15359/One Psychic to Another

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One Psychic to Another
Date of Scene: 19 July 2023
Location: Teacher's Lounge, Second Floor, Xavier's School
Synopsis: Jean catches up with Betsy but is interrupted..
Cast of Characters: Phoenix, Psylocke, Cyclops

Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Just another busy school day at the mansion, which finds Jean Grey working like crazy to finish marking test papers in time for tomorrow, and probably silently cursing herself for making the test as long as she did.\<br\>\<br\>Good thing she's got a strong cup of coffee at her side as she tries to power through on sheer caffeine throughout the evening. Oh yeah, there's a bit box of tasty, sugary donuts on the table as well. Which are mostly untouched. For now..
Psylocke has posed:\<br\>It's never the whisper of Betsy's mind -- always carefully shielded from other psychics -- but the tap of her heels that signals the tall model's approach. The two extra inches of her heels adds both a sway to her step and a height that some find daunting -- both bonuses in the woman's opinion.\<br\>\<br\>She's been in and out of the mansion in the last few days, arrangements made for her to pick up some classes with some of the more martially inclined children, but nothing started yet. In fact, it's Betsy's first time back in the teacher's lounge in literal years.\<br\>\<br\>"I'm pretty sure this poster was here two years ago," the purple-haired telepath notes with an amused look, as she glances at a 'SIGN UP NOW FOR THE CHARITY DRIVE' poster on the wall. Her heels carry her towards the pot of coffee, lifting it, breathing in, and apparently deciding better as she returns it to its base. \<br\>\<br\>Apparently she'd rather go without.\<br\>\<br\>"How are you, Jean?" Betsy asks as she walks over, one hand resting on a chair of the table the red-headed woman's claimed.
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey is often taken by surprise by the Ninja-Psychic, so it's a good thing that she signals her arrival with those clicky heels, because lately Jean has been very jumpy. for some reason.\<br\>\<br\>She had been trying to avoid the sugary treats full of empty calories and not much else but screw it, she's late for dinner and they look waay tooo tasty..Still staring at one of her papers, she reaches out a hand for the donut box, but stops as Betsy greets her, and sighs, stretching.\<br\>\<br\>"Hmm, been better. Think I should have made this test longer, but I'm glad to see you. How have you been settling in since your return?"
Psylocke has posed:\<br\>The downward tick of violet eyes, and back up, suggest that Betsy's well aware of Jean's temptation. One doesn't have to be telepath to be, but there's absolutely nothing in Betsy's expression, not even the slightest understanding smile, to suggest she noticed.\<br\>\<br\>Everyone has bad days. Betsy knows this better than anyone.\<br\>\<br\>"This is why I make all my tests physical, rather than written. Much easier to grade," the woman says with a warm laugh. Betsy at her most natural, at her most /Betsy/ is impossible not to like. Not so much for the other half of personality, but she seems to have it in check for now. \<br\>\<br\>"Oh, quite well, thank you. I'll be picking up classes come next week; Warren's careful protection of my room means that literally nothing was touched, and I must thank him for that later. And I had a conversation with Scott, so you can rest assured all is well there." She's still standing, plainly not planning to interrupt Jean's work.
Cyclops has posed:\<br\>Much like how Betsy's heels announced her when she was stepping near, Scott Summer's boot-heels are bumping off of the floor as his shades glint with red light when the natural light of the room meets it. He has a set of keys wrapped around a finger by teh keyring, black jeans worn over the legs and a red shirt on his chest. Over that as an additional layer is a black biker jacket with an indented 'X' on the back of it. \<br\>\<br\> When he arrives into the Teacher's Lounge proper, he seems to pause. \<br\>\<br\> Betsy and Jean in the /same room/? \<br\>\<br\> ...is it the end of the world? Probably. But at least it'll be entertaining. He looks at Betsy direct. "What's this I hear about you picking up classes?" He chuckles. "Probably for the best. Couldn't think of better to teach the kids how to fight." He moves past her then with a smile on his face, leaning over to give Jean a kiss on the top of her head. "Hey Jean." \<br\>\<br\> He looks at her paper. \<br\>\<br\> "...it might be wise to make more brief tests..."
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey smirks at Betsy and shrugs, "Physical tests work better for some subjects than others.." she says simply, but at least she's almost finished her test marking, relenting as she reaches for the donut and bites into it with a tired sigh.\<br\>\<br\>"But you're right, they ARE much easier to grade.." she peers at the last test in front of her. "But I figured I could pull some psychological mojo on them, try and get in their heads..I'm still trying to figure out this whole..Hostile alien takeover of my kids, and I didn't care for the cryptic warning of those three." oh that's right, she didn't update Betsy and Warren on 'those three' yet. Heck, even Scott was away for the majority of the hell that went down here a couple weeks ago.\<br\>\<br\>And speak of the devil..When Scott makes his appearance and steps close, Jean smiles and relaxes, leaning into him, "Hey, sweetheart, did I keep you waiting too long? just needed to finish marking some last minute tests.."
Psylocke has posed:\<br\>"You shouldn't be surprised, Scott. You know I like any old excuse to punish people for their mistakes," Betsy's smile is bright as she glances towards Scott. If she catches the tail end of his pause and reaction, it doesn't show in the model's easy demeanor. "And Kwannon especially enjoys it." Her smile widens. A little less warm, a little more predatory. \<br\>\<br\>Betsy's classes are near impossible to ace.\<br\>\<br\>"I figured I should remind people I exist. And that /approaching thirty/ does not mean dead." That might be a sore point. \<br\>\<br\>Her smile only brightens at Jean's observation that such tests don't work for every subject. "Unfortunate." But there's a reason she didn't sign up to teach such things. "You will need to bring me up to speed on this alien takeover thing. It doesn't sound pleasant. But not, it seems tonight. Is it date night for you two?" she watches them interact with a ready, pleasant smile of interest.
Cyclops has posed:\<br\>Speak the Devil's name and he shall supposedly appear, as the saying goes. \<br\>\<br\> Yet, he seems happy to lean against his fiance and hold her for a moment in a hug. "Only a little bit. I figured he had gotten carried away so I did some tune-ups." He remarks softly, his attention shifting to Jean a bit more directly. "Your tests have always been...thorough." Of course, it's a little bit ironic that Scott says these things, when his danger room sessions are the stuff of legends and workaholics. \<br\>\<br\> Even still, his attention shifts to Psylocke. "Hmm." He remarks to her with a bit of a chuckle. "I figured." Regarding Kwannon. He always hopes to never meet that one in length. Yet, all the same, he hums softly as the women talk to one another. \<br\>\<br\> "The alien takeover is remarkably disturbing." He remarks softly. Yet even still, he stands in relative silence until it is decided that they will discuss that topic another time. \<br\>\<br\> "Yeah. I promised this one dinner and a show." He nudges Jean playfully. "But, she reminds me that we still have to be responsible even in our 'off hours'."
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey smiles softly at Betsy, studying her thoughtfully. "Hmm, that's all well and good, but this is no battleground, these are students. Kids. Don't forget that. Learning shouldn't be brutal or a chore, and not all of them are going to be Xmen. But being prepared by one of the best fighters we have is always good too."\<br\>\<br\>As for date night, she just smiles and shrugs, putting away the rest of her test papers. She usually doesn't grade tests now that she is Deputy Head Mistress, but there are still some vacancies that require her to do double time.\<br\>\<br\>"Oh, that's right! We were supposed to go on a date..I guess I got buried in my work again.." she sighs, "Sorry about that, hun, think we could have a late night date instead?" As for aliens..Well, she did need to talk to Betsy about that but..Now she's all distracted and all work and no play is..Well, not good for her health. Especially these days..
Psylocke has posed:\<br\>"Your off-hours are your off-hours for a reason. And I would wager, even just from the little I've seen, that Jean's become even more of a workaholic in the last two years." Betsy's violet gaze shifts to Jean, non judgemental but anticipating a challenge on that, if the lift of her perfectly sculpted eyebrow is anything to go by. "So anything you can do to take a break is an excellent choice as far as I'm concerned."\<br\>\<br\>It's very easy to give good advice. Less so to follow it. Fortunately the pair haven't interacted enough with the newly returned Betsy to be able to call her on her hypocritical call out. The small tells are carefully managed, for now.\<br\>\<br\>There's a subtlety in the way Betsy regards Jean Gray at her reminder. Something cooler in her expression, too. "The intent of the school is to train the kids in their abilities, but also to prepare them for the real world. While this may not be a battleground, that isn't true of mutants who cannot hide, out there-" a tilt of her head towards the land behind the grounds of the school. "I intend to prepare them rather than leave them underskilled to defend themselves."\<br\>\<br\>An easier expression brings a smile back to Betsy's lips as she watches the two, with no idea about Jean's original intentions. "I don't need to be a telepath to read that subtext. I shall leave you two to it," she says, her hand dropping from the back of the chair. "Do enjoy your evening."
Cyclops has posed:\<br\>"Never underestimate the power of knowing how to defend yourself." \<br\>\<br\> Scott remarks to Jean softly, though he turns his gaze to Betsy, a chuckle touching his features. "That's my effect: I turn people into workaholics. Though I feel as though I've become more...strangely relaxed, since being with Jean. I feel as though she's been helping me as much as I've been helping her." He chuckles, but they both work WAY too hard, and much too long. \<br\>\<br\> A date night is absolutely what's in the cards. As Jean packs up the papers, Scott nods. "Late date night works for me. I can drive you home and we can put on a movie or something? Or find a dinner place that's open late enough." He offers, his attention shifts to Psylocke then as she starts to leave. "You as well, Betsy. Stay safe out there." \<br\>\<br\> And then...there were two. "Shall we?" He offers his arm to Jean, with every intention of taking her out on that date.
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey chuckles at Betsy and Scott's more hardedge attitude to life. "Oh, it's not that I'm opposed to preparing our kids for the real world..I suppose I just prefer a gentler approach." she smiles, "But I understand.." she yawns and rubs her eyes, climbing to her feet, pushing the test papers away and finishing the rest of the donut.\<br\>\<br\>Smiling at Scott, she picks up her work, shoving it in her bag and slings it over her shoulder before reaching for her arm, "Well then..Shall we?" nodding to Betsy she grimaces. "I'm sorry to leave you hanging Betsy..We will definitely catch up on the business side of things..Next time."