15414/The supermoon!

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The supermoon!
Date of Scene: 02 August 2023
Location: Park - Hugo Building
Synopsis: Willow meets Arella.
Cast of Characters: Willow Rosenberg, Arella Despana

Willow Rosenberg has posed:
It was the night of the supermoon. Well earlier in the evening! After she watched it, she waited outside in the park on a bench. Her satchel was beside her, along with the remainder of her batch of oatmeal chocolate chips - which were amazingly good if she said so herself. A fluke, she thought.

With the summer half over, Willow was kind of down. The only thing she was looking forward to was the fall and restarting her classes. So far, she's read all the books on the course summaries - some books twice! And she had nothing to do in the remaining 3 weeks.. unless she found clues to the book that she had been looking for off and on for the past few years.

In other words, she was bored.
Arella Despana has posed:
Willow will probably not remain bored for long as even as a person who has experienced the Hellmouth her next encounter might be unique amongst the many she had. But when the wierdest of the wierd is normal who can tell. A 'woman' if she can be described as such who is both lithe and voluptuous and looks like she belongs advertising a newly opening Warhammer Boardgame store. She has skin that is black but under the mon might seem grey or blueish. She is swearing in some strange language looking at a strange device. She is dressed in very normal Summer clothes. A t-shirt showing the evolution of humans from lower order primates to humans and then into sheep. And jeans. Plus she sports long stringy hair, very large pointy ears and bright green eyes. A Dark Elf of all creatures decides to plonk herself down without invitation next to Willow.
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
That was.. different. So far, the woman had made no attempts to talk or cause troubles, so that was good? Then again she was talking in a foreign tongue which Willow had no experience with, so who knows?

One thing Willow had decided was either the woman had taken a potion to be in that shape, or she /was/ in that shape.

Unfortunately Willow was so caught up, she didn't use her polite stranger who just happened to be sharing a park bench - she stared. Though it was late, and the odds are that most people wouldn't have noticed'
Arella Despana has posed:
In fact people had noticed the Dark Elf but strangely enough these being times permeated with all sorts of incredible individuals running around a Dark Elf is almost of middling importance. A few cell phone cameras fire off at a distance. The Elf finally notices Willow after a few moments and the fact that she had violated the latters space. Sat down without asking first. A Midgard nicety prominent in the west. "I am sorry I sat down without asking you whether I could first. I can move if you are displeased?" the Dark Elf woman offers diplomatically.
Willow Rosenberg has posed:

Willow was caught out staring like a grade schooler.

"Nooooo.." She drawled. "I was wondering if you needed help? We don't get many d&d players around here." Actually, they did. Just not so many larpers (though with the big room for just such an occasion, why not?) "I'm Willow. I live in the building over here."

She pointed.

"Are you a guest, or a new tenant?" Or just a warm body who needed a place to sit while she figured something out. Willow didn't express that thought though!
Arella Despana has posed:
Arella actually smiles at this. "I'm not larping. I'm an actual living breathing 2000 year old Dark Elf or Dokkalfar if you like. And I am not some magical alien or something pretending to be one. I know what you are referring to with D&D. My craft crashed here... well not here but in Canada a while back. It was kept low key. I was a prisoner for a while. I ran into Thor. he did not like me. Odin did not like me either. His grandfather Bor and I were at least 'frenemies' I think is the term. I am not sure how to prove it to you - but I am an elf. There are light elves to but I am one of the dark ones yes. I am not sure what proof you would accept - perhaps that my skin is not some cheasp paint - but even then that could be an illusion." Arella hadn't thought about how to prove her actual species during this age and she was now so very rare.
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
Okay, Arella ranks up there with, essentially, the gods and goddesses.

"Canada is nice. My friend lives there." Willow nodded to herself. "Don't worry. I take your word. Besides, you wouldn't believe what things I have met." Things, not people. "It's simpler to accept, and then, if necessary, re-evaluate when I get new info. You didn't answer me, though. Are you lost? Do you need help?"
Arella Despana has posed:
Arella sees the almost deferential dismissal of her as another higher order being in need of a human refedex. "I am just a another lost stupid refugee alien stray. what is your name? Mine is Ahr'ela Despa'nah - call me Arella." She points to the crystal detector in her hand, "It is hard to navigate Gotham - I am trying to find something which does not belong here. You might know of someone who can help?"
Willow Rosenberg has posed:
"Willow," she repeats. "I don't know? I mean there are lots of people who hunt different things. I'm sure someone would be able to help you."

As for Willow she gets the idea that she probably isn't the best help for this job. "Try a pub? Lot's of times there are people who might be able to help you for a price."