, lowering the brake and dismounting his bike with a bit of a slow groan. \<br\>\<br\> He's been riding /awhile/.
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>It's cold, wet and windy. Not the best weather to go running out in. At least, not without proper, preferably heavy rain gear. However, when she sees that streak of light, Jean doesn't really care. She's been worried sick and all that matters is that Scott is home in one piece.\<br\>\<br\>She laughs as she realizes her prayers have been answered perhaps, either way, he's home and he's safe. Without a second thought, she slips on her shoes and runs out into the blustery weather once he parks.\<br\>\<br\>"Scott!" she says simply.
Cyclops has posed:\<br\>Scott doesn't even have a chance to finish making sure all of his stuff is off the bike when his fiance comes sprinting out of the house! \<br\>\<br\> "Jean!" \<br\>\<br\> Scott's often-times serious demeanor has been replaced by one of pure joy, walking towards her with backbag and gear still on. His arms open up to bring her in for a big hug, the kind that takes a person off of the ground in a spin. He didn't even care he was in the rain with her. \<br\>\<br\> He only cared that he was with her. \<br\>\<br\> "Hey baby. I missed you so much." He says, not letting her go for even a single second. This is his person. The only person in hte world.
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Honestly, she doesn't even notice the cold of the wind, the chill damp of the rain or the wind blowing her hair like crazy. Scott is home and that's all that matters. She laughs as she leaps into his arms, squeezing him tightly, feeling his warm embrace even if he's probably just as cold and damp, maybe even moreso than she is.\<br\>\<br\>"You're late, slim..I was expecting you back two days ago.." she smirks, a bit of that familiar playfulness creeping into her voice again now that she's no longer worrying herself to death.\<br\>\<br\>"What happened, took a wrong turn?" she winks.
Cyclops has posed:\<br\>The feeling of being in her arms again was relieving. \<br\>\<br\> It's like Scott's been crawling through the mud and he finally got some light in his life again. He holds her in his arms like it's a scene straight out of the Notebook. He pulls away just enough to be able to look into her eyes. The dark days are over. He's no longer away from home. He can be with the X-Men again. \<br\>\<br\> He can be with his future wife. \<br\>\<br\> "Yeah...hit a hiccup in the mission. Evidently, people get upset when you break some of their shit." Scott snickers a little bit, meeting the green of her eyes. "I pissed off the wrong person...and with the storm, it added some delays. It was worse farther north, had to avoid some tornadic weather that had touched down." \<br\>\<br\> He stays on her eyes. A smile slowly forms on his features. \<br\>\<br\> "God, I love you." \<br\>\<br\> He leans in then, fully intending to kiss her with all of the passion he can muster, with all of the romantic tension that he's suffered from for weeks. He wasn't worrying her anymore. He wasn't worried that Jean was safe and okay anymore. \<br\>\<br\> It was just them.
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey seems slightly worried at first, but shrugs it off with a light chuckle and shrug, giving his shoulders a little squeeze. "Oh, Scott..You are such a trouble maker, and here I thought Logan was the rebel.." she laughs and winks at him, reaching up to gently caress his cheek, wiping away the rain from his face as much as she can - a fruitless task perhaps but..\<br\>\<br\>"You know, these missions apart never get easier, I just hope I can have you for a bit longer before the next one..Or better yet I'll come with you. Afterall, I.."\<br\>\<br\>And then he leans in and she smiles, closing her eyes. "Oh Scott, I love you too..Always.." her eyes flutter closed, pressing a gentle hungry kiss against his lips..Yes, she's missed this a lot..
Cyclops has posed:\<br\>"Don't know how much a trouble maker I can be...but some people need a really good kick in the ass sometimes." Scott smiles warmly at Jean, squeezing her waist as they hold each other. "Logan hasn't given you any trouble while I was away? How are the kids doing?" Not their kids, of course, but the Institute Kids. Especially the ones who've been going through a rough time. \<br\>\<br\> He's been busy...but he hasn't forgotten. \<br\>\<br\> "Never, ever easier." Scott remarks, his eyes lowering. "But I'm always coming home. And God help me, I'm taking you with me next time. I missed you like crazy...and the forced radio-silence didn't help things." \<br\>\<br\> Though she's leaning in and closing her eyes, and their lips finally meet. "Always..." He mutters as their lips brush each other. A gentle, hungry kiss enjoyed between the pair in the rain. She can feel the tug on her shirt. \<br\>\<br\> Yeah...he's missed this too. \<br\>\<br\> He didn't even care they were in the rain. To him, it's Ororo happy to see him too, from elsewhere.
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey chuckles, "To be honest, Logan has been behaving himself more or less..Still find his and Rogue's blossoming romance a bit unexpected but they both seem happy together.." mention of the kids causes her pause, smile fading a touch. "Eh..Let's talk about it another time! hmm? I don't want to ruin the moment but they're mostly fine.."\<br\>\<br\>She smiles, wrapping her arms around the back of his neck, stroking his hair as she takes a look at him, perhaps eyeing him for obvious signs of injury. Oh, how she missed him, and he can feel just how much in that shared mind link of theirs.\<br\>\<br\>"Come on, let's get out of all this rain and into the warmth.,Got a fireplace going, dinner should be ready soon and I'd really like to get you out of those sopping wet clothes!" she winks at him playfully as she takes his hand and gently tugs him towards their shared cottage.