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One Mind to Another
Date of Scene: 23 July 2023
Location: Wellness Office - Xavier's School
Synopsis: Betsy and Jean probe the mind of another student being controlled by aliens. An epic battle ensues on the astral plane.
Cast of Characters: Phoenix, Psylocke, Archangel, Wolverine

Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Early evening finds Jean peering over the sleeping form of a young, mostly mute mutant girl with the power over water. Not a very powerful mutant although with unusual eruption of powers at only 8 years of age, after a particularly dangerous surge of powers at a lakeside birthday party endangered the lives of fellow students, Jean is now doubly concerned about the implications.\<br\>\<br\>Given recent events involving aliens and possessions, she decided to call Betsy in for backup. With any luck, she will be available to assist in a little psychic probing this evening..And so she waits patiently by the sleeping girl's side, hoping for the best.
Psylocke has posed:\<br\>Other than their visit the other day, Betsy has been absent from the school. Given that she's not picking up classes until next week, this is probably not a surprise. Also probably not a surprise: that she's absented herself from New York altogether, sneaking out on a private plane to who-knows-where.\<br\>\<br\>The call from Jean comes in as she's landing at LaGuardia. With a sigh, she bids farewell to her companion, and gets a car to take her out to Salem. Normally she'd drive herself, but after a fourteen hour flight, even with the luxuries of a private plane, she's tired. \<br\>\<br\>The tap of Betsy's heels announces her arrival, as usual. She's wearing long, loose beige pants -- a little too cool for the New York weather, perhaps -- a white blouse, and a styled purple jacket. Also, strung over her body with a strap, hanging against her back, is what looks to be a katana, the hilt elaborately designed. Not a thing to be walking around with in public, but then, Betsy can be sure no one she doesn't want to see sees it.\<br\>\<br\>"Jean?" is asked by the purple-haired telepath as she steps into the door. Despite her exhaustion, her elegant manner is undiminished, pausing to take stock of the girl and the woman both.
Archangel has posed:\<br\>In a bid to be as subtle and under the radar as ever, Warren had elected to wear a tight fitting black button down shirt, the top few buttons left undone, exposing the 'v' between his shoulders and below his neck. Below that, he had on white shorts, which reached down to his knees, white ankle socks, and dark purple, almost blue, slip on loafers, with a white bottom.\<br\>\<br\>Oh, and that black shirt. Well, it had a large floral pattern of beige and white flower petals, turquoise stems, and a few smaller, assorted flowers nearby. Not really appropriate attire for someone who was sick, but he had heard about it while he was attending a fundraiser at the nearby golf course, and had made a strategic exit, just to see if there was anything he could do to help.\<br\>\<br\>He was no medic, his powers were to... well, have feathers and be able to fly. But he had the best super power of all. He was rich. He had a personal helicopter on standby. He had a private jet on standby. And he had supercars in the garage. It was a good power to have.\<br\>\<br\>Stepping in after Betsy, as if the man could sense when she was around, he added, "I had thought about making a grand entrance, but this will simply have to do. How can I help?"
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey sits in a chair next to the bed, dressed in a simple white tshirt and light blue jeans, shirt enough to show the leather sandals on her bare feet. It's a scorcher out there today, but thankfully there is ample air conditioning in the Medbay today.\<br\>\<br\>She knows Betsy just returned to the school a few days ago and is probably just settling in again, but..aWell desperate times and all that. She is quite unaware of how far she travelled to be here today, however.\<br\>\<br\>As the purple haired ninja steps in, she glances up at her and smiles, "Hello, Betsy, I am glad you could make it.." a nod is given to Warren, whose healing abilities may just come in handy or, failing that, his connections may be useful if things dint go down as planned this evening.\<br\>\<br\>"Warren, good to see you again.." his rather Hawaiian attire is given the slightest arch of the brow, smiling faintly, "Oh dear, I hope I didn't drag you two away from something important.." she seems apologetic, but also concerned as she glances back towards the sleeping girl who may very well be drugged to some extent after a powerful outburst of mutant powers that she seemed to almost enjoy employing against her fellow students - powers that nearly caused great harm were it not for the quick thinking of Logan..
Psylocke has posed:\<br\>Almost like Betsy senses him -- which, given her abilities, she probably did -- Betsy glances over her shoulder as Warren's entering, her smile towards him welcoming, only a little of her exhaustion apparent in the tick of her violet eyes over his attire with amusement. "Warren," she greets him, before turning her gaze back to Jean, stepping further into the room along side the other telepath, fingers touching Jean's shoulder lightly.\<br\>\<br\>"No. I was already on my way back to the city. I came here instead of home. I figured you wouldn't call if it weren't important," Betsy answers Jean with a reassuring smile. Her gaze roves over the girl, with visible interest, but she doesn't reach mentally out to the girl yet. Clearly something's at play.\<br\>\<br\>"What's happened to her? Is this the problem you mentioned the other day?"
Archangel has posed:\<br\>Donating blood wasn't on the level of a surgical procedure, but there were still risks. He had O Negative blood, which made him the 'universal blood donor'. There were some marked advantages to having this blood type. He had a far lower risk of developing blood clots, suffering heart attacks, and it was part of his mutant condition that he could heal his own injuries quickly... not as quickly as some, but quicker than would otherwise be normal.\<br\>\<br\>Still, donating blood took it out of someone, and the more they gave, the harder it was on their system. There were also risks for the receiver, as too much O Negative blood could create a dependency. Not to mention, sometimes people received his blood and it had no effect. Mutant powers were far from an exact science.\<br\>\<br\>"The pleasure is all mind, and far more important to them than it was to me," he offered, diplomatically, to Jean. And then, slightly warmer in tone, "Betsy," which was accompanied by a smile and a reassuring hand on her shoulder, as he picked up on the exhaustion that she was hiding so well to most. He knew better.\<br\>\<br\>With practiced charm, so practiced that it had become second nature to him, he chimed in, "oh, she only calls you when it's important? I need to get on that plan. What was the last time, you saw a spider in the kitchen?" Only Warren could refer to seeing a six foot spider in the kitchen in such a blase way.\<br\>\<br\>And then, softly, he asked again, using the exact same words, "how can I help?"
Wolverine has posed:\<br\> Logan raises a brow toward Betsy as he walks into the room. He says nothing, just an expression toward a previous conversation they had. \<br\> "There's a telepath or psychic entity hurtin' kids. What 'Red ain't tellin' anyone is if she is holdin' the thin at bay from others or from hittin' her. Seen enough to say either's possible," he's sick of getting the brush off from Jean. And it's nice to actually have a friendly psychic listen to him on this matter. Before Bety showed up, the other option was Emma. \<br\>\<br\> While Logan and Emma have some form of alliance, it doesn't extend this far. Or it could, favors would be involved. This is a more welcoming alternative. Also, Jean has a bad habit of downplaying situations. So, Logan's going to be bluntly upfront.
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey smiles faintly at the two of them, shaking her head. "I wish I were inviting you over for a social call, but I'm afraid I am running out of time.." she gives the sleeping girl,a gentle squeeze on the hand. "She has been given a mild sedative. Nurse Greta didn't want to scare her but she was getting a bit out of control, like the others.."\<br\>\<br\>She pauses for several minutes, waiting for the two of them to get settled in, before continuing, "Thank you for coming as quickly as you did, and you are right, I would not call you if it were not important. This is the fourth student so far that has been acting erratically, whose powers suddenly inexplicably surged and yet who showed an incredible amount of control over her powers.."\<br\>\<br\>She glances down at the little blonde sleeping girl, "This is Elsa, she's only 8 but her abilities emerged quite early. At first her powers were very mild, water manipulation of very small amounts of water like a glass or a small bucket. That's all. A couple of weeks ago we held a birthday for Jubilee..And, it was as if she was possessed, like the other three who are now in the brig..Out of nowhere her power levels surged, shaping and manipulating the water in the Lake, creating small tidal waves, nearly dragging numerous kids into the depths.."\<br\>\<br\>She sighs, staring down at the girl, concern evident on her face. "With Logan's help we managed to subdue her, but..Once she awakens, I fear she will be like the others..Hostile, dangerous.."
Psylocke has posed:\<br\>Betsy's reaction to Warren's touch to her shoulder is complex; a kind of tightening of lips, like she's aware of what he notices, and reluctantly accepts that awareness. "She only calls me after hours when it's this important, Warren," the elegant model corrects, with a hint of a smile. \<br\>\<br\>A smile that fades a little as she spots Logan's expression. "Logan," she greets, though no less warmly. That changes when he reveals what he knows, and her violet gaze turns to Jean, with a frown. "Jean?" she requests. It's non-verbal, that ask. /Let me in, let me see./ \<br\>\<br\>"There's no water here. Or," Betsy glances around the room. "We can take all the water out of the immediate area. That should negate the strength of her abilities. Have you been able to determine the source?"
Archangel has posed:\<br\>Seeing the young girl, calmly sleeping on the bed, it was hard to imagine that she was suffering. She looked so peaceful. But that was what he could see. Jean and Betsy? They probably saw the turmoil of her dreams, her thoughts, or just, he memories. So little of what we are is on the surface. And this girl was no different.\<br\>\<br\>Listening to Jean's recount of Elsa's fate, and those similarly afflicted. "Have you found a common thread between the four? Any ideas on the cause?" It was extremely rare for a mutant to become active before puberty, but it did happen.\<br\>\<br\>He nodded his head at Logan, as he joined, "Logan," his tone friendly and polite. He didn't see the tightening of Betsy's lips, as he was standing behind and to the side of her. He gave her shoulder a gentle rub, just his thumb, subtly, before dropping it as she moved to check the room for sources of water.\<br\>\<br\>"Uh, one problem with that, Betsy," he held up one hand, gesturing with his fingers, thumb or two fingers, to each of them, "we're sixty percent water."
Wolverine has posed:\<br\> "Waren." Logan says in greeting, but then he counters Warren's counter to Betsy. "Kid's like Pyro. Can't make the water, but can control it. Unless someone's bleedin' or cryin' they can't make the water. Put her in a kiddy pool n' there's gonna be issues untils he runs outta water," Logan says remembering this particular mutant. \<br\>\<br\> "It's less about the kid and more about the person doin' the damage. This is the fourth kid, minimum, I've seen. This ain't isolated," he says showing his worries. That this child may not be the threat. That could be someone else on the grounds.
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey nods slowly to Betsy, and it is clear in the determination in her eyes that she has a plan, and that she has tried many things already. Many people have commented that she looks tired lately, not only that but..Unwell. Probably numerous rumours of her strange migraines lately too. "I tried probing the minds of the others in this condition..I faced fierce backlash by..Numerous alien minds. Presumably some sort of hive like mind." she frowns.\<br\>\<br\>"That is why I requested your presence, I do not believe I can trust Emma, but I do think with the help of another psychic we can overcome whatever powerful shielding is protecting them from us, but we must proceed carefully.."\<br\>\<br\>Finally she notices Logan, smiling faintly at him. "Logan, so nice of you to join us..I may need your brute strength and healing, both of you, plus your counselling skills, Warren. You are correct, she may draw upon the water in our own bodies, which may prove dangerous, but we are running out of options..Think you can calm her down?"
Psylocke has posed:\<br\>"Given it's not everyone, all at once, this could be triggered by contact with something -- or someone," Betsy speculates. "It could even be another mutant, triggering them, unknowingly... or otherwise." \<br\>\<br\>The woman finds some bottles of water, and takes them out of the room, returning moments later as Warren's issuing his warning. "That is a problem, but if she didn't do it before-" a glance towards Logan, to confirm, "-let's hope she hasn't advanced her skillset in the interim."\<br\>\<br\>That Jean refuses her unspoken request to let her in is met with a frown that only deepens when Betsy hears what Jean sensed. "I am not precisely known for care, Jean," Betsy reminds with the faintest of smiles. "But force, that I can provide." Despite the danger, she doesn't seem alarmed, the elegant woman merely pulls a seat over to settle next to Jean, so she can be in contact with both the other telepath and the patient.\<br\>\<br\>"If she starts to take the water out of our bodies, you can fly her out of her Warren -- get her to water. That would hopefully redirect her energies. But only if it gets bad," Betsy concludes. "We can take a lot." Though she's speaking on behalf of Jean as much as herself, the woman is utterly confident. With an exhale of breath. "You lead, Jean," she directs. "You're familiar with the entity." And then she reaches out to make contact with Jean and the girl both, hands resting lightly in contact.
Archangel has posed:\<br\>\Warren did his best to hide his reaction. He knew that fire was a chemical reaction, while water was a compound. So he wasn't quite sure why the girl's powers would be limited like Pyro's. That compound existed within a human body, accessible through pores. Sometimes it was a good thing that most mutants lacked the education to properly understand their own powers. He had even heard of one speedster who seemed to think that his calorie intact directly correlated with his energy output.\<br\>\<br\>Listening to Jean's plan, he kept his mouth shut until the end. "There are no guarantees, but I can try." He had no idea what he would be facing. Some people dealt with stress well, while others poorly, and he didn't know anything about this girl. But he would try.\<br\>\<br\>Catching sight of the frown on Betsy, even if it was quickly covered by the faintest of smiles, was noted, but not commented upon. If either of the telepaths were paying attention to his surface thoughts, they would see that he was concerned about that, as well as something he was about to give voice to.\<br\>\<br\>"Elsa is only eight years old. She's been sedated. And she will wake up to four people hovering over her, in as strange place, and without the benefit of her family or friends. If possible, I'd suggest that you psychically mask Logan and at least one of you, if possible." He left himself off the list, as he was supposed to try and speak with the girl under this plan.
Wolverine has posed:\<br\> Logan seen how Elsa worked.. To him she just operated like Pura. However, she is naturally skilled. However, pulling water frm someone's body seems to be some next tier powes that nto many people can do. Logan doesn't believe she could. \<br\>\<br\> Logan crossses his arms and waits to see waht is going to happen. Usually when they pooke the metaphorial bear, the people behind this show thsmelves. And so Logan's waiting for some kind of fireworks to go off.
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey nods to Betsy, "Let's hope so..And you're right, you're all about brute strength but I am afraid it will have to make do. Don't worry, I believe in you, and perhaps brute strength is exactly what we will need." \<br\>\<br\>She nods to Warren, "Thank you, both of you. I know it may seem a bit overkill, but I cannot take any chances. She was sedated a couple of hours ago..According to Nurse Greta, she should wake up pretty soon as it was not a very strong sedative, just enough to take the edge off. Still, she might be confused, angry..Be prepared for anything.."\<br\>\<br\>Looking back to Betsy she frowns softly, "Oh, it's definitely a silent alien takeover..The last three students that went missing were recovered in the mountains near an alien probe. Things kind of escalated from there. But enough talk.."\<br\>\<br\>She focuses on Betsy, linking her mind to hers. "I will go in first. I need you to back me up. Keep your senses peeled for foreign interference, keep us protected. I will be pretty vulnerable as I open my mind to her and the alien force inhabiting her mind. We just need to figure out where it is hiding and dispel it.."\<br\>\<br\>She glances at Logan and Warren, "And that is when I imagine there will be a backlash. Be on your guard, all of you." and without further ado, she closes her eyes, still clutching one of the girl's hands as she focuses on mind linking with Betsy before probing the girl's mind..
Psylocke has posed:\<br\>"If not," Betsy says with a smile to Jean, "We'll know soon enough." Whether brute strength is a positive or negative. It can go either way, and the woman is mentally prepared for it. She trusts her own abilities, and she knows better than anyone sometimes her particular brand of telepathy is a poor fit.\<br\>\<br\>"An alien probe?" repeats Betsy, startled. "Shouldn't we try and locate and isolate that, if that's the cause? Why are students still stumbling over it?" Still, a matter for later, perhaps. Her nod towards Warren agrees with his suggestion. I'll shield myself, and Logan. It's not far off what I do by default, anyway, and it won't take much focus." She settles comfortably in her seat, eyes closing.\<br\>\<br\>It's not that easy to link with Betsy's mind. By default, the English woman shields herself from other psychics, so she's an empty presence when Jean reaches out. It's only when Betsy allows her in, allows that connection, that it forms and Jean can feel the full brutal strength of Betsy's abilities, normally carefully shielded. It's a rush of power that will be required to be balanced before she proceeds. \<br\>\<br\>Psychically, Betsy 'appears' as her original body, and the confidence and surety she holds outwardly is reflected tenfold in her psychic presence. Given Jean is leading, there's not much for her to do except go along for the ride for now.
Archangel has posed:\<br\>Preparing for a girl who was going to be scared, frightened, alarmed, panicked, and quite possibly deadly? There wasn't a whole lot of preparing that Warren could do. Psychiatry wasn't an immediate thing. It was actions and reactions. It was listening. It was providing what was needed, with everyone having different needs. There was little that he could do to prepare. But he did pull up a chair, taking a seat beside the girl's bed, folding one leg over the other, and looking, well, relaxed. But Warren was always relaxed. Okay, he looked relaxed by Warren's own standards.
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey nods and frowns a bit at Betsy's reaction, "Cyclops blasted the thing to smithereens before it could infect anyone else..We took the three kids home and they seemed alright except for the youngest, who did not wake up from a deep sleep. I reached out to probe her mind and experienced strong backlash. I suspected that they might infect other students with..Whatever is possessing them, but it seemed that any time I was near those three I experienced debilitating migraines, leaving me quite helpless to intervene or search for anyone else who might have been infected."\<br\>\<br\>But enough talk, it's time for action and she closes her eyes, waiting for Betsy to let her link with her mind. It's not like they do this often, but it's probably not the first time either. Right now, Jean cannot make second guesses or hesitate. She must and will trust Betsy with her life..And once the two of them focus on the child's mind they will encounter a lot of resistance in the form of electric fences and numerous locked, steel doors. It will take some effort but together they will be able to peel the layers away, one by one..\<br\>\<br\>But what is this cold, hostile environment, suddenly shrouding them in darkness, so many alien voices reaching out towards them, not in curiosity but outright hostility, preventing them from going further as the silvery glowing forms slither ever closer to swarm them..Perhaps a bit of brute strength will come in handy now..\<br\>\<br\>Of course this is all happening in the astral plane, only visible to Jean and Betsy. But things are hardly calm on the surface. The girl twitches and moans, starting to stir, to cry out in fear and confusion. "Mm....H-help...Help!" she cries out, drifting between wake and sleep..Suddenly the air feels a bit drier, and the leaking tap in the nearby sink seems more...Leaky..\<br\>\<br\>That couldn't be a good sign..
Psylocke has posed:\<br\>If there is one thing Betsy is adept at, it's finding her way through locked things -- doors, minds, whatever -- her training in the Hand was specific and aimed at turning her into a weapon. It's pure coincidence that allows her to slice through doors, her psychic knife springing into being and shading them in glimmers of purple as she shears through the various psychic barriers put up towards them. \<br\>\<br\>And then there are those figures. Betsy does nothing, until they get close, despite the fact that she can sense them. Between one heartbeat and the next, a purple, shimmering shield springs into being around herself and Jean within the astral plane, and a second later Betsy gestures outwards. The purple rides out, like a wave, a psychic /shove/ intended to send those figures flying away from them. A mental version of the telekinetic push she often employs. \<br\>\<br\>None of this is without cost, of course. The psychic contact, even diffuse, allows a connection that lets her feel, immediately and presently, the hostility of the alien figures, and paired with the extraordinary wave of psychic energy she unleashes, the psychic knife in her hand flickers into darkness as she sways for a moment. She grits her teeth, to Jean: "Press on. I will keep them back." It's inevitable they will return, and when they do, it will be only to be met with another psychic wave from Psylocke. \<br\>\<br\>Out in the real world, Betsy's body sways, visibly, like she's starting to feel the effects of the girl's powers, combined with the effects of her own psychic efforts.
Archangel has posed:\<br\>Quietly, Warren whispered to Betsy, "remind me never to watch the Thing or Alien again." A thought continued . o O (Unless I have a ninja to protect me) though with his luck, it'd probably be a five foot turtle or someone who believed that a sai was a stabbing weapon. Come to think of it, they could be the same thing.\<br\>\<br\>When the festivities began, Warren was there, ready, waiting. He spoke softly to the girl, who was drifting in and out of consciousness, that it was all right, that she is safe here, and he would make repeated use of her own name, Elsa, in the hopes it would prove comforting. But reason wasn't possible yet. She'd have to be awake and alert for an actual conversation.\<br\>\<br\>He did note that Betsy had begun to sway, and diverted some of his attention to her, ready to catch her should she fall, since he was close to her. A silent nod to Logan, suggesting he be prepared to catch Jean, should a similar fate befall her.
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey nods to Betsy in the psychic plane, her methods more gentle, more focused as she scans the area, searching for the whimpering girl, locked behind layers of walls and fences and locks as Betsy disarms them with perhaps unsurprising efficiency. "Almost there.." she rests a reassuring hand on Betsy's shoulder before pressing through a clearing as she pushes them back.\<br\>\<br\>"Please hang in there, just a little longer!" and she rushes off, a few swarms of formless slithering silvery beings reaching out after her, snapping at her heels, trying to drag her back..Hopefully Betsy's attention is not too divided.\<br\>\<br\>Back in the physical world, Jean is also in a trance like state and hopefully Logan is indeed ready to catch her as well. The girl continues to shriek and sob, shaking uncontrollably as a battle for her mind, rages on within.."N-no! Please! Leave me alone! Help....Mommy!!!"she shrieks, blindly reaching out towards Warren, focused on him as he calls her name, reaching for his hand.\<br\>\<br\>The nearby tap bursts open, water gushing out now, and several glasses of water on some patient tables that had not been emptied suddenly explode, forming into bubbles that swirl around her head. "Don't let them get meeeeee!"
Psylocke has posed:\<br\>Jean needs to reach their destination. That's the refrain that beats in Betsy's head. Nothing else matters.\<br\>\<br\>As the silvery figures start to crowd Jean and try to reach for her, Betsy leaps among them, her purple knife flashing back into being. She moves like liquid grace itself, stabbing at each figure, and every time pouring a measure of psychic energy into the blow that gives it an extra blast. Very, very effective -- but also very draining.\<br\>\<br\>Several of them touch her, and she shudders, feeling the direct line of their hostility like a painful spike, but the ninja is resilient in mind, body and spirit. She battles the alien figures, keeping them from Jean's back to allow the red-head to reach the center of the girl's mind.
Archangel has posed:\<br\>There was some debate on whether or not to physically touch a patient, and no, Warren wasn't a psychiatrist. He was simply guidance counsellor. His Masters was in Business Administration, while his Bachelors was in Psychology. He had meant it as a means of learning what the other person was thinking, their strengths, weaknesses, motivations, fears, but it had so many other uses, and at the School, he used them for good, not evil.\<br\>\<br\>He took the girl's hand, since she sought it out, and uttered reassuring words, "it's all right Elsa, you're not alone. don't worry, you're safe, we're here, and we're helping you... no one's going to get you. No harm will come to you."\<br\>\<br\>He noted the pipes, and yes, he was calculating how much it was going to cost to repair. Sure, it was the Professor's dime, but he was a big contributor to the school. It was expensive running a school for the gifted.
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey knows that time is of the essence and so she quickens her pace, swimming through the darkened halls, a fiery golden aura of wings surrounding her body as she takes flight..The girl's psyche is here somewhere..But where? Jade eyes narrow as she sees one alien form separated from the rest and she dives within, pulling the girl's exhausted form out of it. <<Found you! Please, come with me, there isn't much time..>>\<br\>\<br\>Even as she speaks, pulling it away from the alien host, Jean is aware of the epic battle going on behind her, and of the weakened hold of the alien around the girl, allowing her to pull her free.<<Betsy, I have her! Let's go!>> she sends out a telekinetic wave, combining her fine control with Betsy's brute force to send the save reeling and falling back completely, hopefully enough for them to flee with the child in tow.\<br\>\<br\>Back in the physical world, the girl seems to calm visibly at his touch and his soothing voice, and the pipes and the bubbles in turn seem to calm down as well. For the most part anyway. Hopefully the sink doesn't flood the medbay although the nurse is already rushing to shut off the water valves. They'll worry about that later.\<br\>\<br\>For now at least it seems the immediate threat is over, but the real battle has yet to begin..
Psylocke has posed:\<br\>At first there's no acknowledgement from Betsy, caught up in the fight, the endlessness of it all. They never stop coming -- and coming back -- no matter how much she hurts them, how much energy she pours into them. It is a fight without end, useless, meaningless. A fight that a weaker mind would give up, give into.\<br\>\<br\>But Betsy's mind has been through crucible after crucible, and she is made of the hardest steel.\<br\>\<br\>Even as it seems like she's being overrun, being swallowed under a mass of silvery figures, purple lashes out, sending them flying, and the purple-haired woman stalks forward, soon thereafter joining Jean Gray and the girl, pacing them all the way at the rear, turning to fight when needed. \<br\>\<br\>By the time they manage to flee, it's going to be a relief that translates into the real world, her body slumping over, hopefully to be caught by Warren's waiting arms.
Archangel has posed:\<br\>Whatever was going on in the Astral Plane, subconscious, or whatever one wants to call it, was beyond Warren's understanding. He saw the ramifications of their efforts. The nurse got to the water, doing what she could to shut off the water at the source underneath, as the taps would need some repair work. He saw Elsa calm, and become more like herself, he would assume. He continued to sooth the girl, helping her, right up until the point that Betsy began to slump, and long before she hit the ground, she was gently caught by Warren. He had anticipated it, "there, there, Betsy, I got you."
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey is exhausted, but perhaps far less so than Betsy who was managing a one woman army against a swarm. Jean may not have seemed to be doing nearly as much work although she had in fact been probing the swarm for answers - answers that will have to be discussed at a later date. She sighs tiredly, slumping over a bit but in better shape than Betsy.\<br\>\<br\>"Thank you, all of you..I think I now know what we must do. But for now, she needs rest." she doesn't have to tell him to take care of her, he's already on it. But wait, what's happening to the girl? She groans, rubbing the back of her head. "Ugh...Head hurts.." she murmurs. Then there, on the pillow, a silvery slug-like thing slithers out from the back of her neck.\<br\>\<br\>Nurse Greta gasps and rushes to her side, capturing the thing in a glass beaker, hastily snapping the lid on before it can escape. "What is this?" she asks in disbelief.
Psylocke has posed:\<br\>Betsy eyes remain closed at first, as she sucks in a breath. Her throat is remarkably dry, and yet: "Why am I soaked?" trust the woman to complain about that. "These are Stuart Weitzman heels." She should know better than to wear her most expensive items to the school. It's been far too long since she's been here though.\<br\>\<br\>Violet eyes flutter open, and Betsy sees Warren, and something in her face warms before she can catch it -- a gratitude relief that he's here. Her fingers reach up to curl into the material of his hawaiian shirt, and she struggles to pull herself straight, glancing over towards Jean and the girl -- just in time to see that slug crawl out. \<br\>\<br\>"I'm guessing that's the alien. Put it in containment," Betsy orders, as she presses a hand to her forehead. "Good work, Jean."
Archangel has posed:\<br\>Watching as Logan was there to catch Jean, hands up in the supportive position when she slumped, but as she didn't quite collapse, there was no need for contact, Warren continued to hold Betsy until she had sufficiently recovered. He held her, and couldn't help but chuckle softly behind her as she complained about being wet and what it had done to her shoes.\<br\>\<br\>With his help, she would bet straightened, and Logan would reach to deal with the slug, since Jean was still recovering, Warren had just been holding Betsy, Betsy was in no state, but the nurse got there first.\<br\>\<br\>"That is seriously disturbing," he had to add, as it was put into a containment jar. He didn't think to ask why Logan tried, or how he might know about a containment unit, but likely was part of some mission along the way. They all picked up new skills. When Betsy felt sufficiently able to stand on her own, Warren would give her a gentle, reassuring squeeze of his fingertips, "you all right?" and with any sign, a nod, a smile, he would let go.
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey smiles and nods to the two of them. "Thank you..I couldn't have done it without you two..Now, I think we all need some rest, we should take it easy the next couple of days." she smiles warmly at the two of them before the crying girl reaches out to hug her, whimpering but no worse for wear. It's been a rough night and probably everyone is a bit shaken, but at least they won this small battle..\<br\>\<br\>Glancing back to Warren, she smiles and nods, "Yes, a bit tired but Betsy took the brunt of it..I am sorry, I did not realize we would be going up against a swarm quite like that. But at least it is over..For now. Get some rest you two.." she gently tucks the child in, nodding to the nurse as she hurries off to place the beaker somewhere secure - Beast will definitely want to study it later - and climbing shakily to her feet, she is thankful for Logan's support as she gets ready to retire for the evening herself.