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A Very Heavy House Guest
Date of Scene: 26 August 2023
Location: 1407 Greymalkin Lane - Breakstone
Synopsis: Juggernaut pays a visit to the mansion for personal reasons and matters of trust are deeply discussed.
Cast of Characters: Juggernaut, Phoenix, Rogue, Wolverine, Cyclops

Juggernaut has posed:
On a very special episode of The Crimson and The Swole - an avatar of pure power and destruction decides to try and make ammends with his villainous manipulative step-brother.

Well..not quite. He's not quite that far on this journey yet..if he'll ever get there at all. Who can say? But a certain Cain Marko has had somethings troubling him of late and after wracking his brain for options and solutions.. he's been led to the here and now. A large pick up truck parked within eye sight of the road winding up towards the estate grounds at 1407 Greymalkin Lane. Once upon a time simply home for a chunk of his adolescent life. Now..barely an eyesore considering the memories attached to it and the residents and rightful owner of the property within.

But sometimes a man just has questions that need to be answered and ones only one person can provide..and so he sits. Fingers drumming on the dashboard of his truck as he studies the walls around the mansion with a mildly perturbed look to his face.

"I could just walk in. Not like they can stop me." he considers. Cyttorak's influence boils within him. Why not just bring the place crashing down? He's marched through there before in the days of the elder X-Men's youth. But he hesitates, gritting his teeth as he wars with himself and his own tendecies. "..Or I could just..you know...ring the doorbell." he counters. At war with that touch of Cyttorak .. or himself. Is it really Cyttorak? That's always an easy excuse when he loses his temper and earthquake alarm systems are triggered states away.

It is pure spite that finally pushes him over the edge. Spite to prove the naysayers wrong. That he does have self control. Even spite can be good for some things. "FIne. I'll compromise."

A moment later and his heavy soled boots have hit the pavement and he's marching up the road towards the iron gate while rolling his massive shoulders to loose then up. No flash of red. No donning of his armor. Just all nearly eight foot of him, jeans, tee shirt, sun glasses and jacket. Honestly still potentially alarming but not armoring up should mean 'something' to those savvy in 'Juggernaut Speech'. His hand reaches out for the gate...
Phoenix has posed:
A sunny Friday early evening finds Jean stepping out of the mansion to take a leisurely walk in the nearby woods. The cottage she shares with Scott is not really that far from here, perhaps a 20 minute walk by foot which is enough to help her clear her head after a long day of work.

Thankfully Juggernaut is not yet *on* the school grounds and so the security alarms don't go off..Yet. Not wearing his gold and red armour helps his position too, although once he's out of his car and marching out to the gate at around the time Jean steps up to it from the other side, she pauses, peering back at him with a slight frown.

"Cain Marko..? What re you doing here?" she tries to keep her voice calm and polite rather than threatening, but she is clearly tense, cautious too.
Rogue has posed:
Rogue is just getting back to the mansion after having spent some time away with Logan at his cabin. So when she flies closer and spots Cain Marko at the gate her first instinct is to go and confront him right then and there. But the hot-blooded Southerner is stopped by the presence of Jean Grey and so she cools off a bit and moves to fly over the gate and land behind Jean.

Course, she's been nice to the man before, but she's also gone toe-to-toe with him. They have that sort of frenemy relationship in a sense. As she steps up from behind Jean she does give Cain a bit of an upnod. "Sup Juggy. Yer a bit of a ways from Mutant Town."
Wolverine has posed:
Logan is working in the garage. Right now, Mark Crozer and the Rels's "Broken Out In Love," plays. Right now, he's just working on his motorcycle. If Juggernaut had his normal walking boots, it would have rattled the garage. Luckily, his communicator is nearby him. A simple call would bring Logan out on the scene. It's just a normal day for Logan. He's completely oblivious to everything. He doesn't know how nutty it is just beyond the closed garage doors.
Juggernaut has posed:
Indeed. The usual *THOOM* or *TOOM* of Juggernaut's steps or literal footprints in the ground are not occuring. They could be a hairs breadth away from happening but he's exercising restraint. Pulling back consciously as well as sub consciously. Jean's arrival helps with that as well, not raising his ire but instead causing a close lipped tight smile to form on his face. Not entirely 'friendly' per se but he's not taking a swing or armoring up either.

"So Ol'Jean's up first." he muses. Their encounters over the past season have all been cordial. Friendly. Firm and stern when needed but fair.

She even bought him a shirt at the mall. No easy or cheap feat.

"Ah..red. I was hoping for someone to give me an excuse to stop walking so lightly. Now I gotta stay on my good behavior." he answers while slowing his movements down and avoiding reaching for the gates just yet.

When Rogue lands and greets him with a friendly enough greeting as well Cain is forced to stop completely now. He reaches up and scratches his roughly hewn red hair and thenr ubs his jaw.

"You ladies are making it hard. Where's ol'one eyed when I need a reason to get mad? Anyway.. Maybe I let something in my old room. I used to live here, remember? Grew up here when you guys weren't even at thought in your parents minds. Well..except the furball I guess maybe." He assumes Logan's older then the rest of them by looks aone. If he only knew.

"Where's Charlie?"
Phoenix has posed:
Jean Grey notices Rogue and Logan's approaches and seems visibly calmed by that, nodding to them both before turning to face Juggernaut, watching him thoughtfully as he explains himself. Or tries to.

"I see, I am aware of some of your history with our mentor and your step brother, Charles. And you are correct, technically this is your home as well, however.." she frowns softly, seemingly scrutinizing him, weighing the good with the bad.

"Professor Xavier is currently away on a sabbatical. We are not exactly sure when he is returning, if this is a social visit I can let him know when he returns.
Rogue has posed:
"Ain't seen the professor in a long hot minute to be honest with ya, Jugs." Rogue re-affirms what Jean says in her own way, that Mississippi accent thick with it. "M'sure Jean here has ways of communicating with him...but if ya really did leave somethin' behind, m'sure one of us could go fetch it for ya." Because... letting Cain into the mansion? Likely not going to happen, no matter how cordial he's being.

She's got the memories of becoming a crater in the ground to prove it.
Wolverine has posed:
Logan starts to hear the commotion. That's when a "rrrrrrt," interrupts the talks. Staning there, Logan just waits, they can make him out better than he can make them out. Although, at first Logan thinks Colussus might be back. Then he sees who that leg -really- belongs to.

Ocean blue eyes drink in the scene. Jean. Rogue. Juggernaut. His eyes lock on Rogue for a second then they got to Juggernaut. A memory starts to hit him.

Clenching his fist, those ocean blue eyes narrow on Cain. "Just say the word darlin'," Logan has been in a foul mood. So, maybe being Rogue's attack dog might take that edge off.

If only someone stabbable from his past was around. . .
Juggernaut has posed:
This was unexpected. "A sabbatical... Him? Charles?" He doesn't seem to believe it. Not exactly flabbergasted per se but it seems the concept of Xavier taking a vacation of any sort is..anathema to him.

"Yer kidding. I came all this way and he's what --- on a cruise?"

"I didn't leave anything behind Rogue. I was joking. It's the friendly 'new me'. Good with kids at parties and everything."

He waves a massive hand, "I'm here to see Charles. I got a personal question for him. Something only he would know."

His tone slowly shifts. It's subtle. But it seems that 'He's not here' isn't a satisfying answer.

"I'm sure ol'Charley wouldn't mind a chat with his dear ol'step brother. So you don't mind if I ....couch crash till you get him on the phone..do ya?

His eyes narrow abit, his smile returning though now it feels a touch more forced. "..I'm sure he'll return your calls faster then mine..."

And then Logan makes his presence more clearly known and Cain drifts his ice blue eyes towards him and locks his gaze there. Both of his red tinted eyebrows raise upwards and then fold back down, his forhead knitting as his smile becomes ...actually more relaxed? Less tense? It's almost as if the aggression towards him is -more- comfortable and familiar then the friendly(sort of) conversation. "Well..that's more what I was expectin'. It aint bizarro world after all.."
Phoenix has posed:
Jean Grey blinks at Logan, shaking her head slowly before looking back at Juggernaut. "Cain..I can see that you are different from the angry man who once stormed in here years ago. I have heard from others that you have changed if only a little bit. However, I don't think any of us trust you enough to be allowed on the school grounds where numerous children are currently residing. Plus, this is Afterall Charles' home and ultimately his decision to make. I think it would be unwise to allow you entry to the school grounds at this time. However if you wish to discuss this further perhaps we can meet on neutral ground at a later date. As I said earlier, I will let the Professor know you dropped by and put in a word or two on your behalf. However, I believe you still have a ways to go before earning the trust of the Xmen or Charles."
Cyclops has posed:
Oh boy.

Scott saw the motion sensors get triggered while he was walking the grounds of the Institute. "Kids, get inside." He tells some of the younger mutants around him as he steps forward and they run back in. Red sunglasses cover his eyes while a sweater covers his torso and dark pants cover the legs. Boots are on his feet and he rolls his sleeves up to the elbows as he approaches the gate. He spots a few folks:

Jean Grey, Logan, Rogue...

And who in the world could miss the Juggernaut?

"Cain. Looks like you're having a good day."

And unlike the others, who have some distance, Scott walks right through all of them to get to Juggernaut. "I take it you're on good behavior?" He stops in front of him, looking right up into his eyes, his arms crossing over his chest. "So, lets talk."
Rogue has posed:
Rogue takes a breath, about to say something, when Scott walks up and past all of them to approach the gates where Cain stands on the other side. A brow raises and then she glances sidelong to Logan before shaking her head. "I think you could do with some time in the Danger Room. Why don't we go let you release some of that...whatever the hell this is..." She motions to the whole of Logan.."While Jean and Scott work things out with Juggy here..." She offers this much, because at least Jean and Scott might be a bit more even tempered with Cain at this point. She can almost FEEL that Logan is ready to pounce the next person who looks at him funny.
Wolverine has posed:
"Not from what I heard. I still owe him a black eye n' a couple of broken fingers," Logan says, almost in retort to Jean's words. Logan hasn't forgotten about a particular fight between Juggernaut and Rogue. "I remember nursing someone's injuries fer a bit there," and now it's becoming apparent why Logan is -happy- to be an attack dog at this moment. In his mind, Juggernaut has a debt Logan, at this point in time, wouldn't mind collecting.

"Chuck hasn't been 'round fer a spell. Only people smarter than the both of us can talk to him directly," Logan says to Juggernaut. At least Logan doesn't hold a superior complex over Juggernaut.

Then Scott is on the scene. A lot of conflict comes up when this happens. Last time Logan saw Scott they were mending a disagreement. However, on a separate issue Logan and Scott might actually be on the same side, for once. Logan's unsure if he should talk about it though.

Then Rogue just gestures to all of him, and it gives Logan pause. Standing still, Logan just eyes Juggernaut for a few moments. "I still owe ya," but Logan starts to walk back into the mansion from his spot in the garage. She's right, Logan wants to be as diplomatic as a McCoy trying to broker peace with a Hatfield.
Juggernaut has posed:
"You worried about protecting the kids from me Jean? The kids you personally asked me to spend my time and strength helping you look for when they were missing? The kids I showed up to help find and deal with kidnappers up in hte mountains in the snow with Magneto's egotistical ass being there? Those kids Jean?"

Social niceness and cordiality has drained from him just a touch. He doesn't appear 'hurt' per se but there is something said there that has truly triggered a touch of true aggravation.

"I aint looking to earn you trust. I said I wanted to talk to Charles... I'm not trying to join the X-Men..and I'm on a schedule with a window I'm working with... You know..I'm surprised at y'all. It's taking alot of me to not walk up here ready to rumble but instead I show up like this and that's not enough good faith for you...?"

He eyes Logan briefly but before he can add more to it, Scott is there and he's walkld right up to him. Cain lowers his gaze, locking it onto Scott and he seems..surprised.. His mouth works a few times, shifting left and right as if he's trying to hold onto his rising temper but it seems to drain abit. Somewhat.

"Business is business Wolverine." he rumbles, "Rogue understood that when she hit me with train. But hey..anytime you wanna let off some steam you just call me.." He keeps his gaze on Scott though and then finally says, "Yeah. I'm all good like I'm in my Sunday's Best..."
Phoenix has posed:
Jean Grey nods, "Yes, those kids, and I didn't actually ask you, you and Magneto were looking for your own kids, our paths just intersected. But it's a good start.." when Scott arrives she takes a step back, letting him take control of the situation and have the final say. "So, you came here looking for Charles, as I said he is away on a Sabbatical. I said I would pass on your message and tell him that you seem to be changing for the better but I think it's a bad idea to let you...'crash' at the school in the meantime."

She nods to Scott, "However, I believe Scott is the one you will have to truly convince of that."
Cyclops has posed:
With Logan and Rogue backing off for the time being, it gives Scott a little bit more time with good ole Cain Marko.

Thankfully, Jean is backing him on this. Anybody else and it'd probably end in disaster. It still might! He keeps his arms crossed as he looks up at Cain, locking eyes with him. "Thank you, Jean, for talking to Cain until I was able to come arrive here. But...he has a good point."

He hums. "If he was here to fight, we would already be fighting. My only question for you is...when you've gotten your answer from Charles, what will you do then? Will you keep your current demeanor or will I find trouble?"

He doesn't seem afraid of Cain in the slightest. Instead, he shows respect by the proximity and being willing to meet his gaze. "Jean is right though, the Professor isn't home." But he doesn't say Cain /can't/ enter. At least not yet.
Juggernaut has posed:
"Finally.. some logic." says Cain, nostrils flaring here. "I risked a lot to come here like this. Doesn't say anything? That what I wanted is important? Your place is crawling with psi's. You both know that's the only thing that can hurt me if I dont' have my helmet on yet here I am, without it, and you're giving me the run around? Come on.. If I was here to cause trouble and threaten your kids and your mansion I"d have already walked through these gates... The specifics of why I was in the mountains is besides the point. Y'all know I don't have any interest in hurting your school kids."

There was that one incident when he was trying to prove a point to Kit mind you but ..ironically that was in defense of Jean's character. Not that she'd know of that and not that he's going to raise that point up!

"..So no. I didn't come here for trouble and I won't bring it.."

He notes that both ROgue and Logan are gone..and it's now that he adds: "If you two gotta know... I got a question for Charles about Korea. About when I became Juggernaut. I got reasons to ask. That help?"
Phoenix has posed:
Jean Grey nods slowly, looking him up and down. "You make some valid points, and I do appreciate that you didn't just try to break in here in your full armour. That's definitely a step in the right direction." she arches a brow when he gives them a hint about his intentions, considering the request but ultimately leaving it up to Scott. She glances at him thoughtfully. "What do you think?"
Cyclops has posed:
"I think we can trust him."


"Currently don't have a reason not to." Cyclops remarks to Jean with a soft tone in his voice. "Everyone deserves a chance. And the last thing we need is more of us fighting each other." He remarks softly. "You will be allowed on Institute grounds on a visitor pass, Cain. I'll let the Professor know you'd like to speak with him. He can find time to speak with you on his own time, since the Professor is on his own at the moment."

He raises a brow.

"Sound good to you?"

Though of course, Scott is /extremely/ curious about this Korea incident, he doesn't ask about it. Despite his history, Juggernaut has a right to his own history since it's not directly harmful. But no doubt Scott may find out anyway.

"I recommend being on your 'sunday best' behavior."
Juggernaut has posed:
"I got to admit .. Scott.." Not Cyke. Not one-eyed. Not soldier boy. "..I'm surprised. I'd have thoguht you'd be the last person to pass this little test.. Maybe second to last.. Wolverine's here after all."

Cain shakes his head, almost in disbelief, "I guess I had you pegged wrong."

Cain nods his head in approval to Scott and to then to Jean as well. "You protectin' your kids but still thinking with your heads as well. I can't find any fault with that... Alright.. you both have my word. No trouble. Sunday's Best." He holds a hand over his heart and offers a bullish grin.

"Scout's honor..."
Phoenix has posed:
Jean Grey glances at Scott thoughtfully, a slightly raised brow at his response. Even she expected him to say outright no. However, she trusts whatever decision he makes and she nods slowly in agreement. "At least, until you see the Professor and deal with this Korea thing..However, if there is anything any of us can do to help.." she shrugs.

With any luck he won't be around for long and Scott can probably see the tension in her face. She's clearly worried about the kids but Afterall, he did briefly team up with the Xmen and even protected Jean herself when they worked together to rescue both Genoshan and Xavier kids against aliens. "I will hold you to that promise. If you break your word, if you summon your armour against us, the consequences will be dire."
Juggernaut has posed:
"You still don't trust me?"

Now Cain -does- seem mildly...bothered by Jean. A light frown as if he expected her to be the first to give him the benefit of the doubt. "You think so little of my word you got to threaten me? I stood up for you once. You konw one of your kids actually thinks higher of Mr. Sinister then he does of you?"

Cain's expression is seroius. Dour now. "...THe armor doesn't make me Juggernaut. I -am- Juggernaut. I'm as unstoppable and invulnerable now as I am with it on. The only thing it brings to me here is my helmet and skullcap so what you're -really- saying is that while I'm here you don't ever want me to have that on so I have no defense against you Jean. Is that it?"

He looks at her squarely, waiting.
Phoenix has posed:
Jean Grey folds her arms as she stares back at Juggernaut a bit sharply. "I said I see you are trying to change, and no, I do not trust you implicitly, but I am getting there. I think we are taking a calculated risk on both sides. Of course you would be expected to defend yourself should anyone try to attack you, but we would have no reason to attack you except to defend ourselves. I'm just letting you know all the potential scenarios that might come up."
Juggernaut has posed:
"I think you're underestimating this game of trust on my side, Red. I'm exposed to you and any other psi right now. If Emma Frost is here and feels like she'd think id' funny to..plant a suggestion in me to march myself up to SHIELD I can't do nothing about that. So you threatening me or asking me to never ever done any protection to secure my -own- protection don't sit right with me. Like I said. I'm Juggernaut twenty-four seven. The armor's just a symbol. Even my size. I can be big as I want or this big and I'm still every bit Juggernaut cause I'm an avatar."

Everything -seems- settled though and the giant takes a step back, "I'll come back after I take care of some things and be a 'visitor' on my best behavior then.. I gave you my word..and Juggernaut keeps his word..."

Cain gives the two of them a long look and then, grinning slighlty once more, turns and starts heading back towards his truck some distance away.