15640/Good Morning Darling

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Good Morning Darling
Date of Scene: 27 September 2023
Location: Interior, 714 Titicus Road, Breakstone
Synopsis: Jean and Scott have a wonderful morning, soured only by the time they don't have.
Cast of Characters: Cyclops, Phoenix

Cyclops has posed:
The morning had come.

Just last night, Scott had taken Jean out on the town for a long overdue date. This morning? Jean may discover she wakes up alone. There is a letter on the side of the bed, elegantly folded paper waiting for her attention. Well, more of a note than an actual letter.

The smell of breakfast was quickly spreading through the home. The note reads simply: 'I got hungry and I'm gonna start making breakfast. Come join me if you would like to.
- S'

Sure enough, if the path downstairs was tread, Scott Summers is wearing a tank top and sweatpants, his feet bare against cold wood and his red sunglasses covering his eyes, the red lenses of ruby quartz glinting in rising sunlight.

Omelets, bacon, and sausages for breakfast? Not too shabby. Or at least he would hope so. He's humming a tune to himself, one of Frank Sinatra's classics?
Phoenix has posed:
Last night had been long overdue and much appreciated.

This morning finds Jean waking a little later than usual, especially for her. ESPECIALLY for a Wednesday. She had no classes until mid afternoon, but there was always something to keep her occupied at the school... everyone deserves a personal day right?

She slides out of bed and immediately goes to brush her hair after reading the note. Doning something suitable for ambling around in the late morning, she pads downstairs barefoot wearing a pair of black yoga pants and a green tanktop. Her hair pulled back into a neat ponytail with her red framed glasses resting low on the bridge of her nose as she enters the kitchen.

Greeted by the smell of sizzling bacon... there are worse ways to wake up.

A grin plays across her face and she slips up behind Scott to give him a hug, resting her cheek against his shoulder. "Good morning, Mister Blue Eyes." Turning to kiss his ear, she moves away to grab some orange juice from the fridge. "Sleep well?"
Cyclops has posed:
"Fly me...to the moon.." Scott hums it, occasionally actually singing the words. He had a nice, deep voice and a good baritone, but his hearing was never quite as good as some others and his fiance always had a way to sneak up on him. He feels her arms curl around his middle and he can't help but smile from corner to corner.

"Hey Red-" Scott blushes faintly at the kiss to his ear and he turns just a little to give her a playful smack as she moves to grab orange juice. "Never slept better. How about you? Good dreams? I tried to let you sleep in a little bit before we go back to the grind."

Classes and kids and missions and training and...

But Scott knew he could always come home to Jean Elaine Grey.

"Breakfast is almost ready. Any special requests?" He asks her. Probably too late to ask how she likes her eggs or bacon, but at least sausage is still on the table.
Phoenix has posed:
Jean hops at the swat and swings her hand behind her to try and catch his hand in a playful slap, missing by a metric mile. The smile on her face indicates it was neither unwelcome nor any real affront to her dignity. "Oh, I slept just fine, yes." She says this with a wink and retrieves the orange juice from the fridge, along with a pair of glasses from the cabinet to pour them both some to drink while they eat.

"It smells amazing, I'm sure you've done a fine job." There is the slightest, most comical, and ultimately playful air of indignation that she would allow someone else to cook. With a teasing grin direct his way over her shoulder.

"I was hoping to hit the gym before my classes, but I suppose I'll have to go after. Which means I may be home late tonight.." Once more up beside him at the stove, bumping hips while reaching out to pluck a strip of bacon.
Cyclops has posed:
It was a long night in all of the best ways.

A laugh leaves his lips when she jumps, his hand quickly retreating to cook so he looks as innocent as humanly possible. Of course, that devilish smile on his face proves all wrongdoing.

"I'm glad. With how much exercise we got, I'd feel terrible if you didn't sleep at all." He scoffs then, humor in his eyes. "If I manage to impress you with my cooking, I'll start to wonder what alternate dimension I'm stuck in this time." and no matter what joke or tease he sent her way? That smile always made him just want to stare.

He's nudged by her hip and he bends just so to nudge her right back. "I might be home late too. Been trying to...do better at being available for the team. I'm no therapist, but I want to remind them that I'm only a hard as in the field." Scott remarks softly. "But assuming no appointments...I can try and do a push day with you, see if we can set a new record for you." He's probably talking physical strength instead of telekinetic. There's nothing she can't lift in that building.

She snags bacon and Scott smirks, turning off the stove as he finishes cooking, letting his hand lift to touch her cheek and lean forward to try and give her a gentle kiss on the lips.

"I love you." He reaches to grab some plates. "Alright, let's make sure I didn't poison us."
Phoenix has posed:
Jean hides her smirk around a bite of bacon, slipping away to take the glasses towards the small nook table where they can take breakfast. A beautiful view of the backyard through the bay windows? Sun gleeming in from between the trees across the field? That afterglow?

She sighs quietly and slips up on one of the stools eats with her chin resting in her upturned palms. Nodding agreement that he may also be late, "There's a stark difference between being a stern leader and a hardass, Scott. I don't know if you remember, but I was with you when you were learning to lead... I've never thought you were a hardass at all." Her lips twitch.. a little grin threatens to come upon her face, but she wrestles it down. Whatever joke sprang to mind goes down with it.

"I love you too." She laments, less about having to say it and more that he may poison them. "It's best we say so before we eat... in case you've finally done us both in." Her fingers clap against her palms, "Come come, let's have it then." Big smile on her face.
Cyclops has posed:
Following Jean with plates filled with food, Scott approaches the little nook where they can indulge this treat together. It was a humble thing that let them view their land and everything beyond it. When this place was built, Scott had a clue it would be beautiful, but this feels...like a strange taste of paradise. It's perfect.

Better than anything Scott thought he deserved.

"Remember? How could I forget? I was trying to ask you out on a date the entire time." She says such honeyed words, making Scott feel light and weightless for a moment as he takes the time to remember. Just him, Jean, Hank, Bobby, and Warren then. Logan came later of course and then Kurt and then Piotr...now they have an entire family, it feels like.

"Thanks, Jean." Scott meets her eyes and he just chuckles. "Took everything you had not to say it, huh?" He looks at the plates then.

"Well, the bacon didn't kill you so I think we have a chance." He takes up his fork, takes a deep breath, and stabs it into the omelet, bringing the bite to his mouth and he braves the first taste.


He swallows. He lifts his hands to his throat, and seems to make a choking noise.

Two seconds later.

"Just kidding. Yours is better though."
Phoenix has posed:
"Oh, I know." Jean sits up when her plate is deposit in front of her, grinning like a cat who caught the canary when he says he spent most of that time working up the nerve to ask her out. "Everyone knew... why, we'd laugh about it for hooours..." She is, of course, teasing him. A twinkle in her eye as she samples some of the other food fair with an appreciative sigh. "Oh stop."

Flicking her fork at him, wink included, when he pantomimes choking. "It's not that bad. Sort of.. waffle houseish.." Her foot taps at the inside of his ankle playfully while taking another bite. "I wish I had more time to cook... I wish I had more time for a lot of things. With Charles M.I.A., it feels like my plate is always overflowing." Peering at her overloaded plate, "metaphorically speaking."

Another bite, green eyes focused outward towards the yard beyond the window. "At least we get a little time, right?" Said in a quiet, far away voice. Expression going distant as her thoughts do. Slowly shaking her head, "Not exactly how we pictured life, is it? Not that I'm complaining, just..."
Cyclops has posed:
"Should have seen my talks with Bobby and Hank. 'Go talk to that girl before Warren does!' was pretty much every pep talk. Charles helped me find that courage. He always knows what to say and I'm still wondering how he does that." Well, he's the best Telepath to...perhaps ever exist. "I'm glad I did. Because now I have a snarky redhead who keeps me on my toes at all times and I want nothing else." Scott's smile has become a rare event for many, but Jean has a /way/ about her that brings out the joy in him. "As long as you promise you didn't laugh at me too hard."

A cork is flicked at him and he just starts laughing, tapping her foot almost rhythmically in their playful hand of footsie. "It kinda tastes...yeah. Homey." He's his own worst critic, but at least neither of them are gagging and scrambling for a phone to order DoorDash.

"I know, love." Scott stretches a hand closer to her, as if to claim her own. "We're so busy we don't have time to do a lot of things. Often times my favorite part of the day is curling up with you and falling asleep. But...I know there's no one better than you to lead the school." A little time. just a little...is more than enough.

"No...not really. But we both want more. I was thinking...one day, we could just see the world? Not like we have like we're on mission but...see *everything*. Try everything."
Phoenix has posed:
"Oh, he asked." Warren, "Several times. I was saving myself for Luke Perry." A Clueless quote? Oh yes it is. Grin in place, she wiggles her fingers and turns the cork over in small circles, then flings it into the kitchen where it finds a nice home in the trashcan. Nothing but net. With very little concentration at all even!

"It's delicious, Scott." She assures him, letting the teasing slip away because she knows he'll get in his head about it. Even something simple like breakfast. An affectionate blink in his direction, like a cat. "I wouldn't want to have anything else for breakfast."

The expression holds for a few extra seconds when he suggests they may see the world, but then it faulters. "You know we don't really have time for that." Quiet, "It's a lovely idea and I'll play along if you want, but until Charles gets back.. until everything lines up and the sky clears?" She shakes her head, stabbing a sausage with an unnecessary amount of savagery. "We can't even solidify a date for our wedding. There's just not enough time in the day or enough days in the year."
Cyclops has posed:
"Not Matthew Perry? Shame." Scott enjoyed friends and teasing Jean, so why not mix his favorite things? He caught the quote of course, but he can't let her have *too* much satisfaction or he'll be far too easy to impress! He noticeably makes no comment about Warren, though it's clear he's touched that she turned him down so many times.

"Thank you, Jean."

It meant a lot to him! They don't have a lot of these moments. But as Jean holds that silence in the beauty of her affection and tells him there's no time, Scott nods. "I know. I don't want you playing along with anything, baby." He can tell how frustrated she is with the situation, even without the stabbing of a sausage.

"...well. Might just have to hold to our dreams, hope Charles comes back sooner than later." Scott looks at the table for a second. "I'm sorry, didn't mean to bring down the morning."

They could elope? But no..Scott won't take Jean's day away from her.