15367/Two Mutants, Cash Money!

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Two Mutants, Cash Money!
Date of Scene: 21 July 2023
Location: The Luxor, Vegas
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Wolverine, Jubilee

Wolverine has posed:
The two mutants pull up to the Luxor, finally! They took a rental SUV to the Casino. The drive is long and a borderline pain. Still, it's a relief to finally be there. Logan looks at Jubilee, "I got us each a room. Nearly across the hall from each other. Stay close n' don't lose yer money all at once. Dress nice after ya shower n' anything else ya need to do," he looks back to her. "Any questions?" Logan asks as they pull up the vehicle for valet parking. At least Logan is paying for almost everything. The actual gambling Jubilee may need to use her own cash for.

It's just a spontaneous outing with one of his former proteges. Basically a bonding experience for them, and maybe a life lesson for one of them. Logan will linger for answers before slipping out of the vehicle. He'll wait for Jubilee to flank him before going to the front desk. "Logan. Two rooms. Already reserved," and Logan will pay with a credit card. Two key are handed to Logan, "a copy of each please," he adds. Logan will mix them up. A set is then handed to Jubilee. They have rooms 1808 and 1809.

He'll make sure Jubilee follows him into the elevator. The pair go up and the doors open with a "Ding!" when they finally make it.

"Pick one," and Logan will wait for her to snag one. He'll take the other. They're viritually identical. Each room have white walls with a lenticular ceiling that looks to have a black border before revealing more white paint. One backwall is black with a gray headboard on a queen sized bead. One of the other walls is a series of giant windows. Black carpet with dark grey designs sprawl out. They're both about the size of a decent hotel room. Nothing super extravagant, but something far from the size of a closet.
Jubilee has posed:
Jubilee enjoys the ride, cranking up the bops, although she tries not to do it too loud just because of Logan's poor sensitive ears. They also maybe don't have exactly the same taste in music - her techno-pop dance electronica trip-hop vs. his rock country old man sensibilities.

She wore shorts, a tank top with a picture of Taylor Swift's face on it and a sports bra underneath for the trip, her sunglasses pushed up onto her head, popping bubblegum most of the ride.

"I'm not gonna lose, I told ya, I'm on a lucky streak, everything's going my way. Don't stress none, you might start getting grey hairs finally."

Once they get inside, she picks her room and, after the required bounce on the bed and some minimal unpacking, grabs a shower and changes. When she knocks on Logan's door an hour later, she's wearing a rather stylish yellow dress with a short, flouncy skirt and some sparkly beading on the body. She has chunky red high heels and dangly half-moon earrings. Her make-up is freshly applied, her lips as red as those shoes. She puts her hands on her hips.

"Let's get our gamble on."
Wolverine has posed:
Logan would nod his head to -some- of that music. However, he doesn't do it much. He moves to shower before doing much of anything. Like her, e only unpacks minimally. Then he slips on what he's wearing. A tuxedo that's white with a black bowtie, simple button up shirt, as white as the coat and a pair of black slacks. Tucked into a pocket is a red pocket square, a simple accent. All of it old school class.

Moving to the door when she knocks, Logan looks at her. The hair is slicked back and he tied it back. Sky blue eyes looking toward her, "Ya look good. Loud, but good," and he will gesture for her to lead. "So what game is yer poison?" he's generally curious on this one.
Jubilee has posed:
Jubilee grins and leans in to kiss him on the cheek, then quickly wipes away the little lipstick mark she left. "Haven't seen you wearing one of those in a while. Brings back Madripoor memories," she says. Her own hair is slicked back, her black hair cut short these days. Her sunglasses are pushed up atop her forehead and she has a lanyard attached so she can hang them from her neck if she likes, too.

"You know me, I'm not good at quiet. I like to pop," she says. They make their way down to the floor and she ponders, tapping a black-painted nail against her bottom lip, "Uhhhhhhhhhhh...well, I do like slot machines, but I know they're a rip off and you'll complain about them being a rip off so we'll skip it, even though the old ladies who hang out at them are always super sweet and adorable. Blackjack?" she says.
Wolverine has posed:
"I know. Memories, right?" Logan has worn this tux elsewhere, but Jubilee wasn't at those events. Still, those times reminded him of Madripoor, too. It nearly always does. Sky blue eyes look back toward her as they get into the elevator. "As long as ya sit before me. I don't play fer the table," sometimes Black Jack is the table against the dealer. Logan plays it as himself against the dealer and will take risks that may screw over the rest of the table. He doesn't care because that's HIS money. And so, Logan will encourage guests to go before him when it comes to blackjack. "Unless ya wanna waste yer time at the slots," he says knowing she likes them.
Jubilee has posed:
Jubilee grins, "Nah, let's blackjack it up. You ever see that Looney Tunes one in the old west where he plays it, and he gets the 21 card to win? Dani's gotta pull that sometime at a casino just to watch the freak out," she giggles.

Soon enough, they're at the table and Jubes plays pretty well - she takes risks, but not as many as you'd expect. Maybe she's grown up a little. She's certainly ordering enough adult beverages. The one she has looks to be a half-gallon of Long Island Iced Tea, which she merrily sips whenever she folds and other people stay in.

"I wonder if Jennifer Tilly is playing poker upstairs?" she idly wonders.
Wolverine has posed:
"Tell it to me," Logan doesn't remember this one. Yeah, he's seen a couple, but they blur together for him. Ocean blue eyes look back to Jubilee for a moment.

"Go easy on the drinks. I don't wanna carry ya to yer room," he says honestly as he knows that she is throwing some caution to the wind.

Their latest hand goes like this, a ten and two for him. A jack and four for her. Logan will take a hit. Next is a five and he'll stand.
Jubilee has posed:
Jubilee sighs and drums her nails on the table, "No way that gets me anything. Gotta take a hit," she says.

She looks over at Logan as he stays at seventeen, "Ooooh, that's tough. High enough you can't hit, low enough you'll probably lose," she says. The dealer looks nonplussed at her narration but Jubilee just sticks her tongue out at him.

"Well, it's a Western one with Bugs Bunny and it's this one bad guy, they never had him before in any, he's like an evil french cowboy named Black Jack something french. Crap, now I can't remember most of it, but it's Bugs Bunny, so of course he makes the other guy look like a doofus. Probably one of my first heroes, ol' Bugs. I aspire to his level of mayhem," she says.

She gets a jack and busts. "Shit. Okay, that's it, this guy's killin' my luck with his bad vibes, gotta move on," she says. She does still tip the dealer, though. She's not a monster.
Wolverine has posed:
Logan looks at Jubilee, "Gotta work on yer dress n' mallet game," he teases, but the words come off as serious. He's just pointing out that some of the cartoons with bugs that can be remembred involved violence or trickery in a dress.

Logan plays three more hands. He busts with a twenty three. Stands, and wins at a twenty. A pair of queens also takes him to victory. By now he has a healthy stack of chips. He bets it all with a nineteen and the dealer is force to stand at seventeen. With these winnings he excuses himself to see what kind of mayhem the wasckely wisecracker has gotten herself up to.
Jubilee has posed:
Jubilee is at the roulette wheel, which is, of course, a terrible idea because it's maybe the worst odds in the whole place, unless you just bet on something super simple like black or red. Which she did the first round and doubled her bet, but since then she's lost it back down to her original stake.

Despite that, several older men have been asking her to blow on their dice for good luck, which was cute at first but is now starting to feel a little like harassment. And yes, Logan is technically older than all of these guys, but it's not the same thing by any stretch of the imagination. One guy had liver spots and his skin was stretch so thin on his bald head she could see his veins.

Then he tries to put his hand on her butt and Jubilee catches his wrist, "You put your hand under my skirt and I swear I will cook you like an egg, old man."
Wolverine has posed:
Logan sees something is going on and then he starts to move. "What are ya doin' to my woman, old man!" Logan understands the irony on this statement as Logan's probably older by far.

He's there at Jubilee's side, a hand goes to her shoulder. "Listen guy, I barely made the cut n' it took a lotta sweet talkin' to even convince her fer a date. Don't think ya got a chance if I barely made it in the door," he grunts and levels his eyes looking angry. Logan will take her hand, "Let's get ya to a game wit' less perverts," and he tries to guide Jubilee anywhere. else. He thinks this outburst is better than the impending one that may get them both kicked out because she used her powers.
Jubilee has posed:
Jubilee plays into the ruse and leans into Logan, "Yeah, you watch your hands, pervo. I already have an old man!" she says, leaning up and kissing Logan on the cheek again.

Once they're clear of the table, she can't help but laugh, "I think roulette might be a game for lonely dudes looking to score," she says. "You think you're done gambling? Wanna get to bite to eat or find somewhere else fun to go? I'm up for whatever, the night is young, but I feel like I'll be broke in about an hour if we stay any longer..."
Wolverine has posed:
Logan just walks wth her toward another part of the Casino. "While my luck improved when ya left the table. Don't need to gamble could use a bite n' whatever else yer thinkin'." He pauses a moment and holds up three fingers. "How many am I holdin' up?" he's making sure she didn't have too many drinks.
Jubilee has posed:
Jubilee playfully snaps her teeth at the fingers, "Not so wasted that I can't see you have three fingers. I've come a long way since I used to sneak beers out of your cooler, old man," she says, playfully poking him in the chest with her index finger.

"Let's go see if we can find one of those famous Vegas buffets around here. I'll fill up a plate with something big and starchy to soak up some of the booze so you don't worry too much. Also: hey, I'm a big girl. I've been drunk plenty of times, mister," she says, "I'm not a kid anymore."
Wolverine has posed:
"Some people can't handle their liquor. Ain't that yer not old enough. Been at that school long enough ya see who are heavyweights and a lotta people think their heavyweights when they ain't. Wasn't sure where ya landed," Logan says honestly as he moves with her and then she starts to move toward the buffet.

"Didn't think ya haven't been drunk before, wasn't surre -how- drunk ya mighta been," he says honestlya s he looks toward her. The ocean blue eyes rested on her as he is moving with her in the buffet.
Jubilee has posed:
Jubilee loads up her plate: fried chicken, salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, a couple of barbecue ribs, fried mushrooms, a large slice of cheesecake, a piece of chocolate cake, a side salad, a fruit cup...

She eats a few bites before she answers, waiting for him to sit down across from her. She gives him an affectionate half-smile, "I know. I'm sorry, I don't mean to be bratty. I know you're just looking out for me. It's just hard sometimes, working at the place where you were a kid, around people you've known since you were one. You feel kind of trapped in the image they have of you. But it wasn't fair of me to assume that's what you were doing," she says. "I know you just want to protect me. You always have. I'd probably be dead if it wasn't for you. I don't know if I ever thanked you for that. Cause you didn't have to help me. All I brought back then was more trouble," she says.
Wolverine has posed:
Logan grabs a piece of chcken, some ribs, fries and a few other thiings. Ocean blue eyes swarm the offerings before he grabs a bit more. And he does sit across from her. "When I see ya, I don't see a kid. Ya ain't trapped in that image," and Logan gives her a nod. "I will always try to protect ya, but I won't see ya as a kid along the way. Just makin' sure yer not over ya head, like the first night we met. "I didn't know anythin' back then. Just saw someone in over their head. Making sure that doesn't happen again. Ever. -That- I'll always make sure of," Logan says honestly on that one. It's just his way of saying he would always ahve her back, no matter how much time has passed, too.
Jubilee has posed:
Jubilee smiles, "I appreciate it. I really do. I know I'm a clown and I act like a goof most of the time - somebody has to, with all the bad shit that keeps happening to us. To our kind, I guess," she sighs.

"I'm not going to think about that tonight. I'm going to think about eating these ribs and then the rest of this food and then, when I'm able to move again, we'll figure out what we wanna do with the rest of our night, huh?"
Wolverine has posed:
"Ya ain't a clown. Might dress like one sometimes," Logan jokes and he looks at her for a moment. "I like ya when yer a goof. It reminds us to be people. To not be so erious, we need that sometimes," he starts to work on on the chicken. "What are ya thinkin'. The place has anythin' someone could want. And I got a decent chunk of chains," he says looking back toward her curiously. His gaze rests on the raven haired woman as he waits for her to think.