15498/An Unusual Request

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An Unusual Request
Date of Scene: 19 August 2023
Location: Ororo's Attic - Xavier's School
Synopsis: Rogue surprises Storm in her Attic of the mansion for a little bribed thunderstorm action.
Cast of Characters: Storm, Rogue

Storm has posed:
Ororo's got a very clear, very friendly and well-known open door policy for her teaching hours whenever she's using a classroom in the mansion, or hanging out in the faculty lounge. But she also has a lesser known, not quite so open-door policy for her private abode.

Even if the doors are literally open.

But of course her teammates and friends are on that guest list.

While her attic is serene, it's not quite quiet, the faint sound of music audible from further down the mansion, Ororo seated in between the sets of windows, eyes closed, legs crossed and palms upturned on her knees, eyes closed and hair being tousled by a constant, gentle breeze.

She's dressed for... well, apparently a day of relaxation and meditation in a simple cotton tanktop and shorts, her lips in a small, serene smile, breath escaping in low humming in time to the string music playing from her stereo. ...Apparently it's not a day to be meditating to old heavy metal albums.
Rogue has posed:
There's a series of knocks in the whole 'shave and a haircut' bit that is immediately followed by the door opening. "Stooooorm. It's Rogue. I wanted to come see my favorite weather goddess..." It could be argued that Ororo is the ONLY weather goddess she knows, but that is entirely beside the point.

What might be interesting to see is that she's not wearing her all in one spandex suit and gloves. Instead, she's in daisy dukes and a tee shirt, no gloves, her hair is up in a tight ponytail and she's -smiling-. Random pop-ins for her aren't atypical, however. As much of a recluse as she usually is, she will give time to Storm any day of the week.

"Well don't you look as cozy as a raccoon in a garbage pail. How's the attic been treatin' you? Same as always?" Oh. Wait. Meditating. So she stops and waits, but she also keeps a grin while holding onto a carton of smokes and a bottle of whiskey.
Storm has posed:
That knock draws Ororo's attention, and the music fades, via her divine powers. Or, possibly, because she just tapped 'pause' on the screen of her cellphone. She'll never tell. Because she's already opening her eyes to take in the arrival of her dear friend, lips curving towards a wide smile before Rogue's even done announcing herself.

"Oh! I am your /favorite/ weather goddess? Have you been hanging out with subpar climate deities, my friend?"

Her eyes narrow slightly as she takes in Rogue's approach and attire. "...Are you hoping to ask me for favorable weather for... jumping a car over a pile of hay bails to escape Boss Hog?" She frowns slightly, "Are Dukes of Hazzard references too old? Did I just date myself?"

Eyes flick to the cigarettes and bottle of whiskey and she grins crookedly, "Well, if you /are/ planning to bribe me for a specific sort of weather, I think you are already well on your way to making a /very/ good impression, my dear." Ororo practically /purrs/ out, long legs drawing to pull her heels under her, lifting up with a little spring and a bit of an energetic bounce as she laughs softly, "Oh! I was not meditating really. I was just enjoying the breeze and... well, it looks very impressive if someone drops in, doesn't it?"
Rogue has posed:
"You think I'm going to try and jump Betsy over hay bails? No no no..." Though Rogue laughs at the reference. "I don't think they're too old... they did remake the movie back a decade ago I think...which just means it's relative again.."

The 'offerings' are lifted up and she smiles again. "But you got me... I just don't want sunshine. I want a nice southern thunderstorm...just without the tornadoes...figured we could relax in the sounds of the rain and the thunder, have a smoke and some drinks. Talk." Pause. "If you want to..."
Storm has posed:
There's a soft little sigh of acknowledgement from Ororo as she grins impishly, "Yes, yes, I suppose I'm not quite /ancient/ yet then... does Elizabeth know your car is named Betsy? If she doesn't... Can I tell her?!" Eyebrows perk up playfully at the prospect.

Ororo sweeps in to nestle against Rogue's side, arm looping over her shoulders, "Well, I /suppose/ a little thunderstorm couldn't hurt anything..." Even as she's teasingly speaking her eyes are glowing and that gentle breeze she's been enjoying blowing through the windows is picking up. "...And I think getting the storm going /before/ we open the whiskey is only responsible, yes? We can be irresponsible /after/."
Rogue has posed:
"Rain creates life.. and it's been a rather warm and dry summer so far. So people can deal with a little weather detour." Rogue proudly states as she leans into Ororo for a moment. "And yes, first get the storm going, then open the whiskey... and keep the windows open for some decent ventilation." That much more as she sets things down, grabs a couple glasses and pulls out a pack of smokes.

"Oh this is goin' to be so good! I can already smell the rain in the air. I love that smell, don't you? Like just before the rain begins to fall the skies just sort of feel and scent like water enough to know it's there but not enough to drown ya. Then lightning pretties up the skies and thunder rumbles...mmmn. I'd sit out for hours in a good storm..."
Storm has posed:
Ororo nods and sighs out, almost shivering as she continues to manipulate the weather. It's nowhere near as violent as she /can/ be. After all, she has to be able to earn that Storm codename. This is more... leisurely, like the weather goddess is painting a picture, wind picking up, clouds billowing and building on the horizon.

She nods and snickers softly, "And if we want to get /in/ the storm we can just fly out the windows! Not that I try to do that too often with how people always have their cellphones at hand nowadays."

Even as Rogue's speaking of the beauty of a fine summer storm, there's a faint rumbling, clouds billowing higher even as the bottoms darken as she murmurs out, "Hopefully no one minds that this is going to look /very/ dramatic. But it won't be a dangerous storm..." She clicks her tongue and mumbles, "But if anyone asks why their flights were delayed today..." She glances over her shoulder, gaze lingering on Rogue separating a pack of smokes from the carton and getting glasses ready. "Well, I'll just blame my pretty friend for asking so nicely."
Rogue has posed:
Rogue takes a deep breath in. "Oh, will it storm all over the city? I thought you could isolate it to the mansion..." Then she thinks on it. "But that'd be a bit suspect wouldn't it?" She laughs then while packing the cigarettes before opening the pack, flipping a lucky and then pulls two out.

"Also, we could fly into it while on school grounds. No one here is going to be silly enough to video us flaying in the rain..." Then another thought. "I'll have to text Logan, have him watch out his window... he'd likely get a kick out of it for a bit then yell at me for tryin' to get sick or somethin'.."
Storm has posed:
Ororo lets out a mischievous little laugh, "Well mostly over the mansion, but... I haven't looked at the typical flight paths in awhile. I suppose they /will/ just fly around the storm, it's not like it's going to be moving anywhere."

she tilts her head and perks her eyebrows up, "We have a sauna, surely? We'll get you warm to fight off any cold! See? We can be /fun-loving/ and responsible at once!"

The weather goddess doesn't quite step far enough out into the windows to be touched by the droplets that are beginning to fall, as she hums out, "But I suppose it's... sweet if he's over protective of you. After all, I have no doubt you could overcome /any/ common cold!"
Rogue has posed:
Rogue blushes a little. "He's harmless, really. And I would hope he's a bit over protective of the woman he loves." Saying this much before both glasses of whiskey are taken up and she walks over to the windows and offers one of the glasses to the weather goddess. "Here we are, one glass of fine whiskey - cause I only bring out the best when it's a bribe offering." She grins and then looks out to the building storm, listening to the rain as it begins to splatter against the roof. "Thanks for this, Ororo. I really do appreciate it."
Storm has posed:
Ororo just smiles even more warmly at the blush, noddin ghe rhead solemnly, "Oh yes! Though I hardly think you need much protecting. The women of the mansion are a skilled and resilient bunch, and you are certainly one of our foremost, my dear." That glass is taken as Ororo sighs out contentedly, "Yes, well I'd hope so! Especially when you are sharing in the bribe, my dear." She lets out a low little noise and shakes her head, "Oh, it is no problem at all, dear. What is the fun in being able to bend the weather to my will if not to use it to sometimes give my dearest friends their desires, hm?" She glances sidelong and grins impishly. "Besides, this is... far more creative than just providing sunny skies for a day by the pool. Not that I'm not willing to provide that as well."
Rogue has posed:
"Sunny days happen all the time here it seems, and I'm sure it's like your most requested weather change. So you'll never get that from me. If I'm comin' to you for some weather change, it'll be for anything from light rain to a full on storm." Rogue offers this much. "You help me get a taste of home, and that's always nice." Then she sips her whiskey and inhales a breath. "Whooo. Good stuff." A pause. "...You seem a bit apathetic towards Logan. Do you and him not get along?"
Storm has posed:
"Oh, it's pretty common... but most of them aren't my doing!" She pauses for a sip and sighs happily, "Just don't tell Jubilee that. It'd break her heart." She grins crookedly and shrugs lightly, "I think perhaps I just haven't seen him in too long. It's hard to think of him as anything but..." She frowns thoughtfully, "A useful ally in a fight? I imagine it's a lot like how I view Scott, far more on a... tactical level for the unpleasantness we much deal with than on a personal level." She glances sidelong with an impish smile as she murmurs dryly, "I mean, I never even considered him /dating/! Clearly I've been doing too much meditation up here on my own and just need to get out more often. Maybe I'll ease back into things. Try to schedule a girls night."
Rogue has posed:
"Mums the word. I promise." Rogue responds on the matter of not telling Jubes that Storm has much nothing to do with all the sunny days. Her eyes drift out to the storm once more and she takes a deep breath in before sipping whiskey and then decides it's time for a smoke. Though she has to relinquish the drink to grab the pack and her lighter, coming back over to offer a smoke to the goddess before taking one for herself. "Logan's gotten better here in recent times. Even Jean's apparently noticed he's a bit more even tempered, actually thinks things through and has even been the level headed on in some recent arguments..." Providing all the gossip that Storm has missed out on. "And a girls night out sounds really fun...maybe...I'm still getting used to being more social. But...on the plus side of things...I've gotten better control over my powers. So there's that." Which is why the relationship works.
Storm has posed:
Ororo just nods solemnly, continuing to take small, responsible sips of the whiskey, even if the soft, pleased noises /after/ those sips are getting more pronounced as the storm continues to unleash the most friendly version of 'nature's fury' that those words can possibly suggest. She grins and accepts the offered smoke. She laughs softly as she takes a light and chirps out, "Oh my! Well, that's good. I just caught up with Jean recently." She glances sidelong and murmurs out, "Well! Maybe a girls night movie outing, dinner and a show. I can understand if you don't want to go out clubbing and dancing in close quarters. We'll find something we can all enjoy." She clears her throat primly. "Go-Karts if nothing else. That is actually probably a very fair choice. I cannot think of anyone who would have an advantage."