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A Sleeping Juggernaut
Date of Scene: 12 September 2023
Location: Xavier Mansion, Elsewhere
Synopsis: Cain has a bad dream rooted in ghost of his past. He wakes up to some interesting results ((OOC: Trigger Warning. If you have a history of abuse, narcissist parents. You may wish to skip this one)
Cast of Characters: Doctor Destiny, Juggernaut

Doctor Destiny has posed:
Juggernaut is walking down familiar hallways. It's the Xavier Mansion. Next to him Charles Xavier is moving with his step sibling. "Why are you so angry Cain? I do wish this rift between us would end. You could do the world a lot of good," Cain Marko may not remember how he got here, why he's not in the juggernaut suit or anything else. It's like he got pulled from a daydream. Like Charles went on about science and Cain drifted away until Charles answered the question.

"All of mutant kind could benefit to see us working together toward a better tomorrow," he gives Cain a hopeful smile. Everything feels genuine about Charles. The words, the tone and he's still wearing the same dark green suit with blue tie. "Let us be brothers again. Properly this time," he says to his brother with hope in his voice. A true desire to start tomorrow on a brand new leaf with family.
Juggernaut has posed:
"Are you -kidding- me, Charles?"

He's not having it. Even outside of his suit...even in a completely depowered state...Cain is a massive man and when he wheels on Charles he looms towards him like a tree bending over, waving his arms wildly in an gesture of utter exasperation and disbelief.

"You gotta ask -why-?? After all this time?!" He glares at Charles with his ice blue eyes and then turns away, running a hand through his dark hair and then scratching at his light beard.

"You -know- why Charles. First off, I aint a mutant. You know -that- much. You lorded your powers over me, invaded my mind to find out all about what dear ol'dad was really like. Cheated wildly to get through school and sports while I had to sit there and bear the brunt of not being the son he really wanted. They loved you, never me... and you gotta ask -why- I'm pissed off and try and rope me into your agenda -that- way?"

He turns away, taking a few steps away. I didn't come here to bury the hatchet with you and make like we're ready to share video games or something... I had a..I had a.."

His mind isn't clear. Whose minds really are in such places? A p practiced lucid dreamer he is not. He rarely even sleeps.

"Well whatever. I won't be here much longer. Not unless you got a better recruitment pitch then -that-... At least your pal Magneto offered to pay me..."
Doctor Destiny has posed:
"You were always a stupid child!" A familiar voice from Juggernaut's past comes forward. As Cain whirls around to face the source, "SLAP!" It holds the familiar sting like so many others before it. Standing before Cain is his father. "We could have had everything, boy!" His father strikes at Juggernaut again.

"You don't even so the big picture now. I expected little of you and I'm still disappointed in you. What do you do? Rob banks? Be a thug for money," Mister Marko sneers at his son. The scientist looks down upon Cain, holding the same height and shadow like so many years before. Juggernaut never got to experience seeing his father at eye level, or looking down upon him. That hasn't changed.

"You had -one- job to do growing up and you couldn't even do that. And you call Charles the failure. The screw up. Look into a mirror, boy," that disdain just rolls off his father's voice. It may not be how Cain's father actually is. But all of the jealous rage, how every hurtful thought matches all the tones Can holds onto.

Mister Marko reaches behind Cain and grabs the crystal. The source of the Juggernaut's power. The gem is tossed to Charles. "At least he'll do something useful with it!" This time it's a backhand that comes at Juggernaut.
Juggernaut has posed:
Kurk Marko was a piece of work. Indeed the precise nature of the death of Brian Xavier never was -clearly- revealed, now was it..? And in fact, Cain may have even had just a little bit of information on the man. Enough to the point he attempted to blackmail his own father later. He really was a product of his fathers behavior and manipulative efforts.

And yet Kurt Marko still -died- to save them. Gave his life to carry him and Charles from a burning lab in an incident Cain had accidentally caused in his own rage.

He still hasn't forgiven him no...but he hasn't forgetten him and the desperate desire of a sons want of approval of his fahter is still buried in him.

And so the slap stings, stuns, terrifies him. How is this happening? This should not be. Nevermind the physical differences being off. Cain was massive, even growing up and as a young man. Stronger then his father and yet still not able to stop the physical abuse, let alone the verbal. Yet here he is.

"Wha.." he grunts out, freezing under the tirade that cuts deep into him. "I.." he begins, unable to finish as Kurt..basically spits out facts. He -does- squander the power. In the hands of someone else the power of THe Juggernaut could conquer a world.

"No, stop it!" he finally bellows, attempting to shove Kurt away, "This aint right! This is some sorta... You're all in my head! I came here in good faith...and you're all just messing with my head!"

He rounds on Charles as the crystal is given to him and attempts to reach for it but the backhand catches him and he staggers back and away. "STOP! That's MINE!"
Doctor Destiny has posed:
"No. In your hands it's in the hand of a coward. How did you get this son?" Kurt Marko asks. "You ran. You ran from your duty. You ran from your responsibility. You were a coward getting to it. Let a -real- man handle this," and Kurt will see Charles take the crystal.

Charles starts to recite, "Who so ever possesses the sacred gem shall prepare himself to receive the power of the Crimson Bands of Cytorak . Breathe these words and go from this place a human Juggernaut!" and the energy surrounds Charles.

Charles stands in the juggernaut armor. Kurt nods with approval.

"See? That's the armor on a true man. Someone brave. Someone that stayed to fight. Not a coward," Kurt says firmly to his son. "So much power, so unworthy. At least the mistakes is corrected," and he'll kick at Cain for a moment to look at Charles. "My true son," Kurt declares and goes to give Charles, now changed, a hug.
Juggernaut has posed:
The kick slams home and Cain doubles over, cluthing his sides. It hurts....and of course it hurts. He's just an ordinary man after all. Sure, a bruiser, a thug, but a moral man nevertheless and the kick is aimed with more then just physical force but mental anguish and confusion.

Cain goes down, eyes watering. "It's not fair! Why is he winning again? This isn't right! He's taking everything. I've got nothing! I can't win!"

He reembers the power but even that is vanishing swiftly from his mind. What little of it he grasps is enough to show him the chasm like gap between him and the newly empowered Xavier. If the distnace before was like that of a man to an ant due to his mutant gifts...now it's a mountain to a gnat.

"I just wanted... I just wanted.." he struggles, "I just wanted to be seen, dammit! Why didn't you see me! Now I'm weak! Like he was!"

Furious and terrified he raises an arm overhead and brings it down for the floor of the hallway.
Doctor Destiny has posed:

Kurt looks at Juggernaut after hugging Charles. "I always saw you, Cain. I saw you every day," his voice soft, quiet. Almost soothing.

"I always saw you. I always saw the failure you were," he sneers again. "What did you do to merit any attention? Breaking Charles's trophies? Running from a battlefield?" a hand goes to Juggernaut's armm. The hand stats to catch aflame. Kurt's voice gets cold and borderline emotionless, "Murder me?"

The fire starts to slowly spread and Kurt looks to the side. His former wife, Cain's mother, comes forward. "It's his fault you're gone, too, isn't it?"

"It's all your fault, son," the woman speaks. Another ghost from Cain's past.

Charles joins his father, "It's all your fault our father is dead, Cain!"

The trio start to chant, "ALL YOUR FAULT!" "ALL YOUR FAULT!" "ALL YOUR FAULT!"

It's around this time Cain would wake up. He's back in his bed.

Pain lingers oon his face, the face stings. It has red marks from each slap endured by his father. There may even be bruising. And small burn marks are on Cain's arms. They match -exactly- where his father touched. Where the hand became alit with fire. When does a nightmare leave marks?
Juggernaut has posed:
The bed is shattered from his sudden thrashing. Alarms are likely ringing from cars from the minor quake that resulted when the giant thrashed himself awake. Windows are shattered. The foundation of the building may even be in question now as his unrestrained terror shook him free and dragged him back to reality with his heart racing. He's fully sized as well. A monstrous figure sprawled out in the room he'd rented out for this business trip to Madripoor.

He gasps for air and then sits up suddenly. The armor isn't on yet. It's not what makes 'The Juggernaut' after all. It's more of a symbol with some added benefits..but that symbol comes with protection and an instant later with a flash of crimson energy it's appeared, wrapping about him and his domed helmet and skullcap warping into being to shield his mind from any potential psychic intrusions..if that's even what it was.

IT's then that he notes the injuries. His accelerated healing is already taking care of that but the fact remains that they are there and that simply should -not- be. He can't be burned. Strikes from an enraged Hulk are weathered like a stone being thrown against a wall of adamant. So how...?

"Rgg...the hell is going on?!" he fumes, standing up now and his body crushing through the ceiling above and then the walls of the building as he strides forward and explodes out of the building....dropping some multiple stories to the streets below in Low Town. His impact produces another seismic disturbance, waking citizens and services up and down the streets..but Juggernaut's already begun making his way towards the harbor. His business in Madripoor now firmly concluded with something else more dire to now deal with.