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Stormy Skies
Date of Scene: 06 August 2023
Location: Roof Tower - Xavier's School
Synopsis: Ororo returns and Jean tries to catch her up with current events.
Cast of Characters: Phoenix, Storm

Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Early Sunday morning finds Jean at one of her favorite haunts lately - namely, the rooftop of the mansion, a quiet corner where she can get away from it all. Of course, Jean had learned long ago to filter out the hundreds of thoughts that flooded her mind to near madness once. But lately, certain events slowly opened those floodgates again, and she craved the peace and quiet of lonely places like the rooftop.\<br\>\<br\>Today the skies are grey, and a soft rumbling of thunder warns of slowly approaching storms perhaps. Somehow it makes her feel more anxious, especially given current events. Things seem stable for now but for how long..?
Storm has posed:\<br\>The mansion rooftop has always been a popular hangout spot, even if it's mostly been for sunsets or the occasional fireworks show. Which means Ororo is not /entirely/ prepared to run into Jean as she's making her way from her attic loft. Which is why Jean catches her in a rare moment of near-disarray. Which is to say she's making her way down for what must be a late morning breakfast, white hair in disarray, and a faded oversized t-shirt that nearly reaches her knees.\<br\>\<br\>Her lips quirk in a playful little grin, soft footsteps bringing her to Jean before her voice murmurs out low and teasing, "That thunder is /not/ my doing. And /you/... are a sight for sore eyes, dear."
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey does seem better these days. At least she no longer looks red eyed and tired and disheveled. It's a weekend though, and she can relax, dressed in a long mint green summer dress with little white flowers. The light breeze ruffles her shoulder length flame red hair, pulled up into a high ponytail tail. \<br\>\<br\>Ororo is given a slight smile as she approaches. No doubt she has seen her more often these days lurking on the rooftop from her attire perch, but school can be busy and they have rarely had time to catch up with each other these days.\<br\>\<br\>Upon seeing her dear friend, she breaks out into a smile, moving to hug her, "Ororo! I could say the same of you! How have you been?"
Storm has posed:\<br\>Ororo's own smile simply grows when Jean offers that slight smile, sweeping in next to her to lean against the balcony railing, eyebrows lifting up as the breeze tugs and teases at her own bright white hair as she sighs out. "Oh! You know how it is, always more problems than solutions, but really not too bad. Droughts to manage, floods to dissuade... a weather goddess's work is never done!"\<br\>\<br\>She narrows her eyes playfully and stage whispers, "But it's a bit more manageable when not juggling it with heroics /and/ schoolwork."\<br\>\<br\>Arms wrap around Jean in a welcoming hug, "But! What have /you/ been up to? Have I missed anything important?"
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey chuckles, glancing up at the skies, always curious if Ororo manipulates the weather all the time, but of course she wouldn't. Sometimes storms must go where they will. "Ohh you know, dealing with a subtle alien invasion, trying to keep my students safe from alien possession..And I keep seeming to bump into Sinister and his devil partner who is playing the hero these days, oddly enough." she shrugs, "You know..The usual.." she smiles and though she seems tired, maybe overworked at least there is hope in her eyes, she's at least recovering now from..Something she probably left out of that whole conversation.
Storm has posed:\<br\>Ororo's eyes sparkle playfully as Jean glances skywards, like the weather goddess knows what her friend is pondering. She murmurs out playfully, "Oh, just let me know if you need a day to sun by the pool, Jeanie.... and... that's a lot to be dealing with." She snickers softly and gives another little squeeze of her arm around Jean's shoulder, heaving out a soft little sigh. "Sinsiter and a devil, hm? My my, you /have/ been busy. He's not still trying to get mutant DNA or whatever, is he? I swear, sometimes I think Sinister starts trouble just because he's bored. Maybe he needs to... get into trivia nights or something."
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey chuckles and nods, "Yes, well, some hive like alien minds tried to attack me, hit me pretty hard.." she sighs, "I was in a tough place, until Betsy came home and helped me. I think with her help we can put a stop to this once and for all. Then maybe I can focus on my relationship with Scott..." she glances skyward thoughtfully, "I guess we have both been busy of late.."\<br\>\<br\>Glancing back to the weather goddess she chuckles, "Well that's the thing! it's like he's done a full 180', he claims he just wants to live his life peacefully, and.." she frowns a bit as she stares at stirring wind and grey clouds, "Well, it's the strangest thing..lHe came to me seeking our help, said that after an encounter with a magical artefact, his mind had been split into good and evil aspects.." oh there is Soo much to unpack here, which is probably why she's giving her tidbits rather than one whole big spiel.
Storm has posed:\<br\>Ororo's eyebrows lift and she grins brightly, "Oh my! Betsy's back in town too, hm? I'll have to make sure I reconnect with everyone." Her lips press in a thin line and she sighs out softly, "Yes, I hadn't even considered your relationship with Scott, because... I mean, you already seemed /terribly/ busy. But I'm sure you can make it work."\<br\>\<br\>She tilts her head and hums thoughtfully, "And maybe he does. Maybe... just /maybe/, for once... beating up a troublemaker enough times has worked and made him reconsider his troublesome ways." She groans softly at the mention of magic and sighs out, "That's... wait, does that mean there /is/ still an evil Sinster, he's just... off somewhere being even /more/ evil than normal? ...You know what? That's a problem for weekdays. It's Sunday. We're allowed at /least/ one day to relax. So don't you worry about any of this, today, Jean. That's... an order or whatever. And no, it does not matter that I can't /give/ you orders..."
Phoenix has posed:\<br\>Jean Grey chuckles and shakes her head, "We are both always busy but we always find time for each other. As for Sinister.." she sighs, "It is..Complicated? I am still not entirely sure what happened to him but we DO have one of his evil aspects trapped in a piece of Ruby quartz. No doubt there are more out there. Can we fully trust him? That has yet to be determined. I just hope I did the right thing in helping him.." she sighs as she watches the greying skyline. "Butm it is good to have you back, we really must catch up for tea or something soon.."