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Hammer and Anvil
Date of Scene: 13 August 2023
Location: Gravesend, Brooklyn
Synopsis: Kid Arachnid comes upon a jail break in progress, right in the heart of Brooklyn. He and Spider-Woman manage to defeat Hammer and Anvil and celebrate as appropriate with tacos.
Cast of Characters: Spider-Woman (Drew), Kid Arachnid

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Things have been pretty cool in New York. The weather's been unseasonably humid, true, but just /stuff/ wise, it's been fun. Lots of villains around for a young Spider to prove their mettle against, only kind of made difficult by the fact that Kid Arachnid is occasionally called 'Spider-Man' and accused of shooting the Mayor.

Just that little thing.

Tonight though, has been mostly chill, at least until word reaches sharp hearing of a breakout from a prison in Brooklyn. A place where a prison /isn't/... at least as far as the public is concerned. But no, there's definitely a prison there where there didn't seem to be one before, with high walls and everything -- one of which currently bursts outwards, sending bricks and debris in all directions -- into traffic, smashing into office windows and buildings nearby.

And then there's a roar. /Two/ roars.

"Oh, you've got to be kidding me." Spider-Woman, wearing her red and gold costume, is perched upside down on the building across from the SHIELD facility, regretting her life choices. For once though she's not talking to herself. Presumably. "You said it was just a simple prison break. These guys are MASSIVE. And they, oh, oh no-"

The two man become visible. They look like normal humans who have been given some kind of steroid glow-up, bulging muscles and thick arms and legs. They're still wearing a dull gray prison outfit, though the arms and legs of them have torn from the sudden extra muscle. One vents his anger on the Big Belly Burger shop nearby, tearing down the structure as terrified patrons and staff flee the scene en masse.


Spider-Woman is having a bad day.
Kid Arachnid has posed:
While Kid Arachnid has a little experience doing this now, it still feels like he is truly getting a handle on his abilities. And on how things seem to work for Spider-People in this city.

Helpful hint, not all that well. At least for most of them. And while it might have been Spider-Man who has been painted as a potential assassin and a criminal, that little stain seems to paint them all to a greater or lesser degree. It should probably make him question a few of his life choices maybe.

But that's probably not going to happen. While he might have a long way to go until he can actually consider himself good at this who masked vigilante thing, he's gotten to know a few of his peers and he knows just how hard they try to do good, to make a difference.

No matter what the Bugle say.

Pfffft. Newspapers are pretty much dead anyway.

At the moment Miles is just slipping out of his family's Brooklyn apartment, a backpack slung over one shoulder. Full of fresh laundry of course. One of the best things about attending Empire State University is the fact that he can come home on the regular and d his laundry. Check that, how often he can come home regularly and get his mom to do his laundry.

He might be fairly mature of a college student, but he still has a little growing up to do.

Either way, he has not yet had a chance to slip on his headphones, to indulge in a little musical entertainment as he swings his way back to the dorms when he can't help but notice that his native borrough has undergone some recent renovation. Like where the heck did that prison complex suddenly come from?

Almost at once he veers his course, swinging over towards it to get a closer look. Arriving just in time to watch what appears two 'roided up freaks burst loose just behind a small evacuation of some very frightened people.

Oh boy.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Oh boy is right.

"OH BOY! HAMMER'S GOING TO BUST THIS ENTIRE CITY APART!" Hammer, presumably talking in the third-person, bends down, lifts a car like it was nothing, and pitches it down the street in Kid Arachnid's direction. Hammer might not be intentionally aiming it towards that crowd of people gathering to gawk, watch -- and film -- but he doesn't seem to care that it might hit them either.

"Keep it together, buddy," Hammer's friend clasps him on the shoulder. "You can go nuts later. We gotta bust up this place so they can't put us back in, see? And bust out some of our friends, too."

"You're right, Anvil. You and me. We're gonna break stuff!" Hammer is the follower, it seems.

The pair turn and stomp back inside the prison, and immediately there's rumbling and shaking, felt as they begin to smash through walls.

A prison like this, hidden from the public view? The kind of prisoners in a place like this is not the kind of people you want getting out. And if that weren't enough motivation, they totally destroyed that Big Belly Burger place, a fact of which has Jessica Drew in particular incensed.

"Sure, okay. High value prisoners, blah blah. I'm gonna punch them in the face for ruining dinner!" Spider-Woman declares, as she glides down from her position, lands on part of the destroyed brick wall, and jumps inside.
Kid Arachnid has posed:
For a moment Miles clings to the side of the building, watching the two pretty scary looking men talk back and forth.

And then they turn and head back into the facility. Huh. Somehow he is pretty sure that doesn't solve all the problems though. Some of that feeling might come from the fact that this building just didn't seem to be there when he swung past yesterday. That's usually a pretty good clue that something bad is going on. Buildings aren't supposed to appear.

He's done a few things, stopped a few criminals. He's learned a few tricks of the trade. Heck, Spider-Man even gave him a pair of web-shooters to make getting about the city a little easier. That counts for something, right?

So while this looks like it could be dangerous, it seems like it could be a whole lot worse if thsoe two were to break out even more people like them. Kid Arachnid just can't let that happen!

Any doubts though are quickly washed away when he sees Spider-Woman start towards that gap in the damaged building. While he might not have met her, Miles has seen her on television. More importantly, she's a Spider right? This should be a piece of cake then!

Leaping from his perch and throwing a web-line out as he swings down, MIles calls out after her. "Hey! Heeeeeeeey! Wait for me! I can help! I'm coming too!"

Kind of like an over-eager puppy. This can't go badly. At all.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Inside the walls, rubble cascades from the main building. It's not quite two man-shaped holes, but it does look like the pair of figures pretty much just punched their way back inside, the ground shaking as something else crashes and collapses inside the giant complex.

Spider-Woman's perched on an unstable pile of rubble, frowning as she takes stock.

...and apparently talks to herself. "You said WHO was here? O.M.G. Don't you know we have a RAFT? Like out in the water? I'm definitely gonna go yell at Fury after this."

Her head turns as she catches a figure swinging inside. The costume is not quite right, and neither is the voice, but Jessica's only half paying attention right now. "Hey, Bestie! You change uniforms? Hey, love the dark look. It hides the dust so much better, right? Wait-" her head tilts, and she seems to squint behind the half-mask as she focuses entirely on him. "You're not Spidey."

A beat. Two. "...did he get himself an apprentice? Oh, you know what," as something crashes. "Nevermind. If you're good at punching people in the face, I could use a hand. C'mon!" And then she springs into the gap of broken wall.
Kid Arachnid has posed:
Given the way that the law in New York seems to regard Spiders right now Miles wasn't exactly sure what sort of welcome to expect at what appears to be something like an official scene.

Something is definitely going on here and Spider-Woman seems to be looped into it, so that's a good sign. Or maybe she's just talking and arguing with herself. Which would probably have to be considered a bad sign. While Miles is not completely sure on that score, he's going to go with the more optomistic side.

Because otherwise he could be in a whole lot of trouble.

He is a little surprised, for just a moment, when it seems that she mistakes him for SPider-Man. It's not... that unreasonable, right? Heroes change up their costumes all the time. Spidey seems to have more then a few. Hmmmm... maybe he needs a few alternate uniforms too. Mix it up.

Or maybe now isn't the best time to be worrying about that sort of thing, hmmm? What with the two hulking figures wandering around somewhere inside, doing who knows what.

Yeah, he'll put a pin in that one.

"I know Spider-Man!" Miles is quick to assert. "I'm not exactly an apprentice, but he has given me a little training, tried to help me get a grip on my abilities," he offers up helpfully. He might be on the verge of giving her his entire biography, and at the very least steps forward to offer his hand when she springs past into the facility.

"I'm Kid Arachnid. It's a real plea-- oh, okay," he says, quickly cutting himself off, whirling to follow, leaping through that gap in the wall with a certain blind confidence.

"Right to business. That's cool."
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
There is, at least, one big upside to a SHIELD-constructed prison.

Even if the outer walls are complete paper-mache against the strength of the two roided-up criminals, the cells themselves have been reinforced. Not quite to Hulk-levels of strength resistance, but enough to withstand the pounding of both Hammer and Anvil as they reach the cell block and attempt to wreck havoc... unsuccessfully.

"Johnny, this sucks," Hammer complains.

"Just keep pounding away you idiot. It's gotta cave eventually," Anvil yells, as he thumps at one of the walls. The whole building seems to shudder, but for now, it's holding against their combined strength.

Meanwhile, Jessica's leaping from one pile of unstable rubble to the next. Every time she lands the thing shifts. Good thing she has great reflexes though. It's a precarious path Miles will have to navigate himself, even as Spider-Woman's throwing back over her shoulder, "Hey, punching in the face comes first, then introductions. Burgers are on me after." A beat, and something /very/ testy-sounding like, "Or... you know, whatever's around here."

Considering they did that burger joint real dirty.

"Oh, look, here's some fun!" Hammer's the first to catch sight of the pair of spiders when they drop into sight. "My favorite past time in here was squashing spiders. This is a dream come true!" And he picks up a slab of fallen concrete, pitching it right for Kid Arachnid's head.
Kid Arachnid has posed:
"Right, right," comes Miles' immediate response.

It's almost possible to hear him scribling down mental notes. 'Face punching then introductions'. He doesn't have that new hero smell -- not quite. But he clearly considers himself to be fairly early in his days of trying to help people this way.

He has the web-shooters, he's shown those off. And he leapt through that hole in the wall without the slightest hesitation, si he has a certain bravery. Or the blind confidence of youth at the very least, which is much the same thing. As Kid Arachnid leaps from pile to pile of rubble, he also shows that he has that same nimbleness of his mentors, moving swiftly and surely over uneven ground.

"Theres' some great places around here," Miles chimes in eagerly. Wow. Maybe he'll get a chance to pick her brain some. "Bummer about Big Belly Burger though. That was the best hamburger joint for at least ten blocks or so," he admits.

Instead of playing food critic, he might have been better served paying attention to the bad guys though, and when Hammer suddenly bellows and tosses that slab of concrete his way, Kid Arachnid's yelp is audible and he immediately slides beneath it, just missinggetting flattened by it.

As it flies by and crashes against the far wall, Miles just seems to... disappear, leaving Spider-Woman alone with Hammer and Anvil.

Maybe he's not just like the other Spider's afterall.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Unintentionally, Miles has just made himself a new best friend. He likes burgers. She likes burgers. That is the basis of a large percentage of Jessica's friendships. "I /know/," she bemoans. "Like, fine, wreck shit up. But don't touch the burger joints. Like, where else are you supposed to celebrate your evil victory afterwards?"

Jessica has many thoughts about this.

One of the most important skills Spiders have to learn is how to quip, how to throw out a witticism and not get completely demolished at the same time. It's a tough lesson, and a skill most of them are /still/ mastering. Props to Miles, though everyone else the room reacts rather differently, because he just disappeared under that slab.

"Holy shit! Squished that little Spider good and proper! Did you see?!" Hammer seems delighted, as he stomps closer to the slab, letting out a satisfied laugh. Jessica though, immediately pales. "SHIT! Shit, shit shit." She moves to rush for the slab, only she never quite gets there.

Anvil's a little slower to react than his companion, taking one last, futile as it turns out, pound on the wall before he turns to join his companion. Only he doesn't throw concrete, he just uses his fist as he closes in on Jessica from behind, the punch landing somewhere in the middle of her back and punting her all the way across the room. She slams into the far wall, groaning as she flops to the ground. As Anvil turns and stomps towards her again, Jessica groans and begins climbing up the wall, her bio-electric charge kicking in and allowing her to crawl along the roof.

"I HATE spiders," Anvil grumbles, leaping up to slam a fist against the ceiling. As destruction methods go it's pretty effective. Maybe a little /too/ effective. Massive chunks of the roof begin to tumble down, including the one Jessica was clinging too. She hits the ground with an /oof!/ as smaller chunks rain down around her and she cries out. "Oh, come ON," she calls out, raggedly. At least she's still alive!

More chunks rain down, some hitting Anvil as he backs up towards that stable wall. It puts him and Hammer further away from each other, and for the first time, Miles sees something strange. It's almost like a shimmering yellow-gold rope strung between Hammer and Anvil. It's too faint and insubstantial to have a physical form, but he can only see it when they move further away from each other, even as Hammer's moving to leap on top of that slab to presumably try and squish whatever's left of the spider underneath.
Kid Arachnid has posed:
See? These are the kinds of inside information that he still desperately needs to know, needs to learn.

Again, it's almost possible to see that inner scrible pad jot down those words of wisdom 'Don't trash burger joints'. Seems reasonable. Valuable, sage advice. A shame that he doesn't get his own chance to offer up his opinion the matter, though it would seem pretty likely that it would very much fit in with her particularly world view point.

Instead he just vanishes. Squashed beneath that concrete slab? Maybe he has secret teleportation powers that let him escape and he's rabbitting? Or maybe something else is going on.

It is indeed option three.

While he still has a lot to learn, Kid Arachnid isn't about to abandon anyone, let alone another spider. And while that little trick doesn't always work as Miles tries to get a grip on everything that he can do, when it does work, it's golden.

He continues in that baseball slide across the floor, listening as Hammer celebrates squashing him and a smile filters across the young man's expression. Popping back to his feed -- clearly invisible -- he grins beneath that mask and creeps a little closer, wincing a little when Spider-Woman gets pummeelled across the room.

But she'll be fine, right? Spider's always get up. And sure enough, he hears her voice, reaffirming his confidence.

More importantly it is like he can see that intangible thread running between the two 'roided up giants. It raises some interesting questions. Like what happens when you stretch that line further.

Creeping around in front of Hammer, that invisibility field surrounding him suddenly drops. Right when he is already leaping up, one fist glowing with that bio-electric discharge that promptly slams in Hammer's face, sending him flying to the opposite side of the cell block.

"Oh yeah! Never say that one coming did you? That's how Kid Arachnid plays it!" he enthuses.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
From beneath the pile of broken chunks, energy wells up and blasts out. Not only does it send those concrete chunks flying, it blasts at least one of them directly into Anvil, driving him back until he slams against the wall. Jessica, still sprawled on her back, celebrates her victory with a groaning, "THAT is for the burger joint, you ass."

That's about when Kid Arachnid appears literally out of thin air in front of Hammer, punching him right in his face. Hammer doesn't have time to react other than a shocked widening of eyes, and then goes flying, slamming against the far wall. He slides down, groaning, and that shimmering gold cord that seems to connect the two villains turns even paler, almost invisible.

"Oh, thank fuck!" Jessica's too relieved at seeing Miles alive to worry about minding her language. Besides, that's more Peter's thing. She's spotted Kid Arachnid and not only is he alive, he's quipping! The ultimate Spider response. "Hey, nice one! It's totally fine to practice quips in front of the mirror, too. I'm /sure/ Spidey does it. Like, he totally wouldn't admit it or anything, but for sure he must."

Jessica? She's not admitting anything. She is getting back to her feet, though, groaning as she puts a hand to her back, tries to breath in deep, and finds it an unpleasant experience as she coughs.

One other thing Miles will notice, is that Hammer seems to be struggling to get up. His hand flails, and he grips on a bit of concrete to shift it off his leg... and seems to be struggling. Whatever strength the two has, it seems to be tied somehow to that insubstantial golden cord, weakening the further the two villains get from each other.
Kid Arachnid has posed:
There it goes again. That little mental scritching of pen to paper. 'Practice in front of mirror'. Definitely a new hero smell there.

"Good advice," Miles calls back as he advances on the downed Hammer. "I'll definitely start doing that." He is a Spider afterall. He has a whole legacy to uphold. And part of that legacy is definitely making with the quips when fighting, no matter how serious the stakes might be.

As he advances towards his own foe, as if becomes clear that Hammer is struggling to move some of the debris that is pinning his legs in place, Miles shoots a look back across the cellblock to Jessica and Anvil to see if he might be having his own struggles. He still seems a little shaken by the latest blow he's taken.

But MIles is pretty sure.

"Hey! I mean, I don't know for sure but I'm pretty sure that I'm right," he calls out, a little hesitant of pushing his own ideas right to the front, especially not with an Avenger present. "But I'm oretty sure that when these two clowns are apart they turn into a couple of kid's toys," he offers up, reaching down and hauling Hamer to his feet, lifting him andp inning him against the wall. "I mean, they lose their strength. If we can find two cells far enough a part I don't think they'll be causing any more trouble," he says confidently, glancing towards those cells that still look to be in rasonably good shape.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"Huh." It's not the noise of disbelief, so much as Jessica considering. Yeah, Anvil sure does seem a little more wonky, and his swing for Jessica doesn't pack quite the punch -- or the speed -- it did before. "I think you might be right. Stay here, keep him busy?" She leaps forward, delivering a rolling kick to Anvil that drives him back towards the cell block, and she disappears down there after him.

Yeah, not problem. Just dance around with a heavy weight hitter. Keep him busy! It's fine, right?

Hammer's finally managed to dislodge that debris, and he looks real angry. And all of that anger is focused on Miles. Kid Arachnid is close enough that he just kind of lunges forward, aiming to get his big, meaty hands around the Spider's throat.

Extreme strength or not, that's going to be a bad day that's definitely not going to end in eating burgers if Hammer gets purchase.
Kid Arachnid has posed:
Hey, look at that!

She liked his idea. He might have found the key to dealing with this whole thing, right there! To bad no one is close by to warn him not to get cocky, huh?

While he might think he has the tables turned on Hammer, it's always possible for the tables to turn yet again! Which gets a little confusing and a little disorienting really. Either way, Hammer goes manage to seize him by the neck, clearly still boasting a whole lot of strength in that impressive frame.

"Urk!" is Miles oh so elegant reply -- maybe that's where practicing in mirros will come in handy, huh? -- and he struggles for a moment, gripping the wrist of the hand that grabs him. The smile on Hammer's face looks particularly cruel -- and whew, is that breath bad -- but MIles tries to get his legs up against the other man's chest, to try and push away.

Then he just settles for lifting his hand and tossing a Venom Blast square in his ugly face.

When it doubt right? Spider-Woman did say he was supposed to hit them in the face. And she didn't put any sort of limit on it.

As he staggers back, Kid Arachnid pushes against his chest again with those legs, springing free. Flying through the air, he flips and lands in a crouch, slowly rising back to his feet. "Don't make my look bad in front of the Avenger, man."

Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
In the distance, there's the sound of Jessica, talking to herself again. The sound of someone hitting something at speed. And then a loud 'clang'. Surely all good noises.

Not so good: the way Hammer's grinning at him, chuckling with satisfaction. "Squishy little spider!" he's gloating, even as his meaty fingers press down on Kid Arachnid's throat, cutting off his air supply. It for sure is going to leave bruises that are going to have to be explained to people who are going to notice. He might have to invest in a scarf. That's the least of his immediate worries, though.

It's fair to say Hammer isn't expecting any kind of pushback from Miles. He thinks he's got the upper hand and all that needs to happen is the curtain call. He doesn't count on that venom blast to the face though. The force of it throws Hammer backwards, ripping away his grip on Miles' throat. Slamming into the far wall, Hammer drops down, seemingly unconscious. And that pale gold line seems to have almost entirely disappeared.

It's perfect timing that Spider-Woman appears just then. She missed the choking and flailing, and came just in time for the end. Jessica grins at Hammer's prone form. "Aww, who's a cute little kitten! You are! C'mon, apparently there's another cell block this way." She'll leap up onto a bit of rubble, glancing over her shoulder. Apparently she trusts Miles to keep Hammer in check. That or this is part of a test.

Look, it could be both.

Hammer is a dead weight, but hardly an issue for a strength-enhanced spider to haul along, even over the uneven rubble. The other cell block is locked up tight, but Jessica says to the air, "All right, twenty five? Oh. Wait, that's a B? Who does this in comic sans? That's a terrible idea." The door /buzzes/ and opens, and Jessica waves Miles inside. "Just dump him wherever. Hey, you did awesome. What's your name? Spider Boy?"

Oh boy. Let's hope that doesn't stick.
Kid Arachnid has posed:
It's always nice when the people that you're trying to impress miss the bad part and only get to see the cool finish, right?

The mask hides his expression pretty nicely, but it is almost possible to see Miles beaming away beneath it.

When she tells him to follow, MIles hastens to do just that, though he does pause long enough to apply a generous amount of webbing to Hammer's wrists and ankles, make it that much harder for him to cause any problems. Just in case the venom blast wears off before they can get him locked away.

Then he is simply hauled up and draped over Mile's shoulder.

It is something of an unusual sight to be sure. Miles is not the biggest guy out there, and Hammer, is -- to put it mildly -- pretty huge. But there he is, slung over his shoulder as he casually leaps from pile to pile of rubble, following closely in Spider-Woman's wake.

There is that pause as she talks to herself again -- though he is ninety-nine percent sure at this point that she's likely speaking over some sort of comm system and not, in fact, talking to herself.

Gotta leave at least a little wiggle room.

When the new section slides open, Miles springs forward, through that door and finds somewhere that seems suitable, draping him over a cot that seems a little too small for him with an audible grunt before turning and slipping back out the door of the containment area. "Hey, thanks! But it's ahhh, Kid Arachnid actually," he offers up.

Then repeats it just in case. "Kid Arachnid." Seems like maybe he doesn't want Spider Boy to stick either.
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
Leaving room for some kind of doubt where it comes to Spider-Woman might be wise.

"Kid Arachnid? Huh." It's possible, maybe even likely, that Spider-Woman is kind of judging behind her half mask. Certainly he can see the tilt of her head. "Doesn't kind of roll off the tongue as well. Which might be for the best. It's hard to be a spider these days." She reaches out with the intent of clasping Miles' shoulder. And then she grimaces.

"Ugh. I think I broke a rib. Like, almost positive. But it isn't like a puncture a lung rib, which feels way worse, so we're good. Are you good?" A beat, as she looks at him. "Burgers are on me. Or quesadilla. Whatever's near. This your hood? I'll take your guidance. Close 2B?" The way Jessica transitions from talking to Miles to presumably-talking-to-comms has no break at all, so it might be difficult to track when she switches. The door makes a soft noise and closes with a slam, locking Hammer in.

Jessica just looks satisfied, and then she's bustling ahead, leaping up to and over rubble, groaning. "Oh, and yeah. This is the part where we need to go like, stat. SHIELD agents are enroute and I don't think you want to get on anyone's radar right now. Don't worry, I'll punch Fury in the face later for all this."

She won't. But it's fun to say aloud. Oh, except when she's on comms to SHIELD still. "No, DON'T relay that to Fury! It's a figure of... oh, whatever. I had a review coming up anyway."
Kid Arachnid has posed:
"I didn't want to be Spider-Boy," Miles offers up for the reason for the name.

It's hard to say whether that makes it more or less likely that the Spider-Boy thing might make a few unfortunate appearances. Look, maybe it would have been okay when he was still in high school. A suitable sort of homage. But he's a college student. He doesn't want to be a 'boy' now. He's got at least a little pride.

"I mean, there's a bunch of places. Best pizza in New York, not too far away," he asserts. Which quite clearly makes him a Brooklyn local if he's going to make that claim. Every borough -- heck practically every street -- has someone will to proclaim that the best pizza is right here. "But there's a taco truck not far. Just a block or so away, under the water tower. It does a few pretty favulous things," he asserts.

It would seem that Miles has, like all Spiders it seems, something of a fast metabolism and a need to sate it regularly. Clearly he has surveyed many of the less then fine dinning options nearby.

He does wince a little, again unseen beneath that mask, at her mention of broken ribs. "Hurts like hell, doesn't it?" he agrees. 'i think I'm fine. Throat's a little soar, s'all," he offers up, perhaps forgetting that she may have missed the part with him getting throttled by Hammer. But he's fine, everything's fine.

At least until she mentions that SHIELD agents are on the way. Then his eyes widen a little and he shoots a quick look up at the gap in the wall nearby, as if expecting to see a whole horde of agents about to descend upon them. "Yeah, that would be good. Being off the radar is good, especially at the moment. Especially from SHIELD. And," he starts, his voice dropping low, to something just above a whisper "Fury."

The kid's got some good sense. Unlike Jessica apparently. He might not be taking notes now, about threatening to beat up the SHIELD director.

But as that webline *thwips* out and he starts to swing back out into the light of day, he does toss back at Jessica, "Is it really a good idea for SHIELD to have a secret prison facility in the middle of Brooklyn? Seems like a recipe for trouble."
Spider-Woman (Drew) has posed:
"Pizza is okay. But no pineapple. Like, who puts pineapple on pizza? It's an abhorrent mess, and I say that as someone who grew up in Hydra, so you know I know /abhorrent/." Yeah, it's fair to say Jessica's quippy humor has a tendency to get dark sometimes, and she doesn't even realize it. Most of the time, anyway. "Wow, that might've been oversharing. Sorry. I had to skip my session with my therapist this week. For reasons that are long and complex and involve sugar and... don't even worry about it."

Then Jess pauses and squints at Milo, confused at the whisper. "He's not a psychic. I swear, everyone treats him like he's god. I tried to kill him once, you know. Really funny story. It's how I ended up joining SHIELD, actually."

Then there's Miles, asking the real questions. Like why is this thing even here? "A good idea? No. But that's not really a factor in how SHIELD decide things. Apparently there's some specific power source in this specific place that allows them to make the cells impenetrable to teleportion, and magic and... it's a whole thing. Anyway, they'll have it cleaned up by tomorrow morning, I'm sure. Gas leak is usually the go to."

Weirdly, Spider-Woman doesn't seem to have web lines. That or she's taking it easy and just climbing (or leaping) over rubble to follow him out into the street, and presumably towards the taco truck that is now their destination.