15620/The Robin and the Hawk

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The Robin and the Hawk
Date of Scene: 22 September 2023
Location: China Basin, Old Gotham
Synopsis: Robin is in the middle of a car chase! Hawkeye lends a hand.
Cast of Characters: Robin (Wayne), Hawkeye (Bishop)

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
Gotham City.

Shadows have long since overtaken the sunlight, blocking it with bolstering support from dark and stormy clouds. Heavy rain falls from the heavens in blinding shower. Anyone driving would be hard pressed to even see through the windshield!

Police sirens sounded off now and again. It's a long night.



A massive explosion rocks the front of A warehouse and five cars immediately drive out of the hole that the explosion had just made. Harvey Dent, the Two-Face, is making a getaway with a great gang of his crew. "Kill him and send him back to the Bat!" He announced, pulling out a large gun and starts firing automatic rounds!

Robin was in hot pursuit, dressed in gray, black, and red. The yellow on the inside of his long frilled cape was evident and visible, the hood over his head and the white film covering the eyes of his domino mask helped hide his identity.

A foot strikes out against the passenger gunmen, his body leaving the vehicle in a tuck and roll while Robin remains on top, he sets a disc-shaped device on the hood old the car and he uses his grappling hook to swing to the next vehicle, managing to evade harsh gunfire.

It's a full chase!
Hawkeye (Bishop) has posed:
Sometimes being a private investigator means taking work that leads outside New York city and into the vast wastelands that constitute New Jersey.

And that god awful dismal weather beating down on the windshield of her purple Trans-Am. Not even her funky night vision sunglasses are much of a help.

Especially when she finds herself driving into and through an attempted getaway. Fenders bending soon impending.

"FUTZ FUTZ FUTZ!" she yells out as vehicles make contact and the Pontiac bounces hard against each vehicle like a formerly sleek purple pinball.

Always wear your seatbelt people!
Robin (Wayne) has posed:
"Dammit." Robin curses as soon as that purple eyesore of a car finds itself ricocheting off of these cars, hardened criminals starting to point at the car. "Kill her to stall Robin!"

Eyes narrow behind that film and Robin pushes a button on his gauntlet to cause that vehicle behind Kate Bishop to immediately turn off, causing the fast moving car to abruptly flip right on its roof! One down, three to go.

A pair of Batarangs are flung from his hand, striking the gun aimed at Kate in the firing pin. The gunman attempts to fire and nothing happens! "Crap, Jammed!" The other batarang hits him in the shoulder, causing him to slump back into the car while he screams in pain.

Robin has to think quickly, Kate's panic causing him to move with greater purpose as he throws a smoke bomb into the car he's standing on. The residents inside starting to cough up a storm until unconsciousness takes them.
Hawkeye (Bishop) has posed:
Gunfire being added to the mix. That junk rustles Hawkeyes jimmies. After a few last bounces she skids out only to see muzzle flashes and then cracks in the windshield and extra sparks and holes against the hood of her car.

"This is why my insurance premiums are always through the damn roof." she groans and with a frown, shifts gears and guns the engine with a pretty beefy sounding raw.

Then gives chase herself. A free hand reaching for her quiver to extract arrows, the driver side door window rolling down. Which annoying lets rain in to mess with the upholstery in a darker violet contrasting the more visible purple of the exteriors.

A juggle of her hands and as Hawkeye gets close enough to the remaining vehicles she flicks a wrist and a beeping arrow hands between windshield and hood. A little purple LED blinking away as a timer counts down.

Robin (Wayne) has posed:
The car gets away.


One less thing to worry about. Bullets are shooting at Robin and he leaps off of the smoked out car to land on Dent's main truck, his hand reaching for a sword that's drawn with a ringing in the air, suggesting fine craftsmanship and certain lethality. He stabs it through the roof of the truck to keep himself attached when he sees an arrow fly into a car next to him.

"Shit! Bail!" Both thugs manage to immediately jump out of the car before it explodes, sending the vehicle into the air and two thugs into the ICU easy.

Robin's eyes catch the return of Hawkeye, eyes narrowing underneath that hood. "Tired!" He calls to the archer as he keeps Dent's attention on him.

"I'm not going back to Blackgate, Robin!"
Hawkeye (Bishop) has posed:
The truck with a Robin on top of it seems to be the focal point as the now clunky Trans-Am pulls itself along side the heavier vehicle. The brunette inside, visibility might prevent seeing exactly what she looks like but arrow shafts in purple give most people an idea who they might have gotten into trouble with.

"They could at least have left a note!" whether it even gets heard over the sound of the rain and engines and gunfire is a different matter.

But the next arow thrown, that lands itself in the front grill of the truck, going off with a loud almost squelchy sound.

One of her 'Goop' arrows, usually designed to restrain low tier super strength. Not fun for a large engine and it's moving parts.

Weaving the car ahead and to the other side, there's another arrow lobbed over Kate's roof and down just under the truck.

Follows by numerous POPs of tires being blown out.

No one really going to notice the torn up asphalt.

"I really should consider buying a used Batmobile somewhere." she mutters to herself.
Robin (Wayne) has posed:
"You hear me Boy Wonder?! I ain't ever goin' back!"

Robin is trying to focus, trying to find the easiest way in here. But now he has a partner. Hawkeye is rather delicate with her precision, the arrow fired from her bow managing to hit square in the grill of the truck, the 'goop' arrow as it was so aptly named, manages to makes the truck slow down, the goop slowing down the engine's ability to produce the energy required to project the car forward.

Then the other arrow slides under the truck...

And all four wheels pop.

The truck starts to turn on it's side because of the speed, and Robin suddenly slides inside like a ghost even while the vehicle is careening.

THe truck goes still for a moment when it grinds to a stop.
Hawkeye (Bishop) has posed:
Look at that pavement fly!

Chunks of asphalt get flicked everywhere as the Pontiac in purple speeds ahead of the larger truck. Mostly to get out of it's way. The goop might have stopped the engine but it may have messed with other important things like brake pedals and levers.

Which is what the caltrops and spikes that tore up the tires are for, the front wheels lowering first to put the nose down into the street while the back tires popping drops the back half and everything starts grinding.

Unlikely it'll be good for the gas tank but catching fire is not something Hawkeye is all that concerned.

Of course what's planned and what happens doesn't match up as the vehicle flips sideways. And starts skidding to an inevitable stop.

Hopefully Robin got a seatbelt on inside as he disappears from view.

Being that it is a Robin. No doubt if things get extra hairy, unlikely by now, a Bat might actually turn up.

Now though, the Hawkeye behind the wheel is already driving off.

Likely to start shopping for a good body shop to fix the damage on her car.

It'll buff right out, really!
Robin (Wayne) has posed:
Hawkeye rides off into the night.

If she's paying attention to what's behind her, she'll see Robin kicking the door to the back of the vehicle open and carrying an unconscious Two-Face over his shoulder. He looks around for a minute and watches Hawkeye ride off into the night. He lifts his gauntlet to his lips and he mutters a few things:

"Penny-One, reroute the Birdcycle to my location."

A few moments later and a *sick* looking motorcycle runs itself around the corner. Robin puts Dent on the back seat and he drives off, most likely towards GCPD.

Another night in Gotham City...and another Hawk running around.