15380/It's A Beautiful Day!

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It's A Beautiful Day!
Date of Scene: 26 July 2023
Location: Central Business District, New Troy
Synopsis: Summary needed
Cast of Characters: Superboy, Spoiler

Superboy has posed:
It's too quiet.

...And far, far, far too calm. The city was rested. No Toyman to try and wreck the city in one of his gigantic mechs, no Brother Blood trying to sacrifice civilians by his crude rituals. No doubt Lex Luthor was planning the demise of many a hero, but silence from him also.

One could hear a pin drop.

Especially if you were Conner Kent, AKA Superboy. The Teen Titan was dressed in his usual wear: fatigue pants, black T-shirt with the emblem of Superman painted red on his chest. He's wearing black combat boots and a necklace about the neck.

Apparently, he left the tights at home! But he's walking through Metropolis, following the words of a dear friend: Can't always fly above the streets to understand the day-to-day. And so he does: he walk the streets with eyes and ears peeled for trouble.
Spoiler has posed:
Stephanie Brown should have her eyes peeled, but she does not. She's focused on her phone, which has a map of the various sites she's come to see in Metropolis. She's planning on doing law school when she finally finishes college, which she's done piecemeal here and there as she could pay for it. Hard to do on her own, but she isn't the type to take charity or help. Luckily, schools don't tend to take her father's criminal record into account.

She does, though. He's never living it down with her.

She almost bumps into Superboy as she comes around a corner, only her own decent spatial awareness preventing a full collision, but the slight bump she does take makes her phone go flying into the air. To the rescue!
Superboy has posed:
One could say that it was like a magic trick: Look too closely and you miss the things that are important. Conner is, in this moment, focused on everything else but what was in front of him.


A near-collision snaps him back to reality, her phone flying upwards into the air! He reaches up to catch it, reflexes /fast/ for someone who was trapped in a daydream. And, now holding the device, he looks at Stephanie with blinking eyes.

"Uh.....sorry about that. Is this yours?"
Spoiler has posed:
Stephanie Brown blinks for a moment, shocked and in the midst of trying to snatch the phone from the air herself when it ends up in Conner's hand. The blonde's hair is in a ponytail, sunglasses pushed up on her head, along with a tank top and shorts with sneakers. She brushes an errant lock of hair behind her ear.

"Oh, wow...uh, yeah, thanks, god, I'm so glad you caught it, I wouldn't know what to do without my phone," she admits, the young woman taking it back.

She then looks at the guy in front of her, noting the emblem on his chest, "Superman's cool." she says. Yeah, she's not good at conversation.
Superboy has posed:
She was beautiful.

And probably just as clumsy as Conner was! Though that's just an assumption. He gently gives Stephanie her phone back and he runs a hand through his dark hair. "Hey, anytime. It was my fault for not paying attention. Almost ran you over."

He looks at his chest when she remarks about Superman.

"Oh! Uh..Yeah, he's pretty cool."

Conner is.../terrible/ at this. "You having a good day?"Ge shakes his head. "Sorry, sorry...Uh, I'm Conner." He extends his hand.
Spoiler has posed:
Stephanie Brown tucks her phone away in her back and takes the offered hand with a firm grip.

"Stephanie. Steph," she says. "I'm just in town from Gotham, was scouting the law school a little bit and heading to get a cup of coffee before getting on the train back home. Since you saved my life - cause I'm a Gen Z girl and my phone is my life - I at least owe you a cup of coffee or a bagel or something?"