15415/I love you like an alcoholic

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I love you like an alcoholic
Date of Scene: 02 August 2023
Location: Themysciran Embassy - Manhattan
Synopsis: Donna comes to the Embassy after a night of partying, wakes Diana up, and they talk about why alcohol is bad. Don't do drugs, kids.
Cast of Characters: Troia, Wonder Woman

Troia has posed:
It's four in the morning on a Tuesday and Donna Troy has been out amongst the Humans. Jumping from nightclub to nightclub. From bar to bar. Indulging in drink, listening to music. All over New York City, she's hopped, until she's exhausted herself. Drunk on enough liqour to kill a elephant, sweating, she shows up to the apartment attached to the embassy with her hair slicked back.

Still sporting rosey cheeks as she spirits herself into the apartment, she drapes her coat on the rack and drops back onto the couch with a pronounced "oof..." Head lulling back onto the cushion behind her with her legs laying lazily open at the knees. She has about a dozen multicolored bands around her wrists, several stamps on the backs of her hands, and her makeup is running slightly.

"Walked about twenty blocks, talking about good bars and better towns than this one... kissed that first night. Then the skies opened up to get...

One last kiss...

I love you like an alcoholic.."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince does not stay up fretting over the activities of her sisters. They are both well beyond the age of accountability and in the eyes of the Patriarch's world they are adults. Even when they do not always behave like the most responsible of ones.

Yet when Donna returns, Diana wakes simple because of the nearness of her soul-bound twin.

Rising, she pads out to the living area in a loose blue tee and gray shorts, her hair down and only her bracers for jewelry.

Sitting at Donna's feet, she looks to her sister and smiles softly. "Fun evening, sister?"
Troia has posed:
Donna knows well that Diana is here. She felt her the second she walked into the apartment, that connection as strong as looking in a mirror to remind herself she has a reflection. So singing as loud as she is, it's likely churlish, an intentional method by which she can wake her older twin.

Grinning when she sees her coming in from the bedroom wearing sleepers clothes, she pops up from the couch and leaps easily over the coffee table. "We'll float from branch to branch... lighter than the air.. Just when they day is coming? Who can say... who can say."

Still singing, she scoops up one of Diana's hands and twirls her in a dancers move, an arm around her waist. "Our mother has been absent, every since they founded Rome..." Spin, "But there's gonna be a party, when the wolf comes home."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince already forgave the boisterous behavior the moment it began. How could she not? Still she looks at her sister and sighs softly as they suddenly are dancing. A light laugh.

"You, my often responsible sister, are rather drunk tonight, I see..." She shakes her head with no disapproval and asks a second time, "An enjoyable evening for you? No international incidents for me to resolve once the sun is up?"
Troia has posed:
Still spinning her sister in slow circles, Donna laughs at the suggestion of potential international incident, "No, nothing the sort. Only lively songs and dancing with marry met! Tons of drinking, perhaps, but nothing for which you should feel concern." Smiling ear to ear, it's clear that she's had her fill of drink. Which, for an Amazon in New York was likely enough to kill any human.

The dance, impromtu as it is, ends with Donna bending Diana back and then releasing her. Both hands clapping her own leather clad thighs. "Sorry... I hope I've not woke you. I was out and thought of you.. it reminded me of that time we snuck out and were being slipped mead under the table at the festival of the renewal." Smiling yet, she slides her hands back across her hair, which is starting to grow out along the sides. Stubbled enough that the black is noticable on her formally shaved scalp.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince does not mind the dancing even if she is not currently dressed for it. Just the same, the assurance that no incidents (remembered) will be forth coming, she nods. "Then it sounds as though you had a proper bacchanal evening, sister."

Once she has been dipped and is stood upright again, she moves to settle on the end of the couch, tucking her right leg under herself.

"Yes. That was something. And to think we were so certain that Mother was unaware of our presence or our imbibing..." she recalls with a laugh. "And I also remember the pounding headache the next morning once the sun was properly up... Of course Amazonian mead is more potent than much of the hard liquor of Man's World, isn't it?" THat just means more can be enjoyed here. Which it seems clear that Donna has done.
Troia has posed:
In great quantity, as it turns out.

Thankfully Donna, as a photographer herself, is exceptional adept at avoiding attempts to capture her picture. So there shant be any remembering it in tabloid later. Which is why, with complete confidence, she drops down on the couch beside Diana and turns to rest her head backwards upon her sister's thigh.

Peering up at her with a grin, "I thought she was going to take leather to us for it, but... she said that the hangover was it's own punishment." Her hands come up to link behind her head, against Diana's leg.

"Do you mind if I stay here tonight, sister? I'm not sure what the laws of Man say about flying while drunk, but I'm certain they are quite adamently against it."
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince drops her hand to gently comb through Donna's shorter hair and lightly rub across the shaved fuzz along the temple.

"She wasn't wrong..." Diana agrees. "I have never been that drunk again.." it is offered conspiratorially as if it were some secret. Then again she was thrust into being The Responsible One in so many ways that there could be no chance she would be tempted with behaving badly.

"Mind?" Diana looks down at her sister as she begins to massage Donna's temples. "This is sovereign Themysciran soil. It is as much your home as mine or any of our sisters. You have a room any time you wish or need and you know that you do not need to even ask. The answer is always yes."
Troia has posed:
Where as Donna was more problematic than that.

She'd been quite drunk since, perhaps even more so.

Grinnging up at Diana now, she melted a little beneath the fingers combing into her hair and let her eyes drift closed as the answer she knew was coming, came. "I know, of course. Sometimes I just want to hear you say it." She's not drifting off, not quite yet, but there's no mistaking the tired in her voice now that the nights revelry has caught up to her.

"Plus, I can raid your closet for sleeping clothes. Score."

Rolling as she says this, she stretches her arms back and beings heading straight for the room from which Diana had exit.
Wonder Woman has posed:
Diana Prince nods her head, "And you will always hear it from me" she agrees. The gently massage of those temples continues, but with a soft laugh of protest. "Oh? Is that so?" It's true of course and Diana is hardly upset by the idea.

Letting Donna rise, she watches her twin go prepare for sleep. "Tomorrow we should go have brunch. Ferdinand has the day off."

Slowly rising, herself, she moves to close the residence's door to the rest of the Embassy then pads her own way toward the bedrooms herself.