15405/To Sit, Or Not to Sit..

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To Sit, Or Not to Sit..
Date of Scene: 01 August 2023
Location: Park - Hugo Building
Synopsis: Jason and Willow meet up. It goes exactly how you would think.
Cast of Characters: Red Hood, Willow Rosenberg

Red Hood has posed:
A quiet Tuesday afternoon in Gotham. That, itself, is a rare thing. Gotham is almost never quiet. It's like all of the criminals and super villains have chosen to take the day off. It's.. unsettling almost.

One person who seems unaffected by these circumstances is one Jason Todd.

He has been driving around the city all day, lost in thought. Finally he stopped for a a burger, fries, and shake (chocolate) from Big Belly Burger and found a park to sit on a different surface for a while.

On a bench in the park outside the Hugo building, Jason eats slowly as he stares sullenly at some landscaping design or another, not really focusing on anything.
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
Tuesday morning were normally schooltime - she counted university school time when most people of her age didn't! heck, she was in her Master's degree. Some would say it was school, but slavery bordering on masochism.

Willow happened to love school.

With the summertime revved up with no school for at least three weeks, and this weeks she hadn't extra hours at her copious amounts on work, and related subjects, Willow decided to see if she could take Dr. Strange's advice, and look for the book through different avenues.

It wouldn't hurt?

Wandering out to the attached park belonging to the Hugo Building, she almost made it to sitting down when she realized she wasn't alone! *gulp* What to do? Sit or not to sit - that is the question.

In other words, Willow stood there unable to make up her mind. Typical Willow behaviour.
Red Hood has posed:
Some people radiate friendliness. Some radiate a barrier around themselves several feet in diameter. Right now Jason is one of the later. As he eats he doesn't seem to notice, or at least care, about the young woman debating whether to make use of the other end of the bench or not.

He bites off half of a fry before devouring the rest, followed by a long sip of shake.

Finally he mutters, "You can sit if you want. I won't bite you." It's quiet and sullen and he never turns his head to direct it toward her though it should be loud enough to hear.
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
"Oh!" Willow begins to blush. "I didn't mean to interrupt your lunch. What apartment are you in?"

She still looks at the bench debating.

And then she decides - after all, she lives there too! Besides, she actually had something to do. Putting down her satchel, and pulling out her laptop, she caught the corner of the plastic container she had brought with her.

Of course, she is having lunch. But not the usual sort of fare. No, she had chocolate oatmeal cookies for lunch. BIG cookies. And, considering her normal oatmeal cookies, these ones were actually edible! (Willow says her thanks to Tala).

Pulling out the container, she stares at it. "I suppose I should offer you some." Not looking Jason's way. Or even making it a conversation.
Red Hood has posed:
Jason Todd shakes his head, "You're not, it's fine." He pauses and looks over, forcing his scowl to disappear he shakes his head again, "I don't. I was just looking for a place to sit for a while. Seemed as good a park as any other."

Looking at the cookies he forces a smile. Clearly he is distracted but trying not to be rude. "It's okay." He gestures, "I've got a shake. I don't need to take your lunch."
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
"You should try them! I may never make oatmeal chip cookies that are this good again. Take some!" Now that she is past the blushing, she holds the container out. "Besides, I can go up to my apartment for more!"

Willow picked one out, and nibbled on it, as her laptop booted.

"Usually we don't get strangers here, because of the rules." She speaks of Elektra's rules: anyone breaking the law on this property will have to deal with her. So far the drug pushers sat across the furthest edges of what Elektra condersided 'hers' and no further.

"I'll shut up now. I mean, I interrupted you! Not the other way around. I understand how aggravating it can be!"
Red Hood has posed:
Jason Todd pauses and then nods. He doesn't want to be sociable but at least he seems unwilling to be rude. "Alright. Thank you." He does take one and sets it on his knee while he finishes the rest of his fries first.

"Rules?" He looks back to Willow. "I didn't realize it wasn't a public park." He is hardly one to care about rules to those who know him but at the moment his measure of distraction has kept the snark and rebellion on the back burner.

"I can leave."
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
"Well.." Here Willow has to think. She's been at the apartments for the whole time they've been open. Which isn't very long. Five years now? "I think it's mostly a private park, but as long as you are respectful? Nobody has been asked to leave? You know? I say stay.And if anyone asks you, you can say you're my guest.."

She crumpled up her forehead.

"You aren't anyone I should be afraid of, are you?" With Willow, that opens up so many possibilities of 'afraid'. "That doesn't make sense. I mean you are out here in the daylight, which makes a whole swath of boogeymen out of the running. And the rest of them would lie hideously rather than tell the truth. Which means I wouldn't be any further ahead asking you."
Red Hood has posed:
Jason Todd thinks and shrugs. "I don't plan on causing any trouble. Just finishing my food and I'll head out."

He shakes his head, "I'm not going to hurt you or anyone else here." Finishing off his lunch he picks up the cookie. "I'll just head off now. Thank you for the cookie and the use of your park's bench for a while." He offers a faint smile as he prepares to stand.
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
Willow's brows furrow deeper. "I.. guess? I mean.."

A pause.

"Have you ever wondered.. No. You are not the type, are you? Sometimes I think I'd be better off lying to strangers to at least feel what other people feel." Picking up her container, she shoves it and the laptop in her satchel, "Don't worry. I'll move. You were here first. Unless you wanted to thumb wrestle for the bench."

Not that she sounds serious.